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interest facebook ads

Published on: February 20 2023 by pipiads

A Better Way to Target Facebook Ads in 2022

Facebook recently deleted thousands of interest targeting options, and interest targeting is inaccurate about 30% of the time. Using no targeting options at all is becoming more successful. So how can you make sure your ads reach the right people? Here are several tips to improve your targeting.

1. Speak specifically to your target audience

- Create ad copy that speaks directly to your specific target audience.

- Call out your target audience in the headline or opening few lines of copy.

- Although this may increase lead costs, it leads to higher quality leads that are the exact people you're after.

2. Use creatives that only appeal to your specific audience

- Use images or videos that are only instantly recognizable by the person you want to reach.

- Attract the right people and deter those who aren't interested in your ad.

3. Use hooks and talk about problems that only your audience would experience

- Use hyper-specific hooks that appeal to your target audience.

- Focus on a specific pain point to call out your target audience.

4. Think about who your lead magnet is attracting

- Ensure that your lead magnet attracts people who are ready and willing to buy from you.

- Attract people who have the problem you solve and are in a financial position to buy from you.

Targeting the right audience is key to successful Facebook ads. By speaking specifically to your target audience, using creatives that only appeal to them, using hooks and talking about problems that only they would experience, and thinking about who your lead magnet is attracting, you can improve the quality of your leads and deliver better results from your campaigns.

How to Choose Interests for Facebook Ads: Tips & Strategies (2021)

In this article, we will discuss how to effectively use Facebook ads interest-based targeting. Targeting the wrong audience can lead to wasting money, so it is essential to get it right. We will cover advanced strategies such as layering and narrowing your audience.

1. Know Your Buyer Persona:

- Identify who your ideal customer is.

- Use market research and existing data on your customers.

- Answer three simple questions: demographics, day-to-day activities, and problems your product or solution could solve.

2. Interest-Based Targeting:

- One of the most basic ways to target people on Facebook ads.

- Target people who would be likely to opt-in to your product.

- Use interest-based targeting to identify potential customers.

- Choose your campaign optimization metric, age range, gender, and detail targeting.

3. Narrowing Your Audience:

- Exclude specific interests that are not a good fit.

- Use suggestions drop-down to find additional interests.

- Import lookalike audiences and layer them down to refine your targeting.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your mic is plugged in when recording a video about Facebook ads interest-based targeting.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when it comes to Facebook ads. Use interest-based targeting to identify potential customers and refine your audience using advanced strategies such as layering and narrowing. With these tips, you can effectively reach your target audience and avoid wasting money.

Cara Menemukan Audience dan Interest yang Cocok Untuk Produk Anda

Hello friends, welcome back to this video. It's been about two months since I last updated a video and I apologize for that. I have been busy with other work, but I still try to respond to comments. Today, we will be discussing how to test and find the right audience for your product.

Testing and Finding the Right Audience:

- To start, we need to create a framework and begin testing our product.

- We often receive questions about who the best audience is for our product.

- It is important to understand that in the digital marketing world, we do not know which data is the best until we have tested it.

- We need to analyze data and use it to make informed decisions about our audience.

- We should start by testing different themes for our product.

- For example, if we are selling bread, we can test different audiences on Facebook or Instagram.

- We can also create multiple campaigns and ads to test different audiences.

- We need to test different interests and demographics to see which audience performs best for our product.

- By analyzing data, we can find the audience that generates the most sales and focus our marketing efforts on them.

Testing and finding the right audience is crucial for the success of any product. We need to create a framework and test multiple audiences to find the best one. By analyzing data, we can make informed decisions about our audience and focus our marketing efforts on them. Remember, testing is key to finding the right audience for your product.


In this article, we will be discussing Facebook ad targeting and how to use the interest tool to get maximum conversions for any sales campaign. We will cover the steps involved in creating an ad account, selecting the right interest categories, and how to target specific niches such as cosmetics.

Steps involved in Facebook ad targeting:

1. Create an ad account: In Facebook ad manager, the first step is to create an account pane. This will give you access to the targeting free Facebook ad interest tool.

2. Select the right interest categories: The main thing inside any AD tool, like Facebook, is the interest we are going to target. If we target the right interest inside the ads group, then we have maximum conversions regarding any sales.

