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Is Facebook Blocking Fashion Ads?

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- In this article, we will discuss how to get your Facebook ad accepted after it has been rejected multiple times.

- Many people have faced the same issue and we will share the steps to resolve it.

Steps to Get Your Ad Accepted:

1. Identify the reason for rejection:

- Go to Facebook Ad Manager and check your account policy to find out which ads are being rejected and why.

- Multi-level marketing is a common reason for rejection.

2. Contact Facebook Support:

- Go to Facebook Business Help Center and click on Support.

- Select Ads and start a chat with a representative.

- Provide all necessary information and wait for their response.

- They will review your ad and take necessary action.

3. Wait for Approval:

- It may take one or two business days to hear back from Facebook.

- Most of the time, the ad is approved after the review.

4. Make Changes:

- If your ad is still rejected, you need to change the content according to Facebook policies.

- Getting your Facebook ad accepted after rejection is possible by following these simple steps.

- It is important to identify the reason for rejection and contact Facebook support for a review.

- Always follow Facebook policies to avoid rejection in the future.

Facebook Ads Rejected For No Reason

- Facebook ad rejections can be frustrating and detrimental to your business

- In this episode, we will explore four reasons why Facebook may reject your ads and how to avoid it

- We will also discuss why YouTube is more lenient with ad approvals and Facebook's community values

Reasons for Ad Rejection:

1. Personally Identifiable Ads:

- Calling out a specific demographic of people may make others uncomfortable

- Example: Attention men over 40, try our hair growth product

2. Discriminatory Ads:

- Bad mouthing an individual or company is not allowed

- Example: Email service providers are scamming entrepreneurs

3. Get Results Quick Ads:

- Claiming quick solutions for minimal effort may be flagged as multi-level marketing

- Example: Make sales within a week with our email marketing secrets

4. Insider's Secret Ads:

- Sharing knowledge or expertise from within an organization may be seen as shady

- Example: Secrets from working with YouTube headquarters

Avoiding Ad Rejection:

- Use the How I statement to avoid personal attributes and multi-level marketing claims

- Example: How I optimized my Instagram profile in 10 minutes with this PDF checklist

Good Ads Examples:

- Tons of clicks and conversions on Facebook

- Facebook ad rejection can be avoided by following their ad laws

- Using the How I statement can help fly under the radar

- Stay tuned for the next episode to learn more ad design secrets.

Why Facebook is Rejecting Your Ads

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why Facebook ads may get rejected and how to avoid them. We will cover some of the major reasons such as violating Facebook policies, targeting personal attributes, advertising prohibited products, using fraudulent or deceptive claims, going against the rule of 20 image text, and making mistakes with landing pages.

Reasons Why Facebook Ads May Get Rejected:

1. Violating Facebook Policies:

- Ad copy or ad process running off Facebook rules and policies

- Targeting personal attributes such as race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual orientation

2. Advertising Prohibited Products:

- Multi-level marketing products or content

- Cryptocurrencies

- Tobacco and tobacco retail products

- Illegal drugs

- Sensational content

3. Using Fraudulent or Deceptive Claims:

- Making false or misleading claims in the ad content

- Using before and after images to promote weight loss within a short period

4. Going Against the Rule of 20 Image Text:

- Having too much text on the ad image, violating the rule of 20 image text

- Using an image with water 20 text will limit the ad's reach

5. Making Mistakes with Landing Pages:

- Having a misleading landing page

- Having a landing page that is different from the ad content or purpose

- Having a landing page with a language that violates Facebook guidelines

6. Low Facebook Trust Score:

- A low relevance score between 1 and 10

- Negative feedback on the ad

To avoid ad rejection on Facebook, it is essential to follow Facebook's ad policies and guidelines carefully. It is also crucial to study Facebook's ad policy and use image checkers to check the quality of ad images. Furthermore, the landing page must be consistent with the ad content and must not violate Facebook's rules. Finally, the relevance score must be monitored and improved if necessary to increase the chances of ad approval.

Important Facebook Updates For Estate Agents Re Ads Being Rejected Due To New Special Ads Category

- Facebook has announced changes to its advertising policies in Europe, including the introduction of a special ad category for housing and property listings.

- The aim of these changes is to remove discrimination from the platform and make advertising easier and more effective for users.

- In this article, we will explain the changes and how they will affect advertisers on Facebook.

Changes to Facebook Advertising:

- Facebook has introduced a special ad category for Europe that covers housing, employment, recruitment, and credit.

- Advertisers creating property listings will need to use the special ad category and select housing.

- Facebook will use AI and machine learning to find the right people for your content and make advertising easier.

- Targeting by postcode or small distances is no longer available in the special ad category.

