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is shein a dropshipping company

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads


[Music],hello everyone welcome back to my,youtube channel for those of you who are,returning subscribers welcome back thank,you so much for the support you guys,thank you thank you thank you and for,those of you who are new welcome join,the family and let's walk the walk so,this channel is about everything money,we're going to be toking about how to,make money online savings passive income,investments everything around financial,freedom if that interests you stay join,the family and how you can do that is by,smashing that subscribe button turning,your post notification bell on so you're,notified every single time that i post,and you do not get left behind,i'm reminding you guys that i'm still,having the giveaway nothing has changed,i am still having that hundred dollar,giveaway to one of my most active,subscriber and how you can,enter for the whole competition,is by subscribing liking sharing and,commenting i will be going through my,videos to see the most active subscriber,and that's going to be the winner,oh and in today's video,i have a surprise for you guys in,today's video,i will be giving away five dollars yes,that's correct i'll be giving away five,dollars those of you who have been,through my community tab have notiked,that i've started using the community,making use of it communicating with you,guys and everything,so i did say that in the next video i'll,be giving away five dollars to one lucky,subscriber and that video is today yes,so how i'll be selecting the winner is,um i am,i've created an instagram,instagram page right a separate,instagram page to my personal when i,decided i want to have one that is,i want to have one that is separate from,my personal one that's gonna be,basically about the whole financial,freedom,page so what you need to do is go follow,me on that page the link to that,instagram or the name of the instagram,will be in the description box down,below and go follow me on that page and,also be subscribed to,this channel,and,engage in this video i will go through,the comment section and i will look at,my followers on instagram and um the,engagement of this video and then i will,select the,today's video we're going to be toking,about how to start your own business,online i did a video on how to start,your own business online,um i think in the previous it was in the,previous videos the video before that i,did a video on how you can search your,online store selling um skincare,products makeup jewelry haircare,products i really really urge you guys,to please go watch that video please,please please please please you need to,watch that video guys our country is at,a crisis the world at large is at a,crisis we are going through the most as,a people you know and south africa alone,has one of the most highest unemployment,rates if not the highest it's really,getting bad like you need need a lot of,streams of income because your job is,not secure there is no security in your,job there is no security in anything,that you are doing today you can wake up,tomorrow and everything could have,changed so you don't want to find,yourself in a situation where you're,panicking it's better for you to start,these businesses now when you don't need,them invest in them when you have extra,cash you have a nine to five start a,side business sit back and just feel,comfortable don't get comfortable you,need to just make sure you you have plan,b or plan c or plan d that's why i,encourage you guys to please please,please start your own businesses watch,that video that i spoke about it would,really help you out a lot you do not,need any capital to start that business,i mean facial beauty products all those,things they one of the booming,industries in the world is booming,everyone is doing it there's instagram,influences there's so many people who,can market your things there's so many,things you could do to grow that,business capitalize on those things,fashion beauty is one business where you,can never go wrong you understand and,i'm bringing you guys a video today on,fashion yes my other video was on beauty,this is on fashion how to start your own,fashion,business online type of situation right,so,we're going to be toking about how you,can start a business selling sheen,clothes yes sheen i know she is booming,shin is one of the most,i don't know man it's it's it's,everything people are toking about,instagram influencers they're toking,about it youtubers are toking about it,they're doing clothing hauls i mean it's,affordable it has quality clothes it has,trending clothes it is nice closet it,just has everything and the prices are,just ridiculous you just like really,wow,yes so you can start your own business,today,selling the sheen clothes,now i'm not saying sell them um using,the website like ordering them from,sheen and bringing them here no there is,a sheen wholesaler in south africa is,this chinese um,lady this chinese lady is selling she in,clothes in bulk so you can't really go,buy one outfit but you can go buy bulk,they sell bails bales of 10 like in a,bale there's 10 clothing items that's,how the clothes the clothes come so,disclaimer you can't really go and pick,what items you want you're just gonna,have to pick a bail that's it so that's,how she works,now,how the whole situation works is