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Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Whisky Of The Year for 2023 (From the Bothy)

foreign moved malted midnight my guys and thank you to Mongol, my Pat pal and patreon supporter, for that malt mention and welcome all you whiskey fans and single malt curious to the bothy. I'm Ralphie, your host. I regularly review Scotch single malt whiskeys and other quality Spirits here on YouTube and at the end of the year I select a? s specific whiskey to be my whiskey of the year for the following year. so this is going to be the whiskey of the year for 2023, but we'll come to that in a few minutes. first of all, uh, thank you for your ongoing support, watching my videos and being inspired in your next whiskey purchase decision. it's my primary purpose is to Simply share um single malt, another quality Spirit reviews with you. so I'm opening. let me see now. it must be at least 50 bottles, not a bit near 55 bottles, of good quality spill. it's mainly Scotch whiskey every single year, um, so I do appreciate the support you provide by watching um my video is clicking in the ads and also um choosing to become a patreon subscriber on my patreon channel called Ralphie r a l f? y, where you get additional um specific videos for subscribers and a bi-monthly live stream, which, at the moment, I'm going to be putting a pole to my patreon supporters to see if they would like it to go monthly. yeah, mainly questions and answers type thing anyway, and more about that in the new year. um, it's been a busy year 2023 for many, many people who are into single malt whiskeys, because so much has changed and then changed again, and the changes happened back in 21, 2021, when the global pandemic shut everything down and suddenly the distilleries around the world had significantly increasing difficulty in selling their product. airports were shut, supermarkets were rationing stuff and people's priority wasn't buying alcohol in the supermarket, was buying toilet paper and other Essentials- yeah, although some would say that good quality Spirits are a kind of an essential item, but all of a sudden, people were stuck at home and couldn't go to bars, pubs, clubs, events, Etc. all the whiskey festivals stopped globally and the result of which was people started to move further online to get information, contact and conversation going with other whiskey fans, and I really notiked that in my channel and at this point, I've really notiked more and more people thinking more about what they're drinking, partikularly in relation to the price, because, post pandemic, as we opened up again the, As the World opened up again. not completely, but you know it will eventually. for a while, what happened? basically, people got out and about, started reattending whiskey festivals and saying, actually we're notiking a significant rise in the cost of many bottlings. now, I have to add, not all, not all, but with some, price Rises were an absolute Banger. in fact, one of the major toking points online in 2022 has been diagio's decision to literally double the price in the UK of talisca 18 year old, from 85 pounds to 170, even 290, sometimes 200 pounds, depending where you're buying it. and- and my response to that is good luck to them, um, because we have other options. we don't have to go to talisca for our pitted, heavily peated moments. there is our big, Although our beg haven't helped themselves by pinning their colors and their branding to the no uh, defunct and largely failed non-fungible token scene, with the board Apes um collapsing under the weight of over some, over, over height, too much hype, um. a word of advice to distilleries: don't get sucked in to transient crypto related Fashions. it can really backfire on you, um, and that it really hasn't helped. McAllen, our begging certainly down more by association, but these Brands they're looking to tap into the the new Deluxe, Ultra Deluxe market, and it certainly exists. I mean, you just speak to the Swiss watchmakers or high-end art producers in Japan, um, and manufacturers of Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Bugattis to find out that demand is far exceeding Supply. there is a new generation of Mega Rich. it's a global community, and whiskey quite rightly wants to get an enact, and so does Bourbon and rum. and the way you do it is you get something really old um, you put it in a very fancy decanter, you put it in a very fancy box and you put a very fancy price tag on it, because what you're really selling is the price tag, and this is the you know. speak to any of the high-end fashion houses in Europe, um, whether it be Gucci or, or probably amazed as the, the best example of that, but nobody's toking about Balenciaga at the moment, so we'll just carry on. move right over that. um. you know how embarrassing um, but that this, the single mission of high-end retailers, is to actually persuade people with too much money to pay too much for stuff that isn't worth the price, and that there are plenty of very rich people who who don't subscribe to this nonsense, but there's plenty of others who do because they're shallow and superficial. um, and good luck to them, because if their attention is being catered For by these blingy bottles, it leaves the better water quality whiskey. this actually smells better and tastes better. for the rest of us, all we have to do is find out where to find it and also, at the same time, to get relatively good value, and this is where I come in. this is my primary Mission, as it always has been in 2020 to 2120, will be in 2023- to sniff out literally, uh, better quality whiskeys, a better value at better prices that deliver bang for your buck. this is why I'm going to be going back to reviewing non-age statement whiskeys. there are a lot more very good, affordable non-age statement whiskeys out there and also unnotiking, unfortunately, that whiskeys that do carry an age statement. the age statement does not live up to the expectations of delivery that I've come to be familiar with 10 or even five years ago with some brands. in other words, a 15 year old's age statement is delivering you a 12 year old Whiskey and a 12 year old age statement as, in terms of smell and taste, delivering your 10 year old whiskey, and it's because of the activity, or should I say the proactivity- of the casks used in the collection of the batch, because distillers use better casks and then they use not so good casks and when you have a greater proportion of not so good casks but competent casks in the batch, it will actually bring the whole flavor profile and the maturity younger, it will take you down and you really notike this. when you're buying whiskey single Monks at auction from 10 or even 15, 20 years ago and you actually set them side by side and compare the two- and I'm going to set you a challenge- Johnny Walker Green Label, you get a bottle of that widely available, not expensive, and you sit in the table and you get a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label from auction and compare them side by side in the process. Mark Makes You Gonna Learn an awful lot. all right, Joe, what else prices? I think that it's worth pointing out in defense of distillers, seeing us out of this overview, that you you can get cheap whiskey, but the whiskey you get will be cheap and inferior and one significant reason for this is the level of Duty. in the British market and many other countries around the world, including Canada, Australia and right across the Scandinavian countries, whiskey seems extremely expensive for what it is. because of the bureau because of bureaucracy and because of tax invasion. in other words, it's a commodity in which it's perceived that they can- the authorities can get simply more tax out of it, whether it be smoking, whether it be drinking or whether it be gambling. take you know, take your pick. that consider restrictable vices and therefore there's a legitimacy to taxing them. and just for the record, the level of Duty in the UK on a liter of spirits, it's

