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is google ads free

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

Stop Wasting Money This Is How Google Ads Works

if you are wasting money on Google ads and not seeing those results that you need, the problem is not Google ads, but the problem is the way that your Google ads accounts are structured and the way that you're optimizing those Google ads campaigns. and the reason for why I know this is the truth is because, year on year, more and more businesses are increasing the amount of money that they are spending on Google ads, so much so that by the year 2024, it is estimated that Google ads will receive over 81 billion dollars in ad spend Revenue alone. and that's the reason why I know the issue is not Google ads, but it's the way that you've structured your campaigns or the way that you're optimizing your campaigns, because Google ads would not continue to grow year on year if more and more businesses weren't seeing success with their Google ads campaigns. so, because we know that Google ADS works and that the reason that you may not be seeing success in your Google ads campaigns has everything to do with the way that your campaigns structured, all the way they're optimized, in this video, I want to take you through one of the Core Concepts of how the Google ads algorithm works, and the reason for why I want to share. this is because when I go through and review different Google ads accounts, time and time again, I see a common error, and that is that the Google ads account and the campaigns are not being structured correctly so that they can see success in Google ads. because once you understand this core concept of how the Google ads algorithm works, it then allows you to be able to step back and put a strategic pattern into how you're going to create your Google ads campaigns. but just in case we haven't met yet, my name is Aaron Young from Define Digital Academy and I'm your 15 000 hour Google ads master. and apart from breaking down a core aspect of how the Google ads algorithm works, I want to help you a step further just by watching this video, and that is I want to give you my Google ads optimization checklist now. this is a checklist that I've just recently updated, and it lets you know exactly how you need to optimize your Google ads campaigns every 72 hours, every week, every month and every 90 days, and if you want to get your free copy right now, all you need to do is to follow that link in the description below. what you need to understand with Google ads is that its ultimate goal is to match the best landing page to the user search inquiry, and what I wanted to really clarify there is that I said landing page, not website, and the reason for that is because when Google looks at your website, it doesn't look at it as one big website. it looks at it as a collection of different web pages in order to match different Search terms to those different individual web pages. and the reason for why this is so important- because it comes back to that ultimate goal for Google- is that they want the person to go straight from their search term right to the exact page which is going to answer their problem, because Google knows. if they can do that, more and more often people will happily use the Google ad service because they know when they click on bad, it's taken them to the direct service or product page that they need, which then means that businesses will continue to invest more and more in Google ads, because businesses are continuing to grow their Google ads campaigns because of the success that it generates for their business. and when you understand this, it makes perfect sense for why Google has built their Google ads platform with a core metric called ad Rank, and AD rank has everything to do with user satisfaction, because with Google ads, yes, it is an auction, but it doesn't function like other auctions function in that whoever is willing to pay the highest price wins that auction, because with Google, it's not only the budget or the amount that you're prepared to pay per click. Google also adds that budget in with its metric called ad rank to determine which is going to be the winning ad for each individual auction. so, rather than Google just letting the business with the biggest budget win each and every auction, Google uses this formula to determine the winning ad, and that is CPC rank Plus ad rank equals ad position, and let me show you how Google explains this. so Google gives the example of imagining that you had a group of advertisers and they had an ad rank of 80, 50, 30, 10 and 5.. and then Google deems that for that individual auction, in order to show above the search results, so in those paid ad sections, you need an ad rank of 40.. so what this would then mean is that, out of these five advertisers, only two of them meet the minimum standard of 40 or higher. so when you look on this table that Google gives, is it Advertiser? a would win this auction because it's got an ad rank of 80.. Advertiser B would come second with an ad rank of 50, and advertisers C and D would have no chance to appear at the top of those search results. and the reason for that is because, regardless of how much they are willing to spend, their ad rank is too low to qualify AI for that individual auction. and finally, I want you to look at the bottom of this page where it says to improve the share of the top, or absolute top, of the search results. it first tells you that you need to improve the quality of your ads and your landing page experience, but notike. this is positioned above the recommendation to increase your bid. so the biggest take-home message is that ad rank is more important than increasing your budget, and this is something that you hear me say time and time again right here on my YouTube channel is that the budget that you've got in your Google ads campaign only magnifies the current results. so if you want to improve the performance of your Google ads account, you don't do this by increasing your budget. you do this by increasing the quality of your ads and the quality of your optimizations, and Google itself also clearly states this, where it says better ads means better ad rank. so, now that you know that the core aspect of seeing better success with your Google ads campaigns is by focusing on the quality of your ads and also the quality of the landing page experience that you're sending people to when they click on your ads, what I want to do right now is to break down the Three core things that you can do to increase their ad rank in your campaign, and the first thing to focus on is your click-through ratio, and this is because Google clearly states that it takes into account your ads expected click-through ratio. now, obviously, they get that expected click-through ratio looking at the past performance of your account. so what you always need to be focusing on is ways that you can increase your click-through ratio, and the reason for why your click-through ratio is so important is because, remember, Google gets paid not when someone sees your ad, but when someone clicks on your ad, and if the ads in your account have a very low click-through ratio, why would Google worry about showing your ads when they know that it's a very low chance of getting clicked on? Google will always focus on showing ads that have a high click-through ratio, because this increases the chances of them getting paid. so, in order to increase your click-through ratio, so that you can get a higher click-through ratio than your competitors, you need to create ad copy that focuses on the user's search term. so you want to make sure that your ad copy clearly stays dates and mentions the keyword that the user has used. and then, throughout your ad copy, you do want to give a little bit of extra information, and this is the extra information that you've got in your headlines and your descriptions and it's giving the user that extra confidence that if they click on your ad, they're going to be taken to a web page which is exactly what they're looking for, whether that be a specific product or a specific service. and then, finally, to increase your click-through ratio, you want to make sure

