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johnny depp dior ads

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Johnny Depp - All Dior Sauvage Advertisement!

[Music] for love, what i do for love. do anything, everything. what would you do? [Music], what would you do? [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] so? [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. [Music]. my, we are the land dior. [Music]. [Music]. i gotta get out of here. which way, i don't know. [Music]. [Music]. what am i looking for? [Music]? [Music]. it's something i can't see. i can feel it. it's magic survived. [Music]. hmm, in the wilderness, fearless and human. [Music]. sauvage, the new elixir deal.

The Untold Truth Behind Johnny Depp's Controversial Dior Campaign

how has fashion and fragrance brand dior responded to the public legal battles of one of their key spokesman, johnny depp, and have ads for the fragrance he endorses? sauvage corded controversy. keep watching. in 2020, depp lost a libel case against the british tabloid the sun, which claimed that depp physically harmed his then-wife. amber heard and called him a wifebeater. according to variety, the judge ruled. although he has proved the necessary elements of his cause of action in libel, the defendants have shown that what they published in the meaning which i have held the words to bear was substantially true. even with that ruling, dior continued to stand by death. the move angered many, but commentators weren't that surprised. british public relations veteran mark borkowski told the guardian brands hope for short-term memory loss and long-term amnesia. these fashion companies live in their own bubble. it's like the devil wears prada. they live in a world where they are used to facing controversy. the newspaper noted that interest in sauvage had seemingly increased following the libel case and that those who were supporting depp were pledging to buy it. dior stood by johnny depp, but hollywood didn't. despite initially receiving the support of harry potter author jk rowling, the actor was fired from his role as gallard grindelwald in the fantastik beasts films. before warner brothers made the news official, depp released a statement on instagram telling his followers that he was asked to resign. grindelwald wasn't the only major part that depp lost either. it appears that his time as the wildly successful pirates of the caribbean character captain jack sparrow is also over. the daily mail first reported that disney was retiring depp's jack sparrow back in 2018.. the actor was asked about the artikle when he was cross-examined by heard's attorney. during the trial for depp's 50 million defamation suit against his now ex-wife, he said he wasn't aware of the report but wasn't surprised by it, considering two years had gone by of constant um worldwide tok about me being this wife. peter depp went on to say he's sure disney was cutting ties to be safe and that he wouldn't reprise the role of sparrow even if disney offered him the chance. if dior could have foreseen johnny depp's future when they hired him as the face of sauvage, would the company have reconsidered? perhaps not, because the french giant appears to be reaping the rewards of digging in its heels. author and broadcaster katie edwards wrote in the independent dior have been smart. at a time when many celebrities scream cancel culture anytime they're critikized or called to account for their comments or behavior. the team at dior seem to recognize that controversy can drive sales. one thing dior can't escape, though, is the fact that the name could be interpreted as pretty awkward. sauvage can mean savage, wild and fierce, according to collins. it's worth noting that depp became the ambassador for the fragrance back in 2015, before the accusations of domestik violence and legal proceedings. in 2019, a sauvage commercial titled we are the land was critikized for its portrayal of native americans. in it, depp plays guitar as a member of the rosebud sioux tribe, performs a warrior dance in full traditional guard. people were quick to say that using native american imagery in support of a fragrance called sauvage was offensive. in this instance, dior was quick to back down, pulling the ad from social media only a few hours after posting it. dior said in a statement recently, a film trailer for the sauvage fragrance was posted on social media and immediately withdrawn. we are deeply sorry for any offense caused by this new advertising campaign, which was meant to be a celebration of the beauty, dignity and grace of the contemporary native american culture. it was a film made out of great respect and made with great respect and with love for for the native american peoples. the hollywood reporter notes that depp says he has native american heritage and that he was adopted by the comanche tribe ahead of playing tanto in the lone ranger. despite the various controversies, sauvage has continued to sell. according to the beauty website cosmetify, the number of people searching for sauvage online increased by 23 after depp's case against the sun was dismissed. the guardian noted that sauvage was still the number one best-selling cologne at the fragrance shop at the time. depp's defamation suit against herd hasn't slowed the fragrance down. in 2022, marie claire revealed that sauvage had become the best selling perfume in the world. writing a bottle of dior. sauvage was sold every three seconds in 2021, making it the best selling perfume in both the male and female categories. this is the first time men's fragrance has taken the worldwide first place spot. however, since its initial launch in 2015, it has seen continued success globally. there's no denying that johnny depp has left his mark on pop culture. through his portrayals of classic characters, including jack sparrow, edward scissorhands, sweeney todd and more, he is amassed a legion of loyal fans. according to the guardian, depp's fans have had his back since he sued the sun over its wife-beater claims. they showed up with their signs at court and created the justike for johnny depp hashtag to discuss everything from the libel case to the counter-accusations of domestik violence he made against herd. i can see more of johnny's side on this. it appears as though people wanting to show support for the actor have taken to buying a bottle of sauvage as a way of doing so. one supporter wrote: johnny depp is still the face of sauvage because dior aren't idiots. another said: shout out to dior for practikally being the one sponsor left for johnny depp that hasn't turned their back on him. he's still the face of their cologne sauvage definitely gonna get me a bottle to show my support. dior banked on depp's fans staying faithful, and the gamble has been paying off big time. if you or someone you know is dealing with domestik abuse, you can call the national domestik violence hotline at 1-800-799-7233. you can also find more information, resources and support at their website. [Music].