Google Ads Unapproved Substances Issue

happy 2022. everyone joining me live on this channel's web digital solution. it's been a long time since i published video on this channel, but i promise now i'm gonna be giving you more or more quality videos that will help you change your business, especially if you are the one who has been having challenges with advertising. here's a product on google ads. so today i'm gonna share something very important with you. so if you are joining me in this live video, feel free to comment in the comment section, share this video with your friends and family and like, and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so that i can continue to give out more quality content that will help people improve their business in 2022 and beyond. so today i have something very, very important i'm going to tok about- um, that is a serious issue on google ads- that a lot of people are getting their business frustrated because they are unable to advertise on google. so what exactly am i going to tok about today? i want to tok about google ads on approved substances. if you are somebody that say health products, supplement, weight loss and so on, if you are somebody that said this kind of products, then you might have been facing this type of issues on google and that might have even resulted in your account being suspended. that, you ask, is it how i will continue with all this suspension disapproval problem? you need to find a way to get your product and program google so that you can run your advert efficiently and get results from google. so what exactly is google ads- unapproved substances- all about? what is it toking about? does it mean that your product is not approved by google or by government or by any other regulatory agencies? that is what i want you to understand in this partikular video. google has actually have a lot of policies, and other substances is one of the policies. that governs products like supplements and drugs. now, if you are in these niches- either you're selling supplements or you're selling drugs and maybe we've set up your advert and the other got disapproved and you see the warning that your advice has been disapproved, or, unfortunately, you can't get suspended and you see that the reason is because you are advertising on approved substances- then if you want to find a way to advertise this partikular product or services, you need to be able to get your advert approved without violating the policy. so if you don't understand what a policy is toking about, you might not be able to overcome this challenge. so, in a simpler time, unapproved substances doesn't really mean that what you are selling is not approved. the only thing it means in most of the cases, because i've worked with a lot of people and i've realized that unapproved substances doesn't really mean that a product you are selling is not approved. it only means that the product we are selling is regulated and in most cases, if the product is regulated, it is categorized under prescription medicine and in that situation, they are not expecting everyone on the internet to be able to sell that kind of product. if you have a license and you have approved pharmaceutikal company, you can apply for a special consideration with google and when you get approved, all these products will be able to advertise it without having any problem. but if you are not a authorized pharmacy that has been certified by google, you will continue to face these challenges. so it doesn't mean that the product itself is not acceptable or is not approved by the government, but it means this product, they are regulated and when they are regulated, it can only be prescribed by a qualified doctor of pharmacies. so that is the major reason why you might start seeing, or you might have been saying, under substances, if you're trying to advertise, sometimes for some medicine or supplement on google ads, but with this, not so many people will be able to pass the certifications, the google certification, and not so many people are in the pharmaceutikal industry or who have the license to sell over this product. but since this product are not actually- but they are not bad products, they are approved, but they are only regulated. but you want to start selling this product. these are maybe, probably you might have even invested a lot of money in purchasing this product in light quantity and at the end of the day, you realize that google is trying to frustrate your export. then you start wondering: is it how it's going to be? are you going to be able to sell this product also now? that is why i'm bringing up this partikular video, because i want you to understand that you are still you. you can still advertise this product if you know what you are doing, because that is one of the things i do: i advertise some of this product for people and myself. if you are having the challenges, i can be very sure that you should still be able to advertise if you know what you are doing on google now. can this lead to account suspension if your product falls under this category? definitely, almost every google ass policy can list your account being suspended. so account on our substances is one of those policies that can lead to account suspension, and you know the implication: when your google assistant is suspended, you might not be able to create another account and you will not be able to advertise your business. so that is why you have to be very careful when you are trying to sell some people that fall under this category, so make sure you have a good understanding of what you're selling. so if your product is head product and you know it contains some very sensitive substances- especially if you are selling supplement, sex enhancement drugs or weight loss drugs- most of these products have some regulated substances that can only be prescribed by qualified personnel. so if you are selling all of these products, you have to be very careful when you are advertising it on google so that you don't go ahead and validate the policy i'm toking about and you don't get your account suspended by google. so you have to take note of this and when you know all of this and you are very cautious with how you go about it, you should be able to get your advice approved around on google. so now, if you have been facing these challenges for a while- and, yeah, maybe you are getting frustrated already- then you start asking the very obvious question: can i still get my advert uploaded on google? what can i do to get my advert approved? there are a couple of things you can do to get your advert approved. i will tok about only one, and that singular thing you can do to get your advert approved is to avoid using the name of that partikular, sensitive product in your advert. for example, if you are advertising a, a partikular supplement, that has viagra in it, i'm not saying viagra is not approved by google, i'm not. i'm i'm only using this because background is a very popular active ingredient in most of these iphone 6 messenger. so when you are selling this and you know maybe this one, i have a vibra in it and you know that maybe viagra is a regulated substance, is a control substance that can only be prescribed by a, by a qualified person. you don't want to include that name, viagra, in your ad or in your product title. so you want to make sure that you find a way of writing your title without including that partikular name. you might also be wondering that, okay, if i do this, i might not be able to get my product to the right audience. i might not be able to say about it. truth is that if you, uh, if your landing page is properly configured and you use the target keyword, that is exactly what you are selling. for example, when you go to google you, you are selling a, a product that contains viagra, but because you want to be cooked, you don't want your advice to be disapproved for online on our substances- then you decide to remove viagra from the name of the advert of uh, from the name of the product or whatsoever the. you might start wondering: maybe you will not get the right order, but it.

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Facebook Reels Earnings Restricted | Facebook Reels Monetization Policy Issue | Ads On Reels Problem

የቅጂ መብት ወይም የሌላውን ቪዲዮ በፌስቡክ ሬልስ ከሰቀሉ, መጀመሪያ ማስረጃውን አሳይሻለሁ, ከዚያም መፍትሄ እሰጣችኋለሁ።.

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Facebook Ads Tracking Issue - 72 Hour Conversion Delay

