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is facebook rejecting fashion ads

Published on: February 22 2023 by pipiads

Hey, what's up guys? Welcome to the Bit Branding channel. Today, I'm going to show you three proven Facebook strategies for clothing brands, including one method that most people haven't ever heard of before. I'm going to share it with you at the very end. So, grab your iPad or notebook and let's get started.

Tip #1 - Go Broad with Your Targeting:

- Let Facebook pick almost everything

- Test elements: multiple images, different copy, primary text, and headlines

- Give Facebook the data it wants to learn and get consistent results

- Use lookalikes for broad audiences: customer email list, value stack of lookalikes, purchase over 50 in the last 180 days

- The more data you can give Facebook, the better the results

Tip #2 - Dynamic Product Ads:

- Allows Facebook to pick the right elements

- Test audiences: people who went to your website, added to cart, initiated checkout, and visited your store

- Pick the winning elements through dynamic creative

- Write a better description for your products to sell more

Tip #3 - Retargeting:

- Show ads to people who have already engaged with your brand

- Use the Facebook Pixel to track website visitors and create custom audiences

- Create different ad sets for each stage of the funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion

- Test different ad formats: single image, carousel, video, and collection ads

Facebook Ads can be an effective marketing strategy for clothing brands if you use the right targeting, creative, and retargeting techniques. Go broad with your targeting, use dynamic product ads to test elements, and retarget people who have already engaged with your brand. With these three proven strategies, you can increase brand awareness, drive consideration, and boost conversions.

The Top 10 Clothing Store Facebook Ads [2022]

Are you struggling to find inspiration for your Facebook ads? In this article, we'll be sharing the top 10 Facebook ads that we've seen, including brands from different industries and locations. So, grab a notepad and let's dive into these ads!

Top 10 Facebook Ads:

1. Clothes Rack Boutique:

- This ad features a visually stunning video showcasing various clothing items and locations.

- The ad also promotes an app download campaign.

- The ad has a compelling headline, Impeccable Boutique Clothing Style.

2. Happy Vibes Collection:

- This ad features a slideshow with text on the images promoting the Happy Vibes Collection.

- The ad has a simple yet attention-grabbing text, Happy Vibes, Smiley Face.

- The ad promotes summer fashion must-haves and offers a call to action, Shop the Happy Vibes Collection.

3. Pink Lily Boutique:

- This ad adds value to the audience by showcasing how to style a button-down blouse in four different ways.

- The ad features a popular TikTok influencer and offers a call to action, Shop these looks at pinklily.com.

- The ad creates a series of content, adding more value to the audience.

4. Nike:

- This ad showcases a whole outfit, with the focus on the shoes.

- The ad promotes Nike Sportswear and offers a call to action, Swipe up to shop Nike.com.

- The ad is likely running on Instagram story placement, targeting a specific audience.

5. American Giant:

- This ad features a testimonial from a satisfied customer, showcasing the quality of the product.

- The ad also offers a promotion, Get 15% off your first order.

- The ad creates trust and a sense of urgency with the promotion.

6. Lovevery:

- This ad promotes a children's subscription box, showcasing the contents of the box.

- The ad offers a call to action, Give your child the gift of play.

- The ad creates a sense of curiosity and promotes the benefits of the subscription box.

7. Dollar Shave Club:

- This ad features a humorous video showcasing the benefits of the product.

- The ad offers a call to action, Join the Club.

- The ad creates a sense of humor and promotes the convenience of the product.

8. Peloton:

- This ad features a motivational video showcasing the benefits of the product.

- The ad offers a call to action, Join the Peloton community.

- The ad creates a sense of motivation and promotes the community aspect of the product.

9. Glossier:

- This ad features a simple yet visually appealing video showcasing the makeup product.

- The ad promotes the product's benefits and offers a call to action, Shop now.

- The ad creates a sense of simplicity and elegance.