they,sell,20 items of clothing for 900 rand,yes you,heard me correctly,20,items of clothing for 900 grand so since,a bail comes with 10 pieces of clothing,you will get two bales for 900 rent with,20 clothing items if you divide,um,900 by 20 you get 45.,each and every clothing that you're,going to be buying from her will be 45,rand and then you can now sell it at the,same price as she in how much they sell,it for that dress or whatever you get in,the veil you understand so,how it works is you reach out to them,you tok to the lady you pay she sends,you your clothes if you are based in,halting in johannesburg you can meet up,with her go pick your bails and then go,go back home and how you can do this is,you can now start an instagram page,go buy those clothings,they'll be those pieces of clothing,and then take pictures of them nice,pictures like take nice you can even be,the the model if if the other pieces of,clothing are bigger in size or anything,then you can get someone else or you can,just put them in a hanger and take nice,pieces of clothing you can even look for,that item on shein the website itself,and screen grab those pictures and put,them on your website and start selling,now you're asking me but i mean she's,also already um selling these clothes,how am i going to make money from it let,me tell you there's a couple of things,i'm going to just let you know right now,firstly people don't feel comfortable,buying online there's that scare from,online businesses like oh no what if my,things don't come or no what if it's the,wrong size oh no blah blah blah blah,blah blah that's this that there's the,fact that people don't trust chinese,companies like yo i can't i'm i'm not,gonna do this i don't want i don't want,to just deal with anything like this i,want the clothes but i just i'm scared,i'm just scared of the whole thing and,my clothes gonna come other people's,clothes can come but are my clothes,gonna come because that's a reality,sometimes the things don't get you right,another thing is that people have to pay,customs and delivery from sheen you know,and people have to pay and people have,to buy clothes clothing with or with,like 750 750 in order for them to get,free delivery but now let's say a person,wants just a dress now they have to pay,for the dress and they have to pay for,delivery and they have to pay for,customs which ends up making that whole,piece of clothing not as cheap as they,thought it would be now if you offering,the clothes and you are based in south,africa and you're selling the clothes in,south africa all they have to incur is,delivery charges which is simply hundred,trend aramex is hundred 100 pixie is,cheaper than 100 trend and ko

Make $550/Day With BIG Brands Like NIKE - ADIDAS - SHEIN For FREE With Affiliate Marketing

let me ask you something have you heard,of these awesome brands,like nike puma adidas converse shane,because if you have,i'm gonna show you how to make money,online with affiliate marketing with one,of the biggest,industries in the world you're gonna,absolutely love this because,everything is set up for you i'll show,you how to get started,as a complete beginner without any,tiknical skills,and you can have this up and running,literally in the next,15 minutes after you watch this video,and you can start to make some serious,money,with affiliate marketing if you want to,get started and you want to make serious,money,keep watching what's up you guys it's,alan here again from the smart money,tactiks channel where i post reliable,content every single day,to teach you how to make money online if,you haven't subscribed yet go down the,bottom,hit that subscribe button turn on all,notifications and i'll make sure you get,notified every time,i post a brand new video and don't,forget to smash that like button,in appreciation guys today i want to,show you a fantastik niche that you can,use,to make money online let me show you,something i already spoke about,some of the brands that you can make,money on like,nike and puma and adidas and converse,and shane,and all these massive brands and why am,i toking about those brands,take a look this when you come over and,you type in what are the most profitable,instagram niches and you come over here,and you have a look at this you've got,travel which is number one it's always,been huge,you've got beauty and number three is a,fashion i'm going to show you,how to use the photos that these,different companies have,how to become an affiliate of their,programs and how to make,thousands of dollars doing very minimal,work,using their affiliate program so let me,show you exactly how this works,what you want to do the first thing that,you need to do guys is you need to come,over to instagram,and you need to create a very very,simple account for yourself okay so you,come over here,if you don't have an instagram account,you can start absolutely,from scratch okay guys now let me show,you an example of some of these,different sites that are doing this then,i'm going to show you the easiest way,that you can do this,to make money online with affiliate,marketing so stik with me for the next,10 to 15 minutes,so that you don't miss anything and you,can do this straight after watching this,video,so if you come over to instagram guys,and let's say you put in hashtag nike,shoes for example,you can scroll down here and you can,find all these photos that people have,on here when you click