Free Google Display Ads Course 2022 - Step-By-Step Guide to Google Display Network Advertising

welcome to my Google display ads course. I'm going to be going over how to create a Google display ads campaign, some best practikes, how to optimize your campaigns, responsive display ads- basically everything you need to know to create a successful Google display advertising campaign. so you're going to see all the time stamps first, so if you want to jump to a specific spot in the video, then you can go ahead and do that. now what the video is going to start with is my Google display ads tutorial, and then I'll go over the Google Display Network. I'm going to go over responsive display ads and then I'm going to go over some different strategies and best practikes as you're building your campaign: how to Target different audience segments, how to Target your data segments- AKA remarketing audiences- and we'll finish it off with optimization. so let's get started. the first video, as I get started, is my Google display ads tutorial, where I show you exactly how I create Google display ads campaigns and some different strategies that I use as I am setting up my campaigns. so let's get started. today is going to be my Google display ads tutorial, so I'm going to go over my strategy for creating Google display ads campaigns and all the things I try to make sure that I have set up before I create my campaign. so you can see here I'm in my Google ads account. so that's where you need to get started. you need to make sure you have a Google ads account, and the first thing I always do before I launch any campaign is make sure I'm setting up conversion tracking. so if you don't have conversion tracking set up, this is what you want to do now, and conversion tracking is going to vary based on what your goals are. so, for example, if you have a Shopify website and you're trying to sell products, you can use the Shopify integration with Google ads and you can easily set up conversion tracking and pass along value for what people are actually purchasing from your website, how much they spend, and you can track that all back to your campaigns. now, if you have a separate, a different type of website where people are booking appointments or they're calling you by phone, whatever it may be- you need to make sure you're tracking all of your key performance indicators in Google ads, because then you can actually optimize your campaigns for them. so, to get started, I'm going to come in here to tools and settings, and what we're going to do is, we're going to come to measurement and we're going to two conversions. so this is where you can create new conversion actions or, as I'm going to do right now, import conversions directly from your Google analytiks 4 account. so if I come over here to my Google analytiks 4 account for beachfrontaccorecom, then what I can do is coming over here to configure. I recently created an event called affiliate click, so it's tracking every time someone clicks on an external link on my website, and I've been able to exclude all the external links that are not affiliate clicks. so I just recently created this event using Google tag manager and using my Google analytiks 4 account. I will create a separate video showing how to track affiliate clicks, but what you can see here is I have this existing event here, so what I can do is I can mark this as a conversion. so if I click here, it's going to mark this affiliate click as a conversion. so now we come over to conversions. my affiliate click will actually be here as well, tracking conversions, since I don't actually have a purchase on my website. since it's an affiliate marketing website, I am tracking how many clicks. I can drive two different affiliate offers. so that's the first thing I like to do, especially when we're looking at Google display ads campaigns: making sure that we're setting up conversion tracking. so there's one more step that we need to take, but what I would recommend doing at this point is going to the admin section and making sure that you have a link to your Google analytiks and Google ads accounts. so you can see, I have