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is dropshipping unethical

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Drop Shipping From Aliexpress — Is Drop Shipping Ethical And Why Does It Work? | #284

today's question comes from Niko's and,he's asking when you are dropshipping,why don't people go directly to,Aliexpress and buy the item they're,welcome to the till Waddell a show where,I show you how to create the freedom and,lifestyle you truly desire tune in every,day and get real-life strategies to grow,your own business hack your life and get,more done in less time subscribe to the,show and add tilba dello on snapchat,[Music],when you are running your own drop,shipping store and you are promoting,products using facebook ads or something,like influence or marketing then most,people will buy out of impulse so first,of all 80% of purchases these days come,from mobile which means people don't,really take that much time to browse,around and look for alternatives,especially if the product isn't super,expensive if it's very high-end if it's,super expensive then people might do,some more research but for cheap items,under $100 or even under $50 especially,free plus shipping items people won't,take the time to do a ton of research,they're on their mobile phone they see,the ad and they buy out of impulse most,people what they do is they click on the,ad and they see your product page and,then most people bounce they just leave,without buying that's the majority of,people and then a small percentage buys,out of impulse it's very important that,you understand impulse buying when your,customer sees your ad on his mobile,phone or on his computer or maybe some,influencer or celebrity he's following,is endorsing your item then there's a,certain impulse to that a lot of people,they see the ad they see the item and,they want to own it they have this,buying intent right away they're,interested,so they click they look at the website,and they,usually decide pretty fast if they're,gonna buy it or not especially for cheap,items so then either the buying intent,is high enough and the impulse is there,and then they're gonna buy it right away,because they want to own it right and a,lot of people as I said around 80% will,buy from their mobile phone which means,they might be in the bus they might be,walking somewhere they might be you know,sitting at a bus station or wherever,watching a TV show they don't have a,whole lot of time or interest to,research the item a lot of people are,more scared to lose time than to lose a,bit of money and maybe have an item that,might be a bit more expensive than what,they can buy somewhere else so don't,think that you have so much control over,your prospects and clients right this is,a common misconception that you think if,you put up an ad and you sell a product,then people will be so bought in they,will be so interested that they will,spend hours researching your product,looking for alternatives and doing all,of that and in reality you don't have,that much control most people see the ad,they click and they decide within,seconds if they wanna buy it or not,they buy out of impulse you don't have,as much control over people as you think,so let go of that ego you have very,little control over people your,advertising and your website isn't that,important to people they either buy out,of impulse right away or probably they,leave the website and never come back,that being said in my experience there,are very few people who actually know,Aliexpress so every once in a while,maybe one out of 200 or maybe one out of,1,000 people will say hey I saw this,item on Aliexpress this is somewhat of a,ripoff this is a scam whatever so you'll,get that but it's very rare in my,opinion not that many people actually,know or use Aliexpress some people do,but even if people use Aliexpress they,don't know the whole sort of products on,there it's likely they haven't seen,the product that you're selling on,Aliexpress plus it's even more likely,that they haven't ever used Aliexpress,or they don't know about it in general,people aren't as educated and they don't,know as much as you think they know they,don't have all the information that you,have for you it's easy to understand I'm,selling this item on my Shopify store,and this item is dropship from,Aliexpress you have all this information,because you are the e-commerce store,owner but your customer doesn't have all,that information your customer isn't as,educated and doesn't have the same,information when he or she clicks on the,ad that's why these things won't even,pop up for your customers they you won't,have this big discussion in their head,this big debate if they should buy it,from you or if the item might be on,Aliexpress or on ebay most of the time,as I said they buy out of impulse if,they want to own the item bad enough,well isn't Rob shipping and selling,something from Aliexpress on your store,isn't that ripping off people and you,might think of it that way or maybe not,right in my opinion the whole capitalist,system is based on that all of retail is,basically based on selling wholesale,products and adding your own margin and,reselling those for a higher price if,you go to any store in your town or city,and buy anything that thing was produced,probably in China or somewhere else for,a lot cheaper most stuff you buy cost a,few dollars was produced in China and,you're buying it for 10 20 30 40 50,bucks if you go to H&M and buy a shirt,the value of that shirt is maybe two,dollars maybe three dollars and you're,buying it for maybe fifteen dollars in,essence the whole capitalist economy is,based on the same paradigm and the same,system so if you think Rock shipping,somehow means you're ripping off people,then that might be true but then it,means the whole capitalist economy is,basically ripping off people and then,you have to get into a whole,philosophical discussion about,capitalism,and if it's ethical or not but drop,shipping in essence is exactly the same,thing everyone else is doing every other,store owner every big store every big,retail chain is doing the only,difference is you aren't having your own,stok you are shipping or drop shipping,the items directly from the wholesaler,to the customer but the whole