on these,different photos,you can go and follow the people that,have put up these photos,and you can very easily see exactly what,their setup is,to make money online so i came over here,let's say we click onto this photo over,here guys,and that's going to bring us over to,this page over here,now take a look at this this person has,424,000 followers okay and basically what,they do is they come over here and they,put up the brand new nike shoes,every single day there's new shoes being,created guys and they'll put them up in,different styles different photos etc,this is so simple guys because they,didn't actually take these photos,these photos are taken from the nike,website and put up on their own website,so you donate a model you don't need to,have,any inventory you don't need to look,after shipping you don't need to do any,of this stuff,with what i'm about to show you okay and,you can grow a following like this,of 424 000 people,and you can do this very very quickly,now when you have a look over here guys,this is where they have their order now,this is how,they're selling these shoes so if you,click onto this over here,it's going to bring you over to this,page for example and it's going to show,you how you can order these shoes this,is one way that you can do it,and i'm going to show you another way,that you can do this which is a lot,easier than how this person has it set,up,so that's nike knight definitely has an,affiliate,program guys and i'll show you that in a,second then you've got puma over here as,well and if you come over here,and have a look and you click onto any,one of these shoes or take a look at,click onto any one of these garments you,can see how these people have it set up,so if we click onto this one over here,it's going to take us over to this,person's,instagram profile and they've got 15 500,followers okay,and as you can see they're posting every,single day and again,none of these photos are theirs they,didn't have to take any of these photos,guys and they're building these,different profiles,very very quickly and when you come up,to here what this person's done,is actually very smart they've created,their own,website so when you click onto that it's,going to take us over to this website,over here that they've created,and if you purchase from here they are,set up as an affiliate to,all these different garments um apparel,companies and all these other affiliate,programs,that if you purchase they're going to,make money with affiliate marketing okay,but again,i want to show you a simple way that you,can do this so if we come over here to,this,instagram profile over here this is,sheena k guys this is,a female clothing brand and i really,like how these guys have set this up so,i've just put in,sheen and i've gone over here and i,found this profile okay this is their,main profile,so you could come over here and you,could take a lot of the photos from here,to promote your own affiliate link that,you get from,this company so let me show you how you,can set this up,an easy way to do this guys is to quite,simply come,over to amazon and become an amazon,associate,where you could potentially get a link,and promote all these different garments,that's one way that you can do it but i,want to show you how you can get a,higher percentage,so amazon yes definitely is an option,but there are better ways to do this so,what i did i did a lot of research,i went over online and i basically typed,in what shoe companies,offer affiliate programs i came over,here and i clicked onto all the links,that i could,and i wanted to find not just a shoe,company,but i wanted to find something where you,can double down and make even more money,so i came over here and take a look at,this when you scroll down you've got,so many different you know companies,over here that you can become,an affiliate of so like i said you've,got puma you've got sheen you've got,nike you've got converse and all,and everything else in between okay,there's a lot of really good companies,over here,and like i said there are a few other,ones that i found on,other websites like over here you've got,adidas as well we all know how,good adidas is as well the problem with,the bigger companies is you're not going,to,get you know a bigger cup because they,don't need you to sell their products,so when you scroll down on this site,it's going to tell you exactly,what percentage you're going to earn,some of them are going to pay you,seven percent for every product that you,sell some of them are going to pay you,10,for every product that you sell but i,want to show you one that's going to pay,you anything from 10 to 20 percent,and their garments aren't cheap okay and,the one that i want to show you okay as,you can see you've got puma over here,here it is over here okay so if you come,over here you can see here that they say,here that you can get,10 but going on their website you can,earn anything up to 20 percent,and as you can see you're cookied for 30,days which means when somebody goes,onto your instagram profile from here,from your affiliate link,and they go onto that website then,anything they buy for the next 30 days,you're going to make money online with,that affiliate marketing link this is,amazing guys and if you come over here,sheen isn't a hundred percent a shoe,specialist but they do have,thousands of

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The Dark Truth about SHEIN...