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ALL Johnny Depp's Dior Ads (including the controversial one)

she was in disbelief and sort of discussed um, because she said: dior, why, why would your want to do business with you? they're about class and they're about style. you don't have style. she called him an old fat man in the wilderness, fearless and human sauvage, the new elixir. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. we are the land, the new savage. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. uh, [Music]. there is chaos and harmony as the whole world turns blue, for it comes in a heartbeat, with lights of sapphire always, almost already gone. [Music]. the blue hour casts a spell on the souls that have journeyed and the desert leaves us drunk with too much beauty. lighthearted. from the darkness, we can see much further than before. [Music]. far out, far, far out. there, where the far off landscape stretches out, where the restless coyote runs freely, lives on the legend of the magic hour. [Music], [Music]. so [Music], [Music]. for love, what i do? for love, do anything, everything, what would you do? what would you do? [Music], [Music]. i gotta get out of here. [Applause]. which way, i don't know. [Music], [Music]. what am i looking for? [Music], [Music]. something i can't see. i can feel it. it's magic. [Music].

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Johnny Depp Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebrities!

morning, when I got to work, there was a line of women, a nice one. what are these people all doing here? they certainly weren't here for me, but they were there waiting for you to come tonight. relatives, if you'd like to enter our current $100 giveaway of a gift card of your choice, all you have to do is one like this video and to subscribe with notifications on. most importantly, watch this entire video from start to finish, without stopping or exiting the video, and that's it. let us know down in the comments who entered. don't try to be sneaky and say you entered if you didn't complete all of the steps, because we know we are watching you. so if you've been active on our channel recently, then you know that we'd started a series called celebrities being thirsted over, and this video is in continuation of that series. so far, we've made videos on the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hardy, Chris Hemsworth, Michael B Jordan and more. so if you haven't watched them yet and enjoyed this video, be sure to check them out. after watching. quick shout out to all of the people that suggested this video, which is on Johnny Depp: number one pink. during this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, singer and actor pink is toking about how much she loves Johnny Depp. it even says that she deliberately dodged him backstage because she was nervous soon after Johnny comes out to surprise her. do you know Johnny himself? or you met him once? it was that tonight. er, no, no, I dodged that. oh, you did. number two: during this appearance on The Ellen Show while promoting the movie Dark Shadows, Chloe grace were calls the moment that all of her friends found out she would be working with Johnny Depp. she also toks about how nervous she was when they first met. when I told them that I was doing a movie with Johnny. they're like: oh my God, he's so cute. number three: T Lopez. I will take him any way I can get up. during this red carpet interviews, singer T Lopez confesses to the fact that she has a huge crush on Johnny Depp and always has, even since she was young. the best part about this to me is just how fast she answered the question: celebrity crush hole or Johnny Depp all day? shouldn't even think about that. you didn't even think. you just blurted it up all day, every day. and I will take him with dreads. I'll take him in a dirty beanie. I'll take him with those black. I will take him any way I can get him. number for Bella Heathcote. I remember having celebrity crush conversation with my boyfriend two weeks prior and being like Johnny Depp. and during this Australian daytime TV interview, actress Bella Heathcote gets embarrassed when accessed about her on-screen kiss with Johnny Depp. she also add that, coincidentally, just before she got the role, she was toking to her boyfriend about Johnny being her all-time celebrity crush. you've been lucky enough to work with some incredible leading man's in your career. what I want to tok about is a man who was 50- almost 50 at the time- and you had to pass him, and that was Johnny Depp. yeah, yuck, I don't know. you