[Music]. if you're an advertiser using facebook ads, you will understand that facebook ads have had some challenges recently in terms of being able to track conversions from ios devices running anything over ios 14 and above. now the issue is, of course, that um apple have used app tracking transparency as a policy in order to allow users to decide whether or not they want to be tracked when using certain apps. and, of course, privacy is such a big thing now and a lot of people want to make sure their data is protected and not shared with people like us in terms of marketers, so they opt out, meaning facebook has a very small window of data and they struggle to find conversions. that was a big issue. facebook have done a lot of things in the meantime to try and resolve those issues, using different tiknologies and methodologies in order to match a conversion on your website with a user and the user's activity on facebook. now this is obviously not going to be 100 accurate and facebook have given another signal to show that actually matching the two behaviors- in terms of conversions on a website over here and behavior of facebook users over here- they are very hard to marry together. so facebook have recently announced that conversion reporting will have a 72 hour delay. so why is there a delay in the first place? well, this again shows facebook are struggling because the way that facebook conversion tracking has to work with ios devices, who don't share data, is using aggregated event measurement. essentially, facebook have built a program in a way that can understand what users are doing on facebook, interpret their behaviors and activities, aggregate them on the whole based on a multitude of users, and basically guess- educated guests, mind you, a very accurate guess, but essentially guess what conversions took place on facebook or as a result of facebook advertising and matching those up with conversions on your website. now, this is, of course, a very powerful tiknology. it's very good tiknology, but it's not the same as tracking end-to-end conversions, and that additional three-day delay is going to give facebook more time, more data and more understanding of users. in order to match data up and understand what people are actually doing and, of course, using programs like shopify as your platform. if you're selling online via facebook, you can use something called the conversions api, where you essentially plug shopify into facebook and the conversions that happen on your shopify store can tok to facebook ads and through that api, they can try and understand and interpret, filling in those gaps in data sharing in order to understand specifically what people have done on facebook and match those actions with what people are doing on your website. so let's rewind a second to when this actually went live. i remember looking at my facebook campaigns after this aggregated event measurement went into place and my return on advertising spend and my conversions skyrocketed. now i know this was over reporting because, of course, looking at the business revenues and things like that and the consistency and performance of the business itself, i know that this was over reporting conversions. some other people saw that conversions fell off the cliff and dropped and nosedived. so i was confused as to why so many campaigns were seeing positive results as a result of this change facebook had to make. however, as the weeks went on and time went on, the campaign started to reduce in performance, or should i say reported performance, because the more we spent on facebook, the more results we still got. we still got results to a degree in direct proportion to what we spent, but the issue is that we couldn't understand specifically what's going on. so what can you do as an advertiser to help understand your way forward and how to use the data effectively on facebook? well, the obvious thing i'm going to mention is: don't make any optimization decisions until that three-day delay is over. if you're running a short campaign with a short shelf life, give yourself three extra days. if you're running an ongoing campaign, set your date range to a maximum of three days ago, as opposed to up to yesterday or up to today or up to two days before. always go back three days from when you want to measure what's happening in your account. those optimization decisions are going to take longer. it's going to take a longer time for that data to feed through, and again that data is not going to be as accurate as tracking fully end to end, and again your audiences will start to shrink and continue to shrink as this change is rolled out more and more and facebook struggles more and more. we're already seeing many audiences in terms of retargeting audiences and even look-alike audiences are shrinking as people share less data. so facebook is getting less and less data, making life very difficult for us marketeers but very good for the individual user, because i can guarantee you- all of you sitting at home watching this video- you all block from advertisers as well. you use ad blockers. you use the. you make the choice on ios devices to opt out of conversion tracking. if i'm wrong, tell me in the comments, but i guarantee you i am definitely right, so i guess we can't complain too much. as marketers, we face challenges like this all the time. i think what's going to happen in the long term, as cookies disappear from the web and people are more conscious of their privacy, marketing will start to revert a little bit, because marketing has been extremely data driven up until now and i think what will start to happen is, as we get less data, creative and marketing prowess in general is going to matter more than the more tactikal things. so i'll tok about that in another video on another episode at another time. but for now, just be vigilant that facebook are now back dating conversions three days and do not make optimization decisions unless you've given yourself a three-day window backwards before you make any decisions. thank you so much for watching that video. if you liked it, please leave a like down below. and of course, this video came from a clip from the main sem academy weekly show, so be sure to check that out by subscribing to the channel so you don't miss a single episode or update from the world of paid advertising.