are we being gaslit by sheen cause,happy good morning and welcome back to,hope scope my beef with sheehan,continues,i think it was almost a year ago i made,this video about why i hate sheen,sheen cheyenne and to this day i'm still,getting comments on that video and not,just like,comments like paragraphs so we obviously,have more to discuss,this video is in no way me shaming,anybody that shops as she in if you like,to buy stuff from here that's,totally fine but i'm just here to gossip,about them as a company today,and you're coming online shopping with,me i didn't realize the extent of how,popular this online store is until,recently like i just found out sheen is,bigger than,amazon what here's my prediction,sheehan's gonna take over the world,whether we like it or not,she and anne fashionova i discovered,they've been doing these,pop-up shops but fashion nova has,already been opening up legit stores,i'm looking at these abandoned macy's,and jc penney and i'm wondering how long,until these fast fashion stores,start taking those spaces over,apparently sheehan has like a luxury,premium line that they're doing now so,we're gonna try to find that,where is this premium section,look at all these pop-up stores see,they're coming for us,oh i think this is it motif premium,modif offers elevated essentials made,from high-end and sustainable,fabrics with a focus on quality and,craftsmanship sustainable huh i feel,like they listen,to the complaints of the general public,and they're coming out with new,collections to try to combat that,the definition of sustainable has gotten,extremely watered down i actually like a,lot of brands using is like a marketing,tiknique more than anything these days,okay materials silk,i'm all about the companies making,positive changes regardless of how small,they are,but i'm not actually seeing any proof on,here of,how they're doing that 99.99,sheen honey what are you doing why is,this so expensive,definitely some cute stuff in my last,video some people were upset about that,that i said that i hated sheen,and then turned around and complimented,some of the stuff i'm just saying me,liking the designs,doesn't mean that i like them as a brand,this premium stuff interests me because,regular she and stuff the quality it's,just,pretty bad is this motive stuff actually,gonna be better,no idea okay but sheen's graphic,t-section will never not be funny to me,like even their premium notif brand this,one,nothing nothing feelings,of force,okay now you're just getting lazy,throwing the entire alphabet up there,chicken whisperer be pretty,she don't tell me what to do uh when,you're in a bad mood and you,want to try to fool everyone back to,school shopping like,like who okays this stuff listen,autokorrect is free so at this point,me when it's my day off and i'm,wondering what top i should wear,okay i'm done here's the other new,section that i am,very interested in it's very well known,that shan has been under fire for the,last few years,for stealing designs but more frequently,from,smaller up-and-coming like indie,designers,problematik i even got an email from,this guy named bruno,about his friend laura her work is,somewhat known but still restricted to,smaller circles which is why i assume,sheen thought they could get away with,stealing one of her designs and selling,it as,their own that's really cute,oh and there it is oh,is this an update it looks like they did,get in contact with the copyright,department of sheehan,and compensation's being discussed okay,that was a couple weeks ago,so frustrating though frustrating that i,can't like,do anything but in the midst of all the,she in halls i feel like the least i can,do,is like bring this up i came across,another one on tiktok the other day,this person made this stunning sweater,[Music],and i think the worst part about it all,was the comments on that tiktok,the amount of people that were like drop,the sheet in link,so that was recent aka it's still going,on,so i notiked they added this new section,sheen x design forward dreams delivered,we created she next to allow designers,to do what they do best,create while we handle the manufacturing,marketing and selling the best of both,worlds we get to showcase new talent,while emerging,designers can keep their profit and,ownership of their creations,we see what you're doing and this is,them trying to make up,for the designs that have been stolen in,the past but the fact that it's still,going on,is very confusing to me like are there,just multiple design departments and,they just,they don't have enough control to be,able to see,when it's happening i i love the concept,of this,but it's just weird that it came about,from very serious accusations rather,than like,to do a nice thing you know what i mean,honestly i had zero intentions of,purchasing from sheen ever again,but like also supports these original,up-and-coming designers,and it's giving people a really cool,opportunity to buy like really,unique designer items but not for a,designer price,look at all these whoa this is just this,month i love it it's like a mix of,really really cool unique designs,and then also just art like are you,kidding me with this dress right now,the fit the artwork that cut out corset,back and literally the most expensive,thing in the she and x,section is 49 for something designed,that's cool i need this dress,i want to get this dress and make it my,whole personality you don't understand,for,36 dollars no my size is gone,see what is happening do we like sheen,do we hate sheen,okay well they can't all be winners so,what is this,i'm sorry prmy i'm sure you have some,real cute designs this one's just not,doing it for me this is very real,someone i know,actually did this whole she next thing,her name is jessica and i met her,because she was designing for better,bodies the activewear brand,jessica rose collab let's see if we can,find it,yeah here it is a lot of it's just like,loungewear,she put these little hashtags on,everything inspirational,or this little bodysuit says powerful on,the back,i had only 15 it worked,because i want to buy this like i want,to support jessica,but it's still sheen oh my gosh and not,to mention the whole necklace,situation that happened a year ago if,you don't know what i'm toking about,literally just google she and necklace,it's like there's,so much bad and then they're trying to,cover it up with so much,good in conclusion i still don't like,shein,but i still think some of their designs,partikularly the ones,that they didn't come up with are very,cute i've got a cart full of items,comment below let me know if i should,hit check out or not,make sure to hit that subscribe button,if you haven't already lia and i picked,out some other videos down below that we,thought you might enjoy,and we'll see you guys over in the next,video say bye youtube

