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invoice from facebook ads

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Results Based Pay For Your FB Ads Agency?

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to tok about whether or not,you should accept or you should offer,results-based pay if you're a facebook,ads agency if you offer facebook,advertising services,this is something that a lot of your,prospects or your clients might want,they might want,a situation where they only pay you if,you're able to deliver them,a certain profitability a certain roast,something along those lines,and i'll tok about whether you should,accept it whether you shouldn't what we,do,all that stuff in this video i think if,you're offer facebook ad services or you,run a facebook ads agency this can be,really really valuable,before i get into that one very quickly,ask you to smash that like button and of,course subscribe to our channel,if you are new and haven't done so,already okay,so results based pay the advantage is,for,your clients are obvious who wouldn't,want a scenario where they end up paying,a uh business that they hire,an agency based on the results they're,able to achieve it basically means that,the client can't lose out so if you,offer something like results-based pay,you're very likely to find that your,conversion rates go up you require a lot,more clients,all that sort of stuff but there are,also some massive,disadvantages to it for you,as a facebook ads agency and it's not,something that we,offer it's not something that i would,recommend many facebook ads service,providers or facebook ads agencies offer,and here's why here's what you need to,watch out for when you're running a,facebook ad campaign for a business,what do you have in your control okay,you have,to some extent not complete control but,to some extent you have the ad creative,in your control,you have the ad copy in your control the,targeting options,the various settings within your,facebook ad campaign okay so a bunch of,really important stuff and that's what,you're being paid for,but you don't have control over enough,of the elements that go into a,successful facebook and instagram ad,campaign,in order to dedicate resources whether,it's your time or you have stuff and,it's cost associated with that,and only be paid if it works out there's,too many factors outside of your control,that can go,wrong okay um and that might sound if,you're not involved with facebook as,obviously that might sound like a bit of,a cop-out but it,absolutely isn't it really isn't,there's only so much you can do as a,facebook ads agency if you work with a,client,that let's say is launching a brand new,product and that exact same product or,something very very similar can be,bought for 30,less on amazon very easily that campaign,is very unlikely to succeed,now that sounds obvious and logical but,you'll be surprised how many prospects,how many new clients you might get,that have that sort of scenario where,their exact product something very,similar,can be bought on amazon for a fraction,of the price okay that's one example,um you could have really bad customer,feedback scores we've certainly had that,with previous clients we're running ads,on facebook campaigns are doing really,well but,their support this partikularly happens,with businesses that grow really fast,because their support system can't keep,up with it they have stok issues you,end up where customers,um don't receive the product for a few,weeks,perhaps when they get in touch with,support it's a few days and they leave,bad feedback scores on facebook,which then jeopardizes the advertising,efforts okay,um and that's a really important and,significant thing,that will definitely impact the results,that you get that's nothing to do with,you as,a facebook ads agency you've done,everything you can so you could enter,into a scenario like that where,you're no longer delivering results your,os has dropped or maybe even your,ability to advertise has been,been curtailed on facebook and you're,not getting paid even though you've done,great work,okay that can absolutely happen there,are all sorts of things that clients,have to sign off on,often ad creative perhaps they don't,want to go with the ad creator that you,want to go for,perhaps they're not willing to run the,aggressive sale that you know would,deliver the great fantastik results,it sounds great in theory to offer,results-based pay,but in practike you just run into so,many issues that are outside of your,control,you could well start working with a new,client um in say february,and the best time of year for them to,generate sales is say september through,december,quite a lot of businesses operate like,that they,you start working with a new client you,agree on a let's say a percentage,improvement in,return on ad spend you run campaigns for,the first three months february through,to,april may and it doesn't work as well as,what was done,let's say october november time well if,those products,happen to sell really well september,october november december,there's very little you're gonna be able,to do to beat those results at other,times of year,and you may not know that going into it,if it's not an industry you've worked,with a lot before you might not know the,specific nuances,a classic another classic example of,things that are outside of your control,that can massively have an impact on on,your results,would be things like clients websites,not being up to scratch um,their landing page is not being quite,right you may not have any control over,that aspect of their business but,a landing page a product page a webinar,that converts people these have enormous,impacts,over the results the row us that you get,from your facebook ad campaigns,so i think that as a facebook ad agency,you can control what you can control,which is the facebook advertising side,of things you can,control the fact that you can deliver a,fantastik facebook ad campaign,you can do the work you can put together,nice creative you can test new,strategies you can find targeting,options that work you can write,excellent copy and you should be paid,based on the work that you,do agreed not subjective to what the,client thinks agreed upfront because you,know the value of what you're able to,produce,and not based on the results that yes is,partly down to that stuff,but also massively dependent on on a,whole bunch of other things that i've,mentioned that might be outside your,control,you basically cannot operate a business,the successful scalable et cetera,if your pay is dependent,on so much that is outside your control,that is not going to go well,um it's not something i'd recommend and,you know i'm on i'm on our website right,now you know this is our done for you,services page and you can see if i sort,of scroll down,we've got examples of fantastik results,right we've got case studies in there,there's a whole case study section up,here,we've got um screenshots i mean here's a,screenshot for a client where we spent,26 000 pounds,generated over half a million five,hundred and eleven thousand pounds,and over a short period of time that's a,nineteen point three one rest which is,absolutely incredible,something that we're very proud of but,even though we deliver great results and,we demonstrate it through our case,studies our testimonials and that's a,really important part of acquiring,clients,we're not comfort well we're not okay,with any one client coming along and,saying well i can see you can produce,those results so how about we do a deal,where,you have to achieve a 6x row ass for my,business,or you don't get paid no because a 6x,roast,might not be possible even if we put,together the best facebook ad campaign,that anyone's ever produced,if your product or service isn't good,enough to do it if your brand isn't,aligned right with your target audience,it just might not be possible,okay if your price point's way off all,these things that you don't have control,over,that can have a big big impact on the,success of of your results,the only time when i would potentially,look into doing a results-based syst

