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is dropshipping still profitable 2020

Published on: January 12 2023 by pipiads

The UGLY Truth About Dropshipping That No Guru Will Tell You

in this video, i'm going to answer the most commonly asked questions about drop shipping, including the questions that most people won't give you a straight answer on. so here's the ugly truth about drop shipping. now, drop shipping has a reputation for being a get rich quick scheme because it sounds way too easy: you don't need to store inventory, you don't need to ship or fulfill orders, you don't need much money to get started and you can run a dropship store from anywhere in the world. now, while all these statements are tiknically true, a common misconception is that running a successful dropship store is easy. but in reality, success with drop shipping has many pros and cons and isn't as straightforward as you are led to believe. so in this video, i answer all the in-depth questions related to drop shipping to provide you with a complete view of what it takes to run a profitable dropship store. now, what is drop shipping? drop shipping is an ecommerce business model where an online store does not carry inventory for the products it sells. when an order is made, the online store purchases the products from a wholesale supplier, who then ships the order directly to the end customer. so, as a result, the online store owner does not have to deal with physical inventory or perform any shipping and handling. there are no upfront inventory cost because all products are purchased on demand. now is drop shipping legal and legit? it is 100 legal as long as you use legitimate dropship suppliers. so, for example, if you sell disney merchandise on your online store and your supplier dropship's fake disney merchandise on your behalf, you could be liable for fraud. as long as you're careful about who you work with and only use officially licensed distributors for the brands you carry, drop shipping is legit and safe. now, does it require a seller's permit and a business license? well, in the us, you absolutely need a seller's permit in order to legally sell online. now, most states require you to charge sales tax to customers where you have economic nexus, and drop shipping is no exception. if your locality requires a business license, then you must get a business license as well. remember, drop shipping is simply a method of order fulfillment. your drop shipping business is a real business and must be registered as such. now, how profitable is drop shipping? well, because your supplier is doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to fulfillment and inventory. the margins for drop shipping are much less than other e-commerce business models, so typical margins for drop shipping are between 10 and 30 percent, compared to 50 to 66 percent for private label and traditional wholesale, which makes drop shipping far less profitable. now, the best products of drop ship are higher tiket items that yield more revenue per sale. now is drop shipping worth it? well, despite the low margins, drop shipping can be a great way to get started selling online. for less than three bucks, you can start a fully featured ecommerce business that carries hundreds of products, and drop shipping is worth it for product research as well. without any upfront risk, you can list many products online just to see what sells and then, based on your own sales data, you can private label or carry inventory for your best selling products and keep more of the profit. now the best part is that drop shipping can be automated, except for the customer service. now, most established drop shipping suppliers support edi, which stands for electronic data interchange. edi is an electronic system that allows your website and your suppliers website inventory to automatikally stay in sync. so, for example, if your supplier runs out of stok on a partikular product, your website's inventory will automatikally be adjusted. in addition, all orders placed on your website are automatikally transmitted to your drop shipper for fulfillment. however, even though order fulfillment is automated, you are still responsible for answering questions and performing customer service. now here's how drop shipping from your own website works. now, if you use a well-supported e-commerce platform like shopify, bigcommerce or woocommerce, setting up drive shipping is a straightforward process. here's exactly how you drop ship from your own website and how it works. a customer places an order on your site and you accept payment. the customer's order is electronically transmitted to your drop chip supplier, where you are charged the agreed upon wholesale price for your goods. your drop ship supply then ships the order to the end customer and you pocket the difference in cost as profit. now you don't have to drop ship on your website. you can also drop ship on amazon, and here's how amazon drop shipping works. you list your products or sell on amazon as a merchant fulfilled seller, and then, when an order is placed on amazon, you electronically send the order to your drop ship supplier, who then ships the products to the end customer. now, overall, amazon drop shipping is a much riskier business model than drop shipping from your own site, because you have to follow amazon's terms of service to the letter. first off, you must source your products from a legit wholesaler. you are not allowed to drop ship your products from another marketplace like aliexpress, ebay or walmart, otherwise you're going to get banned as a result. aliexpress drop shipping on amazon is expressly prohibited. amazon also imposes very strict requirements for shipping and fulfillment that must be met. if you have a series of late shipments or inventory mishaps, your account's going to get banned. but outside of following amazon's terms of service, drop shipping on amazon works much the same as drop shipping on your own website. you can also drop ship on ebay. you simply list your products for sale as an auction or store listing and then, when an order is placed, you electronically notify your supplier who fills the order and similar to amazon. you must source your products from legit dropship suppliers and not marketplaces like amazon or walmart, otherwise you're going to get banned. so, as a result, get rich quick. schemes like buying