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video i'm gonna start a brand,new shopify drop shipping business and,attempt to take it from zero dollars to,over one thousand dollars in just one,week and i'm not going to be using any,money for this challenge and i know a,lot of people think you can't start a,drop shipping business without any money,but we're gonna prove them wrong in this,video and i'll be starting the drop,shipping business completely from,scratch and walk you through the entire,step-by-step process and at the end of,the video i'll show you exactly how much,money the business makes honestly i'm,hoping it's gonna make over a thousand,dollars but we're just gonna have to,wait and see,so i have a lot of stuff that i have to,get done today and the very first thing,i want to do is just find a good product,to sell and then after that i'm just,going to find a good supplier then i'm,just going to create my online store,with shopify and then after that i'm,going to start creating advertisements,and for this challenge i'm basically,going to be using pinterest instagram,and tiktok and just basically post,viral videos on there for free and yes,this method does work well since i do,use it on my current drop shipping,businesses that make over six figures,okay so the first thing i want to start,by doing is trying to find a good,product to sell and honestly as long as,i can create viral videos with the,product and it has high demand it's,something i can work with and honestly i,find about 99 of my viral products on,tiktok so i'm going to kind of show,you my strategy and how you can do this,yourself so kind of what i do on tik,tok is just search up tiktok made me,buy it then i'll just click on that,little hamburger icon in the top right,corner then i'll just change the date,posted to this month and now it's going,to show you a bunch of relevant winning,products that are selling right now and,some other hashtags you can do this with,is amazon fines drop shippers exposed,and tiktok viral products but anyways,i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to,try to find some good products to sell,and once i do find something i'll come,back and update you okay so honestly i,found a ton of really good products but,there is one that stood out to me the,most which is the cordless hair curler,and for anyone who doesn't know the,cordless hair curler is really,convenient for females since you can,kind of touch up your hair anywhere you,go and there's so many stores on tiktok,selling this product so if they're doing,well i'm sure i can also do the same all,right so the next thing i want to do is,find a supplier that i can get the,product from and so for this video i,think i'm going to use spocket so i,found the cordless hair curler on spock,it for 28 dollars and 30 cents which is,really good and the shipping times are,only seven to 14 business days which is,also ideal and i think i'm gonna sell,the product on my store for 59.99 now,i've actually seen a lot of stores sign,this product for over a hundred dollars,but because i do want to sell a lot of,product in a short period of time and i,don't want it to be too expensive i,think 59.99 is a good number to stik,with and if my customers do see that,other stores are selling it for over a,hundred dollars and i'm only selling it,for a fraction of that cost i'm sure,they'd rather buy it from my store now i,do want to add one other product to my,store and i'm thinking just to make it,an upsell so anyways i found this heat,protectant spray and i think it goes,really well with the cordless hair,curler and i'm thinking to sell it on my,store for 19.99 and it's only going to,cost me eight dollars and 27 cents which,is pretty good and if you do need a,supplier for your drop shipping store,i'll leave a link for spock it in the,description of this video but anyways,now i got the product which i'm happy,about and so the next step now is to,actually start building my shopify store,and i do want my store to look like an,actual brand and so it is going to take,me a little bit of time to build it so,anyways i'm going to start working on,the store right now and then i'll update,you tomorrow once i'm done all right so,it's the second day now and i finally,finished the store and i made it look,very simple and clean and i'm going to,show you the page that the customers get,redirected to so anyways i have,different color options here and i also,did add a sales timer to create sense of,urgency i also included a ton of high,quality photos which is really important,and i also added this to build more,trust with the customers and if you,scroll down here you can see i put,what's included in the package then i,tok about the benefits of buying the,cordless hair curler then i added some,frequently asked questions and then i,also do have a 30 day money back,guarantee a lot of customers won't buy,your product if you don't have this so,make sure you do and if you scroll down,here you can see that i did include how,the cordless hair curler works so this,just makes it look really easy and,straightforward and all the way at the,bottom of the page i did include some,customer reviews now i obviously did,import these reviews to my store but,usually i do have real customer reviews,but that's pretty much it for the store,and i think it looks pretty good but,anyways now that i'm done with my store,the next important thing i have to do is,add a shopify app called after sell to,my store and the reason i'm going to use,after sell is because it can increase