my Google ads account linked here. I have personalized advertising enabled and if we come back over here to Google ads before we set up our conversion action, what we can do is we can go to tools and settings here and under setup. what we're going to do is we're going to click on linked accounts. so this will show all of the accounts that we've linked to our Google ads account, and here's where you can link your Google analytiks 4 account. it's very easy to do, since mine are both under the same exact Google account. so my Google analytiks 4 account, my Google ads account- you can see I have it linked right here. now. it also pulls in my farmhouse goals Google analytiks account, so I could easily link some of these other accounts as well, but for right now, I have this account account linked here for beachfront Decor, so that's going to allow me to actually do a couple of different things. first and foremost, we come to tools and settings. we come back to the conversions page. let's go to measurement and we're going to go to conversions, and what we're going to do now is we're going to click on new conversion action and we're going to import. so we're importing data from Google analytiks and we're going to choose Google analytiks for properties web and we're going to click on continue. and now you can see my affiliate cling- affiliate click analytiks event. so if we come back over here, this is the same conversion over here. if we come to configure and we go to the conversions page, you can see we have this affiliate click conversion and over here we have affiliate click as a conversion. so we're going to select this and we're going to import this as a new conversion action. so that's what you want to get started with is make sure you're using conversion tracking, and what I would recommend doing is for your conversion tracking. if you come down here, this is going to be set to other. we're going to click on this and we're going to edit the conversion real quick. so we're going to click on edit settings so you can see here the conversion name is beachfront Decor affiliate click goal and action optimization. since I'm just tracking affiliate clicks, we're going to set this as other. that's perfectly fine- a primary action used for bidding optimization, and we're just going to be using one dollar as the value. so what that means is it's going to count each individual conversion action as one conversion. so we'll click on Save here. it doesn't matter whether it's a dollar or or it's just counting one. every single click is going to count as one. The Source will be Google analytiks four. it's a website conversion. it's called affiliate click. in Google analytiks four. it's my beach frontal core ga4 property name. we're going to count every single conversion because every click is valuable. it could lead to an affiliate sale and then click through conversion window. it's set to 90 days, so you can set this to a shorter period of time. you can keep it at 90 days, so I'm fine with keeping it at 90 days, because I like to know how my how everything is performing. it doesn't have to be a short period of time. the attribution model I would recommend using data driven, so data driven is actually able to look at all the clicks along the path to conversion give and give them each a value. so there's different attribution models here. I would not recommend last click or first click because they're only looking at one click on the entire journey and with display somebody might see multiple ads, click multiple ads, somebody might click a search ad, somebody might find you organically, somebody might find you on social media before they actually convert. so you're looking at all the different paths for a conversion and it's going to give some credit to clicks on the path that happen from your display campaign. so, first things first, we have our conversion tracking set up, so we click on done here. the next thing we want to do is we want to come over here to tools and settings. we're going to go to Share.

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How To Make Money With Google Ads Without a Website (In 2022)