10. HelloFresh:

- This ad features a video showcasing the convenience of the meal kit delivery service.

- The ad offers a promotion, Get $80 off your first month.

- The ad creates a sense of convenience and offers a compelling promotion.

In conclusion, these top 10 Facebook ads showcase different industries, locations, and styles of ads. From visually stunning videos to simple yet attention-grabbing text, these ads offer value, promotions, and calls to action to the audience. By creating trust, motivation, and curiosity, these ads are most likely to convert and stand out among the rest.

How Facebook Retargeting Ads Are Hurting Your Results

How Retargeting is Ruining Your Facebook Ad Results in 2021 and Beyond

- Retargeting campaigns have been a popular topic in the online advertising space

- After generating over $50 million in online revenue with Facebook ads, we eliminated retargeting campaigns

- In this video, we will provide proof and reasons for why we quit retargeting campaigns

- Nick Terrio, who runs ads for people and coaches them on building better ads, will share his insights and experiences

What is Retargeting?

- Retargeting is when someone clicks on your ad, visits your website, and then is retargeted with an ad to encourage them to make a purchase

- Facebook also retargets website visitors on its own, making retargeting campaigns less necessary

- You may run a top of funnel, middle of funnel, or bottom of funnel structure in your ad account, targeting Facebook engaged video views and excluding certain groups at each stage

How Facebook is Removing Retargeting:

- Facebook is introducing audience expansion for lookalike audiences and now custom audiences, which means it may deliver ads beyond your audience for your ad objective

- This is the first step in phasing out retargeting campaigns and moving towards broader targeting strategies

- This is a positive change, as it allows Facebook's algorithm to target people most likely to convert, regardless of whether they have visited your website before

Understanding Facebook's Algorithm:

- Facebook's algorithm identifies people most likely to convert and targets them with ads

- It also selects the best ads to target them with, based on performance

- Facebook doesn't care if someone is a first-time viewer or a repeat viewer, as long as they are likely to convert

- Therefore, retargeting campaigns are less necessary, as Facebook will still target those who are likely to convert, even if they haven't visited your website before

Statistical Impact of Retargeting on Results:

- Retargeting campaigns can have a positive impact on results in some cases, such as when targeting cart abandoners or high-intent visitors

- However, in most cases, retargeting campaigns don't provide a significant boost in results

- In fact, retargeting campaigns can often be more expensive and have a lower ROI than broader targeting strategies

Retargeting Plans to Consider:

- While retargeting campaigns may not be necessary, there are still some retargeting plans that can be effective, such as targeting high-intent visitors or cart abandoners

- Ultimately, it's important to focus on broader targeting strategies and trust Facebook's algorithm to target those most likely to convert

- Retargeting campaigns may have been popular in the past, but they are becoming less necessary as Facebook's algorithm becomes more advanced

- By focusing on broader targeting strategies, you can improve your ROI and generate better results with your Facebook ads

How to promote my clothing brand using Facebook/instagram ads in 2021

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to promote a clothing brand using Facebook ads. We will cover the objective, targeting, and where to find content ideas. Here are some steps to follow:

- Use the Facebook Ads Manager at business.facebook.com

- Choose a conversion campaign to get your ad in front of people who are likely to go to your site and take a specific action

- Turn on campaign budget optimization and start with a $5 per day budget

- Choose a conversion event location, select your pixel, and choose the purchase conversion event

- Choose your target audience, and consider using the online shopping interest and engaged shoppers to narrow your potential reach

- Test different audiences, and use the suggestions provided by Facebook to find alternative interests to target

- Choose automatic placements to let Facebook decide which channel to show your ads on

- Optimize your ad delivery for conversions and set your attribution setting to seven days after click

- Add your content, including captions, headlines, descriptions, and website URL

- Use the Facebook Ad Library to get an idea of the type of content that other clothing brands are using

- Replicate but don't copy the content of your competitors

In conclusion, by following these steps, you can effectively promote your clothing brand using Facebook ads. Remember to test different audiences and use the Facebook Ad Library to find inspiration for your content. If you need more advanced training, consider joining a membership program for personalized help with your ads. Thanks for watching!