system of,adding your own margin and reselling,wholesale products for more money that,is what capitalism is based on also you,have to understand that you can offer,your customers a lot of benefits,compared to Aliexpress for example you,can offer more payment options on,Aliexpress there are certain payment,options but you can offer things like,PayPal and other secure payment options,where people are just more protected and,also you can offer a better customer,support if someone goes to Aliexpress,and orders the item from Aliexpress then,they aren't gonna get any customer,support right if you are a drop shipper,and you ever contacted a Chinese,supplier you know how their,communication skills are most people say,just reorder sir or something like that,right it's very poor English it's very,hard to communicate and if someone buys,on your store then you have to,understand you are offering them a lot,of benefits over Aliexpress one of them,being proper English customer support so,in essence you can offer people better,customer support a better service a,better experience better payment options,more security more comfort and all of,that matters for people and that's why I,believe it's also justified to actually,have your own margin because you might,have to hire virtual assistants and,freelancers to actually fulfill items,you actually are taking more risk you're,spending time doing customer support all,of that justifies adding your own margin,otherwise it wouldn't be possible so,don't overanalyze everything don't get,caught up in this belief that somehow,drop shipping from Aliexpress is so,different than,what every other retail business in the,world is doing just chill and dropship,everything's gonna be fine you're not,ripping off people yes some people will,think that's the case but if you look at,how our economy works you know that's,not really the case that's just how the,whole system works and you're not d

Dropshipping is a HORRIBLE Business & You Shouldn't Do It

this short little clip encompasses every,reason why dropshipping won't last,we know customers like low prices we,know customers like big selection and we,know that customers like fast delivery,and those things are going to be true 10,years from now they're gonna be true 20,years from now so we can count on those,things so we can put energy into them,how am I so sure drop shipping won't,last let's find out no I'm not gonna try,to sell you in a course or something at,the end,[Music],I actually know some of the big,dropshippers in the space and most of,them are pretty good guys but I wanted,to provide a different perspective than,what every other online guru will tell,you before you go out and potentially,waste your money on drop shipping drop,shipping was one of the latest we'll,call it business ALPA box schemes that,has been around for a few years now this,is something that internet marketers,claim that if you buy their course,they'll teach you how a very little,effort you can make money quit your job,buy up new Lamborghini without much,effort because of this new opportunity,now that doesn't necessarily make these,business opportunities bad but this is,where things start getting a little,tricky the whole premise of dropshipping,is that you find these so-called winning,products from wholesale distributors,usually from China with Ollie express,then you set up an online store with,these products for sale at a marked up,price from the distributor without,having any actual inventory on hand then,you run paid ads to this product usually,on Instagram or Facebook and if someone,buys from you that's when you actually,order the product from the wholesale,distributor at a wholesale price the,product gets shipped directly to the,customer from the warehouse and the,benefit of this is that you don't need,any money to start and you don't have to,do any of the fulfillment whatsoever all,you have to do is find the product get,traffic to your website people buy and,you pocket the difference but this is,where this business model starts to fall,apart,[Music],so what's wrong with dropshipping and,why won't it last well it's actually,pretty simple if you're able to answer,this one question where does money come,from when you get paid out a job you,made money because you provide a value,to your employer in the form of your,labor and in every other kind of,business on the face of the planet it's,the exact same story you make money from,customers when you provide enough value,to them the more value the more money,you make,so money can be looked at as just a,storehouse of value you get money when,you provide a value and you can use the,storehouse of value in the form of paper,in your wallet or digits in your bank,account to exchange it for other things,of value in the future like a new,Lamborghini so let's go back to a clip,of Jeff Bezos the richest man in the,world,we know customers like low prices we,know customers like big selection and we,know that customers like fast delivery,and those things are going to be true,ten years from now they're gonna be true,twenty years from now so we can count on,those things we can put energy into them,in Jeff's own words customers that buy,products online who would be potentially,buying your dropship products if you,were to start a drop shipping business,only care about these three things low,prices having a big selection and having,fast delivery and since those three,things are literally all Amazon focuses,on,that's probably why Jeff is the richest,man in the world because he's providing,more value to the world than anyone else,by building a worldwide infrastructure,of warehouses distribution centers,same-day delivery all what the goal of,keeping prices as low as possible with,the biggest selection as possible and,the fastest delivery as possible compare,that mindset to the only things people,focus on with drop shipping how can I do,the least amount of work how can I make,enough money to quit my job and fire my,boss oh it takes two to three weeks to,ship from China to the customer oh well,whatever it's not like customers care,about fast shipping or anything and,there lies the problem the entire idea,and business model of drop shipping,completely neglects what every customer,wants you will never