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is lingerie good for dropshipping

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Things I’ve learned my 1st year of running a lingerie business [ My goals for next year] 🖤🤍🖤

what's up you guys? it's your favorite cutie, mel, back again. one of my supplies channels gave you guys yet another video and today i'm just here to tok to you guys. as you guys know, we're getting very close to 2021, so i just want to have a chit chat with you guys, tok to you about some of my goals for my business, how i felt like i did this year with my business. so it's just going to be like a update and then, along with just anything else that happens to come up before we get into all of that. thank you guys so much for clicking on this video if you made it here. thank you so much if you're new. my name is mel, i have a lingerie business and i tok about a whole bunch of different things on my channel. go ahead and like, comment and subscribe any thoughts or feelings that you have down below. i'd love to get your feedback and just get your interaction and let's become friends to all my recurring cuties. hey, what's up? thank you guys so much for subscribing to my channel. so good to see you guys yet again. so so, as we're closing down the year, um, and it's about to be december or it's, yeah, tomorrow or by time you guys see this, it'll probably literally be december, if not the day before, and it just seems like the year went by so quickly. but i feel like a lot of good came out of this year, specifically my lingerie business. i always wanted to own a boutique, but i never really had known what kind or when i was going to do it, and i always imagined it being in a more physical space when i thought about it before, prior to this year. and it's just interesting how certain things happen in in your life, outside of your control, that kind of still steer you into the way that, um, you were destined to. so i feel like, overall, this year i've done an amazing job with my business. i'm very satisfied with everything that i was able to accomplish with my lingerie. i still have a ways to go, um. what i would like to see more of is more just organic traffic coming to my website, which i feel like will be accomplished with time and just establishing my brand. continuing to make videos like these, um, you know, continuing to just, you know, put myself out there, giving my customers the best um possible um service that i can give them, giving them the best products that i can give them. and if you guys have any questions- well, not even questions, but something that i want to tell you guys about lingerie- if you guys are doing this business as well and you're new and you're here to watch me and kind of get some feedback and stuff like that from my channel- um, i would say, make sure that you do the best that you can to pick out quality items. when you first get started you might not be able to afford the top of the top and get, like you know, the very, very best of everything, but just make sure the things that you are getting are going to last your customers. make sure that if you do happen to get a set or um, a lounge set or anything like that that you feel like is less than the quality that you want to provide, um, that you take it off the market, like take it off of your shelves. that's happened to me a couple of times this year where i have, you know, been very hopeful for an item and just saw and thought like, oh, it's so cute, it goes perfect with my aesthetik of my shop. i get it and it's less than what i thought that it was going to be. i actually had a lounge set on my site that i had to take and get further, um, get further alterations for, just because i didn't feel comfortable taking people's money without doing that. because there's a certain level of quality that you need to keep, even if you are a lower price point item type of shop, because i would say that my, my things are moderately, moderately priced. so i would say, like, if this is where the low of the low is, this is the high of the high. i feel like my price margin is somewhere right here. so i expect my items to be, you know, a certain quality. you know, and if i do get something that i think is not a quality or, you know, i get some feedback to where, you know, things are not making it to the people the way that i want them to like. that's why, you know, i have my crystal sets. i had them and i was so excited about them- beautiful, i still had mine- but i took them off the shelves of my shop because they weren't making it to the customer safely. so i was like, okay, if i'm not going to be able to get it to them safely, even after adding all of this padding, and i'm going to have to keep giving these people like refunds and things like that, then that's not the product for me. you have to like kind of take it in strides, especially if you're going to be someone who likes to always have new things coming into the shop, because while i do want to have some things that i maybe keep at staples as far as like underwear wise, i definitely like to have a rotation of new things coming in and out of the shop. i do that because one i want to create a demand. so basically i want people to know that if you want something from my shop, you should get it while it's available, because it's not guaranteed to be restoked. i will restok certain things- even good sellers, like a certain amount of time, but if i feel like there's other, if i feel like other people are