View and Download Receipts for Your Facebook Ad Charges (English)

hi there so we are going to teach you,how to download facebook advertising 3:6,it's very important focus to download,the receipts because when you cram it as,our business expenses so in your,facebook you go to the X manager right,it's loading,so for Facebook advertising eatery they,won't give you the invoice yeah so they,will give you the free six only after,you make a payment and every payment you,will you will get a receipt in your,ex-ranger so I'm going to show you let,me show example right I change my exit,conference because this ads account,currently being do any advertisement so,I'm going to show you active advertising,account and I would receive first go to,the main menu create and just building,it will take a moment to looting so,change the S account okay I change to my,account,so these the transaction record right,you can see it just been thousand won,right so you can choose filter the,months or days or you right here okay,you can choose for example I want to,download my generate invoice so oh sorry,is every received so we can choose the,first of January and undo the reverse of,January and update okay there's no,payment,let me try another one okay let me try,ever it would be easier so there's a,transaction right here is 831 during it,so you can choose double or invoice you,can choose if you do invoice or building,PDF so I will show you why it's the,difference so for this one entry you can,choose CSV or PDF of course I would,prefer PDF because PDF will be included,of Facebook company informations so we,download right safe the phone after you,download actually the invoice sorry the,receipt will be safe into your downloads,the folder again the tablet folder this,one and this is the record okay as you,can see the Facebook informations the,account name and my payment method and,the bill ok account view so this one we,will be using it to sum it to accountant,okay so let us see another type of,options which is individual invoice down,okay,choose save,this is it so it can as a strike it,right is another type of receipts,this one will be show more details it,would be like you know why is the DPS,and while you're promoting yeah so so,that's all for how to download receipts,from Facebook Ads manager okay,alright another things a tree you have,to check whether is it pay already yeah,you don't download wrong because,sometimes it will be fear payment if you,feel a tree which means the transaction,is here and known even already okay you,just need to double the invoice the,receive that is paid already,alright so that's all for the Facebook,ads building tutorial alright that's all,thank you

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Facebook Business Manager Invoices and Billing For Facebook Ads