have the lowest,prices since you're ordering one product,at a time from a warehouse that you have,no control over you're not gonna have,the biggest selection because all you're,focused on is finding that one,winning product and you're inherently,not gonna have the fastest delivery,because it's shipping directly from a,warehouse instead of a giant,custom-built infrastructure of,distribution centers like what amazon,has or in other words you literally,provide next to zero value to customers,besides the actual value of the product,itself which Amazon probably sells to at,a cheaper price with faster shipping,with better customer service when a,better return policy and the list just,goes on and on and on and because we,know money comes from providing value,since you don't provide much of value at,all you're probably not gonna make much,money so how are people making money,from lists lenten it's a reasonable,question with a few possible answers,whenever there's a new wave whether that,be mobile apps or the dot-com wave etc,the ones that are there first have such,a huge advantage that there's a,dedicated phrase for it the first,mover's advantage there's next to no,competition you have all the customers,to yourself and it's a lot easier to do,business and grow before the market,starts to get saturated I go over this,concept in my breakdown of the success,of pretty much the best tik channel on,YouTube marques Brownlee and it's a,pretty inspirational story so I'll link,it down below for you guys to check out,drop shipping was the same situation the,people who got there first were probably,able to advertise for cheap get their,valuable advertising data to market to,new customers a lot cheaper and more,efficiently increase their margins and,build a solid foundation before all,these new drop shippers came onto the,scene the next possibility is probably,more likely even though gurus might be,showing you huge sales numbers they,don't show you all their expenses how,much they spent on ads how much they pay,in taxes and what's really left over in,their pocket and I bet it's not very,much,any more depressing possibility that,100% happens is that people can just,fake their sales numbers it's as easy as,just editing the HTML in Chrome to,change the numbers taking a screenshot,on your phone and changing the numbers,in Photoshop using someone else's,account and there are a number of other,ways so how are people making money from,this then which one is it well like most,things in life is probably somewhere in,the middle you have those first movers,with an actual business you have the,ones that have super low margins and you,have the completely fake gurus that,literally just blatantly fake their,numbers but maybe I'm just being too,negative let's say you can make a,profitable honest drop shipping business,where you have enough profits to make it,worthwhile even if that is possible is,that really the best long-term business,model you want to get into where you're,kind of just doing it for the money not,because it's what's best for the,customers where you have major players,like Amazon who are concerned about,making a profit at all to snuff out the,competition in the long run and provide,as much of value to customers as,possible is this really the path you,want to go down so why are there so many,gurus on YouTube saying just how great,dropshipping is why is this ad you're,about to see probably about dropshipping,well you've probably guessed that but,selling online courses are one of the,most profitable business models out,there right now that really is hands-off,and definitely not like a saint putting,down online courses because this is,coming from personal experience too

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Is Dropshipping A HORRIBLE Business? & Should You Try It

so is Drop Shipping a scam and a bad,business model or is it a great,opportunity to start your first,e-commerce Journey that's what we're,going to be discussing in this video hey,guys welcome to the YouTube channel my,name is Camille Simon as the Ecom King,and in today's video I'm going to be,covering is Drop Shipping a scam is it a,bad business model should you avoid it,and what are my thoughts on this subject,as I've been seeing a lot of people,recently come out and say Drop Shipping,is a bad business model Drop Shipping is,a scam now this has been going around,for years and years and years but,recently it's become very popular again,so I thought why not make a video and,give you guys my thoughts and opinion on,this topic and this is really important,for you guys to watch especially if,you're thinking about starting a Drop,Shipping business now or in 2023 and the,reason why this video is extremely,important to watch is because you need,to understand what this business model,is and educate yourself because I,believe a lot of people are coming out,with Drop Shipping as a scam Drop,Shipping is a bad business model because,they're not educated and understand how,they this business model truly works and,what I'm going to be doing as well as,I'm going to be addressing all the main,issues people have with Drop Shipping,for example the products are made in,China the customer service is bad the,shipping times are bad I'm going to be,addressing all the main issues people,have with this business model and the,reason why I feel like I'm a great,person to be covered in this subject is,because I've been doing Drop Shipping,now for over five years I've got,multiple drop shipping stores I've got,multiple e-commerce Brands so I feel,like I've got some really good knowledge,and experience in this field so before,we actually get into the video today,guys don't feel shy if you've got any of,your own thoughts and opinions make sure,you leave them in the comments section,but only do that once you've watched the,full video because I don't want you,watching this video only watching half,of it and then jump into a conclusion,watch the full video and then I'd love,to hear your thoughts and opinions and,if you could also smash the like button,that'll be highly appreciated so let's,get straight to the point is Drop,Shipping a scam now in my opinion I do,believe dropshipping isn't a scam and it,isn't a bad business model but what I,will