selling the product that i'm selling and it's becoming too mainstream and everybody wants to have the same thing, that i will at that point, eliminate it from my shop, because i want people to come on my shop and be like: okay, i haven't really seen this item before or you know, it's just not as heavily everywhere, you know, and everybody's cause that happens like i feel like lingerie is very niche. so it's like, especially a lot of the smaller shops that are on my level or have been around a little longer than me, a lot of us can have similar items or you know, we all are buying from certain areas and certain vendors and things like that, and if they see that you're doing well, then they might want to go ahead and adopt that item too and put it in their shop. and if i feel like it's kind of getting to the point where, all right now i'm seeing everybody that i follow, um, who also does what i do on my lingerie page, now they're all selling this. so now i'm not selling it and i'm going to look for something else. that's just the way that i like to do it. but, honestly, even if you want to continue to sell the item, it's still a good idea if it's a top seller. but for me personally, i like to rotate out my items. this is like how i like to do things. but you guys can do things however you want to. something else that i think that i learned this year is: you know, promotion is everything. so it's just like i tok about promotion the most on my channel, because it is everything. if you do not promote your items, if you do not promote your shop, you're not going to have as much success as you want to have. so that is very important. i know it gets tiring sometimes to promote. there are some days where i don't want to and you know sometimes i will do it less. or you know i'll give myself a break and be like, okay, i'm going to promote for these 20 minutes and then after that i'm going to let it go because you know my brain is fried from all this promotion. i'm i'm out of it right now. i i do that or i try to find other ways to promote, sometimes just simply like reshooting a product or something like that in a new, creative way- um can be effective, you know- and just like giving it some freshness, bringing it back to life, um. another thing that i learned is that as a boutique, it is always best to do your own product photos. there are times where i do not do that and in those cases i don't regret it, like sometimes if i get something in the mail and i'll. i'll take the butterfly bandits as an example. i had used the product photos at first for my vendor, but you know. eventually, when i did get the time, i went ahead and shot my own photos. but the reason why i didn't initially is because was going out of town and i didn't have time to do all of that. but that's another thing, too, that i learned. it's really okay to take your time, as

How to Sell Intimates Online

I have been looking forward to shooting this video for a long time because I think you are going to love it. today's show and cell is all about the biggest drop shipping niche on overload. I can't wait to get started. roll the music, let's go. hi world has a going it's mark from over lo. welcome to our weekly series that we call show and sell. we make it especially for dropshippers. it's full of product recommendations and marketing tips. it can help you if your sales strategy so hit subscribe if you find today's video helps you too. today we're going to look at the intimates niche. we'll start off by identifying a couple of reasons why this niche is great for dropshippers and why you may want to consider selling intimates to. then we'll look at five product examples from the intimates niche that dropshippers are selling with over lo. this will build your knowledge of intimates as the products. they do vary to some degree, but you'll see what I mean later on. after that, we'll examine a couple of ways you can market intimates, as well as some obstacles you may face when selling them online. but don't worry, we'll also tok about how you can overcome them as well. and at the end we have prepared a special intimates giveaway. it's suitable for Instagram and it may help store owners market their products better on the social media platform. if you don't want to miss it, simply stik around to the end. so why would you want to sell intimates online? take one look at this table. it shows the top niches for orders on over lo over the last three years. you don't need to look very closely to understand what this table means. things are quite clear-cut. if you look at the top of this table, you'll see that intimates is, without a doubt, the best-selling niche on over lo. intimates got the most sales of any niche in 2016, in 2017 and we expect it to stay in top spot when our data guys complete their number crunch for 2018. customers all over the world love buying intimates and dropship is love selling it to them. maybe you'll love it too. if you're still looking for a winning product to kick-start business in your online store, perhaps you'll find that intimates is your niche by the end of this video. but if you want to start selling intimates online, you'll need to know what to sell right, and you need to know because defining what intimates actually is can be a little tricky, especially for newcomers to the niche. the intimates niche is made up of a wide range of underwear garments. it's not just racy stuff that's not safe for you to intimate on overload includes simple forms of ever they underwear