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international dropshipping agent of 1688 taobao china sourcing agent

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Sourcing Agent & DropShipping Agent from China, Buy from 1688, Shipping From China to USA by USPS

ah, hello, this is Nico, from neck to toe shaping a. we're in ru, China, specializing in trouble shaking to help customers to fulfill the home shipping process and from sourcing, purchasing, inspecting new packing logistiks, integrating the average dog on, we'll have a group of workers to take care of it. as we all know, the city is known for the international was more competitive market, but it's just one of our sourcing options. actually, results from the whole China normally are, when the customers have a product demanded, they send us the product link. if they don't have a link afforded, okay, then we'll search on assisting each age or Taobao to conform our supplier and a culture in terms of the cost and quality. but before studying an order, we can also buy a samples according to different customers requests to take videos or photos to conform the quality or something else like this double pane. let us double pane. the customer worried about is a premier bility, so we bought a sample, frosted to take our test, a video of putting some water inside and to choke you, for there's any water coming out. and also like this candle bracelet to check how the door connection. so this one is bad, but this one is okay. after a simple conformity and customers place order. when we receive the orders and we were to buy the products for these orders in media today, a new artist to build different products to our different warehouses according to the products attributes, like clothing in you warehouse and you know 20s a powder of Korean products to our surgeon or warehouse. after the products are delivered to our houses, a full inspection will be done. the defectives will be picked out and sent back to the suppliers and to buy new ones and then repaired all these products with our firm testing. bad polybag and special trust in Bangladesh will make, especially for their shoes. in this way, for the customers who have their own brand, we can also offer custom service, like at this packaging bamboo in the customers logo and the box, insert card and attach- this is a sunglass case. then when packing, on putting the car in side of the bag, if one order include the many items is no problem to combine how these are products together and even though these may be, are coming from different suppliers and after packing you're finished, the shipping agent pick them up and sent to different destinations, and there are more than 18 are shipping options for different products to different destinations. like us pass DHL, so exposed in package and h-home compost and some special line to some countries. by the way, if customers have stopped or wanted to buy some stok in advance, its afraid to keep in your warehouse and also this is the way- into our ship the orders as soon as possible, the more time for the buyers and further customers. and finally and hope this video is like operated between us. thank you.

China sourcing agent|3 easy ways to do product sourcing in China and dropshipping on 1688.

