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instagram ads types

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

9 Types of Instagram Ads: A Comprehensive Guide

- Instagram has over 1 billion active users, making it a prime platform for businesses to engage with potential customers through paid ads.

- Instagram offers laser targeting options and a variety of placements for ads.

- Advertising on Instagram allows businesses to capture their audience's attention with colorful content and storytelling.

- Businesses can engage their customers, build trust, and win them over through Instagram ads.

Instagram Advertising vs. Facebook Advertising:

- Advertising on both platforms is recommended to reach a wider audience.

- Instagram saw a 120 percent increase in ad spend year over year in 2018.

- Instagram uses an auction system similar to Facebook's, with the cost of advertising depending on budget, targeting, and offer.

- The cost per click and cost per action may be higher for audiences unfamiliar with the brand, while remarketing may be cheaper.

- Some industries may be more competitive than others, but businesses should not hesitate to add Instagram to their paid advertising strategy.

Types of Instagram Ads:

- There are two placements for Instagram ads: the feed and stories.

- Nine different types of ad formats are available: photo ads, shopping ads, video ads, carousel ads, stories ads, native stories carousel ads, expanded stories carousel ads, interactive ads, and collection ads.

- Each ad format has its own unique features and advantages.

Best Practices for Instagram Ads:

- Provide value to the user by adding to the user experience of the platform and brand.

- Always be testing different creatives, offers, and placements.

- Get creative with visually appealing content.

- Instagram ads offer businesses the opportunity to engage with a large audience through a variety of ad formats.

- Businesses should take advantage of Instagram's targeting options and placements to reach potential customers and build trust.

- By following best practices and testing different creatives, businesses can maximize the success of their Instagram ad campaigns.

Tips for Creating Great Instagram Ads (Guide)

Tips for Creating Great Instagram Ads

- Instagram is a prime platform for advertising and attracting new customers

- 50% of Instagram users become more interested in a brand after seeing an ad for it on Instagram

- Six types of Instagram ads: photo, video, Instagram stories, carousels, collections, and explore ads

Photo Ads

- Best for displaying high-quality, organic-looking photos that draw the user's eye

- Easiest type of ad to create and align with your brand's aesthetics

Video Ads

- Give up to 120 seconds to get your message across

- Shorter video ads are also effective in catching users' attention

- Sponsored Instagram videos generate three times more comments than sponsored Instagram photos

Instagram Stories Ads

- Seemingly integrated into the user's story viewing experience

- Users are typically more open to advertising when going through stories

- Huge opportunity to appeal to the 500 million accounts using stories daily

Carousel Ads

- Show off multiple products or tell a story in a series of photos

- Can be adapted for various purposes and automatically optimize your gallery to show the best-performing photo or video

Collection Ads

- Focus on featuring products and helping users discover and browse through a brand's newest product line

Explore Ads

- Reach new potential customers through the Explore tab, curated for every user

- Consider placing an ad here in addition to other ad types


- Separate consumers into segments based on interest and demographic data

- Use location, age, interests, and other targeting options

- Do research on what audience to target and use the audience definition gauge to see how specific your audience is

Tips for Creating Effective Ads

- Grab the user's attention within the first three seconds with eye-catching text on the photo or video

- Assume most users will have the sound off and add captions to make the ad more accessible and understandable

- Ensure the captions don't cover the text in the ad and fit the ad type dimensions outlined by Instagram

- Instagram ads provide a great opportunity for businesses to attract new customers and drive sales

- By utilizing the different types of Instagram ads and following these tips, businesses can create effective and engaging ads that appeal to their target audience.

How to Run Instagram Ads, Complete Instagram Advertisement Tutorial, Freelancing Tips and Tricks

- In this article, we will discuss how to run Instagram ads to increase followers and sell products.

- We will cover the basics of creating a campaign and targeting your audience.

Why Instagram ads are important:

- Instagram ads can help you reach a wider audience and increase your online presence.

- They are useful for promoting products and services, as well as attracting potential clients for freelancers.

Creating a campaign:

- To create a campaign, go to Ads Manager on Facebook and select your objective, such as traffic.

- Choose a name and set your budget and schedule.

- Define your audience by location, age, gender, interests, and behaviors.

- Select manual placement and choose Instagram stories or feeds as your placement.

Creating an ad:

- Choose a format, such as a single image or video, and enter your media.

- Enter your website URL and add a call-to-action.

- Instagram ads are a powerful tool for increasing your online presence and selling products.

- By following these steps, you can create an effective campaign and reach your desired audience.

11 Types of Instagram Ads

In this article, we will discuss the different types of Instagram ads available for advertisers and how to create them. We will cover photo ads, carousel ads, single image ads, single video ads, and slideshow ads. We will also discuss how to set up your target audience, budget, and campaign duration.

