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iOS14 & Facebook Ads

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

Apple recently released its latest operating system, iOS14, which has caused major changes to the Facebook Ads platform. These changes have been met with mixed reviews, leaving advertisers confused about what to expect.

Main Changes:

1. Limited Data Collection: iOS14 now requires apps to ask for user permission before tracking their data, which means less data will be available to Facebook Ads.

2. Delayed Reporting: Facebook Ads will now experience a delay in reporting due to limited data collection and the new App Tracking Transparency feature.

3. Limited Targeting: With limited data, advertisers will have fewer targeting options available to them, which may lead to less effective ad campaigns.

4. Increased Costs: Advertisers may see an increase in costs as a result of the limited data and targeting options.

Implications for Advertisers:

1. Advertisers will need to be more strategic in their ad targeting and creative to ensure success.

2. Testing and optimization will be crucial in navigating the new changes and maximizing ad performance.

3. Advertisers will need to communicate the changes to their clients and set realistic expectations for their ad campaigns.

Overall, the iOS14 changes to Facebook Ads will require advertisers to adapt and be more strategic in their approach. While the changes may lead to some challenges, there are still opportunities to achieve successful ad campaigns with the right tactics and mindset.

- iOS 14 has caused concern among Facebook advertisers due to changes in data tracking and information display.

- Many individuals and companies are preaching fear and fire and brimstone, but often lack experience with Facebook ad execution.

- The purpose of this article is to provide a simplified, practical approach to navigating the changes brought on by iOS 14.

What's true:

- Less information will be available inside the Facebook ecosystem, and some information will be delayed.

- Eventually, cookies and tracking as we know it will be phased out.


- You will see less data points, but you can elevate the quality of the data by focusing on purchase information and creating lookalike audiences from that data.

- There will be a subset of individuals who choose not to be tracked, but this has been an ongoing trend and can be overcome by going broad with your target audience.

- Real-time management will be impacted, but this is only a problem if you are not adopting best practices.

Best practices:

- Simplify your ad account and rely on machine learning to do the work.

- Lean into the best practice of creating simple, effective ad accounts that rely on machine learning and creative testing.

- Focus on making the best customer experience built around creative to drive success.

- iOS 14 has caused concern among Facebook advertisers, but the solution is to lean into best practices, simplify your ad account, and focus on making the best customer experience possible.

- By doing so, you can navigate the changes brought on by iOS 14 and continue to see success in your Facebook advertising.

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