Hi Guys, This is Tyler. In this video we will tok about How can we do product sourcing in China and why we need to buy from 1688.com. well, we can save a lot of money and we can make more profit from it. So a lot of users they asked that how we can buy items from 1688.. Even 1688.com is pretty much similar to Alibabacom. well, you can see here the whole website is in Chinese language. so there are a lot of questions Like: how can we find a product on it? How can we connect and communicate with the suppliers on it? How can we do the payment if I want to buy directly from this website? How can we do the inspection, dropshipping, collection and arrange the shipping? okay, today we're going to fix all the issues and give you the solutions of buying products from 1688.com And how to find the real manufacturers on it. let's sit down to the first part: How can we find a product Actually, from 1688 website? we can find a product by two ways. The first one is by keyword searching. okay, you can search the keyword here. ok, in the searching bar, type the keywords here and then just click the search button here. And the second way is by picture sourcing. okay, The picture sourcing icon is here. So just click the picture sourcing icon And upload the product picture from your local computer. So what I need to do, what I will do, is that I will take an example to show you how to find a product here by these two ways. okay, let’s try the fist way. Let’s try to find drone factories in China here. but the thing is that, as it is a Chinese language website, We should translate the keyword drone into Chinese language. What we will do now is that we will input drone here in Google Translate And we can translate it into Chinese. okay, here is the translated result. and then we will just copy it and we go to 1688. And paste it into the searching bar. ok, then just click the orange search button. you can see soon a lot of search results pop out. but the issue is that all of these items are in Chinese language. So now we have to use the Google Chrome or brave browser. it enables you to translate the Chinese language into your local language or your mother tongue language. okay, what you need to do now is just click here the google translate chrome. just click here. you can see here and you can see here all the page language translated into English. okay, it takes a few seconds. so now you can see. all of them are in English now, so you can check the items from one by one. okay, so this is the first way to search and find a product, by using Google Translate and Google Chrome browser, And the second way is by picture sourcing. so what do we need to do? We will go to amazoncom and we will search drone here. we will search drone and we will see if there are some items. now, okay, so you can see here a lot of products and we will just choose one randomly And we can see here. so we just click in this one And and it's more than 2000 sales. what do we need to do is that we click in, Click in this one, ok, it's more than 2000 sales. click again here and we will see the detailed pictures, okay, here in the picture, and we just save the picture on our computer desktop and then we go back to 1688 and we will go picture sourcing and we will upload the drone picture. okay, Just take a few seconds. here are the results, As you can see, even though here you know, some products are not too related because the item sourcing by picture is not very accurate because the website program cannot understand, But there are still some real drone factories results. Again, we can translate them into English so you can see what they are described. you can take time to try this kind of function and to use them to find the product. okay now, I already introduced the two ways to find a product from 1688.com, and there is still a third solution is that you can take advantage of your friends or you can hire a China product sourcing agent here in China. they can help you to find the suppliers and real manufactures in China from 1688.. but as I introduced the 2 ways, I think It will be very easy for you to find a product on 1688 by yourself. okay, so this is the first part on how we can find a product, and the second part is that how we can connect with the supplier and tok with the suppliers. as you can see, we already found the suppliers here. we just go, click in and to the seller’s store. actually, it will enable you to chat with the supplier by an application. we call it ALIWANGWANG, But the point is that we need to download this application In this tutorial. I do not have them. I just ask the sellers to use the email or Wechat. You can leave your WeChat id to this seller’s email address and you can find this supplier seller’s email here, Because the sellers on 1688.. 99% of them- cannot speak any English, So you have to use the WeChat app In China. you know WeChat. it's a popular application in China, just like the whatsapp in the US. so By using WeChat you will have more conveniences. In the WeChat mobile app, you can translate the Chinese language into English And you can easily download and install it on your iPhone or android phone. So let’s go to the next part. After you find the suppliers in China, you want to buy the items. right After you tok and confirm the order with the suppliers, you have to pay them. so how to pay for the suppliers and buy items directly on 1688? it'll be a little bit difficult because you're a foreigner right now and the suppliers from 1688. they do not accept any foreign currency. they only accept RMB and alipay. so that will make it difficult again. but still, I got two solutions for you. the first solution: if you cannot pay the suppliers by yourself, you can simply by hiring an China agent here they can pay for you. okay, this will be the first solution. it will be very easy. and the second solution is that you can open a bank account here in China. but how to open a bank account in China? it will be also very difficult for you, but you will find some ways to help you open a bank account in China, like the banks in Hong Kong. okay, after you got a bank account in Hong Kong, you can simply connect your WeChat account or Alipay account with your China bank account. then you can pay the suppliers by WeChat or Alipay. of course, you can also pay the suppliers by the online bank website or the bank application- okay, But I strongly suggest that you have to use the escrow service. If you do not use the escrow transaction services, You will lose your money in China. so this will be the two solutions for your managing payments for the suppliers. let's come to the fourth part of the difficulties. in the fourth part, it will have several issues like fulfillment of the products, inspecting with the products, shipping of the products. actually, this is not only the difficulties buying from 1688, this will be the difficulties when you purchase products from China. but still, we got the solution for youThe solution is that hire a China product sourcing agent. ok, it seems like hire a China agent or virtual assistant in China, Having a friend here in China, it is the most convenient way to fix all of these issues. but I'm not here to advertise or say that I am the one you can choose to help you solve all these difficulties- but, of course, I can help you from time to time. But hiring a China purchase agent or have a friend here, you can make your purchase more smooth and more conveniently. If you have any issues on China souring and China dropshipping, You can leave your comments below, so I will try to fix them. ok, if you think this video is helpful, give me a thumbs up and if you're the first time watching my video, GO SUBSCRIBE this channel and you will see lots of videos about China. Thank you, bye.