products from amazon and drop shipping them on ebay at higher prices is prohibited. now you're probably wondering how drop ship payments work. well, when you sign up with a drop shipping supplier, you'll be asked for a form of payment and typically you can pay by credit card. your supplier keeps your credit card on file and simply charges your card when an order is placed. you can also use ach or direct transfer. this is where your supplier keeps your bank information and automatikally places a transaction at the end of the day, week or month for all products purchased. the best way to pay a drop ship supplier is through payment terms. some suppliers will offer you payment terms, which means that you don't have to pay for your products until 30 or 60 days later. now, whenever an order is placed on your website, two payment transactions occur in the background. the first transaction takes place when you accept payment from your customer and deposit the money into your own bank account. the second transaction takes place when you pay your supplier for the raw cost of goods and any related drop ship fees. now where do you find drop shipping suppliers? there are four main ways to find suppliers. depending on your budget and the types of products that you want to sell, and by paying a fee, you can perform a search and instantly have access to hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers. you can also use a drop shipping company. a drop ship company acts as a middleman who automatikally connects you to a dropship supplier. you simply list the products that the dropship company offers and they handle the entire fulfillment process. as a result, you do not have to find or interact with any suppliers. you can also go to a drop shipping trade show. by attending local wholesale and drop shipping trade shows, you can form drop shipping arrangements face to face. you can also use a print-on-demand com.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable 2022? Here Are The FACTS...

is drop shipping. finally, dad was still worth it to start as a total beginner in 2021, and some people may think so because of the increasing popularity of drop shipping, as you can see this graph right here, and, as a result, some people may think, okay, that's just too much competition or drop shipping is just too saturated. and also, when you search on youtube for drop shipping, you will most likely summer over. some guys who are just concerned about flexing their lamborghini just bought this uh new lamborghini here, super scammy and sketchy. very often they're trying to sell you their paid course, which is, in my opinion, not necessarily worth the money, because all of the information that you need to get started they are available for free on youtube and this is why i love this platform so much. dropshipping may not get the best pr and, in my opinion, this just sucks, because the truth is drop shipping is neither dead nor is it too saturated, even if you start as a total beginner in 2021.. just check out this graph about e-commerce growth in the past years and you will see that e-commerce is constantly growing and for years now it has not been a billion dollar industry, but it has been a trillion dollar industry and there's no end inside. also, i'm saying drop shipping is not that because of my own personal experience- and i started drop shipping late 2020 and i had zero experience- i had no clue about shopify, neither did i know how to build a website or any of that stuff, because i didn't have any kind of knowledge about this topic. i just watched a ton of youtube because there's so many amazing tutorials about dropshipping out there. after two fair products, the third one finally worked and honestly, guys, i don't feel that i'm much smarter than you are and so far, drop shipping and e-commerce has been something really amazing to me. i would describe it almost as a life-changing experience, because it allows you to make your money while you're sleeping, while you're traveling or while you do any kind of crazy and, guys, i can't deny that it just feels super nice. when you just wake up and you check your phone, you see, okay, you made a bunch of sales in the past night. it's super nice. another thing that just is so nice about dropshipping is that once you put in the work and you have a store and you have your ads ready, you really don't have to put in a lot of work. for instance, i put in maybe like 30 minutes up to 45 minutes each day to maintain these sales and to scale the business. unlike many other business models, you can get started with drop shipping super quickly. i would suggest to put in maybe like two up to three weeks into research and then you can start to build your own shopify store and to set your ads live and the results will come in. a lot of people these days get into dropshipping because it's so easy to build your own website with shopify. however, many of them just do it for the quick money and they're not really persistent and not really putting in the work and then it just doesn't work out. guys, it's really not easy. but, guys, if you have the right mindset and you treat drop shipping as a real business and you want to provide customers with real value, you have a head start. i believe there's not really a secret that leads you to success with drop shipping. it's more about doing it and really just doing it and staying persistent. for instance, i have this one friend who just recently called me because he wanted to get into drop shipping, but he is way too concerned about all of the details. he was asking: should i create an s-corp or should i create an lsc and guys, that stuff just doesn't matter in the beginning. the only thing that matters is that you actually start and just get going. maybe drop shipping was a little bit easier five years ago because it was less competition, but when is the best time to plant tree? probably 10 years ago, and what's the second best time today? i don't want to be cheesy, i just really like this quote and i can almost guarantee you that if you pull in the work, if you are able to learn new skills and if you're able to commit- even if it's frustrating sometimes, it's going to happen for you, it's gonna work out. thank you so much for watching guys, and i really hope this was inspiring to get started with your own dropshipping venture, and i really hope to see you guys next time.

