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Instagram Story Hacks: 5 Secrets You (Probably) Didn't Know (2019)

Published on: December 7 2022 by Victor A. Paredes

Instagram Story Hacks: 5 Secrets You (Probably) Didn't Know (2019)

Instagram Story Hacks: 5 Secrets You (Probably) Didn't Know (2019)

I'm gonna show you five hidden instagrams story hacks that you probably didn't even know about the videos coming up right now
What is going on this is Victor Pettis and welcome to the channel
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Because on this channel we toked about making money online online
Entrepreneurship we toked about motivation and mindset and growing on social media
All right, guys
Let's get right into the video 5 hidden Instagram story hacks
If you probably didn't know about I'm gonna invite you into my computer and we're gonna start this up right now
All right, guys, let's get right into the training. I'm gonna go ahead and swipe up so I can get to my Instagram account
I'm gonna open up the Instagram. So the first hack
Is gonna be called?
Rainbow or gradient colored text. Okay. We all know we can text in different color
You can select colors, but we're gonna turn it into a rainbow color sentence or words
So you click on your story with a picture on the top left and it's gonna prompt you to take a picture of something look
There's a computer screen right there kind of cool
Okay, so I'm gonna do is take a picture of my desk
Background. Okay, I'm gonna tap on the glass. I'm just gonna type something on put hello there
Okay, and let's go ahead and expand that a little bit okay
Now that's white text and I can pick any color on the bottom
But here's what you're gonna do the little flashing blue line right next to the last letter E
I want you to tap on that and it's gonna select all you want to select both words, okay?
Now the little round ball on the bottom, right?
you're gonna put your finger on that because you're gonna be sliding that ball to the left and
The of your other finger is gonna go on the bottom
Color ball at the on those several color options the little circles of color. I'm just gonna pick the very first one here
so I'm gonna put my finger on the text ball here and
It highlights it then I finger on the very first one to the right
There it is, so now I'm gonna slide both of them both of my fingers to the left together, let's see we get
And I could have done a little bit better than that
It's gonna take a little while to get used to you know, the motor skills of sliding both fingers to the left
But as you can see you can change the text
You can you can make it into a rainbow effect if you want it to so once again a little practike will help
But as there's a good example of what you can do, and I'm just a novice. I just learned this today
So really really cool idea really fun
If you want to change up your text on your Instagram story, so I thought that was really cool
So all right hack number two how to put a collage of pictures onto one page
Let's let me show you how to do that
So you're gonna go to your story picture again, click on that and then again, it's gonna prompt you to take a picture
I'm going to take another picture of my
Desk, black background once you have that then I need you to move that out of the way
Okay, and then you're gonna open up your photos
Wherever you keep your photos. Okay, so I have some favorites here. Let's see what I've got here
Click on this one
Alright, I'm gonna I'm gonna use this one out on the very bottom. Once you select that one. You're gonna have you're gonna click on
the very bottom where it says copy, you're gonna copy that copy that
and then gonna move it out of the way and then you're gonna go back to
Your Instagram open that back up and see where it pops up where it says add stiker
All you're doing is you're gonna add that stiker. Okay. That's the first photo you can move it around
I can expand it. I can make it smaller larger. Really really cool. Okay, then you're gonna move this out of the way again
Go back to your photos and let's find another
Photograph that we like let's go with this one. Okay, and I'm gonna hit the little
Copy button at the very bottom. Once again. I'm gonna hit copy
Move this out of the way. Go back to Instagram and there it is
It pops up you just click on it. And there it is and basically again stretch it out
Make it make a little collage of pictures and it'll be on one page and you can do it over
No, you can put more than one two three four pictures
Whatever you want and you can repeat the process
and then you can save it put it your put it on your story or you can actually send it or put it on your
Instagram page so I thought this is a really really cool hack
A lot of people aren't using it
They don't know about it and you could put more than three or four pictures. You can just repeat the process