my,revenue anywhere from 10 to 15 which is,exactly what i want and afterstok is,for post purchase upsells and if you,don't know what that is it's basically,when you offer a customer a product to,purchase after they've already purchased,something from your store for example,after someone purchases the cordless,hair curler from my store i can then,offer them another product to purchase,so in my case i could upsell the heat,protectant spray since it works well,with the cordless hair curler and post,purchase upsells work so well because if,a customer just purchased something from,your store they're more likely to,purchase another item since you already,built that initial trust and you can,even give them a really good discount on,the upsell offer which will then make,them want to buy it even more now one,thing you never want to do with upsells,is actually offer them to the customer,before they've made a purchase this will,just end up confusing them and they,might not end up buying the product at,all but the good thing about after sell,is that the upsell offer only comes,after a customer makes a purchase which,is exactly what we want but anyways i'm,actually going to create an upsell offer,using after sale for my store right now,and kind of walk you through the process,step by step okay so the very first,thing you want to do is go to the,shopify app store and just search for,after cell and it should come up so it's,going to look like this after sell post,purchase upsell so let's add the app,okay so once you're in after sale the,first thing you want to do is click here,on enable settings then it's going to,bring you to the shopify page so just,make sure you click on after cell then,just click on save okay back here let's,just refresh the page okay now the first,thing we want to do is actually just set,up our first funnel click here on create,and i'm just going to name this funnel,heat protectant so here i want to click,show this funnel to all customers since,i only do have one upsell product okay,now i'm going to choose the upsell,product and basically what i'm going to,be upselling is this heat protectant,spray now the cool thing here is if the,customer actually does end up purchasing,this product you can offer them another,upsell and if they decline this product,then you can offer them a downsell now,since i don't have any other products,i'm just going to keep it like this but,you can add products in here now next,thing i want to do is click here on edi

9 steps in starting a PROFITABLE dropshipping business! philippines

Waddup, dencies!,This is Dencel.,So, for this video, I'll be sharing with you,how to start a profitable dropshipping business with Shopify,and this video is sponsored by Shopify.,So, if you want to start your dropshipping business today,then I'll have the link down in the description box for a free 14-day trial.,So, without other further ado, let's begin.,(Intro music),Learning how to start a dropshipping business as with any type of venture,isn't easy.,Nevertheless, it is a great first step into the world of entrepreneurship.,You can sell directly to customers without holding any inventory.,You don't need to pay for products upfront,and if you are really serious about this new venture,then you can build a sustainable source of income in the long run.,So, how does this dropshipping business model works?,So, dropshipping is actually simple.,For example... I'll just explain it this way.,You are this dropshipping store,and this is your customer.,If the customer purchased from a dropshipping store,there is a third-party supplier that will ship that product directly to the customer,and this customer will pay the retail price that you set,and for you, you'll pay your third-party supplier at the wholesale price that they set,and the rest is profit.,Here in dropshipping, you don't need to do inventory.,You don't need to hold the product,or you don't need to make an effort on packaging and shipping,because your supplier is doing it already.,The easiest dropshipping process for Shopify stores is through Oberlo.,Here, you can source millions of products,from the Oberlo marketplace through AliExpress.,There.,You will just connect Oberlo and AliExpress in your Shopify store,and the product will be imported directly to your store.,Also, in dropshipping, you're responsible for making your own website,marketing your products, and all the ways to have customers that would buy your products.,Now, I have here 9 steps in starting a profitable dropshipping business.,First, we need commitment.,You need to decide if you would commit to dropshipping business.,In this commitment, we will invest two things.,That is time and money.,But here, what we advise or what we recommend for you to invest,is time instead of money.,Why time?,First, you'll know how the business operates.,Second, you will know your business and your customers,and it will help you to make the right decision for your business.,The third reason why you need to invest time is for you to not have additional...,expenses that are not aligned with the success of your business.,It's like, "Nothing. Just an extra.","I just want to spend because I thought it would help my business.",So, you can avoid that if you're the one handling your business,or you really invest time to learn this dropshipping business.,Lastly, you would develop skills for you to become a better entrepreneur.,So, these are the reasons why we least recommend,investing a bunch of money here in dropshipping store.,First, if you don't know how your business works,you'll be at the mercy of expensive developers, marketers...,What else?,Programmers,and they will eat any profit that you were gaining.,But it doesn't mean you'll be alone with these things,that are needed to do your dropshipping business.,The point here is you need to learn how it works,or you are the driver in your business.,I'll just mention this, but about investing money.,Yes, you still need to invest small cash to get your business launched and operational.,It's because you still have things to pay, and those are the minor operating expenses,like web hosting and your dropshipping suppliers.,It's up to you if you want