[Music],hello my name is benjamin kepner of,global social media marketing and today,i'm going to be bringing you,a facebook marketing training video on,how to manage your billing,of the facebook ads that you might be,running through a given ads account,manager that is also linked to your,banned business manager account,and how you can kind of control that,invoicing where you can find those,invoices and also kind of build a,threshold or a spending limit so that,you're not being billed,for small increments and you can kind of,increase that,so i think the first thing that i'll,start with in this video,is that number one you want to kind of,think about,the money that you're spending on,facebook ads is almost like a credit,card,right you can charge things,um via facebook ads you can use a debit,or credit card that's also a really good,kind of growth hack right,if you're using a credit card for a,client,um and you're you charge your credit,card right then that actually is kind of,almost buying you,a 60-day period where you're not going,to hopefully pay for those ads until the,end of the month,charge it on a credit card and you maybe,not have to pay that credit card for 30,days,so that'd be my tip number one um and,then the next thing is just thinking,about it right thinking of facebook ad,spending as a credit card so you,build your your limit right everybody,starts in a new facebook ad account,at a certain threshold on how much,they're able to actually spend,and as time goes on as you make those,payments just as like as you make a,credit card payment you get extended,your limits you can actually have a,larger,threshold um and and be able to spend,more money on facebook,without getting invoiced so i'm gonna go,ahead and show an example today for one,of our clients,his name is corey reynolds we're doing,some really cool things with him around,recruiting,and um he's at a phase now where he's,been with us for about a month so he's,not,um you know brand new client at this,point he has built,some credit he's paid some invoices,right so now is probably a good time,coming into a month right if he doesn't,want to be billed,um every few days to kind of increase,that spending limit and that threshold,so that he's going to receive,less invoices i'm going to show you how,you can do that um,so we're here on the homepage of,facebook so i'm going to go ahead and do,the drop down,and then go into business manager please,excuse,my facebook i am connected to quite a,bit of facebook pages and business,manager accounts but for today's,training video we'll be toking about,our client corey reynolds,and so what we're going to do right this,is the business manager,back end this is the main dashboard what,we can do right is we can actually,um click on that little triangle at the,top as you can see,and then click on billing once we click,into the billing section i was going to,go,ahead and load all of the invoices as,you can kind of see,um and then obviously saying you know,which payment method um of the,transaction that's being done so what we,want to do here right,is we want to be able to um,change the amount of invoices right you,can see he's being kind of built here,for three days so i'm going to just,click on payment,settings,[Music],okay and then we're actually gonna go,show,um you know right here right you can see,his payment method,um and the amount that he spent to date,and then right in here right is,um you'll also get a bill when you spend,um your next bill is coming on the 20th,right so,what we want to do here is we want to,manage this,and we want to increase that threshold,so you can see right here it says your,billing threshold only changes how often,you're built not how much you spend,if you want fewer bills you can raise,your threshold,if you want to be billed for smaller,amounts you can you can lower your,threshold and i've actually also got,this pulled up,for anyone that wants to read into this,further if you ever have,questions about facebook ads or facebook,for business they do,have a public um you know website i mean,i literally could have just gone to,google right and searched this,for um you know how to only be built for,facebook ads once per month right google,is a super powerful platform that allows,us to kind of answer that question,i just clicked on here facebook for,business in facebook for business they,have,all of the different rules and,regulations around facebook so use that,as a,a resource that's why they've created,the business help center that's you know,as publicly available,but as you can kind of see right um,higher charge is based on auction system,where ads compete impressions based on,bid and performance,um and then it says when will you pay,right you'll pay,for your ads depending on how you pay,for them you'll create your first ad on,facebook,you got a payment method and then that,is determined by your payment settings,right so,normally automatik payments is going to,be okay,sometimes i completely understand people,want to make manual payments maybe,they've got other,bills or something going on in their,lives,but ultimately what you need to kind of,take away from,this right is that you're only going to,be,billed when you're kind of hitting that,threshold,right um and it's time for you to make,that payment,so this is just kind of like an example,of,you know what the the facebook business,help center saying so,what i might do here right is i might,kind of see maybe if i can even try to,double this,um if it allows me to have that spending,limit so let's just go ahead and see if,i'll be able to,double the spending limit,okay so it says thanks as you make,successful payments,will continue raising your billing,threshold until you reach 800,for now you might still receive bills,less than 800,right so it's pretty much telling us,saying hey,you are building trust with facebook by,continuously making these incremental,payments,and as you prove to us we will try to,increase that limit so,unfortunately for corey he's making,those payments on time and,um you know what we'll want to make sure,that we do,is um you know just try to steadily,increase that so maybe he's only getting,an invoice right so,there's nothing we can do in the short,term but actually,change that threshold um and we can,actually also to,um set our account spending limit right,that's actually saying like how much,we're allowed to spend in ads,so right now you can see we've spent a,whole about 900,i might try to maybe put a limit on,there maybe um for example i know i'm,gonna,you know be managing a client that's in,a contract for three to four months i,might kind of take whatever their,average monthly ad spend is and kind of,set that as a limit or,if i'm managing my own facebook page as,a business owner i might want to go,ahead,and just you know kind of,i guess forecast that out right so then,i get that notification,this is also a great way to kind of,prevent yourself from overspending,so again account spending limit if i'm,doing like,for his example right i just tried to,raise it to 800 dollars,let's say he's in a three month contract,right you do the math on that,right it's maybe 2500 roughly so i'm,gonna just go ahead,and kind of put that um as his account,spending limit and then you'll get a,notification later on from facebook if,your ads,are not running they'll say hey you need,to um increase this limit,or or you know change this limit so i'm,going to set that limit,right and so now it's got that you know,it's starting from fresh,i've got the threshold and that's all of,that information,if i ever have a client that comes to me,and says that i need an invoice this is,something that i've seen with one of our,other clients in colorado where,we're constantly being asked by their,accounting or their hr department hey i,need this invoice i need this invoice,um the easiest thing number one is you,will,be automatikally built to your email,um because you have to set up um,accounts or email