- Facebook will look at the content of your ads and the page you're sending users to in order to find the right audience.

- Special audiences have been introduced to replace lookalike audiences.

- Retargeting is still important and audiences who have interacted with your content will be key targets for future advertising.

- Facebook's changes to its advertising policies aim to make advertising easier and more effective for users.

- The introduction of a special ad category for housing and property listings in Europe is a significant change that advertisers will need to adapt to.

- Facebook will use AI and machine learning to find the right audience for your content and make advertising easier.

- Retargeting and targeting audiences who have interacted with your content will continue to be important for effective advertising on Facebook.

How To Avoid Getting Facebook Ad Rejected and Facebook Ad Account Ban

What is the article about?

The article is about how to avoid getting Facebook ads rejected or having your Facebook ad account completely banned. It goes through the advertising policies, how the review process works, and the most common mistakes people make when trying to advertise on Facebook.

What are some of the policies that Facebook has for advertising?

Some of the policies include not promoting personal attributes, sexually suggestive content, using Facebook's brand, drugs, firearms, and adult content. There are also policies on misinformation, controversial content, and non-existent functionality.

What is the biggest hurdle advertisers face when trying to advertise on Facebook?

The biggest hurdle advertisers face is personal attributes. Facebook is very strict about not allowing advertisers to make any suggestions that hint at a personal attribute. The article gives examples of how to get around this policy.

What should advertisers do before running Facebook ads?

Advertisers should read and understand Facebook's advertising policies inside out before running Facebook ads. They should also make sure that their landing pages and stores are compliant with policies. It's important to avoid making mistakes that could get their ads rejected or their ad account banned.

What are some examples of policies that advertisers should be aware of?

Some policies that advertisers should be aware of include personal attributes, drugs, firearms, adult content, and non-existent functionality. It's also important to be aware of policies on misinformation, controversial content, and non-existent functionality.

PBS NewsHour full episode, Dec. 26, 2022

Winter Storm Paralyzes Parts of the United States

- At least 50 people have died in the fierce winter storm, with 27 of those deaths in Western New York state alone.

- Tens of thousands of customers across the country are still without electricity.

- Nationwide, roughly 60 percent of Americans were placed under winter weather advisories or warnings.

- Airlines have canceled more than 17,000 flights since last Wednesday.

Taliban Restrictions on Women's Education and Work in Afghanistan

- The Taliban ordered that women can no longer work for any nongovernmental organizations, including relief agencies.

- Four of the largest international NGOs have suspended operations entirely, days after the Taliban moved to block women from universities.

- Women were key in health care, a big part of what some organizations do, and many areas where women are only allowed to see women doctors or women nurses.

- 97 percent of Afghanistan is at risk or already in poverty.

Why Many Americans Do Not Have Adequate Access to Banks

- Many Americans are unbanked, meaning they do not have a bank account, and, therefore, do not have access to crucial financial services.

- The reasons for being unbanked include being turned down due to bank accounts and credit scores.

- The unbanked population is often forced to rely on expensive and often predatory financial services such as payday loans.

The winter storm in the United States has left a devastating impact, with thousands of customers still without electricity and airlines canceling more than 17,000 flights. The Taliban's restrictions on women's education and work in Afghanistan have led to the suspension of operations of four of the largest international NGOs. Additionally, many Americans do not have adequate access to banks and are forced to rely on expensive and often predatory financial services. These issues require urgent attention and action.

How To Get Rejected/Disapproved Facebook Ads Approved FAST

Title: Tips for Getting Around Facebook Ad Policies

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. If you're new, my name is Jabari Taylor, and I'm a Facebook and Instagram advertiser and digital marketing coach. Today, we're going to talk about getting around Facebook ad policies and the tactics you can use to get your ads approved.


When running Facebook ads, Facebook scans for certain things in three categories: creative (image or video), website, and text. If your creative is blocked, try converting it into a video with a white thumbnail. When advertising online money-making opportunities, avoid using certain words and add a disclaimer at the bottom of your website. For products like CBD or Bitcoin, focus on building your email list through a giveaway or legion campaign instead of directly advertising the product. Lastly, personal attributes in ad copy can be problematic, so remove the word you and change the question mark to an emoji.


- Convert blocked creatives into videos with white thumbnails

- Avoid certain words and add a disclaimer for online money-making opportunities

- Build your email list instead of directly advertising products like CBD or Bitcoin

- Remove you and use an emoji question mark to avoid personal attributes in ad copy

Getting your Facebook ads approved can be frustrating, but there are ways to get around the policies. These tips have worked for me and have been used on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ads. Remember to use them at your own risk and always keep up with Facebook's policies. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more digital marketing tips.

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