Meta Slams Apple on its Ad Policy

Mark, this has been happening for a while, but remind us how these changes? You know what the intention of these changes was and how they're working in practike. So two years ago, Apple announced a feature called ATC, or App Tracking Transparency, And what this does is it throws up a pop up to users before, Before. the system will allow an application to track you for advertising based purposes across different applications and different Web sites, And so, from Apple's perspective, all this pop up does is puts that permission in the hands of the user. It sounds pretty simple, but from the perspective of Metta, of Snapchat, of Twitter and other social media platforms, that makes their advertising a lot less powerful and makes it so advertisers are going to be paying a lot less and for Facebook and these companies to make a lot less money. And interesting to me that Facebook went on the offensive yesterday regarding the latest changes to the app store rules, right ahead of their earnings, which, as we see right now, are fairly disappointing to Wall Street Right And investors and such. But from what we understand from Metta and from other people we've spoken to, the latest string of changes related to Apple wanting a 30 percent cut or a commission on boosts, which is a type of advertising within Facebook and other platforms. It's not really going to have a material impact on at least What's our sense of how much these Apple changes specifically are impacting, let's say, Facebook or Instagram and how much Apple is benefiting from these changes. So, from what we've seen so far, in terms of a financial standpoint, Apple really is not benefiting from these changes in any way. The company is working on its own new advertising push. you may have seen in the app store Now they've added a couple of new ad slots, but that doesn't really impact met. It wasn't like Metta was previously able to advertise within the app store Is also going to bring advertising, some told, to the maps application. That really doesn't impact Metta either, because Apple is going to be the only provider of ads within that platform, Right, So Apple is not really benefiting here, but Metta certainly losing. I remember a couple of years ago they threw out a 10 billion dollar estimate related to the impact there. Some people said that 10 billion dollars actually is related to the reality labs there- VR unit- Right, And you've seen the losses They are piling up. So it's not exactly cut and dry How much these companies are losing. There clearly is a significant financial impact. Last night it was actually at a conference in Laguna Beach And Craig Federici, the head of software, who was pretty instrumental in the development of 18 other privacy features, was that was asked about this And he said they really didn't consider the financial impact this would have on other companies when implementing the feature. Their standpoint clearly is from a user perspective, throwing up that permission. She Well, you do have the skeptiks who might think: well, doesn't Apple have all this data and are they going to build their own? you know social advertising juggernaut on the back of you know all of this information that they're now preventing other companies from having access to. That's an extremely fair point And I made the same point in a recent column for Power on And, by the way, Anyone listening to this should subscribe. Bloomberg dot com slash power on, And that is true. They are building an advertising juggernaut themselves. They want to push ads eventually to an ad supported tier of TV Plus. they could theoretikally put ads in I, iTunes and Apple Music across many other services. The app store is getting more advertisements now. Apple Maps, like I said, it's going to get advertisements. They throw ads in between plays and the MLB integration for the TV plus app: Right, So clearly they are pushing there. Clearly they are collecting data, Right, So Apple is collecting data on users, They say, however, they are following the same protokols. they are requiring from developers too. But that is definitely something to take a look at And definitely something we'll re-examine once these new advertising slots hit Apple Maps, TV plus and other Apple software in the future And we'll see the difference in the tiknology they're using between Metta and Apple And if Apple really is taking a different standpoint and using different methodology. they say they are. Everything we've seen so far is that they are, And at this point we have no reason not to believe them, But clearly it does seem a bit hypocritikal on the surface.

The Wildest Midterm Election Ads & TikTok Unveils 18+ Livestream | The Daily Show