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I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make over seven figures drop shipping. but then i thought to myself, what if i lost it all, all the money, all the knowledge, all the connections, and i would have to start all over again with only 100 to my name? well, lucky for you guys, in this video i'm gonna go over exactly what i would do if i were to just start with 100 and potentially just maybe cut myself a lambo at the end of this video. so i am starting with 100 to my name. but wait, there's more. there are a few guidelines set in place, some terms and conditions. perhaps that will make this challenge a little bit harder. rule number one is i can't use my past connections, old influencers, past suppliers that have given me winning products and just overall, anything that i know of that can help influence this challenge to make it easier for me. rule number two is i have to start a brand new shopify store, meaning i also have to start with a brand new product that i've never tested before, just so that it's fair and it's as if i started from complete scratch. rule number three is i can't use my personal brand to gain anything out of this challenge, meaning shout it out on my instagram or just do anything to influence it in that sort of way. and last but not least, as you guys already know is i only have a set budget of 100. so now that you guys understand the rules, let's let the games begin. so the first step in the process is to actually find a winning product. now, since we only do have a budget of 100, i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic route, meaning posting content on tik tok and hope one of them blow up so that we can get a lot of visitors to our site for virtually free. now, personally, if you're on a budget, i think this is the best method because you don't have to spend any money on advertising and, in the case that a tiktok does blow up, you can get a lot of sales. so the way i'm actually gonna find a winning product is scroll through my tiktok feed. for a while here i'm gonna sit here, chill, scroll and since my tiktok feed is optimized to finding winning products- since i just like a bunch of drop shipping ads and drop shipping pages- we might come across something that may be interesting. so i'm gonna go ahead and do that now and get back to you guys once i think i found something pretty interesting or worthy of selling demon. this is the reality. sitting there, there's some on the radio back and forth, just had a heart attack and i heard the little one who's climate change. so you have 300. so a lot of people think. so a lot of people think that i'm faking these videos, but i'm going to show you guys once. i don't know, i think i may have just found a product that may be worthwhile testing. okay, so pretty much what this is is a speaker and you guys can pretty much see you connect your phone to this bluetooth metal thing and once you place that object on any surface, like something metal or glass, it pretty much amplifies the sound. so i'm gonna go ahead and follow this page and you guys can pretty much see that they're posting videos consistently, honestly, and it looks like they're getting consistent likes and comments on every single video that they post. so let's go ahead and check out their store and it looks like it's a general store that they turned into a one product store from the name of it. they're selling it for forty dollars and they have some pretty nice images here, some gifs and description, the size- overall really nice, and they have some reviews, so this might be a potential product, and i'm actually really excited to test this product out. the views are outrageous and they post really consistently and it looks like it's not too old. so you guys can see, their first video was on the 19th, which is insane. so this is a product that could potentially get us our lambo, okay. so right away i went ahead and searched the product on amazon, hoping i could find it- it was the fourth option- and went ahead and purchased it for 38. and then i also went on aliexpress to see how much i could source this product for, which came to be around 21, and i could always get this lower once i start getting more orders. but since we're selling it for 40 dollars and we're getting it for 21, we have a profit margin of 19.. so out of our 100 budget, we spent 38 of that to order the product, which leaves us with a total of 62 left to spend. but anyway, now that we have to wait for the product to arrive, i'm going to go ahead and use this time to actually create the store for this product. porta speaker: a speaker that is portable and you could pretty much stik anywhere and amplify the noise. well, hey, i think we got ourselves a brand name. porta speaker sounds pretty nice and pretty easy to remember. now, since we are on a budget of 100, i'm gonna be going ahead and making the logo myself. i'm gonna be using a 30 day shopify free trial, which, if you guys want to do the same, you can use the link below. so we're pretty much not gonna have to pay for shopify for the first 30 days. so i'm gonna get to work, create the store and then hopefully we get the amazon product so that we can start filming some content, posting the tik toks and just start driving traffic to the store to see if anyone would actually buy from this store. but anyway, let's go ahead and start the store build. okay, so our dropify shoplifting store is finally