Photo Ads:

- The easiest type of ad to create on Instagram

- Can be created by taking a photo or selecting one from your gallery

- To create a photo ad, you must first create a photo post

- Must comply with certain conditions, such as having images with 1080 by 1080 resolution

- Can choose between Get More Profile or Website Visits or Reach People Near an Address objective

- Must set up ad details such as destination, call to action button, target audience, budget, and campaign duration

- Recommended budget of $5 per day for six days

Other Types of Ads:

- Carousel ads allow for two or more images or videos that users can scroll through in a single ad

- Single image ads are similar to photo ads

- Single video ads are similar to single image ads but with videos

- Slideshow ads allow for up to 10 images on a single ad, shown as a moving slideshow

- These types of ads can only be created through Facebook and only through the desktop version

- Can be created through the Ad Manager or Power Editor

Instagram offers a variety of ad types to choose from to engage with your target audience. By setting up your target audience, budget, and campaign duration, you can optimize your ad to achieve the desired objective. Make sure to choose the right ad type that suits your objective and engages with your audience effectively.

Types of #Instagram Ads Stories VS Feed @Part 31

- Music is awesome, but today we're going to talk about something equally important: Instagram ads.

- There are different types of Instagram ads, and some are much cheaper than others.

- In this article, we'll go through the different types of ads, how they work, and which ones you should use to grow your account.

Types of Instagram Ads:

- There are two main types of Instagram ads: feed ads and story ads.

- Feed ads appear in your news feed and on profile pages, while story ads appear at the top of your Instagram account inside other people's stories.

- Story ads can be videos, photos, or have a swipe-up feature to direct users to your website or profile.

- Top types of ads from big accounts that spend a lot of money on advertising are good examples to learn from.

Promoting to Website vs. Instagram Account:

- You can promote to your website or store, or to your Instagram account.

- Promoting to your account and pushing for a follow first can build trust and affinity with potential customers.

- Pushing to a sale may not be as effective with cold traffic, but building trust and getting a follow can lead to future sales.


- Pushing to a follow first can lead to more cost-effective results and genuine, relevant followers.

- In our results, story ads were 60 times cheaper than feed ads, costing us only one cent per follower.

- Video story ads are the most powerful and effective type of ad to run.

- Instagram ads can be a powerful tool to grow your account and build trust with potential customers.

- Using story ads, pushing for a follow first, and using video content can lead to the most cost-effective and successful results.

Instagram Ads Tutorial 2020 (Step by Step)

ultimate” results with our Instagram ads.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about running ads on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and is owned by Facebook. We will show you how to run Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads manager for the highest rate of return.

Types of Ads:

1. Story Ads

2. Photo Ads in the Feed

3. Video Ads in the Feed

4. Carousel Ads

5. Collection Ads

6. Ads in the Explore Page

Setting up Instagram Ads:

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Click on Create and choose Ad.

3. Create your campaign, ad set, and ad.

4. Remember to split test and A/B test your ads to find the most effective one.

Running Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads manager can be a great way to reach your target audience. By understanding the different types of ads and split testing your ads, you can ensure that you are getting the best results for your business.

Instagram Marketing 2020: 041 Types of Instagram Ads Stories VS Feed

- In this article, we will discuss the different types of Instagram ads and their importance.

- One ad type is significantly cheaper than others, and we will explore why you should use it for cost-effective growth.

- There are two main types of Instagram ads: feed ads and story ads.

- Story ads appear at the top of the Instagram account inside other people's stories and offer video, photo, and swipe-up capabilities.

- Feed ads appear in the news feed and can be a photo or carousel format, including videos with subtitles.

- Both types of ads can promote either a website or a store and an Instagram account.

The Importance of Pushing to Follow Rather than Direct Sales

- Running an ad to push to a follow first is a better way to build trust and ultimately get a sale.

- Pushing to a sale can be costly, especially with cold traffic, and you may not be able to capture their information or reach them again.

- By pushing to a follow, you can continue to build trust and send updates or additional ads.

- Both feed and story ads can push to a follow, and the success rate can vary greatly.

The Benefits of Story Ads

- Story ads are 60 times cheaper than feed ads in our results.

- Higher engagement in stories and eye-catching videos make them more effective.

- Video story ads are the most powerful type of ad to run, with a prompt to follow your account or backlink.

- Monetizing followers can be done later, but building trust and affinity with them is crucial.

- Using story ads to push to follow is a cost-effective way to grow your account and build trust with potential customers.

- Videos work better than photos, and story ads work better than feed ads.

- By utilizing this ad type, you can significantly increase your followers and reach a targeted audience.

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