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intel apple mac guy new ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss a social experiment conducted to break the spell of Apple loyalty. We will go through the conversation between the moderator and a participant and see how their opinions changed when they were shown a PC powered by Intel.

Conversation Highlights:

- The moderator introduces himself and asks if the participant is an Apple fan.

- The participant expresses their loyalty to Apple and their desire for customization.

- The moderator shows the participant a 4K touchscreen display and asks if they like the idea of playing all their games on one device.

- The participant agrees and expresses their desire for a device that combines their iPad and laptop.

- The moderator shows the participant a 2 in 1 laptop that functions as both a laptop and a tablet.

- The participant expresses their love for the device and is surprised to learn that it is powered by Intel.

- The moderator reveals that everything they discussed is available now and the participant expresses their desire to have the device.

The social experiment shows that people's loyalty to a brand can be broken when they are shown alternatives that meet their needs and desires. The PC powered by Intel offers more options for customization and functionality, which the participant found appealing. It is important to keep an open mind and explore all options before making a decision, rather than blindly sticking to a brand.

If Intel's Ads Were Realistic (Parody)

Music, a surprise guest, joins Kevin as a moderator for a discussion on technology. They talk about their preferences and experiences with Apple products and delve into the topic of customization.

Main Points:

- Music expresses her loyalty towards Apple and mentions her use of Final Cut for editing.

- Kevin introduces the topic of opinions and asks if the parking is validated.

- Music expresses her uncertainty about the topic and Kevin clarifies it.

- Kevin tries to show Music a product regarding customization, but it turns out to be an ad.

- Music expresses her shock at being in an ad and they watch a video about a device with multiple touchscreens.

- They discuss the potential uses for the device and its availability.

- Music mentions her experience with two-in-one laptops and Kevin confirms the availability of the discussed products.

The conversation between Music and Kevin highlights the importance of customization in technology and the availability of innovative devices in the market.

Did Intel Screw Up by Using "I'm a Mac" Guy?

The Mac Guy Justin Long recently appeared in a series of commercials for Intel, promoting PCs over Macs. This is a complete flip from his previous role as the Mac guy in the famous I'm a Mac, I'm a PC commercials. While some see this as a win for Intel, others argue that the execution of the campaign was poor and desperate.

Despite the awkwardness of the commercials, the message is clear: Intel wants to promote their two-in-one product and show that Apple does not have a comparable offering. The goal is to plant a seed in viewers' minds and make them consider PCs when making a purchase decision.

While some may see this as an effective marketing strategy, others argue that the comparison to Apple is unnecessary and should be avoided. Regardless, the controversy has generated buzz and made headlines, which can be seen as a win for Intel.

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Overall, starting a dropshipping business on Shopify can be done quickly and efficiently with the right strategy and tools.

Intel ATTACKS Apple M1 Mac

Unfortunately, the provided text appears to be gibberish and does not make sense in English. It is not possible to summarize it or create an article based on it. Can you please provide a different text for me to work with? Thank you.

Intel is getting DESPERATE with their new ad campaign

Late to the Party: Reacting to Intel's Justin Gets Real Ad Campaign

The author reacts to Intel's new ad campaign, Justin Gets Real, discussing why the ads are awful and desperate.

Main Points:

1. The first ad compares Macs and PCs, with the argument that Intel has laptops with better screens and cool features, even though they don't know how to replace screens properly. The ad lacks substance and ignores the fact that Macs have better performance, battery life, and thermals.

2. The second ad implies that Macs are useless because they don't have a tablet feature, which is a false assumption. Many laptop purchasers don't find two-in-one convertible laptops to be objectively better. Additionally, Intel claims that users need to buy an iPad Pro and a smart keyboard for full functionality, which is not true.

3. The third ad focuses on gaming, claiming that Apple doesn't appeal to gamers. However, there are other manufacturers that make laptops for gaming, and Apple has never marketed their products to gamers.

4. The fourth ad highlights the fact that Macs don't have touchscreens and the touch bar sucks, which is a valid criticism. However, the ad takes the easy shot without addressing other important factors like performance and battery life.

Intel's Justin Gets Real ad campaign lacks substance and takes easy shots instead of addressing important factors. The ads ignore the fact that Macs have better performance, battery life, and thermals, and instead focus on features that aren't objectively better. Overall, the author finds the ad campaign to be desperate and petty.

Why is This Intel Ad So Awful?

Intel's Cringeworthy Ad: A Desperate Move?

Intel recently released an advertisement targeting Apple products, and it's just as cringeworthy as their previous attempts. The ad features a social experiment where individuals are blindfolded and asked about their opinions on Apple products, only to later reveal that they are using Intel-powered laptops.

Some key takeaways from the ad include:

- Intel has a long history of creating insecure ads, especially targeting Apple products.

- The ad's attempt to call out Apple's lack of RAM customization falls flat, as it is not an Intel-specific issue.

- The ad also perpetuates the trope that Macs cannot handle gaming, despite this being a software issue rather than a hardware one.

- The inclusion of touchscreens in laptops is a divisive issue among Mac users, and it's unclear whether this is a feature that would appeal to them.

Overall, the ad feels like a desperate move from Intel, as they struggle to stay relevant in a market where AMD has become the dominant force. While they may have once been a selling point for laptops, most consumers now prioritize other features such as build quality, battery life, and hardware compatibility.

Intel EMBARRASSES itself again with desperate anti-Apple ad!

Oh my god, Intel is at it again with their anti-Apple campaigns. They just released a new ad called Breaking the Spell: A Social Experiment that's over four minutes long. Let's watch it together and see what they have to say.

- The ad starts off by saying that Apple fans are sheep, not subtle at all.

- They show a woman who is a loyal Apple user and ask her if she likes customization. She says she does, and then they show her a PC with upgradable parts. Valid point, but picking on people is not a good look.

- They then bring up gaming, which is a tired argument at this point. Most people who buy Macs are not interested in gaming, and those who are can use Bootcamp.

- Next, they bring up touchscreens, another tired argument. Again, most people who buy Macs are not looking for touchscreens.

- They show a bunch of PCs with cool features and tell the people that they're not from Apple, they're from Intel. The people act surprised, even though these PCs have been on the market for a while.

- Intel seems to think that Apple users are brainwashed and don't know what they're missing out on. They also seem to think that people haven't heard of PCs before and need to be shown what they can do.

In conclusion, this ad campaign is just more of the same tired arguments that Intel and Microsoft have been using against Apple for years. It's cringy and embarrassing, and it doesn't do anything to make Intel look good. Instead, it makes them look desperate and petty. Maybe they should focus on making better products instead of attacking their competitors.

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