complete and now it's time to review it. ladies and gentlemen, i present to you porta speakerus- what, okay? so here is the product page where pretty much all of our customers are going to be redirected to. you guys can see we have a few images right here so you can just scroll through. we have the name of the product with a few reviews under it and you can see we have free shipping and 50 off, right under the price, and then, going into the description, we have a headline with a description under it, along with a few gifs. i'm going to be changing these gifs once i actually get the product and i'm going to pretty much record custom gifs so that they're a little more personalized and people who come to our site get a more personalized experience, but for now i just have these temporary gifs that i have just as a placeholder. we have another headline and description, another gif, another headline description and a gif, and then we have a faq section for customers who have any questions or doubts about the product, and you can see how this works. it's pretty much a drop down menu scrolling down into the reviews. we have all these reviews. reviews are very important and you could pretty much just take these from the supplier that you're sourcing the product from, because it's pretty much the same exact product. and that concludes our presentation for the porta speaker website. so we found the winning product. we have our site built out. now the last step is actually to get the product and create a tiktok page for it and then just start posting loads of custom content for the products that we can potentially get on the for you page of different potential customers that will potentially be the holder of the one and only porta speaker [Music]. okay, so the product has finally arrived from bezos's hands into my possession and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox this right in front of you guys. so let's go ahead and see what we got. i present to you the porta speaker. wow, it honestly looks pretty solid. okay, so i'm gonna go ahead and set this up and see what we can actually do with this thing and if it actually even works as expected. all right, so i just set it up. so i'm gonna go ahead and play some non-copyrighted music so that susan doesn't cut my paycheck for the month, but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how this works. it's honestly pretty cool. all right, so i have my music ready to go. i'm gonna move my mic actually, so you guys can pretty much hear everything that's happening, and i'm gonna go ahead and click play without this on the table and watch what happens once i actually put it on the table. [Music]. that actually works, believe it or not. we're actually almost pr.


Is Shopify Dropshipping Still Profitable in 2022? Let's Find Out

a popular question that i've seen asked on multiple social media channels and on youtube by several different people is: is the shopify platform worth building a business on in 2022? that might relate to drop shipping, it might relate to just somewhere in e-commerce, but i've seen this question a lot lately and i kind of know the answer, but i also i kind of don't. and before you click that back button and x off of the video, hear me out for a second. trust me, it'll be worth it. i'm someone who, starting in 2018, built a business on shopify, did almost half a million dollars in revenue in 18 months. i did so profitably and then i sold the business for well into the six figures. i have a video about this. you can find it on my channel. i've also written about it on substance, but nonetheless, i want to tok about the present, the now. that is something. i sold that business in early 2020.. this is two years- fast forward. two years. is it still worth doing? have things changed? are things different? well, i know the answer to this somewhat, but i want to back it up with actual proof, and we're going to do that. i i've now officially decided, i believe. actually, as of right now. i haven't officially decided, but i think, as right now i'm deciding, that i will be documenting me, trying to not necessarily replicate that success specifically, so i'm not going to make that same business again, but i'm going to use what i learned and use, uh, what i feel made that business profitable and successful, that i sold and trying to implement that into a new business in 2022, but document the entire process, whether or not i fail or succeed here on youtube and, of course, on substance. if you know what a substance is, it is a platform. it's basically a blog, except every time i put a post, if you have the app on iphone, then you just get an update. you read it right there on the app, or you get an email. you can read all of it right there on email. it's free, that's it. you just sign up with your email link down to it in the description. i want to document it on both that platform and both this platform because i think both audiences would really enjoy it and i think the amount that you can learn by watching someone you know actively try to make a business profitable and try to formulate some sort of winning recipe right then and there. i believe that's valuable and that's something i would like to watch, and so that's something i'm going to do on this channel. so if that is something you would like to do, hit that subscribe button so that you are notified when i start this series. also, if it's something you really feel strongly about that you would like to