to run ads right away,or reach out to influencers and other stuff.,The second step is to choose a dropshipping business idea.,Here, we will think about the niche of our dropshipping business,what are the products that we'll sell,the teams.,Choosing products that we'll sell is very tricky, so I have this video.,These are the trending products that you can start selling right now.,I'll just link down in the description box so you can see the things we can sell now,because it is really difficult to brainstorm and do product hunting.,I hope that the video helps.,The third step, do a competitor research.,Here, you will study--,In other words, you'll look at the businesses that have the same niche as yours.,Of course, it is really unavoidable that almost all the products on the market are the same.,So, what I mean in competitor research is you'll study their website,how they present their products,so that at least--,Wait, my necklace.,So that at least you know how you will market your products differently.,The thing you know that no one has.,Where you will stand out.,If they are all the same and duplicates one another,you need to have something that will make you stand out.,So, you really need to study your competitor's store.,Fourth step is, choose a dropshipping supplier.,As I said earlier, the Oberlo through AliExpress.,Those will help you to find products that you'll import to your stores.,I will put the link of Oberlo and AliExpress down in the description box.,Fifth step is to build your e-commerce store.,This is where Shopify enters,because Shopify is so easy to use as your store's website.,In other words, this is where your customers will be directed to the products they will buy,and this is the link you will share where they can buy those products.,You will also see here the orders, payments, and traffics that your business gets.,As I said, Shopify is a complete package.,It is also user-friendly and not too complicated to use.,That's why you can try it because I have a free 14-day trial,that I will link in my description box.,Sixth step is to decide on a business structure.,This is it, guys.,I studied this when I was in Senior High.,You will decide if what structure do you want for your dropshipping business.,It's either sole pri...,pri...,Oh my God.,proprietorship.,Throwback in my Senior High.,So, sole proprietorship is the simplest structure in business.,There's also the limited liability company.,There's also C corporation where you have more protection on liabilities.,It's better if you research more about that.,Try to read.,Seventh step is to get your finances in order.,Meaning, you will separate them as much as possible,because more likely, you will not have...,you know...,What's the right term?,You can't track much of the progress because it's like,you have your business income, then you have to spend for your personal needs,the money is just coming in and out.,You don't see much the total of what you save, your income, how much you spend,because they mixed up so more likely it would be confusing,and you'll end up feeling "Wow, I have more money left.",But what you don't know is, you have to buy this, you have to pay for this.,As much as possible, I will recommend that you should separate it.,Eight step, market your dropshipping store.,This is where you will run ads like Facebook ads.,That's a big help because more people can see your businesses.,Influencer marketing where we will reach out to influencers.,Commonly, these are paid.,You will pay these influencers just like running ads.,You really need to have an allocated budget for that.,This is what we say you will really invest time and money.,That involves here on running ads, influencer marketing,content marketing, and mobile marketing.,All of the marketing is there.,It's up to you as a dropshipping business owner if how you can market the products,and how you can have orders.,That's your main role here.,Check also the order details if it's correct.,About running ads, you need to study it.,That's why we need to invest time because we need to know,if what is the appropriate for our business,if influencer marketing is better than Facebook ads,so that we would not spend money on others.,We'll focus where we are gaining profit.,At first, you're not used to it, but...,Our last tip is to analyze and improve your o

Case Study | How Shein Goes Crazy Worldwidely In Fast-fashion Market

[Music],you've probably seen clothing hell,youtube videos from all of the major,brands like zara hm and ashos,but more recently a major chinese,competitors have given a new meaning to,fast fashion,sheen is currently the largest fashion,retailer and the most visited fashion,and appearances in the world,if you check it on your tiktok it's,kind of blowing up huge amount of,three-in-holds and apparently ships all,over that platform,last year it sold nearly 46 billion,worth of error which is nearly half of,the leader inditex zara's parent company,and became the third most valuable,startup behind bad dance and spacex,it has done something that chinese,companies have tiknically failed to do,make a globally recognizable brand it,was known for its super affordable yet,cheaply made clothing offering clothes,at instantly low prices and targeting,primarily young women who are conscious,of cost and keeping up with fashion,drinks,unlike other fast fashion companies like,zara who at least attempt to appear a,little bit nicer than they really are,sheen doesn't attempt to do this at all,and no one seems to have issue with it,because they are cheap enough,if you go to xin website you're gonna,see so many cute trendy pieces at the,don't make sense press which is really,really low compared to what you expected,what's up guys welcome to the channel if,you are new to here my name is tim c kim,from the wholesale tutorial and stay for,the extremely mature e-commerce gadget,in today's video i'll be toking about,this mystery chinese company and figure,out how can you as a fashion seller,rapidly change the successful feature to,your own business so let's get started,she is founder sri yantian is an expert,in search energy optimization and expert,after brief sting running his own