and loungewear shapewear like skin huggin vests and leggings. they're suitable footage in. and then there's lots of lingerie to choose from too. I should also add that some products in this niche are for men, in case anyone was wondering, because there's lots of product images you'll see including women only. alright, are we feeling a little closer to the intimates niche? now? good, because we're about to dive a little deeper. let's look at five actual examples of the best performing products right now, and don't worry, I won't be modeling any of them. first up is shapewear: intimates. like this: it provides a desired shape or contour for the wearer on a partikular part of the body. for example, these red panties taper to the waist, stik into the shape. west side of intimates, we have this neoprene slimming vest, which does the same job as the previous product, except it works for the upper body. here we have an invisible bra. it provides the lift of a bra without the straps of a bra, meaning women can wear backless gowns and strapless dresses without spoiling their look. with a broad, it stiks out. this kind of functionality is popular among female consumers. over two and a half thousand sales in six months is evidence of that, as is the customer rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. these statistiks are available for all products on over lo. you can use them to find winning products like the ones I'm showing you now. learn how to use them with this video here. but back to our high selling intimates, with this corset, which provides shape and lift for the body, and almost 10,000 orders in the last six months for dropshippers. and finally, we have simple bra lips like this. this looks like a bra, but it doesn't provide the same support as a bra and it's more comfortable. alright, we just saw 5 examples of intimates that are getting lots of sales right now. like I said earlier, this niche gets the most orders on overload, but it doesn't mean it's easy to make profits selling intimates, otherwise every drop shipper would be doing it. so let's look at some of the tikniques that every successful drop shipper selling internists uses. our research into this niche tells us that the first place to start is pictures, and here's why intimates are all about helping the wearer to look and feel good. they solve common issues people may have with their appearance, like their shape or the style of their outfit. these kinds of products are really comfortable, and some of the more risque versions you'll see in this niche simply help the wearer look and feel more attractive. this is the sentiment you need to tap into with your marketing. an appropriate imagery is how you do that, because pictures are a catalyst in car customers to click buy. pictures allow people to visualize the purchase in advance. if your product shots can transmit that emotion that comes from looking good in comfort, then it increases the likelihood that customers will buy your products. depending on your budget, there are a few ways you can get the shots you need. the most cost effective is to use images provided to you by the supplier. however, the quality here won't always be consistent. if you have some money to work with, then you can try working with a model and the photographer. they can be professional, amateur, it doesn't matter. just get as many pictures of each product as you can. aim to replicate real-life situations that these intimates might be used in. just make sure things don't get r-rated. if you aim to use these shots on social media, this will show your customers the entire package and transmit the look good, feel good sentiment that wearing intimates brings. once you have your image bank ready, use them all in your store, in emails and in your advertising. but beware when it comes to advertising, especially on Facebook. Facebook has some pretty strict rules about imagery for products like these. here's what you need to know about Facebook advertising so that you and your store don't run into any issues. Facebook will penalize your ad if it includes nudity or implied nudity, excessive visible skin or cleavage, even if it's not explicitly sexual in nature. images focused on individual body parts, such as ABS, the buttoks or chest, also, even if it's not explicitly sexual in nature. the lines can get a little blurry there, and semantiks comes into it too. but no one can tell you exactly what's right or wrong when it comes to the ads- only Facebook besides in the end. but luckily for dropshippers, the year is not 2004. there are many more social media platforms than just MySpace and Facebook. Instagram is a platform where you can advertise your Internet's with more peace of mind. even the racy content that Facebook would raise an eyebrow to is safe there. Instagram itself is pretty proud of this fact. in its end of year roundup for 2017, the Instagram business blog boasted the success of an ad campaign ran on the platform by an Australian fitness stuff. the campaign included some pictures with plenty of skin. the campaign reached 6.4 million users in its target audience of women aged 18 to 42 in the United States. now, chances are you're not an Australian Fitness star, but the point is Instagram is more than happy to help business advertise their intimates to its huge audience, and there's nothing stopping you from getting involved. Instagram influences will advertise your products for you. influences like her, who post product placement ads like this and th.