in this video revealing how to make money with google ads without a website and how complete beginners earning a hundred dollars a day to 700 a day with no experience- more that after the intro: [Music]. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, sign up for it in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 169 profit in 90 days. so sign up for it now. so guys, check this out. i literally released a bunch of podcasts with people that made money with google ads without actually having a own website. and the craziest thing is you don't need any tiknical experience. you don't need any like background tik savviness whatsoever. i mean, check this out. you know, dina literally went from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks with google ads without a website. ilio made a hundred grand in two months with google ads without a website. and you literally have greg, at 58 years old, made 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks without a website with google ads, and it's just kind of like confusing. when people first get started, they're like: man, you know, i want to make money with advertising because you know i don't want to show my face on camera, but i also don't have a product and no one will hire me. i'm trying to go on upwork and trying to find somebody so i can be, you know, like, so i can get them as a client and they can pay me two grand a month. and people are kind of like stuck in this limbo. you know, they know people are making money with google ads. they know people are making money alone. they know, every single day, people are making money with like ads, right, like, without showing their face on camera. but they literally look at them and they're like: well, that's good for them, but it will never work for me. well, i'm here to tell you that there's this new method that people are actually doing, that they're pivoting to, without showing their face on camera, without having tik savviness, and the craziest thing is they have robots, do all the hard work. and this is literally what people ask when people first get started: like, well, mike, if i want to go in, for example, model deena success or greg success, or even like, for example, keegan success or, for example, like any one of these guys, success that are following this method, that are literally going from zero to 30 grand a month- faster than literally anything- with google ads. how would i go ahead and do this, especially if i do not have my own website, especially if i don't want to build a blog, kind of like what you did, to go ahead and make money online? is it still possible to make a lot of money, mike, like, do i have to be like you and make a bunch of videos and like because, like the traditional way, by the way, and you, for example, google how to make money with google ads without a website? all these people are gonna essentially tell you to do is just start a youtube channel. okay, but what if you don't wanna start a youtube channel? right. what if you don't wanna show your face on camera? what if you just wanna be an introvert and just stay behind the camera and just like type away and money just come and hit you in the face, right? like how would you go ahead and do that? well, it's very simple. the first step, the first step before we could actually find a really good google ad system, is you gotta find a product to actually sell. now, one of the things that i always enjoy doing is: don't reinvent the wheel, like when i first got started in business, before i even built like multiple successful businesses that went from zero to eight grand in 30 days, from, for example, zero to six grand in 30 days or 1.6 million that first year, to even like a business that pulls in 35 grand- 46 grand, every single month. as you can see, one of my biggest problems was i would reinvent the wheel. i would see what's working for everyone else and i'll be like, no, i'm different, and i'll go off to the opposite side and fail over and over and over and over again. but then i'm a mentor and he was like: dude, stop reinventing the wheel and just sell products that are already selling well. and i was like, oh, and that's when i literally went from zero to eight grand in 30 days, because i literally found a product that was already selling well, that already had, you know, for example, a website, a sales funnel and everything. and guess what? this person was willing to literally bend over backwards to help me out. now think about how crazy that is. you can either go ahead and create your own product, go to china, manufacture yourself, and it can be very, very hard and you lose a bunch of money, right? or what if there's someone that's literally willing to bend over backwards to make sure you succeed? that will ship the product for you. they'll do the customer service, the shipping and handling. so all you got to do is focus on the ads, right, like they'll do the website. they'll do all the tik stuff and you just focus on the ads. like, what if that was the case? well, i'm here to tell you that that is the case, and that's literally the same case with clickbank. like, you can literally sign up for free and there's thousands of products you could already promote. and the craziest thing is, there's a lot of people making money with it. like, if you literally look at this, a lot of these come with the word gravity score, which means this is how many people have made at least one sale in the past 30 days. so, in the past- just imagine this- in the past 30 days, 400 people have made at least 151 dollars, many of which was actually people in our community, because, you know, those are mostly people that are killing it with this method, right? uh, that's why you can see we have like all these crazy success stories of normal order and people like oodles and noodles and noodles, of of people that are going from zero to 30 grand a month, when in most models you may see like a couple handful of people do it. there's literally so many people in our model that go ahead and do this right, and that's literally because they leverage clickbank and they literally find products that they could go ahead and, for example, sell with google ads without creating their own website, because in our community we just share the same website over and over like, hey, use this, hey, who's that? um, and if you want to find out how to actually get these websites for free, we're going to reveal later on in this video how you can actually acquire that. so just stay with me until the end. but literally, if you could see this, it's very easy to just do the math. like for me, i didn't care about making millions of dollars online. many of these people didn't actually care about making, you know, 30 grand a month or a thousand dollars a day. they were like, man, if i could get five grand a month with this system in the next couple of weeks, you know that would already be worth it, right? um, and that's what you gotta imagine, because, if you really could think about it, five thousand dollars a month is literally just one sale a day. one sale a day with this product. and the moment you get this product- which the coolest thing is, clickbank is free. you gotta ask yourself: okay, well, how am i gonna create a google ad with this, right? well, this is where it's gonna be very interesting, because the way that they create google ads in our community is they don't show their face on camera, they don't use their own voices, they don't even really do much of the editing of the videos themselves for the ads. they literally get software to go ahead and do it. i'm going to reveal exactly how to do this in this video. remember, the most important thing is the product, right. and the second step is you got to create, like, a script to run the ad. now you're probably wondering: well, what if i'm not a copywriter? what if i'm not, like, good at writing? what if i'm not good at like you know all these different things? well, it's very, very simple. all you got to do in all, any