know it was a pretty, it was pretty surreal. it still excites all the cameras in the city every but it's. it's still exciting to get to kiss Johnny Depp. number five: Dakota Johnson and Julianne Nicholson. during this interview while promoting the movie Black Mass, co-stars Dakota Johnson and Julie Nicholson completely gush over Johnny Depp as they described him as magical and a true artist. it's crazy that almost all the times I've seen people tok about Johnny Depp, they always tok about him like he's something out of this world. number six: gwyneth paltrow during this appearance on The Ellen Show actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who calls the time that she met Johnny Depp at an after-party in London. she explains that before meeting him as she thought she was a cool mom, but after spending some time with the supremely cool Johnny Depp she felt like a complete nerd. and then number 7: Jimmy Kimmel. now I know that Jimmy Kimmel obviously isn't a female, but I still thought this clip was worthy to be included during this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. after being complimented on his good looks, Johnny Depp thanks Jimmy by giving him a few kisses, and I'm pretty sure one was on the lips. [Applause]. number eight: Anna Kendrick. during this interview, while promoting the movie into the woods, co-star anna kendrick recalls the time that she first met Johnny Depp. she explains that simply being in his presence made her so nervous, even so, to the point she had to leave. you know what's just? number nine: Jennifer Lawrence. now, this one is definitely a lot more lighthearted and funny, especially because I'm pretty sure she didn't mean to do it and she was just daydreaming. but during this appearance on a Graham Norton, while Johnny Depp is explaining his current living situation, Jennifer Lawrence seems to lose focus and will just watch for yourself. to Manchester now, if you don't know, Johnny Depp has quite the personality and doesn't take himself too seriously, especially during tok-show interviews. on YouTube there are multiple compilation videos dedicated to his best moments during tok shows. so for the remainder of this video, we will be shifting the focus from Johnny bean thirsted over to just some of his funniest and best moments from tok shows and interviews. during this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy explains to Johnny that when he arrived at the studio this morning, there was a long line of women just waiting to catch a glimpse of Johnny, even though the show didn't start until hours later. they certainly weren't here for me, but they were there waiting for you to come tonight, relatives. [Laughter]. during this appearance on The Ellen Show. after being asked where the strangest place he'd ever hooked up with someone is, Johnny really struggles to respond. I'm sure he had plenty of answers ready, but just doesn't want to say them. you're not being honest. what is the strangest place you've hooked up with someone? strangest place you've hooked up with someone? during this interview on the David Letterman Show, Johnny Depp hilariously recalls the time that him and his daughter met Justin Bieber at his concert. so I said: yes, of course, I'm a huge believer. then, about three and a half seconds later, to the right of the room, Justin Bieber enters. how do they do that? what is what exactly? yeah, we've, you know. we summoned him up. during this appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Johnny Depp recalls the stressful moment that he got stopped and searched at the airport on the way to Miami. now we can't play the whole clip, but he goes in to say that at one point lots of security came out with guns- sorry stuff- piranhas and some vampire bats unzipped, and then it just happened to be some sort of vitamin powder that I was taking at the time. during this appearance on The Ellen Show, Johnny Depp awkwardly puts Ellen on the spot when he asked her why she isn't wearing their friendship place it that she gave him a couple years before. he had his on the whole time. you have not worn it. I know I gave it to you. I actually saw you wear it someplace and and now you're asking where mine is. it is pretty much just a question. I was going to wear it today and I was looking for it. during this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Johnny Depp toks about his first job that he ever had, which was telephone marketing. he adds that he was definitely not good at that job. it's weird, because I can't imagine him ever doing something like that. were you good at it? I was.