Tips for Entrepreneurs - A Lesson from the Lingerie Industry on Success in Business

everybody, Tysons honor, here again today and in this video, I want to give you one of the best pieces of advice that I ever got on how to succeed in business and how to really outsell your competition, and it's this. it's one simple little phrase. write it down. it's really served me well, and it's this: different is better than better, right? what are most people trying to do? most people are trying to build a better mousetrap. they're trying to say: here's why my product is better. they're focusing on, you know, the features of why their products better, the fact that they have better leadership, or we've got a better compensation plan, or, you know, we've got a better this or a better that. instead of focusing on how you were better, focus on how you're different. let me give you a great example of something I saw in the news the other day that really reminded me of this, and then I want to tell you kind of how I do this in my business and how you can do it in your business as well. so I was watching the news the other day and there was a story about a lingerie company that's owned by American Eagle. they've got a division of their company called Airy AE RIE, and when you think lingerie, right, when you think women's lingerie, you don't think American Eagle, right? who do you think of, right? who has market share? it's Victoria's Secret. well, American Eagle knew we can't compete against Victoria's Secret by trying to be better than them. we're not going to try and get better looking models or better lingerie. how can we be different than Victoria's Secret? and they've got a brilliant advertising campaign out right now. that's really getting a lot of traction and a lot of attention and really building their brand, and it's basically that they have banned all airbrushing from all of their models and their advertisements. but basically, right, the message is all right. while Victoria's Secret is over there and all of their women look fake and you know, they've airbrushed all of their flaws and their scars and their blemishes and they've tucked in all the fat with Photoshop. you know what? here at American Eagle, at Erie, at our company, we believe that women are beautiful the way that they are and that we're going to show them in their natural beauty, with their scars and their stretch marks and their blemishes. and this is caught on and people love it. they say why. this is how women should be right and it's it's built a large following for their brand and it's been a very successful advertising campaign, simply because they said: how can we be different from Victoria's Secret? now, let me give you some examples of how you can do this in your home business and how I've done it. so for me, when I got into, you know, network marketing, affiliate marketing, marketing online, what did I notike everybody trying to do? they were trying to learn the latest, greatest tactik, the latest strategy. right, Oh, what's the? what's the best Facebook strategy that's going to make me the most money? what's the best little ninja secret that I can put code on my website? right, and while that stuff can be helpful and cool to learn, what most people were doing was they were focusing all on selling through tactiks. and instead I said, okay, I'm simply going to be different by being cool to people. right, by putting out value, by educating people, while everybody else was trying to sell. I said: you know what? why don't I teach somebody something? why don't I provide some value? and this is really how I've been able to make a multiple six-figure income from home. you know, live the life of my dreams. have you know? multiple five figures? I mean, I've done over thirty thousand dollars in a single month just utilizing this strategy of being different, and if you'd like to know how to use this in your own business, I actually have a new training that I'd love to share with you, called the affiliate profit formula, where I walk you step-by-step through this process and how you can set yourself apart from all the other affiliates in the same program that you're promoting products for, or all of the other reps or distributors in your network marketing company, by doing things a little bit differently. so if you are an affiliate of somebody else's product- right, any time you promote somebody else's product, you're an affiliate, right. if you sell a network marketing product and you didn't create it, you're an affiliate for their product. if you sell an insurance product, the insurance company created it, you're an affiliate. if you're an affiliate program, you're obviously an affiliate. so if you want to know how to succeed by promoting and selling affiliate products and how to set yourself apart by being different, not by being better, you definitely want to check out my training, called the affiliate profit formula, by going to success with Tyson com /a PAF. I know you're absolutely going to love it because you see, when I got started, I knew that I wasn't going to outsell the people who had more experience and more skills than I did. I knew that there were people who were much better Facebook marketers. there were people who knew all of these tricks and strategies that I didn't know. there were people who were much more skilled copywriters. so instead of trying to focus on I have to be better at that skill than them. I said: how can I be different and provide more value by being me? and I want to show you how you can do that exact same thing inside of the affiliate profit formula. so head on over, check that out at success with Tyson comm /a PF affiliate profit formula and remember you will succeed in business if you just remember that different is better than better. we'll see you guys on the next video. if you got value out of this video, make sure you comment, share, give me a thumbs up and share it with some friends on social media. we'll see you guys on the next one. take care. bye you.