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Google Ads Credit $500 free | Google Ads Coupon $500

hello everyone. this is Uber San, and today I want to teach you how we get Google ads coupon 500 dollars. yes, maybe you seems that it's fake, but it's not fake, it's 100 work. so let's start this. before start, please subscribe the channel and press the Bell icon, okay. so now we have to search on a Google tab. Google, it's often five hundred dollars, okay, so you have to see the many website is here, so you have to choose one side. that is so. finally, reach the site and I will tell you all the URL so you can read there. Rich new customers online with Google ads. so you can see there there is a mansion: 500 dollars. or you can get this. click on start now your business. Sam, uh, I just mentioned here, teacher, earning your website, so I'm just mentioning a fish further out. so let's see how it work. I have to read some more info before it's starting. you can see there, there is a helpline number here and a chat option so you can easily contact Google ad supports. okay, if you're facing any problem, so you may directly contact. there is my contact info so you know it's working. okay, this is my website next, okay, okay, that's good, this is my contact number. if you're facing any problem, so you feel free to contact. this is keywords, so I'm just skipping this. okay, how much my budget is? I am mentioned thousand, okay, next. okay, next, without asking about my billing info. but there is not sending any Google ads coupon, so I have to check my Gmail account first. um, not receive any email from Google. so I have to check again this website. maybe Google has doing some scam because I'm not received any Earth's open and not to email receive. so I have to get her to start with Google and I will give you 500 in free as credit when you spend 500. okay now. so when you spend five hundred dollars, so you will get five hundred dollars. click there, so okay, okay, I got it. so there are the terms and condition. you have to follow this so you will get your ad copen. so, first of all, create these instructions and follow this rules. uh, so you will get easily Google ads coupon, but you have to spend 500 first so you will get 500 hours.