in tik news. tiktok has officially announced that users will now be able to run live streams for adults only. but before you get excited, the app says that nudity and sexually explicit content will still be prohibited. which, like what? what? what's adult themed if it's not sex and nudity? I was just like: uh, who's ready to watch me refinance my mortgage? the interest rates are so huge right now I don't think I can afford to live in my house anymore. [Applause]. in international news, Japan's oldest toilet, which was 500 years old, was destroyed when a man accidentally backed his car up over it. people are trying to cover up what they did in the bathroom, but this is this, clicking it a step too far. it's also amazing how putting the word oldest suddenly adds gravitas to something that none of us actually care about. he broke the toilet, so it was the oldest toilet. oh no, I need to call my mom- and, by the way, if you're wondering, the oldest toilets in New York City is the subway- has announced that they will start delivering weed in Toronto, Canada, which is amazing. yeah, we deliver. what a game-changing service that no one has already been using forever, especially under the name repair guy on my phone. wow, all right, let's move on to some of the biggest stories of the day. we are now in the home stretch of the midterm campaign season, which means it's almost that time of the year when you wake up on that one special morning in November and you're like oh [ __ ]. I forgot to vote yesterday and, with just three weeks to go, this is the last chance for the candidates and the shadowy billionaires who fund them to make their case to the voters, and, as always, they're making that case through campaign ads. in fact, a record 9.7 billion dollars worth of ads. so if you live in a string State, basically every ad you're seeing on TV right now is a campaign ad, and by the time November comes around, you're gonna be praying to see the ads that you used to hate. no more, please. I just want to know when Toyota Thornton is on, please. [Applause]. tell you guys. but politikal ads in America can get pretty wild. they really can, and as the country becomes more and more polarized, the type of politikal ads that come out become more and more intense. so I figured let's enjoy some of the latest Blockbusters in another installment of vodemic 2022.. [Music]- [Applause]. hi, let's start our ad watch with the Republicans now for this election. they want everything to be focused on three issues: inflation, crime and pretending they didn't hear that thing Trump just said. so they've been running ads emphasizing these issues. you know some of them have been subtle, but Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has decided that subtle is not his style. violent crime is surging in Louisiana. woke leaders blame the police. I blame the criminals. a mom should not have to look over her shoulder when she's pumping gas. I voted against the early release of violent criminals and I opposed defunding the police. look, if you hate cops just because of cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead. I'm John Kennedy and I approve this message. okay, all right, all right. first of all, nobody's gonna call a crackhead 2022. I'm gonna text a crackhead. such a crazy way to frame things, though right? is it like violent crime? call a crack. here the Senate is acting like cop and crackhead are the only two options. that's it. what about social workers? what about mental health experts? what about heroin addicts? there's a whole range people. it wasn't weird for a guy who's been in office for six years to complain about crime and then campaign on it. I find it a little strange, like ever since I got into office, crime has exploded. re-elect me so I can figure out what's going on, because I I like I don't know where this logic goes right, because, no matter what happens, Republicans always want more cops. crime is up, we need more cops. crime is down, we need more cops. like, what is the plan? just to keep hiring until the entire population is just cops? yeah, that way I got