Really really cool. So for hack number two. All right moving on to hack number three
I'm going to show you how to do a boomerang effect
using a live photo
Okay, now traditionally you have the boomerang feature within the Instagram app itself
But you don't need that if you use this tiknique, and I'm going to show you exactly what you what to do
So what you're gonna do you're gonna go to your camera and make sure that this yellow right there live is off
Make sure that's on it says live it's gonna take a pic. We'll take a picture of my hand real quick
Don't know what I was thinking. All right, so so we'll get out of the pictures and we'll go back to the Instagram app
Okay, and then we're gonna select one of these ugly picture hand things that I just did
Okay, let's go with I don't know which one's gonna work. But let's see here
So you select that now remember it is a live photo. So you're gonna do is you're gonna hold push it down
I'm gonna hold it down
See how I see how it does the boomerang effect for you immediately that is really really cool
Okay, and I've let go of the screen. It's automatikally doing it itself
Okay, so that's the boomerang effect
If you use live pictures and you don't you don't need the app, you don't need it to do anything else
You just take it with a live picture and there it is kind of freaky. I know
All right, so that's half of number three
All right guys hack number four you ever notike when you poke when you post a picture of video and your Instagram story?
that the quality drops
It doesn't look as sharp or as clear because that's because of compression they compress all photos that you post or videos that you post
So I'm gonna show you a quick hack on how to make your photos look so much better on your Instagram story
So I'm just gonna select this picture right here
so once you've selected your picture
you're gonna click the edit button up on the top where I you're gonna edit it and we're gonna go ahead and and
I'm prop it I'm gonna hit the crop tool and you're gonna want to go to this
to the white little button right there and you're gonna select 9 by 16
Okay, and we're gonna hit done and it crops it completely perfectly
So what's gonna happen is when we bummin it and it's saved already
so I'm gonna get back to my Instagram and I'm going to
Take it into my story and you're gonna see because it takes up the whole page with the crop the 9 by 16
Okay, so there it is. Let's select it and
Look at that that looks
Fantastik and that takes up the whole page and it's sharp as heck. So that is half number four
You just crop it to 9 by 16 and it'll automatikally take up the whole page
So the fifth and final hack is really cool. I call it the magic
Eraser effect. Okay. So let me show you how that's done. You're gonna you're gonna click your story
Click your picture again. And you're gonna go ahead and just take a picture. Okay, I'm gonna take a picture of my mouse
How about that? Let's do that
Done. So now what you're gonna do is you're gonna tap onto the Edit pencil icon up top
Then you're gonna pick a color at the very bottom
You're gonna tap on a color and then with that you're going to hold that color down onto the actual picture itself
There it is. Okay. Now if I tap the eraser icon on the very top I can start writing. Hello
It will start revealing. What is
Underneath the picture there. Okay, you can eventually get to it
So I thought it was a really really cool hack a really cool idea
really kind of a fun thing to do and
Every time I learn something new I always learn it then I do it and then I teach it so
I'm gonna be more of more more of a presence on Instagram. I'm gonna be more active on it
So knowing these hacks and knowing these kind of tips
Really gonna help me kind of grow my Instagram page
And do some really neat and cool things with these things that I just showed you today
All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed the video
I really enjoyed making it if you want to learn how to grow on social media and
On YouTube then you might want to check out these videos. I have posted right here on the screen
These will help you grow on your social media. It will also help you grow your YouTube channel as well as always
Thanks for watching. I hope you got great value out of this video if you liked it
Give me a big thumbs up hit that like button right now. And don't forget to smash that notification bell
So you're always notified whenever I do a new video and don't forget to hit that subscribe button
I've got popped up right there right now
And also if you are using other hacks that I didn't mention here in today's video for your Instagram story
Put put those in the comments down below so you can share them with my audience and that adds great to the video
So thank you so much for visiting with me today. I appreciate it
Looking forward to the next one and I'll see you on the other side

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