say and what I will agree with is,there are a lot people that come into,this business model and treat it in a,really bad way now what you guys need to,understand is Drop Shipping is no more,than just a fulfillment method of having,an online business or even having a,traditional business now it all comes,down to how each person conducts their,business whilst using the Dropship and,fulfillment method now not everyone's,going to have integrity not everyone's,gonna do all the things they should do,before starting a Drop Shipping business,and I'm going to be covering what all of,those things are in the next few moments,now let me give you guys a few examples,and let me really dig deep into what I'm,trying to say so when people use Drop,Shipping as a fulfillment method some,people are going to come into this,business model and say look I'm going to,take full advantage of it I'm going to,be really bad about it I'm going to come,into this business models with the,intention of not looking after my,customers so what they do is they take,the slowest shipping times they don't,look at the product quality sometimes,I've heard drop shippers don't even send,their products out so there's people,that just send envelopes instead of,products because that way it gets,tracked they still receive the money but,they're not sending the physical product,so they're are Bad actors that come into,this business model and do those bad,practikes but you can say the same thing,about any other business out there they,can always be bad actors so for example,the banking industry there's always,people that start Banks use customers,money leverage it and then lose it and,then go bankrupt people lose their money,I'm not going to get into all the,nitty-gritty stuff but what I'm trying,to tell you guys is Drop Shipping as a,fulfillment method isn't the only,industry where people and Bad actors can,come in it and then make it a bad thing,for the consumer there's so many,Industries out there that you can apply,this same method to so if you hear,people online saying Drop Shipping is a,bad business model because everyone that,does Drop Shipping does it with no,Integrity they don't care about the,consumer you're literally treating,everyone the same way and there are,people out there that actually do Drop,Shipping in a very positive way and how,you can tell if somebody's doing Drop,Shipping in a very positive way is if,their LTV is good and if their clv is,good that stands for lifetime value and,customer lifetime values so do the,customers keep coming back to their Drop,Shipping Store time and time again if,the answer is no there's a concern if,they have lots of chargebacks if they,have lots of refunds that is a big,concern but if they are running a Drop,Shipping Store where they're getting,lots of returning customers happy,customers not many chargebacks then,there's no issue with that Drop Shipping,Store because that consumer is happy now,Drop Shipping has been around before the,internet was even around now let me,elaborate on that now remember Drop,Shipping is just a fulfillment method,now I have on calls that used to do,markets where you have a market people,come to the market they buy stuff from,your markets now when you have this,Market people would come to him and say,look do you have X Y and Z in stok he,would say no and he would say don't,worry though because I can source that,product for you it's not an issue and,then what he would do is he'd go to his,mate he'd give them a phone call through,the landline and say can you send that,product to my customer directly to their,house and let them know that it was me,that actually helped them do that so,that is another example of Drop Shipping,so Drop Shipping has been around for a,very very long time it's just adapted,through the in internet online,businesses but it has been around for a,very very long time and some of the,biggest businesses in the world and some,of the biggest brands in the world use,the Drop Shipping fulfillment method and,use Drop Shipping and I'll show you guys,some examples in the next few moments I,also want to say that there's different,levels of Drop Shipping you've got the,really low entry level and then you've,got the expert level and that depends on,how you're fulfilling the product so the,entry level is where you buy one product,at a time based on if you get orders and,then you've got times where you buy the,product in bulk send it to a fulfillment,center then that's getting fulfilled,from the Fulfillment center now it's,really important for you guys that are,watching this to understand that there's,different levels of Drop Shipping,because if you're just basing your,thoughts on the entry level then that's,not a fair judgment let's start into the,first problem people have got with Drop,Shipping which is products are made in,China they're bad quality who would buy,them so if you're watching this video,off an Apple device like a Macbook an,iMac an iPhone guess what your Apple,device was made in China a lot of the,things in the world are made in China a,lot of the stuff in my apartment is made,in China a lot of the stuff in your,house your apartment your workspace is,made in China now why is a lot of things,made in China we have to understand the,economic reason for things being made in,China now I'm not going to get into the,politiks of it I'm just going to explain,the reason why the reason why is because,it's cheap to manufacture things in,China and the reason why is because,China devalue their currency to mak

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Is Dropshipping Legal? The Ethics Of A Dropshipping Business