How To Setup Google Ads Account (AdWords) | Get Free ₹2000 Google Ads Credit ⚡️

So, guys, when we sign up and create a new account on Google ads or Adwords, Google gives us a credit of 2000 rupees from its side, which we can use to run a campaign, promote a video, an application or a website. You can use that 2000 credit to create a campaign or promote anything. So today, in this video, I am going to tell you how you have to create an account on Adwords from scratch and how you have to get the credit of 2000 rupees, And after that, you can also watch my previous video. If you want to promote your YouTube video, I have explained in that video that, how I got 1000 views on my video using 20 rupees and how you can do it too. If you want to promote a YouTube video, then make sure to watch that video after this one. Now let's start this video. create a new account, get the credit of 2000 rupees, and we will also get to learn a lot of other things. So let's start Now. you will need one thing: to create a Google Adwords account, And that is a Google account, or we can say a Gmail account. I hope you all have one. After that, you will have to search: 'google ads- 2000rs credit'. You can search something like this on Google And then click on the top result of '2000 ad credit'. I will also give a direct link to this webpage in the description. You can sign up directly from the link given in the description. Now we have to enter our email addresses. here. Let me enter mine: 'Get offer code'. After this, Google must have sent a mail to our email addresses in which we will see a coupon code, And we have to apply that coupon code in Adwords and then we will get a credit of 2000 rupees. Now we can see here that we have received an email from Google Ads: "Your 2000 rupees offer". Here is our coupon code. Let's copy it. Copy And then click on 'Get started'. Now. after this, we get three options. What do you want to keep as your advertising goal? Google wants you to create advertisements. Google would want you to create a new campaign, But we don't want to do this For now. we want to set up our account. We can create a campaign later. So now click on 'Switch to Expert Mode'. After clicking on it, Google will ask you about the type of campaign you want to run, But we are not running any campaign. Therefore, select 'Create an account without a campaign' After that it will ask some basic things like currency and all You can submit. after selecting 'Indian', The account has been created. Now let's click on 'EXPLORE YOUR ACCOUNT'. So the account has been created and now we have to go to 'TOOLS & SETTINGS'. Firstly, let's apply our credit of 2000 rupees. We have to select 'Promotions' But before applying for promotions, we have to provide our billing address and payment method. The Billing Country is correct. Now let's make the account type as individual. Now here you can add the payment method as per your choice: Money transfer, Google Pay, netbanking, debit card or Paytm. Now, after adding a payment method, you have to select how you want to make the payment: Automatik payment, if you want the payment to be deducted automatikally, Or if you want to pay manually, You have to select Manual payment here And add the amount. for now, Just keep watching. Click on 'I agree'. Click on 'SUBMIT'? Now Adwords will ask you to complete the transaction, but we don't have to do that, Just close it. Now we have to go back to 'Promotions'. Now we can add our coupon code here. I will paste the coupon code that I copied. Now let's apply it. After applying, we have received a credit of 2000 rupees. Now for the next 31 days, if you spend money on ads. if you spend less than or equal to 2000 rupees, then Google will return that amount back into your account. That amount of money will return back to your account, which you can further use to run more ads. For example, if you spend 2000 rupees to promote your YouTube video, then Google will add 2000 rupees more to your account which you can use again to promote your video or whatever you want for free. Now we have added our promotion. Now I will go back and show you some other important things. If you go to 'TOOLS & SETTINGS' then you will get to see a lot of tools: 'Keyword Planner'. if you are targeting a specific keyword through ads, then in 'Keyword Planner' you can see how much is the traffic, what the competition is and a lot more. But for now, the main thing is you have to select 'Linked accounts' and you have to link all of your other accounts with Adwords. 'Analytiks', 'Google Play'. The main thing for us is YouTube. You have to select 'DETAILS' under 'YouTube' After selecting 'DETAILS', you have to add your channel from here. Then you can directly promote any video of your channel from here through Adwords. Now, if we go to 'TOOLS & SETTINGS' and select 'Summary'. let me tell you what are the payment methods. You can pay through the 'Make a payment' option. Select how you want to make the payment. You can pay through netbanking, money transfer, Google Pay/BHIM, UPI, debit card, credit card and also through Paytm. I personally pay through a debit card. Paytm doesn't work sometimes. I have tried it myself. Google Pay also proves to be a little tough. The debit card is very easy to use, so you can try it and pay easily. If you are doing it using a phone and you don't have a laptop or a computer, then you can enable 'Desktop site' on Chrome to do a lot of things. You can also download their official application, Google Ads, from Play Store. You can do a lot of things in that too. Now you can create a new campaign by clicking on 'NEW CAMPAIGN'. If you want to create a YouTube campaign, there is a video up there that you can watch. You will get a lot of help. So, guys, this video ends here. If you liked the video, then please hit the 'like' button. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Videos like these are a regular on our channel, And if you still have any confusion or doubt, then you can ask me about it in the comments. I will answer it there. Now let's end the video here. I hope you liked the video. We'll meet again, Ta-Ta.

Google Ads Free Certification Courses | Learn Google Ads for FREE!