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Dropshipping Shipping's Processes from China|AliExpress|Dropship|1688.com|Alibaba|Taobao|E8 sourcing

[Music] steeling from ea thousands. subscribe to this channel for more business information from china. if you need to source products from china, contact us. shipping the processes of georgia from china. if you do, josh from china, here are the steps, from packing the person, from suppliers to the customers receiving the puzzles. okay, let's see the whole processes now. georgia from china. about the shipping part from supplier to customer: okay, step one is after you order the grid from your supplier or agent, they will do the packing. add the shipping label to the pot shows, make sure the customer's information is correct in this slab, otherwise the puzzle will be shipped to other other dress or return back to china or destroy directory, sometimes the one we will tell you the puzzle is destroyed already. step 2: the logistik provider will receive the passwords after your chinese supplier or agency send out the puzzles. here the logistik provider is the shipping folder. shipping company depends on what shipping way you choose to go. for example, if you use express, then can go with dhl, vertex, ups, ems, etc. if you choose e-package, you can choose dhl, e-commerce passwords, ems, e-package, etc. or other ddp, ddu package lines. step 3: the logistiks provider will wait the puzzles and upload shipping information to the system which we can track the shipping details. we can also know the shipping price too, after they weigh the pesos. step 4 is that the shipping company we sold out the hostels by countries, then get them ready to ship out of china. next step is that china custom will check the goods, see if the parcels meet export requirements. if not, they cannot stretch out of china. stop six: the good arrived to the flight. also, here is another checking. some items are okay to export from china but might not be shipped by air from this stop. the parcels might still be sent back to the suppliers. step 7: when the person arrives to the destination country, local custom will check the goods, see if it's okay to import for some product to. some countries might need some paper document or certificate etc. so the seller or the customers need to prepare the import custom clearance. last stop is the last mile delivery. usually it's delivered by the local post office. for example, you use dhl e-commerce through street departures. when go to arrive to us, the us usps will take the password from the dhl warehouse and deliver it to each customers. okay, those are the steps about the shipping part. when you do josh from china, subscribe to this channel for more business information from china. see you in the next video. you.

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sourcing agent in China|the best 4 ways to source products and suppliers in Yiwu, China

hello, I'm Terra. I have your cougarmail. many users asked me to fund sourcing agent in China for his drop sipping Bellinis. today I am going to show you four ways of finding the products and finding the suppress from the you international market without leaving your tab. if you want to fly to use it, I in the georgian province. you also should know this website a name, the websites name, is you go calm and let's go shop. see so, as you can see, you go to come is default to chinese language version and give you take the english version here. it will give you the English version. by the way, guys, if you are sourcing products and you could have come, you will need to adjust as user so it will give you more access to the products details and subtitles. so once on the home page, you can see there is a search box in tomato and cut it carries and at Q you said hi, a foreign service and tweet affairs. this helps right now I'll go- is to find a product and final supplier. the first way you need to explore a categories. just click here. as you can see easier, it's a collection of hugo categories like fashion accessories, home where, and the decoration products. if you looking for a fashion accessory, the products like sunglasses. you can have all the category fashion accessories. now you are under the subcategories, just like on imagine you have a first category and subcategories. you can find sunglasses, children wash here. so just click on the sunglasses then it will give you a product lick listing page. now we are the sunglasses product