3. Name your targeting: We'll be giving our targeting a name and selecting the categories, not doing anything, and then buying type option.

4. Choose campaign objective: For a sales campaign, we select the campaign objective as sales.

5. Set up a campaign budget: We set up our daily budget for the campaign.

6. Show more options: We have options to schedule the campaign and select a website.

7. Choose detailed targeting: We can get detailed targeting by clicking on browse. We have demo graphics interests and behaviors to choose from.

8. Select specific niches: We'll be targeting Cosmetics Personal right. After selecting this specific niche in the interest, we get an interest size of 9-11 million.

9. Target specific audiences: In here, we'll be targeting Cosmetics Personal and looking for Cosmetics and inside the ad targeting. For Cosmetics audience, we have 133.6 million audience size.

10. Add interests to the list: We can simply click and save the interest in the list. We can also search for Beauty interest and add it to the list.

11. Copy and paste interests: Once we have all our interests in the list, we can copy and paste them into our Facebook ad targeting.

12. Add additional interests: We also have the option to add additional interests in the interest section.

In conclusion, Facebook ad targeting is a powerful tool for sales campaigns. By selecting the right interest categories and targeting specific niches like cosmetics, we can get maximum conversions. It is essential to have the correct audience for your ad group to get the desired results. The interest tool in Facebook ad targeting is a free tool that can help us get the best results for our campaigns.

Advanced Facebook Ads Targeting Strategy For 2023 (SMMA)

- In this video, an advanced Facebook ads targeting strategy will be shown, along with the best way to increase click-through rate.

- The focus will be on service delivery, as it is often overlooked in the industry.

Bullet Points:

- Customizing columns with important metrics such as return on ad spend, reach, amount spent, click-through rate, and checkout initial (for e-commerce).

- Two campaigns will be analyzed, one using CBO and one using regular asset budget.

- Sorting creatives by click rate to determine the best-performing ad.

- Understanding how to find the best audiences for ads by targeting relevant and related interests, as well as untapped interests.

- To succeed in the marketing agency industry, it is crucial to focus on service delivery and understand the importance of click-through rate in generating sales.

- Customizing columns and targeting relevant and related interests can help improve ad performance and increase profitability.


In this video, the speaker introduces a Facebook targeting technique called broad or open targeting. This technique involves leaving the targeting area blank, allowing Facebook to determine who is the best audience for your ads. The speaker explains the pros and cons of this technique, and when it is appropriate to use it.

Pros of broad or open targeting:

- Large audiences tend to perform better than smaller audiences

- More flexibility in when and who to show ads to

- Allows you to reach people who may not fit into detailed targeting options

- Scalability is fantastic

- Ad fatigue issues are slower

- Beginner-friendly

Cons of broad or open targeting:

- Facebook may take longer to find the right audience within a large audience

- Initial results may not be as good as with smaller audiences

- May not work well for niche or specific products or services

- Conversion data is important for success

When to use broad or open targeting:

- If your product or service has broad appeal

- If there is a good amount of conversion data in your ad account

Overall, broad or open targeting can be a game changer for businesses with broad appeal and enough conversion data. However, it may not work well for niche or specific products/services and new ad accounts.


Facebook Advertising: Targeting Superfan Audiences

Are you struggling to target your Facebook ads to a specific audience? Do you want to reach people who are truly passionate about a particular topic? In this article, we will discuss the importance of targeting superfan audiences on Facebook, and how to find these audiences using Facebook's insights tool.

Main points:

- Understanding interest categories on Facebook: Facebook categorizes users based on their interests, such as automotive industry, news, entertainment, etc.

- Importance of targeting superfan audiences: These are people who are truly passionate and knowledgeable about a specific topic or interest, and are more likely to engage with your ads.

- Types of interest categories: Interest categories are divided into broad interests and specific interests, with the latter being more effective in targeting superfan audiences.

- Using Facebook's insights tool to find superfan audiences: By entering broad interest keywords and exploring related interests suggested by Facebook, you can find specific interests to target.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, it's important to target superfan audiences. By understanding interest categories and using Facebook's insights tool, you can find specific interests to target and reach people who are truly passionate about your topic.

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