learn, leave a comment. i'd love to see i got. i asked about this. on substance, a lot of people commented and said they would love to see something like this, so i'm going to assume people on youtube would like to as well. so let me know, i would really like to hear about it. the the way i know they answer this question is: shopify is still a great platform. uh, i still have stayed active with it. i still actually have a couple fringe businesses that operate on it. i'm i've kind of delegated, uh, some of the work, uh, to other people, um, but in general, you know, i still know businesses are successful. the answer to the question that i presented in the beginning and the answer, the question that everyone keeps asking- is it still worth doing? it absolutely is still worth doing. but something that i said for a very long time about drop shipping, which is probably the most common business model on shopify is that, as time goes on, you're going to have to consistently deviate and go above and beyond to separate yourselves from pretty much everyone else. that's kind of just how it is. you kind of. you kind of have to be willing to do what others aren't to maximize your chances of success. i'm not saying that you know that if you just do what everyone else is doing, there's no way you're going to make money. no, some people will find a way, but in general, your chances of success increase it dramatikally if you are willing to do what others aren't. and so what is that? what do i mean with that? so, like i said, the most common business model on shopify is drop shipping. it's where you buy an item. you know, most of the time overseas in china. you buy it on uh, on aliexpress or somewhere like that or some something similar. uh, you, you advertise that product on your, your website. you pitch it to people, you know. you advertise it to people in the united states when they buy it. you buy it from aliexpress, but for hopefully a lot cheaper. you send it to the person in the united states. you collect the difference. you're profitable, right. most of the time. these are products that either solve a problem, they're viral, they're funny, they're entertaining. in a certain way, they have something about them and the way they're marketed. that just leaves people to impulse buy and for the most part, these businesses, you are getting a customer one time and you're. you're not gonna have any repeat customers, and i've toked about this in the past, but it's been a while. what i thought separated my business that i sold uh in 2020 from the rest is i was able to find a way, which it was tiknically. i was tiknically drop shipping, but i was doing it within the united states. i had a very good relationship with the supplier- like, very like first name basis with the supplier and uh it was. it was much more. the shipping was much faster than anyone. that was, i didn't have any competitors, but just that kind of drop shipping model. i was doing so with much faster shipping. i was it was with a product in a business model that allowed for repeat customers and i did have uh repeat customers all the time. but also i did so in a way that uh, that it wasn't gimmicky or anything. it was. it was i was building a legitimate brand that had a meaning behind it and, uh, i believe that separate- separated me from you know, just your average shopify, drop shipping business. in 2022, two years ahead, i, i could probably apply the exact same model to what i did in 2020 and, if the product was right and the business model was right, i probably could be profitable. but i believe, since two years have passed, i'm going to have to take. i'm gonna have to go even further beyond. i'm gonna have to do even more. i, i did the whole thing with that business: email marketing, uh, text marketing, everything you can think of- but i'm going to have to do that and more. and what that more is i'm going to explain in the series and i'm going to develop it over time. but i just know right now i'm going to have to do more to separate myself from the crowd, because i believe more people have adapted this model that i i put in place. and the unfortunate part is, i don't think it's smart to divulge all the information. i think it would wouldn't be necessarily smart for me to share the actual domain, the actual product, because when you're early on, there are a group of people out there- this is a document, well documented thing- that when they find businesses. they do this first off. they find your ads wherever you're advertising. then they go back to your website and, based on like, they'll place an order on your on the website and based on the- unless you change it- the shopify order number, they'll kind of tell how many orders you've done and if anyone's done more than like 100, 200 orders, chances are you're profitable or close to being profitable and they can kind of they can figure out when this, the, the website was created. they can kind of like guesstimate and they can find your product and figure out where you got it from and they can kind of figure out how much money is being made, if any at all. and if it is, they'll. they'll just literally copy your website and they'll also advertise. they'll copy your ads, will do everything and they will take away from your your- you know- specific prospective market. now this can happen whether you show your domain name and your website or not already. so what i'm saying is i don't want to add to that early on by divulging that.

