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Integrating Square for Shopify

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Integrating Square with Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we will be discussing how to integrate Square with Shopify. This integration will allow you to seamlessly manage your business operations and sales through two powerful platforms.

Step 1: Create a Square Account or Log In to Your Existing Account

To get started, you need to create an account at squareup.com or log in to your existing account.

Step 2: Go to the Apps Marketplace

Once you are in your workspace, click on Apps in the left sidebar.

Step 3: Search for Shopify

Type Shopify in the search bar of the marketplace. At the moment, Square does not support Shopify straight through its marketplace, but you can automate that process by following the link in the description below.

Step 4: Choose Your Integration

Once you are on the integration page, click on See all categories and start by adding Square to your list of integrations. Then, add Shopify to the list.

Step 5: Customize Your Integration

Once you have added both Square and Shopify to the list, you can customize your integration by selecting the triggers and actions that best suit your needs.

Step 6: Test Your Integration

Once you have customized your integration, test it to ensure that it is working properly.

Step 7: Use Zapier as an Alternative

If you prefer an alternative to Automate.io, you can use Zapier to integrate Square with Shopify. Simply create an account, set up a trigger, and choose the actions that you want to take.

Integrating Square with Shopify can streamline your business operations and help you manage your sales more efficiently. Follow these steps to get started with your integration today.

How To Integrate Square with Shopify

In this article, we will discuss a simple way to connect Square with Shopify using Make. Make is a powerful integration platform that allows you to connect different apps without having to write a single line of code. By following a few simple steps, you can easily integrate Square with Shopify and start automating your workflow.

Connecting Square with Shopify:

To connect Square with Shopify, you need to follow these steps:

1. Sign up for Make: Go to the Make website and sign up for a free account. You can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or GitHub account.

2. Create a new scenario: Once you have signed up, click on the Create new scenario button on the top right of your dashboard.

3. Choose the apps: Choose the apps that you want to connect. In this case, choose Square and Shopify.

4. Choose the modules: Choose the modules that you want to use for each app. For example, you can choose to create a customer in Square when a Shopify order is created.

5. Connect your accounts: Connect your Square and Shopify accounts with Make.

6. Test and save: Test your integration and save it for future use.

Using Make templates:

Make also provides templates that you can use for your integrations. You can search for templates that include the modules you need, and customize them to suit your needs. If you don't find a suitable template, you can create your integration from scratch and save it as a template.

Getting help:

If you need help with your integration, you can contact Make's customer support. You can also watch Make tutorials on YouTube for more guidance.

Integrating Square with Shopify using Make is a simple and efficient way to automate your workflow. With Make's powerful integration platform, you can easily connect different apps without having to write a single line of code. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can start integrating your accounts and streamlining your business processes.

How To Integrate Square with Shopify

Hey there guys, my name is Marcus and in this video, I'll be showing you a simple way to integrate Square with Shopify. With the help of make.com, you can easily integrate various applications in one place. And one of those apps is Square with Shopify.

Steps to integrate Square with Shopify:

1. Scroll down below the description and click on the link to signup for make.com.

2. Create a new scenario by going to the top right and clicking on create new scenario.

3. Add Shopify or Square as per your preference.

4. You can add various triggers like watching orders when a new order is added in Shopify or watching a product.

5. Connect your Shopify account and click on the plus sign to add Square.

6. Create an order or analyze things in Square.

7. Once you run it once, test it out and save it.

8. If you face any technical issues, contact make.com customer support.

Additional tips:

1. You can find plenty of Integrations for Shopify in templates.

2. Contact make.com customer support with technical issues and paste the URL of your scenario.

Integrating Square with Shopify has never been easier. With the help of make.com, you can integrate various applications in one place and save time and effort. So start integrating and connecting your accounts today. Have a great day and goodbye!

Square Online Store vs Shopify | 2022 Ecommerce Comparison

What's up guys, I'm Paul and welcome to the Ecommerce Gold YouTube channel. In this video, we'll be comparing Square's online store offering against Shopify to see which one is the better option for your e-commerce business. We'll be looking at pricing, features, theme selection and customization, support, and hosting to help you decide which platform is right for you.

- We'll compare Square's online store offering against Shopify to see which one is better for e-commerce businesses.

- We'll look at pricing, features, theme selection and customization, support, and hosting.


- Square is the cheaper option, with a completely free plan.

- Shopify is more expensive, with additional transaction fees for using third-party payment gateways.


- Square offers a variety of product types to sell, but payment gateway options are limited.

- Shopify offers a huge selection of payment gateways and a massive app store with over 3,000 options.

- Theme customization on Shopify is excellent, with a huge selection of themes and customization options available.