it,business he decided to try his luck at,his own expert venture,picking a domain name that he found,decent success was on a search page,sheiinsight.com,in 2012 she began selling all types of,women's apparel but back then she,inside.com was just an online platform,there was no factory and no inventory,the team uploaded pictures of whatever,design they could find wait for orders,to pile up on their set then follow them,wholesale,in 2015 she shortened the company name,to xiyin,he held the designers he placed his own,factory orders and built up his own,clothing and a production line and in,the process he came up with something,really noble in a successful attempt to,stand out on a google search page he,realized he was doing something that no,chinese company in earlier 2000s could,have possibly fathomed,he was developing a global brand,in the past fashion designer would mourn,over how customers would react to design,before pushing it out,by contrast companies like sheen are,flipping the script,they push anything and everything out,then analyze the buying pattern to title,their subsequent product,in china this strategy actually already,exists in the e-commerce sector it's,known as the c2i customer to manufacture,models,as popularized by retail giant pingudo,which begs the question of how she was,such successful,[Music],despite the advantage of safety on which,will remove the guesswork of doing,business and lead to a virtuous circle,that ultimately make mises more,efficient xin's geographic location also,leveraged china's advantage to build its,own flexible supply chain besides his,headquarters engine the company also has,an office in guangzhou,the southern industry hump known for its,garment manufacturing industry,and thanks to the supply chain xin is,reportedly able to take her products,from design to production in 10 days,other fast fashion competitors such as,dara simply cannot keep up as their,products are typically designed in,europe manufactured in south east asia,sent to europe headquarters for,warehousing and then shipped to global,markets,[Music],every day over 5000 new items appear on,their site at any one time it has as,many as 600 000 products which touched,on all the latest trends,this business model involves rapid,design production distribution and,marketing allows brands and retailers to,put large quantity of great product,severity and allow customers to get more,stale and products differentiation at a,low pressure,[Music],has pulled significant fonts into google,and facebook advertising campaign,information deals and even his own,social media reality show cohort by,chloe kadeshi,this approach appeared to be paying off,shane's website has 150 million visitor,and 14 of whom come with search,according to similar right compared to,just four percent of saras,on social media the company has,partnered with complex medical,celebrities fashion blogger and a,contestant from reality show like the,bachelor who show off deliveries of,trendy clothes in whole videos posted to,kiktop and instagram,the brand has essentially take over,social media,the hashtag sheen has gathered over 17,billion views on tiktok,its insta account has over 22 million,followers,for a company that was just found over,decades ago that was pretty crazy,she used social media strategies centers,around getting celebrities and influence,to market the brand on social media,they are an army of influence as well as,high-performing celebrities such as katy,perry and lee next axe have joined the,scene ecosystem,sheen has been really smart in,understanding the jinzy customers and,the type of content they resonated with,very addictive algorithmic on influence,on a young woman to drive a lot of sales,she is called tiktok of e-commerce,and this is all about real-time fashion,people on any social media they say,these things on scene they go and buy it,but then those data go directly to,factory so the factory can produce it,instantly and that disruption of,business model will go global but xin is,one of the first one to do that and they,are disrupting this whole model and the,market,they also use its powerful algorithm to,predict trends and sometimes don't even,start manufacturing,until order is placed,shin's factory system is their secret,weapon they have managed to connect the,product and the app store that they have,on sheen that is usually through tik,tok or instagram they know how to find,trained products and they get them,directly into their backend of erp,system,in addition data also goes into the,system of factory even into the workshop,our workflow of the garment producer the,manufacturers,suddenly when people want more or a,certain design is more in favor little,factory adapts all these trains in real,time,the reason that she is so good at it is,that they can buy two things,number one the experience that people,have think about tiktok and just,wanting to be part of it,they constantly want new shoes,new clothes,and specifically caves,they want to show off with that,they are kind of getting active to,buying those stuff,number two they can buy big data from,all fashion ecommerce to the factory,which makes it so efficient,creator doesn't always have to be,designer anymore the whole world can,create,short answer you can't back in 2012,sponsorship could be super cheap,sometimes influencers even can brand new,company for free,because business model of influence was,completely brand new at that time,sheen grows extremely fast by taking,that advantage however if you do some,research you will know how much it costs,to sponsor and influence the owner to,brand your products nowadays,moreover she is operating a sprawling,online marketplace that brings together,around 6 000 chinese clothing factories,and have built their own storage and,shipping service to meet customer needs,and boost sales,but unless you are fully stuffed,enterprise companies that has the time,or budget for all that testing tweaking,and implementing,well with coca-cola youtube,calcaclo is a great fashion wholesale,platform that also works with sheen's,factories,cockatoo makes easy for you to find,sheen's products from china and add them,to your online store right away,once you've m