hey Brennan here Brennan Valesky calm,and in this video we're going to be,going over is dropshipping legal now,this is probably a very common question,for a lot of you guys who are just,beginners in this whole dropshipping,world or looking to get into shop if I,drop shipping and all that stuff you,probably want to know is this is drop,shipping legal right and to demolish any,myths flat out yes,drop shipping is 100 percent legal so it,is a hundred percent legal now depending,on how you operate your business could,either be good or bad and we're gonna be,going into the good and bad the pros and,cons and all of that kind of stuff in,this video on how you actually want to,operate your business because if you're,asking if is drop shipping legal you,know you want to kind of bring in the,ethics into this whole entire model,you're probably wondering is this,ethical to actually do this are people,actually doing drop shipping is this,really a legitimate business model and,it is so first and foremost drop,shipping has existed for years upon,years it has been around for a very long,time it is really just a fulfillment,order fulfillment service that is,provided by suppliers or an external,company just to put it flat out the,definition of what drop shipping is it,really is just a order fulfillment,method through suppliers so if you say,for example you had an ecommerce store,right it may be a Shopify store whatever,kind of store you're running you have,this bracelet here right you're selling,these bracelets basically what it is is,we're you know a company overseas or,maybe in the US as well there are drop,shipping companies in the US as well as,overseas it just depends on what you're,doing for your business and but the most,popular model is to use Aliexpress and,from overseas but it does depend on what,you're doing but if you are going that,route then basically someone places an,order on your store your online store,and then you go into the backend and,click fulfill and then the supplier,receives the order and they send it and,ship it directly to the customer now,like I said this model has existed for,years upon years it is nothing,revolutionary or magical in any way,shape or form it really is just a way to,fulfill orders now when you are if you,are utilizing Aliexpress as a,fulfillment method there are some,suppliers that are going to be offering,a variety of different shipping methods,now when it comes into the ethics and,the whole legality of this entire,business model you want to make sure,that you're offering the best experience,for your customers at the end of the day,that is first and foremost the most,important aspect because if you can have,a good relationship with your customers,obviously they're gonna want to purchase,from you more and more you give them,value you treat them well they're gonna,want to buy some more from you of course,and that's really the most ethical way,to actually run your business,now the próxima the good aspects and the,bad aspects like I had said the good way,to do it is to be a hundred percent,ethical what you want to do on,Aliexpress if you are fulfilling your,products that way through China you want,to make sure you select a packet so you,can avoid the long shipping times now a,lot of people run into this whole like,is drop shipping legal because of the,long shipping times and not treating,customers well and the whole like bad,rap that drop shipping has which is,really just bad business people okay,it's really not the model at all that's,wrong it's people that are not answering,any customer emails not responding to,customer questions not helping people,out selecting the moat the cheapest,shipping methods so that it gets to the,customer in like two months that's why,you want to make sure you pick suppliers,to a packet because that gets to,customers in about twelve to twenty days,which is well it's longer definitely but,it's not terrible especially a lot of,companies - a lot of smaller businesses,do have that kind of shipping window,unless they are doing USPS like two-day,shipping so and there is a way to offer,that as well if you do want to avoid the,drop shipping route but to stay on topic,here with is it legal of course it's,legal it's just that you want to operate,your business in the most ethical way so,pick a packet if you're shipping these,little bracelets and stuff like that and,that's just a complete example obviously,you need to pick products that are based,on your niche and all that kind of stuff,to really serve your customers well and,obviously offer the best things to them,to get people to actually actually want,to purchase your products but at the end,of the day you're ordering these,products you're shipping them directly,to the customer and is,long as you maintain the relationship,with the customer well because that's,effectively what your job is because,you're not handling like the actual,packaging and shipping if you're,wondering what it would come in it does,come in a package very much like this it,just says a packet at the top with USPS,because a packet is fulfilled by the,United States Postal Service if you're,in the US and you're shipping that way,which most people are you know selling,to the US market I would imagine most,people watching this video so or even if,you are overseas you're probably selling,to the US market so effectively it comes,in something like this and it just comes,inside there and it just has the,shipping on it in it and it would say,China Post in the corner but it does say,e packet at the top so it doesn't take,incredibly long to get to the customer,the whole job on your end is to make,sure that you are managing that,relationship well and keeping your,business actually running ethically well,because that is really the big problem,with drop shipping that a lot of people,run into or maybe a lot of the scammy,dropshipping marketers out there like oh,my god drops you is so amazing treat the,customers like crap and that's,definitely the wrong way to go about,doing things for the long-term,sustainability of your business model so,if you enjoyed this video if I hopefully,I answered your questions if you have,any more questions be sure to leave that,down in the comment section below you,can feel free to do that but yeah it's,it's it's legal it's just operate your,business ethically think about your,moral compass and that's got it you know,it's got to come into this but the end,of the day you'll be all set as long as,you operate your business quite well you,select the better shipping times and all,that stuff so I hope you enjoyed be sure,to leave a like hit the subscribe button,if you enjoy the video as well so you,get notified as well you can hit the,notification bell so you don't miss,anything but anyway guys Brennan here,brand Volsky calm and I will see you in,the next one peace out

Is Dropshipping really a scam?

