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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

The WestJet Christmas Miracle Real Time Giving is an inspiring story of how the good folks at WestJet planned a surprise for their guests on Christmas Eve. The article explores the magical experience that the guests had, and how the WestJetters worked together to make it happen.

The Christmas Miracle:

- The guests were in their beds, dreaming of traveling, while something secret arrived on the runway.

- It was a Christmas surprise left in the lounge for the guests.

- Santa Claus arrived, asking the guests what they wanted for Christmas.

- The WestJetters took notes and got ready to shop quick.

- Two flights were in the air to get all the presents, not a moment to spare.

- The guests' wishes were granted, and they were surprised when they saw their gifts at the carousel.

The WestJet Christmas Miracle Real Time Giving is a heartwarming story that shows the power of teamwork, generosity, and kindness. The guests were delighted, and the WestJetters were proud to make their Christmas special. The article reminds us that miracles do happen when we work as one. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to all!

WestJet Christmas Miracle: A Wish Come True

It was a night before Christmas, and everyone was looking forward to the long overdue holiday season. Last year was tough for everyone coast to coast, and WestJet decided to ask what people missed the most. Disguised as a film crew, WestJet asked a few questions, and the answers were heartwarming.

What People Missed Most Last Christmas:

- Getting together with family

- Having big family gatherings

- Traveling to see loved ones

- Meeting family members who live abroad

- Doing traditional Christmas activities

One Wish for Christmas:

- To be reunited with family

- Happiness for everyone

- To travel

- To have everyone in the same house

- To be able to afford return tickets to see family

WestJet's Surprises:

- Four round-trip tickets to anywhere WestJet flies for Ellie and Patrick

- An all-inclusive vacation package to Cancun for Natasha and Cameron

- A surprise visit from a mother and daughter from London, England

This holiday season, WestJet spread joy and happiness by reuniting families and fulfilling Christmas wishes. Whether you're with your loved ones or missing them, hold them close and cherish the time together. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight!

Inspiring Humanity Through Innovation

JetBlue's mission is to bring humanity back to air travel by adapting to customer needs and focusing on long-term relationships.

The airline recognizes the importance of taking educated risks and making purposeful decisions to enhance the customer experience.

JetBlue's success in the highly competitive airline industry is due to its unique culture, which cannot be copied by competitors.

The introduction of the A321 and the Mint experience demonstrates JetBlue's commitment to investing in the future and outperforming competitors in the transcon market.

JetBlue's focus on inspiring humanity and empowering crewmembers sets it apart from other airlines.

Investment in the core experience and the Mint experience is critical to JetBlue's long-term success.

The airline's partnership with Birchbox and Saxon and parole reflects its commitment to personalization and connecting with customers on a deeper level.

JetBlue's culture is its biggest asset and the key to its continued success in the airline industry.

The company's funding from Shopify further demonstrates its commitment to innovation and adapting to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Uniting Through Traditions

Santa Claus loves Christmas traditions and holiday cheer, and on his epic journey, he found something incredible. Among all the traditions, spending Christmas with loved ones stands high. WestJet created a surprise for some lucky guests who missed each other the most, and the result was heartwarming.


- Parents whose daughter has moved far away.

- A fun-loving couple who misses their best friends.

- A woman whose boyfriend lives far away.

Their stories:

- Jennifer is Santa's oldest daughter, who has been living in Seoul for 7 years, and her parents miss her dearly.

- Robin and Kris were Santa's best friends when he moved to Grand Prairie, and he misses them like crazy.

- Austin and Shawntel met in Las Vegas at a country festival and have been doing long-distance since then. They were at the Route 91 festival where the shooting had occurred, and seeing how Shawntel dealt with it made Austin realize that she was the kind of person he wants in his life.

The Surprise:

WestJet created a make-believe commercial to cause some confusion and complete the illusion. The surprise was heartwarming, and the guests will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Spending Christmas with loved ones is the best tradition of all, and WestJet's surprise showed how important it is to be together with family and friends during the holidays.

Air Canada: Gift of Home for the Holidays #ACgiftofhome

Two Canadians are talking and expressing their homesickness during the holiday season. However, a surprising announcement changes their plans and brings joy to everyone present.


- Car honking

- Person 1: Are you Canadians?

- Person 2: Yeah, we're both Canadian.

- Person 1: Oh, you miss things, yeah?

- Person 2: What do you miss?

- Person 1: The Habs? (referring to the Montreal Canadiens hockey team)

- Both laugh

- Person 1: Are you going back for the holidays?

- Person 2: We just couldn't budget it. My Mom is really sad that I'm here. It will be hard because it will just be the four of us and we're used to about 25 people, so my son is very sad that we're not going home.