feature on the top of the page ad will give you some relative suppliers. I found 62 already- the players, and try to click the mouse button here then you will get out six, two shafts which can hotel sunglasses. we can select one shop here, like this one: success classes. we click the name and then we will go to his honest. now we can catch haze contacts information here, like mobile emailed rice or with her ID etc. and now we can have a look what his physical style looks like, the style 3d picture, and you can get to the address of this style, the bottom of this star page. we can check ace item and we can check these items from one by one. okay, let's try the second method. the second way is that we can search the keywords on the homepage of you. go, let's try to find an umbrella- surprise, we can't have umbrella here- and click orange, a search button. now you can see that we have six thousand and four hundred six to eighty products found and 253 relative the pairs. we just click one picture here and you will get our information about this item. you can check case pick crags and the picture details and if you want to chat with the suppliers, you can click as a conduct conduct button. learn you can send to email to him. how have a charge the a we type. please remember that 80% of the EU shafts are treating companies. you can find the same products, so to find many different shops, but the products would be made by the same factory. so in this case, which one should you choose? so let me show you how to verify just how real identity so that you will know the story: is a factory style or just a wholesale stop? it's really easy. let's take this cow, for example. his name on this macro face is George Jung Chang tension umbrella offer. we can take the name. it seems like a today's treat company's departure. we can take this Chinese version of this cow to check his viewer identity. no worries, you can translate these Chinese web page by Google Translate Chrome extension [Music]. then you can take the business lessons and other lessons button. you know, as a Chinese business you must get a license from the local government. if you are not a real factory you cannot gather the factory type of lessons. so we will be directed to the judge on province local government to check his new- I didn't tape remember- is the building number: ace tapestry there, step seven, eight to six, double one, zero, seven, five, one, six, two. now you can see the real information behind this supplier and speediness, ace personal business. now to the manufacturing type and haste, registration authorized and SPD's owner name. and now harmony on a style he linked. so this is the second way. let's try the third way to find, as a pastor, sir, pairs in you international market. we will go back to the homepage of ugocom and clicks our cue button here. then you can click the, then you can click the request for quotation button. from this picture, from this feature, you can read all your requirements for your suppliers. you know, let's try to tap. I am looking for real menu factors for umbrella and the quantity we can have salty and user specification area. we can't have who master spout one product, drop shipping for my imagine FBA must have factory certificate. by this way you can save lots of time. you want to wasting too much time and toking with different star owners? and now let's try the false way. if you are in you setting up to Nicole, to this market directly- I see this information- you will find your suppliers more efficiently. you can click. you see a button. you can see there are six big markets in. you said: I like international, pretty much the tricked one universe with my to the trick - - and for our market. if you just find some jeans, surpass which market should you go? well, red answer is: you own your market. tiknically speaking, you should go to the first flower of you on your market. how can I know this? you can click on your market here and check the suppliers location from this picture. now you should know how to Center the jeans, two pairs from face to face, from one star to another style, just to save this picture to your mobile phone and lies to click the international trade match, district Sri button from this rupiah. you can South spouse products. some of the sections, flower clock and watch the false flower. now already introduced the four ways to sell products in UCD China. if you have any questions, just leave a message to us. have a good day, bye.