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How to Start a Lingerie Business Online 2023 (Complete Information) | #Lingerie

Hi everyone. welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan. Today, I'm gonna give you a quick start guide on how to start a lingerie business on line. Globally, the lingerie market is expected to hit fifty five billion dollars by 2024.. So where's your piece of pie? Are you looking to start a business without much stress, with products that are always in demand? If so, I think the lingerie business would be perfect for you. Here's what you'll need to get started. So there are two methods to start this kind of business. You can set it up as a dropship store, where someone else is responsible for shipping the goods to the customer, or you can buy, store and ship out your own inventory. Once you choose a method, you can now proceed to step one. If you have no idea how a lingerie store operates- or maybe you're just a first-time online business owner- I recommend downloading a business plan from Bplanscom. Their plans outline exactly how the business is supposed to work and what you should expect. Whether you choose the dropship method or to buy your own inventory, the supplier research process is still exactly the same. If you want to get started right away and you don't have a lot of money to buy inventory, you'll want to head over to google and type in these specific words: dropship lingerie suppliers or dropship lingerie program. This will give you access to thousands of products to sell in your online store right away, without actually having to buy any of them. If you do have some money and you want to manage your own inventory and keep products in your own warehouse, just Google these words: wholesale lingerie suppliers. From there, you can find a company to buy in bulk from. Now, when you've got all this sorted, it's time to officially register your business. You won't be able to buy wholesale lingerie or even work with a dropship supplier until you complete this step. You need to register and apply for a federal EIN number and form an LLC or a corporation, Depending on what state you're in. you'll also likely to need a reseller or retail merchant certificate as well. This is gonna allow you to buy products tax-free. I recommend using mycorporationcom. They do have a variety packages to choose from, but their most basic package will get you started right away. Now, since you're going to be getting all this money, you're gonna need somewhere to put it. It's pretty easy to open a business bank account, but they won't actually get you set up without having all that legal paperwork that I just spoke about. You can choose to use a local bank that you're already using or just select a new one. The next step is to buy web hosting. I always recommend choosing Bluehost because they have the most reliable web hosting for lingerie e-commerce stores. You also get a free domain, a free SSL and access to 24/7 tik support. You really can't beat it. Once you pay for a plan with Bluehost, your next step is gonna be to get your login credentials. you're going to want to save that information and then deliver it to the web designer in the next step. If you don't know about Fiverr, it's a company that sells affordable web development and marketing services that get done really quick. All you have to do is just go to their website, type in what you want in the search bar, and it's gonna reveal tons of people who are willing to help you get your website set up in less than three days. Once you choose a person that you want to work with, give them the Bluehost details and communicate your vision and your plans for the website While they're working on your new website, you're going to need to activate a merchant account for your customers to pay you through. Many businesses choose to use PayPal, Square or even Stripe. I personally like Square. they make it super easy for me to accept payments online, via my website or even over the phone. Once you sign up for square, give these details. The web designer is gonna have to complete the integration process for your website. Finally, you'll need to start spreading the word about your business. A good place to start is to get a logo, business cards and marketing materials created For branding. I recommend 99designs because the process is pretty quick and painless and you actually get what you want For marketing materials. I like Envato because they literally have tons of graphics for each and every single type of business and you can get these graphics on demand. Ok, so now that you have all that set up, how are you actually going to make money? Here's what you're gonna need to know in order to take a check to the bank. Since you're a lingerie store, you can choose from a variety of items to sell. The most popular items are bras, panties, corsets, garters, nightgowns and robes. Also, keep in mind, you don't have to just offer products on your website To boost your revenue. you can even create something like a lingerie subscription box, Sending new and unique items to customers each and every single month, Or you can create a membership club Where customers receive tiered discounts for each and every single time they purchase from your store. Now I know you're probably wondering what's the price tag on this baby. Start-up cost for this kind of business using the dropship method usually start anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on average, But if you're planning to fund your own inventory, be prepared to drop the big bucks. I'm giving away a Free PDF with the links to every single company mentioned in this video for you to keep. If you want a copy, just visit PasosDealscom/ lingerie. Enter your email address and then we'll send it to you right away. If you liked this video or you know somebody who really needs to see this today, tag a friend, hit like or give it a share. And until next time, guys, take care.