- Bell ringing

- Bell rings again

- Announcer: We have an announcement. Because we are in the holiday season, I'd like to take this occasion to offer everybody here present this evening a round...

- Crowd cheers

- Announcer: But there's more to the story. When we say a round, we mean round trip tickets for everyone to go back to Canada for the holiday season!

- Crowd cheering

- Person 2: My husband's sister is pregnant so we're going to get to see her. We're thinking about it. (laughs) We will go home now.

- Person 1: Who will you go see?

- Person 2: My sister.

- Crowd singing Oh Canada

- Crowd cheering

- Person 2: Hi Mom! (laughs)

- Person 1: You're not going to believe this.

The conversation showcases the homesickness of two Canadians during the holiday season, but the surprising announcement of free round trip tickets for everyone to go back to Canada brings joy to everyone present. The conversation ends with the two Canadians excitedly making plans to visit their loved ones.

These Passengers Watched their OWN Emergency, LIVE!!

- Imagine being on a flight where the landing gear malfunctions mid-air.

- This was the reality for passengers on JetBlue Flight 292.

- The incident started with a simple maintenance job and escalated quickly, causing panic among the crew and passengers.

Details of the Incident:

- On September 21, 2005, JetBlue Flight 292, a three-year-old Airbus A320, was scheduled for a return flight from Burbank to JFK.

- The aircraft had undergone light maintenance work to replace some proximity sensors before the flight.

- The flight had 140 passengers, four cabin crew members, and two experienced pilots.

- The first officer was the pilot flying for the return flight, while the captain did the walk-around outside.

- During takeoff, the captain tried to retract the landing gear, but it wouldn't move.

- Two logs on the upper support of the nose wheel shock absorber had sheared off, causing the nose gear to move slightly out of position.

- The landing gear control and interface unit stopped the retraction of the landing gear due to the incorrect position of the nose gear.

- The braking and steering control unit deactivated the nose gear steering.

- The pilots had no idea what was happening and contacted air traffic control for clearance to climb to 14,000 feet.

- They were then given vectors to hold over the Palmdale Lancaster area.

- The first officer was hand-flying the aircraft at 14,000 feet, while the captain got in contact with JetBlue management and maintenance.

- The aircraft had an uplink that enabled passengers to watch TV, and they were following their own flight in real-time.

- The pilots decided to fly over to Long Beach airport, where they could have a closer look at the landing gear.

- As they descended towards Long Beach, they requested a low-altitude flyby of the tower to inspect the position of the nose gear.

- The tower and a nearby traffic watch helicopter confirmed that the nose gear was angled 90 degrees towards the direction of the aircraft.

- The pilots knew they were facing a much more serious problem than they initially thought.

- JetBlue Flight 292 had a lucky escape, and all passengers and crew members landed safely.

- The incident highlighted the importance of regular maintenance checks and the need to prioritize passenger safety in all situations.

- It also showed how technology can enable passengers to follow their own flights in real-time, which can be a source of comfort or added stress depending on the situation.

About JetBlue Ventures

JetBlue Ventures: Innovating the Aviation Industry through Technology

JetBlue Ventures is a strategic investment arm created to explore the potential of technology in transforming the aviation industry. The company invests in and partners with startups to solve real problems in the industry. JetBlue Ventures is committed to providing a platform for its portfolio companies to help them grow and succeed.

Investment Themes:

JetBlue Ventures invests in startups that focus on five investment themes:

1. Customer Experience

2. Sustainability

3. Operations and Maintenance

4. Loyalty and Revenue

5. Route Expansion and Optimization

Portfolio Companies:

JetBlue Ventures partners with startups to solve problems in the industry. Some of its portfolio companies include:

1. Tomorrowio: A micro-weather company that uses connected devices and AI tools to provide accurate and hyper-local weather forecasts. JetBlue has rolled out Tomorrowio to all its stations throughout the system to help operate with weather every single day.

2. Universal Hydrogen: A company that is building conversion kits to take a fuel-based aircraft and make it a hydrogen-based aircraft. The company aims to achieve a true zero-emission aviation sector with green hydrogen.

3. Music i6: A company that provides a comprehensive fuel management platform that utilizes data and digitization across the whole process to help jetblue operate better through the fueling process.

Benefits of Partnership:

Partnering with JetBlue Ventures has been an invaluable decision for its portfolio companies. JetBlue Ventures provides industry experts who share the vision for a sustainable industry and can facilitate partnerships and introductions in the industry. It is a true partner committed to helping its startups grow and succeed.

JetBlue Ventures is committed to exploring the potential of technology in transforming the aviation industry. It invests in and partners with startups to solve real problems in the industry. JetBlue Ventures provides a platform for its portfolio companies to help them grow and succeed. It is a strategic investor committed to helping its startups grow and succeed in the industry.

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