Best China Procurement Agent - Pay Your Chinese Suppliers [FAST & EASY]

in this video i'm going to show you three china proclamations in nigeria. so if you are looking to procure your goals from china- maybe from alibaba, assistant medicine and that- and you are looking for procurement agents, that is what i will be showing you. i will be showing you three different procurement agents in this video. then you can go ahead and shoot anyone that you are comfortable with. keep in mind that all the pokemon's website i'm going to mention in this video- i'm going to drop the link in the description of this video so that they will be easy for you to access. so the first one on my list here is chris week. my uh now, chris bigmar is very easy to use and they are old in the market and what i like about these people is that everything here is automated. so i'm just going to log into my dashboard right now and show you how you can do this right now. here is my dashboard, and what i want to do at this point is that i want to show you how you can use this website effectively if you are looking to use them. so what i'm going to do right now is to head over to 1688 and find the product that i want to for that for. so i'm just going to pick a random product right here, so i'm just going to go with this product once i open the link. the next thing is for me to come here and copy this link, so i'm just going to copy. then i'm just going to head over to my dashboard then paste the link. once i paste the link, the next thing i want to do is to fetch orders or item. now. once i do that, you are going to see a pop-up screen right here. i said that your order has been fixed successfully, so it's a click here. so you have to click here now. once you click on this link, this is what is going to show you. so it's basically going to show you the product initially, the price range, the product weight and all that. so i'm just going to click on add to cart. so for it to autokad. they're going to be great. they're going to give you different options depending on the kind of product you want to buy. now, another thing you can do right here is to come over here. as you can see, everything you are seeing here is in chinese language, so what you want to do at this point is to click on this translate to english. all right, as you can see, is now successfully translated. just go ahead and go through what you got here. so i'm just going to go with one of this. um, i'm just going to go with this. so now let's assume i want to under 100 of this. so once i put the quantity of water onto other, the next thing is to add to cut. so once i'm able to add this to card, the next thing is to come here. as you can see, just click on this and then view cut and just click on calculate cost. you can see it's going to tell you the price of the product, the shipping of the product from this supplier warehouse to crease big mile warehouse, which is about 19, and this is the everything. then now chris big man is going to charge you almost four dollars to procure this payment. so this is what you are going to pay. if you want to order anything around 100 dice, you are going to pay about four dollars, depend on the kind of product you are buying, but from my experience you are not going to pay more than five dollars. so basically, that is how to use chris big man. the next website we are going to look is to grow. now, to grow is also a procreate agent in nigeria. but the way these people work is that, unlike crucifix, now that you have to do the old processing on the website, um, to grow 1688 you have to, as you can see, once you register, just come to, just come over here- i don't know why they don't make this visible enough- so just come invited here. that says sign up and register. so once you're able to gain access, then just click on order. so once you want to order it, it's going to ask you to fill a form, then so on and so forth, so they'll provide their whatsapp link right there. so you say: click here to contact us directly on whatsapp, and so on and so forth. so basically, that is how you can use these people. so once you get to their webs, what's up? you have to negotiate with them the kind of product you want to buy. they are buying something that has to do with colors. you have to identify that. okay, i'm buying red color, i'm buying blue color and all that. so that is basically how you can use to grow 1688. and the last website i'm going to show you right here is called spread it. so spread it is not only for nigeria. so if you come here, you are going to see that they offer service in different countries, as you can see your fire service in united arab, united kingdom. so if you are in ghana, you can also use this. if you are in kaya, uganda, and so on and so forth, as you can see, by nigeria, this for you, south africa, mexico, canada, so everything. just, i just love this website for that. so once you get to this website, the next thing you want to do is to come over to this login and login. so if you have not signed up already, just click on register right here, so it's going to give you the register procedure. so once you're able to register and gain access to this website, this is how your dashboard is going to look like. so now you can see that. so if i come back to the main dashboard, this is how it's going to look like. it's a shot from the biggest chinese store, so we have fascinated taobao and so on and so forth. as you can see, a lot of them all right. so for you to use this procurement service. as you can see, they have this procurement and shipping. if you want to just pay your supplier. you have already negotiated with the supplier. they want to just pay them. just come over here and click here. so, since we are going with the procurement service, i'm just going to click on the procurement. now you have to create another save order depending on that, then approve all that. so this is where you are going to follow up all the orders you have placed and ready to pick up complete order and so on and so forth. so if you want to refer the pending payments and so this website basically have everything you are looking for when it comes to e-commerce and meaning quotation business, so for you to start using this, you just come here and create and click new. i want to give the name of the order, maybe via audrey neck master, just put it here. if you want to pay in chinese- you went, just click on this chinese, you went. unlike chris big man, they are not going to help you to pay in chinese. uh, so they are going to do dual conversion for you in dollar, all right. so, and you want to put the destination for this product? so in nigeria shipping plan, they have different shipping plans. so china- here is um 13, 10 dollar by kg. all right and just right. should you know that, then you can just create order. so, basically, that is all the three china procurement agents in nigeria are going to show you in this video. if you enjoyed this video, kindly subscribe to this channel and turn on the very notifications so that anytime i drop a new video like this you will not miss out. and don't forget to like, share and comment on this video.