EASIEST Way To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Online Store 📦

how to find the best drop shipping suppliers for your ecommerce business. now, do not mind my voice in this video because i'm running a little bit of a cold. no, it's not covered- i've already been through that- but that will not stop me from sharing with you how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your drop shipping business, with the best shipping times and the best products for your target audience. we'll be going over all of that and more in this video, so stay tuned. quick intro and let's go. welcome back. i'm lyron from autods, the content manager, and in this video, you're going to learn about how to find the best drop shipping suppliers for your ecommerce business. now, once again, i am running a little bit of a cold during this recording, so i will try to keep it brief, but, of course, i will not leave out any juicy info that you need to know. so let's get started one sec before that. if you haven't done so yet, subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the world of dropshipping. that being said, like and share this video if you appreciate the value, so let's jump right into it. how do we find the best dropshipping suppliers for our ecommerce business? of course, for those of you who are not aware yet, dropshipping is simply a business model where you can fulfill orders. you can have your own online store and sell anything that you want without actually holding them in stok. as soon as you get an order, you fulfill them by simply going to your suppliers website and purchasing the product and shipping it directly to your end customer. but with all of this, of course, we need high quality dropshipping suppliers where we can actually list their products and sell them on our online store, and we're also going to need a selling channel like ebay, shopify, wix, facebook marketplace and there's many others where you can actually host your online business. but the most important thing here- which is why you are watching this video- is how can we actually find the best suppliers and why is it important to have a good, high quality drop shipping supplier? well, for one, you're going to want to have a large product base. you don't only want to put all of your eggs in one basket and leave all of your work to one drop shipping supplier. if that drop shipping supplier ever lets you down, then you won't have anyone else to work with, and now your business will be in trouble. so we do not want to have a single point of failure, which is what we will have when we're only working with one supplier. so it's always a good idea to diversify and work with anywhere around three drop shipping suppliers at the same time, and that way, if one ever causes any problems- like chinese holidays and now they won't be here for two weeks- so then you're gonna go to your us suppliers or maybe just any other shipping delivery info- maybe they have some bad quality products which let some of your customers down, so you want to move over to someone else. there are many reasons why you'd want to switch and shift between different drop shipping suppliers until you learn which ones are best for your business. so let's get into it. what are some of the things that make a good drop shipping supplier? before you begin your search, you want to look for these features and benefits through your suppliers. so first, we want to make sure that we have fast shipping times, and this, of course, is very, very important, because you want to be able to deliver your products really quickly to your audiences. nobody today wants to wait two weeks, three weeks or anything above that to get their product as soon as someone places an order, they want to have it as soon as possible. if someone placed an order today, they want to have it delivered by yesterday, and that is the now in demand era that we live in, and there's nothing wrong with that because there are many high quality suppliers where we can actually get fast shipping from them. so, to provide the best customer service, to give our customers a very good experience through our stores, to make them remember our stores and remember our brand and come back for repeat purchases, we're going to deliver fast shipping times and that is what we're going to get when we're using high quality drop shipping suppliers who can also drop ship from into the same region that we are targeting. so, for example, if you want to drop ship to the uk audience, then you want to find uk suppliers that store their products in uk warehouses so you can ship quickly domestikally- and that goes also for any other region. so, fast shipping times. the second thing you want to look out for is high quality products. we don't want to sell a low quality products. we don't want our customers opening up returns every other item that we ship out and if we sell low quality products, if we don't even take a look at what we're selling, then we are going to get those returns and we will be dealing with customers who are not very happy with the quality of our products. so another great benefit that we're going to get from working with high quality suppliers is that we will have high quality products and we'll have a way to check the quality of the products without having to order it or have any physical contact with the product itself. the next thing you want to look out for in a drop