- Square offers email and phone support, a community support forum, and a limited support team.

- Shopify offers 24/7 support via email, phone, live chat, Twitter, and a community support forum.


- Both platforms offer PCI-compliant hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

- Shopify has its own content delivery network, while Square's status is unknown.

Using the Platforms:

- Signing up for Square is a long-winded process, but the dashboard is easy to use.

- Signing up for Shopify is quick and

How to use Zapier with Shopify (Shopify App Series)

Hey business besties! Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today, I'm starting a new series where I go over all the apps that I like to use with Shopify and what I use them for. Today, we are going to go over Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a workflow tool that integrates with over 4,000 apps that you already use. It helps you connect different apps that you would use independently. Instead of jumping from software to software, you would integrate those softwares and set up triggers in Zapier to make it to where when this happens on this tab, then this will automatically happen on this app.

Zapier Plans:

Zapier has a few different plans. They have a free plan, but it only allows you to set up five zaps and run a total of 100 times before Zapier turns them off or charges you. The second plan is $19.99 for the year or $29.99 for the month and allows you to set up 20 zaps. The next plan up is $50 per month annually or $75 per month if you do month to month. This plan allows you to set up an unlimited number of zaps but collectively those workflows can only do it 2,000 times a month. The most expensive plan is $1,000 a month.

How to Use Zapier with Shopify:

Zapier can help you grow your email list, increase sales, and decrease the amount of repetitive tasks that you have to do. You can use it to automatically tweet about your RSS feed, where you post your new podcast episodes in, and also where you like to post your YouTube videos. You can allow social media and Zapier to promote your content for you.

Tips for Using Zapier:

Start small and learn about all the different ways that you can integrate Zapier with one software at a time. Investing the $30 a month for the basic beginner plan will give you access to all of the features and help you see all of the things that Zapier can do for you and your business.

Zapier is a great tool that can help you automate your business and decrease the amount of repetitive tasks that you have to do. It can integrate with over 4,000 apps that you already use and help you connect them. Start small, learn about all the different ways that you can integrate Zapier with one software at a time, and invest in the $30 a month plan to see all of the features that Zapier has to offer.

How to Integrate Square with Zapier

Integrating Square with Zapier: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video, Matthew explains how to integrate Square with Zapier, a powerful integration app that allows you to automate various tasks. By following these simple steps, you can easily integrate your Square account with Zapier and streamline your workflow.


1. Create a Square account or log in to your existing account.

2. Go to Apps in the sidebar of your workplace.

3. Search for the app you want to integrate, in this case, Square.

4. Pick an option, such as Gmail, or create your own integration.

5. Create a Zapier account and name your zap.

6. Set up a trigger by selecting Square and an event.

7. Log in to your Square account and allow Zapier to work with it.

8. Test the trigger between Square and Zapier.

9. Pick an action and log in to the affected application.

10. Finish the integration.


- You can also use Automate.io for integration.

- Pick an action that suits your needs, such as Asana, Freshworks, or Gmail.

- Make sure to allow Zapier to work with Square.

Integrating Square with Zapier can save you time and effort by automating repetitive tasks. By following these simple steps, you can easily integrate your Square account with Zapier and enjoy a more streamlined workflow. Thank you for watching, and see you in the next video!

How to Integrate Shopify with Squarespace to Boost your Ecommerce Business

- The article will discuss how to integrate Shopify with Squarespace.

- Using Shopify light, users can embed a Buy button on their Squarespace site.

- Shopify light allows for a different checkout experience and the use of third-party payment gateways.

- The article will demonstrate how to use Shopify light to sell products on a Squarespace site.

Why Integrate Shopify with Squarespace:

- Squarespace is superior for content and layout design, while Shopify is ideal for selling products with special requirements.

- Shopify allows for the use of third-party payment gateways, like Afterpay.

- Users can save money by using the Shopify light plan with a personal or business Squarespace plan.

Using Shopify Light:

- Shopify light costs $9 a month and includes the Buy button functionality.

- Users can upload products and add them to a single homepage collection.

- The Buy button can be customized with different layouts, styles, and colors.

- Once the code is generated, it can be copied and pasted onto a Squarespace page.

Adding Products and Checking Out:

- The Buy button allows for more flexibility with product page layouts.

- Adding products to the cart and checking out is seamless and convenient for customers.

- Users should maintain brand consistency between their Squarespace store and their Shopify checkout.

- Integrating Shopify with Squarespace allows for the best of both worlds.

- Using Shopify light and the Buy button functionality, users can sell products on their Squarespace site without sacrificing design.

- Users can export and import products between Squarespace and Shopify to make leveraging both platforms easier.

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