nowadays it seems like everybody and,their mom is getting rich online of,course it's exciting and interesting so,you click on their profile,yo hold up I'm going to video shoot hold,up hold up I'm going to do a video shoot,quick tripping quick trip down we have,some three phones and trying to,smell fresh real quick yeah I got,something super special I've been,waiting to put out for y'all I put,together this 97 PDF 97 PDF got all the,tips and tricks to come and live my way,I got all the chains on I got six chains,three watches y'all make sure y'all tap,in y'all tap in with the Drop Shipping,get it while it's hot or miss it and,flop,and you have to buy their 97 program so,then hopefully you'll have a Lamborghini,in a house in the Hills as well by the,end of it you have a store with just a,bunch of random products to ensure that,no matter who hops on your website,there's a product for them to buy and,you're ready to really start going crazy,but then you go and launch ads and you,see that all of a sudden the only people,who are hitting your website are,actually leaving before they even,purchase a product and you're left,confused wondering why the PDF didn't,make you rich in 30 days and wondering,what you're doing wrong and how you,could fix it,foreign,so Drop Shipping is essentially a way,that a product gets shipped it's not,really too much more than that you guys,online retail is basically selling,physical products online and that's what,you're doing when you're Drop Shipping,but the only difference between just,regularly selling a product online and,what you're doing when you're Drop,Shipping is when you're Drop Shipping,you're actually never touching the,product you basically drop the shipping,from the equation you get it instead of,you actually having the product in-house,in a garage or in a warehouse and,shipping it yourself you guys are going,ahead and just being the middleman,You're simply the person connecting the,supplier to the buyer but the only,problem with it is if you order a,product off of AliExpress you're going,to have to wait until next year to,actually get your item and when you're,giving customers horrible shipping times,it's obviously not a good thing for,business and people ultimately feel,scammed,so one of the biggest reasons why,AliExpress Drop Shipping absolutely,sucks is because you literally have no,repeat customers what repeat customers,are is exactly what they sound like it's,customers that come back and Shop with,you more than just once as most of you,guys probably know if you've been in the,Drop Shipping space before and drop,shipped off of AliExpress or even if you,haven't you guys as you could imagine,with long shipping times you obviously,don't have a very high repeat customer,rate because if something takes 30 days,to get to somebody's house they're,probably not going to want to shop with,you again and they might even call their,credit card company and charge back and,get your merchant account put on hold,for you which is something you drop,shippers probably here and get scared of,because it's something that happens all,the time it will absolutely wreck your,business because you won't be able to,get paid out and essentially all your,cash flow will be shut off for those of,you guys who don't know Amazon has a,above 90 customer return rate for Amazon,Prime customers which is crazy that,means ninety percent of people who shop,with them come back and shop again that,return rate is absolutely insane,compared to what the most drop shippers,see which is anywhere from three to five,percent customer return rate five,percent being the very highest some drop,shippers seen literally zero percent,customer returns and what happens when,you do this is your customer base that,you're literally paying with ads to,build is just disintegrating every time,you use it each time you make a sale you,lose a customer and that is not a,effective business model to run the next,thing is going to be bad quality,products what a bad product looks like,is something that somebody's gonna get,and they're just going to want to return,instantly this is something that happens,all the time in the Drop Shipping game,and the hard part about it is it's,insanely Hard to Handle returns or,refunds when you're Drop Shipping if,somebody asked for a refund and you go,ahead and give them a refund to ask them,to ship the product back to you it's,probably going to cost them a bunch of,money or if you cover the shipping it's,going to cost you a bunch of money,because they're gonna have to ship it,back to the supplier in Asia it's going,to be a headache and it's probably not,going to be worth your time at all you,guys so most drop shippers are just left,with the sad reality of refunding the,customer and never getting to return the,item or get the return they just have to,leave them with the item and the refund,the next thing I want to tok to you,guys about is the internet you see,online people showing how easy it is to,get rich Drop Shipping and going into,any business with that mindset is simply,just going to kill you and not going to,make you any better at all you need to,understand it that in Drop Shipping no,matter how many courses you buy no,matter how many PDFs you get you are not,going to be successful unless you simply,just put your foot in the ground and,start