shipping supplier is competitive prices. now there are a lot of suppliers out there and millions of products, and some of those products can be found through some of those drop shipping suppliers. the same exact product at different price ranges. so that is why you always want to go with the supplier who has the most competitive price point for that product, and that is another thing that we need to look out for when choosing our dropshipping supplier. for example, you can take a look at products on aliexpress and then find them on amazon at more expensive prices, and the reason for that is because that seller from aliexpress, or maybe a different seller, bought stok from that seller from aliexpress or alibaba or anywhere else, and they shipped it to amazon's warehouses, so that seller on amazon now needs to make a profit on top of what he bought it from- on aliexpress or alibaba or anywhere else, meaning the price on amazon is now going to be higher than where he bought it from, and you can use both of these suppliers as examples for those that you can work with in your drop shipping business. so in this case, you can ship the more expensive product from amazon from us warehouses or ship the cheaper version from aliexpress or alibaba, but it comes from china and it will take longer. we're going to get into all of that really soon. don't get confused yet. i'm just throwing in quick examples. next is product reviews, and this goes with high quality products, because these suppliers that we're going to be looking out for they have product reviews for their products on their website. so this gives you an early understanding or some type of insight on the quality of this product and if it's really matching its item description and if people are overall happy with this product that they purchased, because you're about to sell it also on your store and you want it to be of high quality. you want it to be a proven product that has been selling, that has a proven track record. so that is what we're gonna get when we have customer reviews on our suppliers websites. the next thing that we want to look out for is tracking information. some suppliers provide tracking information that you simply cannot track anywhere except for their website. so if you share with your customer that same tracking info, they won't really be able to do anything with it because they will not be able to track it. so you want to work with suppliers that have trackable tracking information, like ups, usps, fedex, dhl- many types of international tracking that's trackable, and more. you can track them on websites like 17tracknet and others, and we're also going to tok about that furt.

How To Build A Profitable Online Store Dropshipping Lingerie 🛍️

are you a lingerie or intimate apparel store owner looking to expand your product selection? well, look no further. hey, drop shippers. I'm Laura and welcome back to our YouTube channel. in today's video, we're going to break down the 12 best suppliers and top products for Drop Shipping lingerie. let's jump straight into that intro, hit that subscribe button and let's go [Music]. let's start this video off by taking a look at: is lingerie a profitable Drop Shipping Niche? although they can be seen as excellent Valentine's Day gifts for your partner, they remain profitable all year round. according to statista, the global revenue for underwear sales stands at a grand 272 billion USD and, due to the increasing market demand for lingerie products, we can expect to see a 349 billion USD rise in the next year. so keep in mind that Drop Shipping is an online Venture that requires minimal startup Investments. so when we combine the low risk factors of Drop Shipping and the profitability of the lingerie Niche will gain substantial profits. so now it's time to dive straight into the best lingerie products to start Drop Shipping. we'll go over each product and their Drop Shipping worthy features, so make sure you pay attention. our first lingerie products are bras, so typically, bras serve as undergarments to cover, support and shape women's breasts. bras have numerous variations depending on customers needs, so make sure to offer various sizes is types and colors that customers can find in your drop shipping stores. for example, there are stik-on, push-up or front closure bras that you can offer. when it comes to bra coverage, you can offer full coverage or Demi cup types. other bra options include padded or non-padded bras, wired or non-wired bras, strap or strapless bras. Shoppers can also choose from bralettes, maternity bras, sports bras, Razorback bras and other functional bra types. the point is is to just offer your customers a variety of options to choose from, as every customer's preference is different. next up, we have the multi-piece lingerie sets. I mean who wouldn't love to mix and match their different lingerie pieces when offering these items? we can include sexy lacy lingerie or feminine printed lingerie options. we can also offer our customers plain or colorful lingerie, so ladies have options to mix and match the lingerie sets. so usually, multi-piece lingerie sets includes the bra, underwear and the other nibs and drips that comes with it. however, we do have the opportunity to upsell this product by including other accessories, such as a silk robe. a quick tip: ensure to provide both sizes and styles that cater for all ages and body types when