How Instagram And Facebook Make Money

Facebook makes money through advertising, with about 99% of its revenue coming from this source in 2018.

Facebook ads are highly targeted, allowing advertisers to reach specific audiences and reducing wasted ad spend.

Facebook gathers data on users from their activity on the platform, including likes, groups, and location, as well as through the Facebook Pixel on other websites.

The company forms an advertising profile for each user, putting them into certain groups that advertisers can pick and choose from when buying ads on Facebook.

However, Facebook has faced criticism for heavy-handed ad targeting and for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Users can adjust the categories that Facebook has determined they are interested in, but it is difficult to opt out of ads altogether.

Facebook is placing more emphasis on its stories product for advertising, which could eventually generate more revenue than news feed ads.

Factors that could affect the outlook for Facebook's advertising business include increasing concerns about social media addiction and the possibility of increased regulation.


Welcome back! This is part two of a three-part video on setting up ads for online clothing boutiques. In this video, we'll be discussing targeting options and showing you different ways to target your audience.

Targeting Options:

- Location: If you are in the United States, you can target the entire country or specific regions.

- Age: You can leave it wide open or edit it to fit your demographic.

- Gender: Target whatever gender(s) you sell clothing to.

Multiple Interests Targeting:

- Split up interests into different ad sets to have separate budgets.

- Use Facebook's suggestions to find related interests to target.

- Name your ad sets after the targeting interests.

Narrowing Your Audience:

- Luxury Goods: Target people who have expressed interest in luxury goods.

- Engaged Shoppers: Target people who have clicked on the shop now button in the past week.

The more specific you can get with your targeting, the more likely you are to convert viewers of your ad into buyers. However, make sure your audience size isn't too small, as it could cost you more money. In the next video, we'll cover ad content and where to get ideas from. See you there!

Facebook, TikTok, & Paid Ads Strategies

In this live stream, we will be discussing paid ad and holiday marketing strategies to close out the final end of year before we all relaunch our Q1 campaigns to restart the year for success. We welcome everyone to join in and ask questions about holiday campaigns, Shopify, and legion based businesses.

Using Contractions, Idioms, Transitional Phrases, Interjections, Dangling Modifiers, and Colloquialisms:

- We are live! Welcome everybody to the live stream!

- Hope everyone is having happy holidays!

- We're going to be covering paid ad and holiday marketing strategies to close out the final end of year before we all relaunch our Q1 campaigns to restart the year for success.

- Hello everyone! Glad everybody's joining in!

- Your sound is low, let me know if that's better.

- Appreciate the help so far, love the course!

- That's a very growing market for us!

- That's amazing!

- Love to hear it!

- Mentor happy to help!

Bullet Points or Numbered List:

- You don't have to duplicate your audience if you've been testing it for three days.

- Automatikally scaling is better than duplicating your audience.

- Duplicate audiences cause audience overlap and bid structure overlap.

- Sponsored collaborations on Instagram can be used for spark ads.

- Promoting social media templates organically is a good strategy.

- Following others does not necessarily make you more visible and get leads.

- Lookalike audiences are still a great strategy for startups.

- Investing in paid learning can save you time and money.

- Starting with a 1K testing budget is a good idea for startups.

- Creating content yourself is the best way to get started with TikTok ads.

In conclusion, holiday campaigns and paid ads are important strategies for businesses to close out the year successfully. Duplicating audiences can cause audience and bid structure overlap, but automatikally scaling is a better strategy. Social media templates can be promoted organically, and following others does not necessarily make you more visible. Lookalike audiences are still a great strategy for startups, and investing in paid learning can save time and money. Starting with a 1K testing budget and creating content yourself is the best way to get started with TikTok ads.

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