grinding you will not be able to,maintain success even if you get it for,a second if you're not mentally prepared,with the right mindset going into this,and the first piece of mindset that you,got to understand is that you're going,to fail you're going to have a product,not work it's not going to sell that's,just the reality of e-commerce you guys,and a lot of people who tok about Drop,Shipping don't really Express this side,of it at all it's going to take time,you're going to have failures you're,gonna have to be mentally tough if you,want to get to the top percentage that's,just the way that it is if you want to,do this as a side hustle or whatever and,make a couple hundred bucks that's one,thing but if you really want to make a,living off of e-commerce or Drop,Shipping in specific you guys you,actually need to be equipped with with,the right mindset to handle that because,when things get tough you're gonna have,to get through them and when you're a,business owner you don't have anybody,there to coach you through it you have,to coach yourself now not saying that,people can't make money fast with this,business model I do see a lot of people,all the time get started Drop Shipping,and make money in their first month but,you guys there's a difference between,making a couple hundred or a couple,thousand dollars and actually making,this sustainable and that difference is,basically exactly what we're breaking,down in this video but you guys if you,are a bad business that's Drop Shipping,from AliExpress with long shipping times,you're gonna get shut down at literally,almost immediately as soon as you hop on,these ad platforms because what these,platforms do is they actually allow,customers to submit a rating and a ad,score and what that is is they send an,actual survey to customers who buy,things off of their platform and ask,them how their experience was by no way,in that video was I trying to persuade,you from Drop Shipping I would actually,encourage you to get started Drop,Shipping because it is a business model,that can change your life not only has,it changed mine but I've seen it change,thousands of other people's lives and,even people who I'm very close close,with have had their lives changed by,this business model so it is something,that I definitely recommend you get,started with but I just wanted to make,sure you get started the right way and,have the right mindset going into this,and know exactly what to avoid and how,to do things the right way real quick,you guys I just wanted to say if you do,want to stay connected with me and the,whole entire community of other,entrepreneurs make sure you join my fr

Exposing The Truth About Shopify Dropshipping..

i'm gonna be honest with you drop,shipping is not as great as people make,it out to be now don't get me wrong,hit is a great way to start making money,online and it has changed my life in so,many ways but the business model,is just not sustainable in the long term,but by approaching this business in a,slightly different way in the last few,years i've generated multiple seven,figures and as you can see this year i'm,on track to do over two million dollars,in sales without drop shipping so in,this video,i'm gonna be exposing the raw truth,about drop shipping and why i moved on,my exact approach that's generating me,over a hundred thousand dollars a month,consistently and we're even going to be,toking to one of my friends who has,built an,empire on shopify with multiple brands,worth,over 250 million dollars to get his,opinion on this,so let's break down the three biggest,problems with traditional drop shipping,this first problem is the main reason,why drop shipping stores don't succeed,in the long term,most traditional drop shipping stores,provide a terrible customer experience,we do not care when you're drop shipping,directly from aliexpress you have next,to no quality control over your products,you have zero control over the shipping,lines your supplier is using which,causes your customers to have to wait an,extremely long time for a product that,might not even be that good,it's not all bad though there's still a,decent amount of good suppliers on,aliexpress,though it's the lack of control that's,the issue and almost always leads to a,poor customer experience i want to take,a look at one of the biggest aliexpress,drop shipping stores of all time this,store actually shut down a couple months,ago because of this exact reason,so if we take a look at the reviews of,this store seconds,you can see that they have a ton of,reviews they have over a thousand,reviews,and this single-handedly killed their,business people are complaining about,the exact things that i just mentioned,they're complaining about slow delivery,times low quality,products six weeks to arrive these are,the exact issues that you're gonna run,into when drop shipping from aliexpress,if this store made this small change,that we're gonna tok about later in,this video,they would still be thriving and making,sales to this day,but as you can see the poor customer,experience pretty much just killed the,opportunity,let's tok about the second biggest,problem it is extremely easy for,somebody to come and steal your winning,product,as long as they come in and apply the,same tweak that i'm using,they're gonna be able to kick you out of,the marketplace and