I Tried Dropshipping for 2 Weeks in 2022

so i keep hearing that drop shipping is back in its prime, like the 2016 days, and i just can't help but try to chase that bag. i'm sick and tired of seeing these dudes show up in my youtube ads on twitter cringely flexing about how they made six figures this month by just finding a good product and running some ads. i've given shopify and facebook enough money in the past couple years to know that it's not that easy, but from what i've been hearing and seeing with tiktok ads and tiktok organic growth, it looks really promising. it looks like there's a lot of potential there. so i want to give myself two weeks to do some research, find a good product, build the store and see if i can get some people to buy a product. okay, i like it. picasso, there's gonna be a no bs video. i'm gonna be completely honest throughout the entire process, because this is exactly the type of video that i was looking for. back in the day when i was thinking about starting one of these businesses, the only thing that i could find was these guys that would post these crazy screenshots of revenue numbers and they were showing off this crazy lifestyle, and it just didn't seem relatable or it didn't seem realistik, so i never took it seriously. but i'm just a kid in his mom's basement who just wants to make some money and put to the test what some of these e-commerce guys are saying and see if it's actually true. all right, so first step: tweet something. cringe about always grinding and hustling. we're gonna put entrepreneur in our bio and now we're ready to get started. so, to find a product, i've been scrolling through hashtags on tiktok, like amazon finds, and tiktok made me buy it. by going through these hashtags, you can find a lot of unique products and you can get a good idea of the demand for them just by checking the likes and the comments. i also got a trial to the service peepee ads, which is like a ad spy website that can help you find products as they're blowing up. usually, to get a product to blow up on tiktok, you generally want to follow this criteria: you need something with a wow factor. tik-tok is such a fast-moving platform that to make someone actually stop scrolling, you need something that's unique or interesting. you need something cheap, in the 20 to 50 dollar range. tiktok has so many younger people who probably aren't going to be buying any of the high tiket items on it, so that 20- 50 range seems pretty good. and you want something small and simple so you don't have to deal with a bunch of refunds and shipping problems later on. so by following that criteria i found this mini vacuum cleaner. it has a bunch of videos on tik tok already that have over a million likes. a lot of the comments seem to be really interested in it. it has really good reviews on aliexpress, so this seemed like a really good product. so i ordered one on amazon, had it shipped to my house to test out and try to film some content for it, and after trying to film a few videos i really quickly realized that this thing sucks like it just would not clean the way that it showed in a lot of the videos and most of the time would just leave a bigger mess than was there before, and i just didn't feel good about selling a product like this. i don't have to deal with a bunch of refunds and it's also a product i just don't believe is worth the money that i could sell it for. so i completely scrapped this. so that sent me back to the drawing board, which i'm actually happy about because it led me to a product that i think is way better and has way more potential, and that's this. it's heart glasses, that, when you put on, turn all the lights around you into little hearts. i think it's a very interesting product. it definitely is gonna make people stop scrolling, and it already has a bunch of videos that are super viral on tiktok. there's definitely a huge demand for it, and when i checked out the websites of some of these guys who are doing these crazy numbers, their websites completely suck. they're full of stok images, they're super plain and boring, and i know that i can definitely do a way better job in building a website. so i'm excited. i think that these have a lot of potential and i think that i can definitely get some people to buy these, and i already have a name for them. the name is love shades. ah, i would buy it just for the name. the next thing to do is just build a website and get these shipped over to my house [Music], all right. so this is the site that i made for this product. it's just your basic typical one product store. i made a logo for it: love shades up here, five stars. i really just tried to make it simple and as clean as possible and try to find the best pictures that i could from, like, aliexpress and, like you know, amazon and some other websites. so, yeah, so this is the home page. most people aren't going to be looking at this because i'm sending everyone to the product page, but this is kind of what it looks like and if you go to the product page, you got love shades right here. i have four different options: red, black, white and pink- and then i'm putting it for a really sharp discount: 50 off, pretty much. this is canadian, so in the us this would be like: uh, this is like 17.99. and then you scroll down a little bit. i have this timer that is counting down to when the sale is supposed to end. 30-day money-back guarantee, just some, you know, some more stuff to