Dropshipping Platform Comparison: Ali Express, Alibaba, 1688 & Taobao

[Music]. when you're sourcing your products for your drop shipping business, you're trying to buy products in China, you probably have the question what platform to go to? the obvious one is the Express. that's kind of what everyone toks about. that's where most people get their products from. that's where it's most convenient, to be honest, to get your products or your drop shipment products, because the platform is really made for it. there's so many platforms. okay, there is Alibaba, which is mostly made for wholesale product, so that's for om, so private label products, or whole selling products, where you can buy in bulk directly from the fact, usually starting at 500 units up to millions of units, container supporters- right, that's really what le Baba it's made for. then you have Aliexpress, which is made to sell small quantities orders really quickly. so without you know negotiations, without going to the factory, without getting multiple rounds of quotations and negotiating prices and getting bulk orders done, you know having all the agreements and quality control and all of that kind of stuff in place. that's what Aliexpress is for. and if you niche that down a little bit more, you have 1688. 1688 is basically the Chinese version of Alibaba. 1688 in Chinese is Yaya Baba. it's no coincidence that sounds like Ali Baba, yo leo baba. ali baba. very similar da da is Anna Bob, just a Chinese version. so the same suppliers are displaying the products. it's the same process. the prices look a little bit different. that is mainly because the people that buy on Alibaba, or the people outside of China and the people that buy on 1688- other people in China- now you can leverage that platform too, but going in yourself, you'll face challenges. just stik with Alibaba because it's the same suppliers. there's no big difference. just because you contact them on 1688 doesn't mean now all of the sudden they give you better prices. they still know you're not Chinese. you know what I mean. you can niche that even down more. just how about? how about is like the Chinese eBay, the Chinese Amazon and the people that sell on that platform mostly are resellers, you know, small guys resellers. oftentimes we on that platform for dropshipping. but that is just because we speak Chinese right and we can go with our people here in China. we can contact, you know, people on Taobao directly and tok to them and ask them for prices for products, for quotations, for all different kind of things. often times people try and say: okay, I want to find a better quality product and that's why I go on Alibaba. it has nothing to do with that because you have the same suppliers everywhere. Taobao also belongs to Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the entities I would say. it's just geared towards a little bit of a different target audience, but it doesn't mean the suppliers necessary are different. there's a place on on Taobao and on Aliexpress oftentimes buy from the suppliers that you can find on Alibaba. so Alibaba is really focused on those big customers, on big orders, on bulk orders, where F Aliexpress is just really geared for dropshipping products. if you now confuse what platform to look for, I'm gonna confuse it even more because there's one more option. I'm gonna tell you in a little bit that is actually the best option to look out for. if you're ordering bulk products, just stik with Alibaba. there are all these tactiks and strategies, the. it all doesn't make sense because the supplier isn't different. the suppliers aren't different between Alibaba and 1688. the stik was Alibaba. if you do it yourself, I always recommend to use it, to use a sourcing agent or a buying agent or a drop shipping agent, however you want to call them. course, they can communicate in a local language. it would just our if you go to 1688 because that's a Chinese version and the sales reps that they put it in front of the platform to deal with customers. they are geared towards that. you know a version of a page. so, even though you could have, for example, a trading company, buys from the factory is displayed on Alibaba. then you have them on Aliexpress selling one unit, two units, five units, ten units at a time. you can have the same agency on Taobao selling to the Chinese market. you get- oh, I mean the same company can sell on different audiences. just because now you go and say, okay, I'll rather go on 1688 or I rather go on a knee baba to have a better quality. that doesn't make sense. like it's the same thing, it's the same. you have the same suppliers on that platform, just making your life harder in contacting the suppliers. like I say, go alone by yourself. you don't want to use an agent, which for me it's no brainer to use an agent. but hey, if you wanna do it on your own, you want to try it out, go for it. right, then you go on Alibaba. you want to have drop shipping products. you go on Aliexpress because the sales are geared towards speaking English with you. you will get the same price from those suppliers, no matter where you look at it: if you look on Taobao, if you look on 1688 or if you look on Aliexpress or Alibaba, as long as you speak, the same supplier. it's gonna be the same price. you know. it's also going to be the same quality. it's just a little bit harder or easier to find those items because you can look for them in Chinese, so you can look for them in English. so really, the question to answer here is: what's the best platform through why you were drop shipping products? if you have an agent, then you don't even need to worry about that, right? if you have an agent that can do all of the things for you, you just communicate with the agent and then the agent, obviously, because they are in China, they're gonna use 1688 or they're gonna use Taobao. they're not gonna go on Aliexpress. that's not happening. but it's just the way to communicate. and it could be the same supplier having an account of Alibaba, having a sales rep for that, and if you contact them and also drop shipping, they're not doing it, but the same Factory, the same supplier, just with a different sales rep. on Aliexpress, they would do the drop shipping. you know what it means that watch out where. where you contact them, just just stik with the norm like: why do you? why you want to go out of the more you're not going to get better prices anyway. if you're not speaking Chinese, if you're not messaging them in Chinese, there's no way you're gonna get a better price anyway. you know, okay, we have a fish market downstairs. my goal was my girlfriend have to walk behind her. you know she's Chinese, so she always gets better prizes immediately. if I'm with her, the price goes up and it's the same for you. so that's why I say, hey, it's a no-brainer to use a buying age. they're agents specialized in drop shipping. just have a look on Fiverr. we do that too, by the way. just contact me. there's an email below. just contact me in my team. we can help you how to find good and reliable top shifting suppliers. I hope that really answers the question for what platform to use. like I say, my favorite option is just get an agent. get an agent to help you with that. they're gonna get you a better price. you pay for the samples, have to check the samples for the quality. if you are on your own, you have to pay for that. if you have an agent, you just pay a little bit for the local, for the domestik shipping within China. the item goes to the agent. the agent can make pictures of them, give you an impression which supplier to go with. just that alone saves you money. if you place bulk orders, the agent gets you 20% better price. well, that 20% better price completely covers the Asian fee. that covers our sourcing fee. you know we have our sourcing agency here in China. so these are all the platforms and the options and I kind of available to you. let me know in the comments what other questions that you have. I'm gonna make the next video about contacting drop shipping suppliers, the questions that you should ask what's important and kind of dig deeper into the process of finding a reliable supplier. so just make sure to subscribe to thi.