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Steps To View And Download Receipts For Your Facebook Ad Charges (English Version)

[Music],hello guys today i would like to teach,you all how to download the receipt of,your,ads manager in the facebook so first of,all you need to click,x manager,so it will took some time to load,okay after that you need because this,accounting,did not run any ads so i need to find an,active account that will,then have run x so yeah,okay so after afterward you just need to,click the menu,then click building,okay when you reach this interface you,need to go to the,the second i mean the second buttons or,the drop down list,just quickly then you can filter the,date,in here let's say i want i want the,invoice for the last,30 minute 30 days so i just click,updates,so this is the invoice for the last 30,days,so now i need to click download all,invoice,so there are two options to download the,invoice one is building summary as a pdf,file,one is individual invoice so i will show,you both of them,both of them firstly this,is the build building summary as a pdf,you can choose pdf or csv,but i prefer you to choose the pdf,so just click download,okay afterwards just click,so the so this pdf file is basically the,summary of the invoice,so not so details if you want the,invoice that are more detailed you need,to click,individual invoice so you click download,so afterwards you need to extract this,form,after extract you need to open it,okay so as you can see this invoice is,small details,and you write out 83 ringgit is spent,for,this campaign and 16 ranges spent for,this campaign,so will be more details,so that's all for today i hope i will,see you in the next lesson,bye

Facebook Ads Monthly Invoicing | One Time Payment | FB monthly payment

hi welcome back to chaitanya cheetah,youtube channel and today we're gonna,tok about how to set up monthly,invoicing on facebook ads okay if you,are struggling a lot with payment issues,your ad account is blocked this will,solve your problem if at all you are,facing issues in payment watch this,video until and you will get clarity on,how to set up monthly invoicing,[Music],thank you so much for tuning in to this,video now now let's begin and understand,how you have to set up the monthly,invoicing method okay before i proceed i,want you to make sure that now number,one if you are already started your ads,with the automatik payment method,then,you can also proceed with monthly,invoicing and number two if you are,already into a manual payment system,then as well you can proceed with the,monthly investing method now the biggest,challenge for monthly investing method,would be now if you are a startup or a,coach or trainer running business where,it's not registered then i would not,recommend you to go and start for a,monthly investing because,monthly invoicing requires a lot of,proofs okay you have to have submit your,tax details you have to submit a lot of,other gst details and there's lot of,things which facebook asks you to submit,okay now if you don't have that i don't,want you to switch to monthly inviting,plan better stik to the method,whichever you are running your ad in the,account okay now this is only for those,who have the business registered who,have the documents ready the tax,information ready you know the gst ready,and all of those things in place then go,for monthly investing if you're not do,not go waste your time in,this video and you can skip this and you,know run your business as it is with,whatever you know payment uh method you,are using correctly okay now let's start,this video and let's see how you have to,set up monthly invoicing plan let's get,on to the screen now i'll go to my,screen,i'm sure you might know how you can log,in to your facebook business manager and,to login to that is,type the url business.facebook.com i,know and then you would land up on this,partikular screen to proceed for a,monthly invoicing plan,you might have received an email from,facebook that your account is ready for,monthly investing plan and if you have,received that email that means that your,account is eligible for monthly,investing plan let me show you how that,email looks okay i am into my screen and,if you scroll below now it shows that,your account is eligible for monthly,investing payment method okay you with,monthly investing method you can you,know blah blah blah whatever uh it's,mentioned okay and it says get started,but when you click on get started you,have to make sure that your admin of,that account now let me show you where,you will find it option a lot of you,might,be confused that facebook tells you to,go to you know uh your home page and you,will see a pop-up but that's not the,case here you will not see a monthly,invoicing option on your home page like,facebook mentions you,you will see in some other tab okay let,me take you through that tab where you,will see monthly investing all right,click on,the business settings okay,once you click on business settings,i want you to proceed to,payment system,once you go on to the payment methods,you will see option to add like how do,you add your credit card or debit card,to the business manager account that is,where you have to click on add,and add a new payment method,after you click on add new payment,method,here is where you will find monthly,invoicing,payment okay as i mentioned if you have,business registered and have all the,documents in place then only proceed,for monthly invoicing because facebook,will not give you monthly investing as,simple as it is it will take a lot of,documents and it would take some time,for approval as well okay i'm not sure,how much time it would take okay i have,no idea on that as of now okay but what,i can tell you is it will take some time,probably a week's time you know to get,your account approved for monthly,investing i'm just assuming it would it,would take a week's time,and it also depends upon the documents,if they are clear then it would proceed,if not again they would you know ask you,for corrections,so uh apply for monthly invoicing uh by,clicking on this button and click on,next before you apply just make sure,you select india as a country and,currency as indian rupees okay do not,miss on this because that's very,important if you go it wrong as put it,as us dollars something else as a,default,you might again end up where your,account is not getting approved for,monthly invoicing okay be sure about,selecting this you should not go wrong,in this step,and then select monthly invoicing,and then once you select monthly,invoicing facebook gives you a prompt,saying it it is 30 days you know payment,terms and,it will choose the payment banks to,transfer all of those details it would,ask him and after you read this click on,next then once you click on next,your account will be by default selected,and then here is where it will ask,details of the tax information that is,needed and business documents of your,business registered all of those details,it will it will ask you you can go to,this information so it mentions his tax,id legal business name and address it,would ask you and the business documents,which is a business registration or gst,all of the details it would ask you once,you click on next now if i click on next,i have to give the,email id when you give the email id,make sure it's a business email id not a,gmail yahoo or reddit email id it should,be a business email id only then,facebook will allow you to proceed,further all right so let me give my,business email id here so now if you see,here it is asking me all the business,details you have to fill in all the,business details,and then click on submit,so once you give a the submit facebook,will verify your business details and,then allow you for monthly investing,plan if you face any issues in between,filling form you can let me know in the,comment box uh you can reach out to me,on my social media profiles i will help,you out with the process of,getting through the monthly investing,method of facebook if you don't have a,business register if you don't have gst,please do not go for applying monthly,investing plan you you might end up uh,rejecting your account uh you never know,if your accounts also might be on pause,because you you might have applied for,monthly investing that's that might,happen i'm not sure about that so please,do not go and write into monthly,investing if you don't have your,business registered thank you so much,for watching this video if you are new,to this channel i want you to hit,subscribe and click that bell icon so,that you get notified whenever i update,new video on facebook