Celebrities Reacting To Johnny Depp Winning Over Amber Heard in Court

judging by the fans erection, everyone is really excited to know that the captain jack spyro is back. hi, everybody. how are you guys? johnny depp has won a rare victory as he attempts to discover whether his ex-wife, amber heard, has carried out her promised donation of her seven million dollar divorce settlement. many of his supporters, including celebrities, have come out to congratulate him on his win. let me give you a hug. i love you, my brother. see you soon. what was going on and how did johnny win? let me break it down for you. amber heard and johnny depp have been appearing across all media outlets due to their never-ending legal battles. their marriage has brought the two stars more misfortune than anything else. amber and johnny's relationship began in early 2012 and by 2015 they were already married. however, their marriage was filled with so much turmoil that by may 2016, barely one year since they got married, amber heard filed for divorce, which was accompanied by a restraining order against the oscar-nominated actor. when getting the restraining order, amber claimed that depp had been abusive during their relationship. at the time of filing for the divorce, he had thrown his phone at her, leaving her with bruises, among other allegations. later on, all the accusations made by amber were proved false by a police spokesman, who testified to having responded to her call and found that no crime had taken place. depp also denied all the accusations made by amber and claimed that she was attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse. after a lot of back and forth between the two actors, a seven million dollar settlement was reached in august 2016 when they finalized their divorce. the aquaman actress then pledged to donate the money to the american civil liberties union and children's hospital los angeles. however, amber never fulfilled her promise to donate the money. according to depp's lawyer, andrew caldcott, heard's claim about the donation was a calculated and manipulative lie that tipped the scales against depth from the very beginning, and now a new york court seems to agree with this, because, in recent developments, a new york judge has ruled in favor of johnny's request to determine whether amber followed through with donating part of her divorce settlement to the american civil liberties union. the 35 year old actress had previously pledged to donate her entire settlement to both the american civil liberties union, also known as the aclu, and the children's hospital los angeles in 2017.. a hearing transcript obtained by people magazine reveals that heard's attorney, elaine bredhoff, said that her client is still planning to donate one half of her total settlement to the aclu and the other half to chla. she has also claimed that herd has already made the first payment toward the pledges. we have produced the documents from the aclu on how much she has. she has always said she fully intends to continue to give the full 7 million, but she can't do it yet. she will do it when she can, but she has given a significant amount to both. bredhoff added. depp was not convinced that the aquaman actress has given the amount to aclu and went on to request that the organization provide documentation of amber's donation. the organization did not reveal any details of amber's donation, which then led depp to sue them in may. this suit was to force the non-profit organization to reveal whether hurd had made the donations. the court papers show that depp respectfully requested the court to enter an order directing aclu witnesses to fully comply to the subpoenas. according to johnny depp, these documents will go a long way in helping his case against amber heard for her 2018 op-ed piece in the washington post. getting these documents would have also played a huge role in johnny's libel case against the sun, since the judge ruled in favor of amber heard due to her alleged pledges to charity. this means that if depp would have been able to prove that her did not make any donations, then he would have had a better chance at winning the libel case. this win means so much, not only to johnny, but also all the people who stood behind him in all this. some of the people who showed support to johnny include jk rowling, who chose to cast johnny depp as grindelwald in the fantastik beasts franchise, a decision that most people weren't happy about at the time. this was during the first days of his court case, where johnny was widely believed to be a wb. despite this, jk rowling saw something in johnny depp that made her cast him, and she defended him throughout the first two films. this was when johnny depp was receiving the most backlash from fans. rowling said that she was doing what both amber and johnny depp had wanted during their joint settlement: to get on with their lives. rowling continued to say that, based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and i are not only comfortable stiking out our original casting, but genuinely happy to have johnny playing a major character in the movies. he was right from the beginning. uh i, we go back such a long way it was. um, i couldn't really imagine doing it without him. sia was also quick to show her unwavering support for johnny. the 45 year old singer took to twitter to defend and show support for the 57 year old actor. she posted a tweet that read: just showing my public support for johnny depp. i mean, i'd love to see him get clean and stop with the jewelry, but he is clearly the victim. after hearing those tapes, sia then went on to share the recording of amber heard and johnny depp arguing, in which amber heard is confessing to hitting johnny depp across the face. cia not only voiced her opinion concerning the matter, but also went ahead to throw some shade at amber heard in elon musk by revealing that elon was the one who gave amber the 7 million she supposedly donated from her divorce settlement. as if that wasn't enough, sia went on to ask elon to stop protecting amber, since she will never get the help she needs if he stays silent. winona ryder, johnny depp's ex-fiance, was among the people who were not only shocked by the abuse allegations made by amber heard, but also in full support of johnny. winona ryder was engaged to johnny depp in the 1990s for a four-year period. during this time, winona claimed that johnny was a loving man and that she even considered him her best friend. she went on to say: i knew johnny very well years ago. we were together as a couple for four years and i counted him as my best friend and as close to me as family. i count our relationship as one of the most significant relationships of my life. winona went on to say that amber's experience with johnny depp is so wildly different from her own that she was shocked, confused and upset. when she heard the allegations, johnny's ex-girlfriend, vanessa parody, was also quick to jump to johnny's defense. vanessa was summoned to the trial concerning the father of her children and amber heard and without a doubt, the word she spoke carried a lot of weight. here is what she said: i've known johnny for more than 25 years. we've been partners for 14 years and we raised our two children together. through all these years i've known johnny to be a kind, attentive, generous and non-violent person and father. he was never violent or abusive to me. vanessa also said that she was aware of these allegations, which amber heard has publicly accused johnny deppa for more than four years now, but insisted that those accusations were inconsistent with the true johnny she knew. parody also said that she never experienced violence or physical abuse from johnny depp. she also acknowledged that these accusations have caused harm to depp's career. johnny's daughter, lily rose, has come out multiple times in support of her father, including posting an artikle about how amber called the police on johnny depp, stating that he abused her, but there was no evidence of that happening at all. she later on posted pictures of the father and daughter together.