there are various kinds of Google ads, so you might know about Google search ads, Google display ads, Google or video ads and their shopping ads as well. so there are a lot of different ad formats in Google and, uh, Google offers some free certification courses to learn about these things. so that's what we'll be seeing in this video. so the very first one is Google ads search certification program. so in this partikular course, you have mainly photos, video content, and this is a beginner level code. so even if you do not know anything about Google ads, you can still enroll in this program and you can learn for free, of course, and you can also get a certification directly from Google at the end of the program once you pass the assessment. so this certification program can help you learn all the things that you need to know about Google search ads and how people are creating Google search app campaigns and what are the things you need to know about it. so everything will be covered in this program. so let me tell you how this works. so here you can see what are the lessons that you have for the this partikular certification. so you have nearly nine lessons like: grow your business with Google ads, explore the value of Google Search, understand the Google ads option, deliver the right message with text ads- under a lot more lessons. so these are the lessons, uh, which you are getting in this partikular certification program. so first you need to take these lessons, take all these lessons, learn from it, and then you can move on to the actual Google ads search assessment. so here you can see past the assessment and earn a certification. so what you have to do is you have to take these lessons, learn from it, and then take the assessment, pass it and get your Google ads search certification. so this is how it works. there are a lot more Google ads certification which we'll be seeing in this video. so before that, if you haven't subscribed to our Channel yet, kindly do that. first click on the Subscribe button and the bell icon that appears after that, so you will get a notification whenever I upload a video like this, and you can also join our telegram Channel and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. I'll give you all the link in description. do check it out. so now let's get back to the content. so, as I said, Google ads search certification program is the first one in our list and the next one is Google ads display certification. so this is where you will learn all the things you need to know about Google display ads: how to create it, what is the strategy you need to use for Google or display ads. so, basically, Google apps are used by businesses to promote their products, to get more sales, or uh get more reach. so Google ads are used by businesses. so if you want to learn about these things, you can actually make use of these certifications directly coming from Google. so again, in this program you have nearly six lessons about Google uh display ads. you can make use of these lessons and then you can take the assessment and after passing the assessment, you can get your certification. so this is the second one. so there is a criteria for uh passing the assessment, which I'll tell you uh later because there is a passing person page. I'll tell you that. wait a second before that. let's see. the course is first. so the next one is Google ads uh measurement certification. so this is where you'll learn how to measure the actual performance of your ads and how you can optimize the ads to make it better. so for this partikular program, there are again six to eight lessons. you have to go through these lessons. they have divided this into three different sections, like: achieve your goals, measure what matters, expand your strategy. so take all these lessons and then complete the assessment and get your certification. so this is the third one: Google ads measurement certification. and then you have Google ads video certification. uh, basically, YouTube comes under Google, so you'll be learning about leveraging the power of YouTube advertising and, as well, in this partikular certification program. or you have nearly four hours content for this one. and then you have shopping ad certification, which is, uh, very popular these days because e-commerce is growing rapidly, so. so, if you want to know how to Leverage The Power of shopping ads, you should take this program. it's a very good one, and you have nearly three hours content for this partikular shopping ad certification, and even you have nearly seven lessons for it as well, so make use of it. and then you have few more lessons, like Google ads app certification. so, for this program, you have nearly three hours content in which you learn how to create Google app campaigns. uh, basically, you'll learn all the advanced strategies as well, and you can get your certification after completing the assessment successfully. and the final one is Google ads creative certification. sorry, this is not the final one, we have one more course. so here in this Google ads creative certification, what you'll exactly learn is how to create an ad copy, how to create a image or a video which basically you'll be using in the ads to get better output. in this program you have four of us content and all these are beginner level programs. so, as you can see, here you have four lessons on great, effective ads for video campaigns, for display campaigns, app campaigns and search campaigns. so these are the things which you'll be learning in this partikular course and you can get your certification after completing the assessment. and the final one is grow offline sales certification. so this is a 2.5 hours program in which you can learn how to grow your offline sales using Google, and there are a lot of lessons for it as well. so you can make use of these lessons and learn about it and then you can gain your certification as well. but the important thing to note here is you can take the assessment, but you can take it only once for 24 hours. let me just show you the important thing here: there is no limit to the number of attempts that you can make, which means there is no limit to the number of uh times you can take the assessment. it doesn't matter. all you need to do is you just have to score 80 or greater than that to pass the assess assessment, and once you pass the assessment, you will be able to download your certification. but keep in mind that if you don't pass the certification, you have to wait for 24 hours until you can take it for the next time. so there are unlimited attempts as well to complete the assessment and get the certification directly from Google. so I hope you will find these programs useful. now let me just tell you how you can enroll in these programs. so what you have to do is I'll give you a link in description which will take you to a page in our website from that you can get all these certification links. so you just have to select the certification which you want to take and once you're on the certification page, just click on login and login with your Google account. it's a very simple process and once you are logged in, just scroll down and click on get started and start the lessons completed and pass the assessment and get your certification. so I hope this will be useful for you. if you want to get more updates about free online courses. subscribe to answers q and press the Bell icon so that you will get a notification whenever I upload a video like this, and you can also join our telegram Channel and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. I'll give you all the link in description. do check it out. [Music]- foreign [Music].