How to use Billing and payments for accounts on credit lines

welcome to the new experience for,billing and payments this is your,one-stop destination for managing,payment methods payment activity and,monthly invoicing associated with your,business accounts this includes accounts,connected to your business like your ad,accounts or whatsapp accounts,when you enter you'll see your selected,business account in the top left drop,down,on the accounts page you'll see a list,of ad accounts that are all connected to,your business account,to view more information about a,specific account simply select the name,of the account or view details,in the account details page you can,quickly view your current balance your,remaining account spending limit and,other information about your account to,edit or add a payment method to your,business account or a specific ad,account locate the payment methods page,the first section displays existing,payment methods for the overarching,business account you can easily share,this payment method with connected ad,accounts once you've added it to your,business account,to update payment methods like credit or,debit cards or to connect a credit line,to an individual ad account select the,account from the drop-down,in the payment activity page you can,view the current balance for the ad,account,while you may have used credit lines for,monthly invoicing in the past we have,added some new features to streamline,and simplify the process,credit lines are a payment setting where,you will build based on monthly invoices,from here you'll see all of the credit,lines shared with you or that your,business owns all in one place,you'll also see the amount of credit you,have available in this section you can,also see your payment method used to,repay the balance on the credit line,select the name of the credit line to,see important details,you can also set up autopay to pay for,invoices,underneath you will find a list of the,connected ad accounts for a specific,credit line and the status of each,connected account,invoice groups allow you to have a,single invoice for multiple ad accounts,clicking allocate credit allows you to,share your credit with other businesses,the history of those allocations can be,found below,on the right side of the page you can,view and manage business information,connected to your credit line,below credit lines is the invoices page,in the top right corner of the invoices,page you have the option to select,whether you see invoices for ad accounts,or invoice groups,you can select invoices or payments on,the left side of the search bar,and then filter by date,on the top of the screen you'll see the,amount due and the next billing period,click on a specific invoice number to,see more details,the create report and download all,buttons are powerful tools that allow,you to customize a report with a,specific set of invoices to your,we hope that this new billing and,payment experience makes it easier than,ever to manage your accounts