just show exactly what this product is and and just try to prove that this is a trustworthy story. scroll down a little bit. you got, you know, tiknical details, shipping information and at the very bottom we have a bunch of reviews. i have like 57 reviews. so yeah, so i think this is a pretty decent website to get started with. i think for now, this is more than i need. i really don't want to spend a bunch of time creating a website without knowing if people are actually going to buy the product or not, or if people are actually going to want to go to the website. so, yeah, so now that i have the site up and running, we're basically we're ready to start getting people to start going to the website and see if we can get some conversions, get some sales. so before i start running any ads, i want to see if i can get some free traffic over to the website by just posting videos on tik tok. so i've just been going out and i'm copying the videos that i've seen that have already worked for the other guys selling this product on tiktok, and my hope is i can get a couple of videos that bring some people over to the website and maybe give me a sale. [Music]. so i've been posting a bunch of videos on tiktok for the past couple of days and really nothing has happened. we haven't been getting any crazy views or likes or anything like. this is our most viewed one right here. um, it only has 106 likes and 2 000 views. but what actually has been going kind of crazy is instagram reels. i've just been posting all the videos that i've been doing for tiktok on instagram reels 2, and all of these have been averaging like three to 5 000 views per video. like- look at this- i don't know what it is about instagram reels, but like- if you just put a few hashtags in there, you get so many views right away. so just by posting on instagram reels and putting the link in the instagram bio, i think we've brought over 150 people to the website already and we have less than 60 followers on instagram. so that's pretty sick. no sales yet. but to be able to bring that many people to the website without that many likes, reviews or anything is pretty crazy. but we have a little bit less than a week left in this challenge and i don't want to waste any more time with this. i kind of just want to get started with the tik tac ads right away. that's what we're going to do. we're going to take some of these videos and some of this content that i've made over the past week and we're going to turn these into ads and start running these for the next couple of days. for the ad strategy, i've mainly been following what i've learned from these two youtube channels. i only have a budget of about fifty doll.

Is Dropshipping Business Dead or Still Profitable in 2022?

in this video, we are revealing if drop shipping is dead or not and the trends that are happening right now that allow beginners to still earn a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day, more than after the intro. hey guys, michael steele here, welcome to this video. before we actually going to remind you that several spots have known for this week's free workshop, but it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online. sign up for it in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 100 and cc grand profit in 90 days to check it out now. okay, so check this out here. on my blog, i've literally documented everything that has happened to me on my online marketing journey. a lot of it was started actually in the e-commerce space. like you could see, one of my first months in e-commerce was crazy. right, because i had no experience. i had no tik skills whatsoever and i was doing this like in my spare time, but we literally made five to six grand the first month and it was nuts. right, because, like, for example, no one believed i could do this. i didn't believe i could do this, but yet you could see a little blip in sales- a hundred dollars a day and it started going down. but something started working. maybe i caught on to a trend and you could see that i literally rode that trend like crazy for the next year, where you could see that it literally scaled to 1.6 million dollars. um, the first year, right, and a lot of these were actually from finding trends and riding them and like seeing it go down and then finding another trend, riding it until it go down, and a lot of these spikes were when i found a trend like this thing. right here, i found a trend and i took advantage of it and, of course, what comes up must go down, which begs the question: if you're getting started, especially right now this year, is drop shipping dead? am i getting started when it's a good time or is it completely saturated and i can't make enough money, which is why one of the new artikles we ended up creating was this artikle. so if you want to go ahead and follow along, just check it out in the links below. but, as you can see, drop shipping is a great business model for many entrepreneurs because it allows beginners to at least test the markets right. there's actually so many big companies that started off as drop shipping companies like, for example. you could see this company right here here. a lot of people know who they are: jim shark- right, they started off dropshipping things on their website, and now they do over like 268 million dollars or pounds in revenue per year. right, so it's actually like a beautiful business model to get started to test it out, because, like in