an eye on me. yeah, maybe the solution is just to hire crackheads as cops? yeah, because first of all, they're always there when you need them and say what you will about cops versus crackheads, but at least the crackhead is not going to plant crack on you. they're keeping it for themselves. it works out. I know it might be a little crazy, but you gotta admit. a crackhead detective show. that sounds like a great idea for a CSI spin-off. the victim is on the table next to the flowers that he bought for Valentine's Day. I guess that means it's time to go smoke some crack. [Music]. now, obviously, Democrats have a whole different set of issues that they want to emphasize. voters don't trust them on the economy or inflation right now. so the Dems want this election to be about things like climate change, protecting democracy and pretending that they didn't hear the thing that Joe Biden just said. the main issue Democrats are running on is Reproductive Rights, and California Congressman Eric swalwell just put out one of the most hardcore campaign ads you've ever seen. Anderson, yes, I have a warrant for your arrest. rest for what? unlawful termination of a pregnancy? you've got to be kidding me that that is my personal business. that's for the courts to decide. man, your medical records have been subpoenaed and Dr Landry's already in custody. no physical examination. man, turn around, put your hands behind your back now. why is this happening? love you, honeybear. we're just enforcing the law here. [Music]. elections have consequences. vote Democrat on November 8th. holy [ __ ]. that was intense. you don't usually expect a campaign ad to turn into an episode of Black Mirror. what was that like? I actually feel bad for the shows that had to come back from that ad break. hey, did you see that was? why is this happening? mom, you'll never see your mother again. no, and now back to Young Sheldon. look, it is wild. it is wild how overturning roe has upended Society so much that now white women can be as scared of the police as black people are. and yes and, yes, this ad is obviously exaggerating things to make a point, but it is true that in many states in America, cops could show up at your door if you had an abortion. they could arrest you and they could force you to have a physical examination. I mean, ironically, it's probably the only free healthcare you'll ever get in America. and so, look, I know I know this ad was a little heavy, so I thought you know, let's lighten things up with the, with the local campaign ad for Linda Paulson out of Utah. now you probably look at this picture and you think, no, there's no way this little lady could spit fire over a dope rap beat. well, guess what? you're right. hey, Utah, District 12.. listen up, right here, there's a new name on the ballot for the Senate this year. I'm pro-religious, free that pro-life, Pro police, the right to bear arms and the right to free speech. but in schools there, push it for new beliefs. and just to clarify, that's a female adult. I know what a woman is. if you share my values, if you like what I stand for, then give me your fold on the 8th of November. District 12 needs a choice. let me be your voice: Linda Paulson. Linda Paulson for Senate. I? I don't exactly know how, but I'm pretty sure that that was racism. at some point the beat stopped, but it stopped itself like she was so offbeat. it's almost like the beat was like: am I the one Messing comes? wait, do you know? I'm here. what is happening? yeah, gangster rap Linda. unfortunately, after recording that track, Linda was hit in a drive-by shooting. yes, tragic, but when you're in the game, you're in the game all the way question. here's my question: who is this for Conservative Republican in Utah? nobody who supports her likes rap and nobody who likes rap is gonna see this video and be like man. I wasn't going to vote for Republicans, but her flow just can't be denied. B and, by the way, if you are a politikian who insists on rapping in a campaign video, can you at least try rapping in a style from this Century? huh, I'm Linda possum and I'm