outscale you on your,own product i've seen this happen time,and time again and i've done this to,drop shipping stores using my method,competition is okay and it's actually,really healthy but you have to build a,business that makes it difficult for,people to come in and compete with you,think of it as if you were building a,castle and trying to keep people out the,best structures always have a gate,a bridge and a moat making it extremely,complicated for somebody to break in,you need to approach building your,business in the same way and we'll tok,about how to do that very shortly and,the last problem which gets super,annoying when you're scaling,is that everybody wants to shut you down,paypal and shopify payments,do not like it when you dropship at a,high level because since people have to,wait a really long time for their,product,a lot of times they will do a chargeback,which really hurts their reputation with,the banks which makes shopify and paypal,look at you as an unsatisfactory client,which usually will end up with them,holding a portion of your money or even,shutting you down entirely,so for these three reasons i'm out but,there actually is a way to use drop,shipping to build a long-term business,it all comes down to using it for the,right reasons drop shipping is,extremely good for one thing finding,your first winning product since you,don't have to order inventory it's,pretty simple to try out a bunch of,products until you find one that's,selling consistently and once you find,that product you should transition as,soon as possible to this,this is exactly what the top 100,companies on shopify are doing,let me explain instead of focusing on,making as much money as possible with,drop shipping,my goal is to build a long term brand,with real value,i simply use drop shipping as a means to,an end once i had a product that was,selling consistently and had,potential to grow i decided to build a,brand around that product,immediately by the way if you need help,with that testing process i made a,detailed video on how to get started,so make sure to check that out but for,making this simple change,i immediately saw a higher conversion,rate much cheaper ad costs,people were spending more money on my,store and the word started to spread,which brought in more repeat customers,this simple change took my business to,the next level if we look at the graph,from day one of starting this business,you can,see exactly what i'm toking about so in,the first month of testing products i,made around seven thousand dollars in,sales,in the following month i made around,sixteen thousand dollars and this is,when i found that winning product,and i transitioned it into a brand at,the end of this month and you can see,the following month i almost,5xed my revenue just for making that,simple change and by the end of the year,i had surpassed over a hundred thousand,dollars a month in sales and have done,that,every month ever since so now i'm going,to share with you three simple steps to,transition your drop shipping store into,a brand,the first thing i did was completely,redesign my store to focus entirely on,this product now there's,two ways to do this the first way would,be to fill your store up with a bunch of,products that are similar and go hand in,hand with your winning product so this,store actually started by scaling this,product and since then they expanded by,adding a ton of other products,and selling those to their list as you,can see this brand is bringing in over,500 000 monthly visitors and they're,absolutely crushing it,the other way is to build out a store,entirely for that product itself,and build out a suite of products that,you can use alongside it,so as you can see with one of the,biggest shopify stores snow teeth,whitening,they have the teeth whitening kit,whitening wands serum,toothpaste and floss it's all really,solving the same problem,and they go hand in hand together and,this store is making millions of dollars,a month and they even made it on ellen,the other day which is really cool,the second step is to work with an agent,in china to brand your product,order inventory and provide faster,shipping for your customers now i've,made a whole dedicated video on this,topic so if you want to check that i'm,going to put it in the card up above,once you have a winning product this,process is extremely simple these,companies are excited to work with you,and they're going to do what they can to,get you the best price and the best,experience for your customers,though be careful because there are some,untrustworthy agents out there,though i can recommend you a good one in,the description down below,and the third step which literally cut,my advertising cost in half,was taking that new branded product and,making custom content with it so instead,of using ads with footage i found online,i shot my own ads with my iphone and,some friends,and this literally sliced my cost per,purchase in half,i also took nice and clean photos with,our branded product,which really helped with our conversion,rate these three changes alone,will allow you to take that leap from,running a drop shipping store,to building your own brand of course,there's a lot more that goes into it but,these changes alone will set you apart,from 99,of people that are trying to sell the,same product which will all