listing this product in your drop shipping stores. another product attached with a high demand is silk robes. so silk robes are classy and stylish pieces that Shoppers can wear after they've climbed out of a bath or even over sexy nightwear. therefore, make sure to drop ship a variety of these items so that customers can find the best fit for them. silk robes also come in various sizes and lengths. for example, we have short, medium and long sleeves and hem lengths. you could also offer these lingerie silk robes in plain printed, painted and and embroidered designs. for added Comforts and functionality, we can solve these lingerie silk robes with side slits and Pockets. we should also consider offering hypoallergenic and machine wash friendly silk robes to our stores. a quick tip: aside from silk robes being used as nightwear, lingerie silk robes are perfect for events such as weddings. you can offer personalized silk robes for a bride and a bridesmaids. fourth on our trending lingerie Drop Shipping products lists are silk slips. so silk slips are mainly luxurious items that are generally worn over undergarments. many women purchase these silk slips due to their comfortability and the sleekness that they provide. when selling these slop slips, you should provide vast color and size variations for women to choose from, and you should be offering your clients all various silk slip Cuts, such as the high waist baby doll types and the body hugging titty ones. you could also offer heavy, Saturn or see-through silk slip options. offering different kinds of silk slips will help to increase our sales potential, because not every customer would prefer one type of silk slope. there are also half slip and full slip variations, so make sure to add these to your drop shipping stores too. breathable and sophistikated undergarments are must-haves, especially while wearing body fitting apparel, and that is why we have seamless underwear as of both lingerie Drop Shipping products. so not only is seamless underwear comfortable to wear, but customers can also say goodbye to those protruding scenes. seamless underwear is also made from gentle Fabrics such as cotton and spandex. you also have the opportunity to offer hipster, classic, high-waisted and other seamless underwear types. in addition, ladies love colorful seamless underwear to complement their outfits. therefore, make sure to add a wide selection of these options for your- your customers, to choose from. up next, we have corsets, which is another best-selling lingerie Drop Shipping products. so a corset is a clothing piece that supports the Torso and shapes the waist. so for the corset types, we have The Hourglass, the ribbon, the S curve, the cupped, the sweetheart and many other body loving types. we should offer these corsets in high quality material options such as leather, linen, mesh, cotton and satin. so, apart from corsets being a supported undergarments, corsets have now become a stylish piece of clothing too. therefore, we should add plain colors or printed designs for our customers to choose from. another worthwhile lingerie Drop Shipping products are lace bodysuits. these fashion sheer pieces are perfect for romantik dates or girls nights out. when Drop Shipping this lingerie item, which should include variations of sleeve lens and color types- for example, we can have sleeveless or long sleeve lace bodysuit Styles- make sure to include a selection of lace bodysuit designs suitable to pair with jeans, skirts and other pieces of clothing. we can also add colorful lace or printed lace options. remember, the more choices you provide your customers with, the greater our chances are of obtaining sales. next up on our trending list of lingerie truck shipping products are nightgowns. so a nightgown is their lights and super comfortable clothing piece that most women love wearing and, because nikarns have high customer demands, it can help to increase our Drop Shipping profits. nightgowns are often known as nighties, and these lingerie pieces can be made of silk, satin, nylon or cotton. most nikons also come with embroidered or Lacy designs for a more entiking look. we should off of that size and color options so that we're able to cater for all ages and body types. so, for example, you can offer a short nightgown with short sleeves, or you can offer a long nightgown with long sleeves, or you could offer a short nightgown with long sleeves or a long nightgown with short sleeves. the option is up to you. and topping off our list of excellent lingerie Drop Shipping products are the holiday themed lingerie sets. from sexy bunnies to adorable elves, these lingerie sets will definitely unlock once quirkiness side. when Drop Shipping this product, remember to offer lingerie sets according to each season and festivity. for example, in Mrs Claus themed lingerie set is best for the Christmas holiday. meanwhile, a bunny bra and underwear lingerie sets is perfect for Easter. on top of that, some holiday themed lingerie sets come with bolts and suspenders for or more alluring look. you can finish off Shoppers holiday looks by offering matching accessories such as headbands, socks, hats and so much more. now that we know what the trending lingerie products are to drop ship, let's now take a look at where we're able to Source these items from. here are the top 12 lingerie Drop Shipping suppliers. first on the list for the top dro.