traditional e-commerce, you're literally like, oh man, i don't have any money, but i have to go and buy a bunch of products from china and ship them to someone. right, and that takes experience, and if you're just getting started, you need to test out, well, what products work and what products don't. right, and the question is, though: is drop shipping right now, this year, is it worth it? now? here's the thing you know: drop shipping isn't perfect, obviously, um, especially when it comes to current trends, several factors can affect the success of a drop shipping business in the future, such as changes in consumer behavior or new tiknology that emerge over time. and help you stay on top of the trends, we've created this artikle in which we'll describe the best trends right now that you can actually take advantage of to actually go ahead and make money. people like: what the heck is drop shipping. well, you could see, you have a customer, you go sell something on your store. when the customer buys, you literally take the money, you send it to the supplier and the supplier ships the product. right? there's so many times that i did this in the past from so many different like business models. right, like, for example, one of the things that i did was from ebay. i remember i was dropping these products on ebay and, like would sell them for a certain amount. right, but did you know, if you go ahead and, for example, click on any one of these images and type in search google for this image, you could actually go ahead and find the exact same supplier like: check this out, i can literally go and find this twin bunk bed right here. let's see what actually bunk bed this is, and you could actually see that this bunk bed will most likely be right here, exactly on walmart, where they just told me right, and you can see 199, uh, 242. drop shipping is: oh, let me go and sell it, right. oh, i made a sale. oh, i have money. oh, let me go take that money and buy it from the supplier at a lower cost and then ship it to the customer with their details and then keep a percentage of profit for myself. so that's all. essentially, drop shipping is right. um, now let's tok about: is it worth it? so some people wonder if the business model is worth it because they think that their profit margins will be very low. now, this is not the case. if you use drop shipping as a means to sell products under money, then you profit margins will be much higher if you were to invest in your own inventory. um, and the reason why it's a lot higher is because, think about it right, every time you have profit in traditional businesses like, for example, amazon, fba, you have to take that money and then buy a bunch of product, so you never actually have profit because, think about it, you literally make money and you're like: okay, now i have to support the next level of growth. the next level of growth requires this much more inventory. this much more inventory is more expensive, right, so i need to go take the money that i made and buy more of it, but with drop shipping, all you really got to do is the money that you make. you set a budget aside for, you know, advertising, for marketing and whatnot. so who is it for? it's a great for many entrepreneurs, especially beginners. it allows you to be your own boss, not have to worry about managing inventory or customer service. now, the only thing that you do have to manage a lot is the marketing. so you have to understand like, for example, facebook ads, google ads, display ads, youtube ads. this is where drive shippers tend to go and focus more in on right. they literally learn mastering marketing right, because they have to deal with, like, a lot of the- you know- front-end stuff, right, and the acquisition and how much money can be made, as you can see. you know you cannot just make like 300 a day. man like i was able to scale that baby, but i wrote a trend like crazy, right, um, and that's the importance of catching trends before they actually happen. now, the advantages are low barrier of entry, no inventory management and cash flow cash flow. cash flow, cash flow. with most other e-commerce businesses where you have to, for example, buy the products in bulk, you have no cash flow because, like i said, all of your profit is stuck in the inventory um, and you can see exactly all the things that work now. another one is you get a test new products for minimal risk. so i remember i would have like a little budget like 50 bucks or 100 bucks. i want to test a new product, right, um, and i remember i didn't make much money on it, so at that point i only lost 100 bucks. now, granted, in the previous days when i did, you know, e-commerce would buy a bunch of products from china and sell them. you know, like in amazon, fba, that would take like a thousand or two thousand dollars and if i failed i would be out a thousand to two thousand bucks and all of this time that i wasted here. you know you could literally know within 48 hours if a product does well or not and if it doesn't, you can just scrap it. um generate passive income. now. this is a very attractive model. with this. there's so many people that i interview here, like on my podcast, like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars, this guy that makes a million dollars per month profit. but a lot of people here in bali actually make a lot of money from drop shipping, like this guy did and so many other people that i interviewed, um s.