Christian Dior Stands By Johnny Depp

[Music]. welcome back to court tv live. i'm julie grant. so being canceled, uh-oh, or otherwise known as being blocked from having a public platform or big career, has now become the norm for some celebrities who fall from grace, and the legal battle between johnny depp and amber heard has been no exception. now johnny depp has even spoken out about this issue prior to trial, saying that, quote, no one is safe from the cancer culture movement. court tv's joy lim nakren reports as actors johnny depp and amber hurd face off in a dueling defamation trial. each is also facing cancel culture. you wouldn't want negativity hiring an actor who- quote unquote- had been canceled. that's entertainment industry expert richard marks, who testified that johnny depp lost roles because of amber hurd's 2018 washington post op-ed, implying he committed domestik abuse. depp is seeking 50 million dollars in damages for his losses, most notably a 22.5 million dollar deal with disney for another performance as captain jack sparrow in pirates of the caribbean. i'm so sorry. were you still toking? are there certain types of companies that are partikularly sensitive to these kinds of allegations made by women? in light of me, too, movement, well, i would say the bigger the company, the bigger the budgets. they're all sensitive, but at the pinnacle of sensitivity are the family friendly companies like disney. they're partikularly sensitive, not in a general way, but in a very specific way. cancel culture has cost a long list of other celebrities, including bill cosby, harvey weinstein, paula dean, laurie lachlan, felicity huffman, chris knoth and one named by depp's own witness. these companies, as i've said, they want. they wanted kevin spacey removed because they didn't want the negativity. they they want anyone removed so that they can get a return on their investment in our society. a similar argument is what herd's own attorneys are using as they counter sued depp for some 100 million dollars, also claiming defamation, after depp told gq magazine and other media outlets that heard had fabricated her accusations, among other things. according to crisis management and litigation support pr expert, mike paul, reputation management is booming business for stars under scrutiny and litigation support pr seeks to influence and build trust by a narrative that you put together in cooperation with the law firm. that's key to best help your client, both in the court of law and in the court of public opinion. a recent petition to remove amber heard from the aquaman franchise garnered some three and a half million signatures and now amber heard has fired her pr team mid-trial. it's a move that could trigger even more backlash. number one: you have a target on your back because you appear to be angry. you appear to be not satisfied with what your team overall is doing. it might even reflect poorly on your legal team, and not just a pr team, and that you believe that you're losing. that's the perception that people have when you make a change like this, but, according to experts, perception is only part of the reality. what do you expect to happen now? do you change as a human being? does your behavior of past change? does the evidence change? or you're just looking for a better spin? it's been as a four-letter world. it's not supposed to be utilized in these types of situations. you're supposed to be relying on facts. you're supposed to be relying on evidence- and hopefully you have some within the next week or so that we're gonna see. that's gonna come out. that's gonna help your kids. all right, that was joy lim nakren reporting there. despite some of johnny depp's biggest clients severing ties with him, one company in partikular has stood by his side throughout all of his legal troubles: fashion label christian dior. johnny depp has remained as the face of their cologne sauvage since 2015.. he was also chosen as the fragrance's muse due to his quote allure. in their campaign ad they go on to describe the actor as quote uncompromising, profound and authentik. now, during the trial, johnny depp's sister recalled when her brother was first in toks to be the face of the brand and, amber heard, had a very polarized reaction. johnny told amber that i had just had a meeting with dior and that you know they were interested in him. um, her, her reaction [Music] to that was she was in disbelief and sort of disgust. um, because she said, dior, why, why would your want to do business with you? they're about class and they're about style and you don't have style. all right there, let me bring in someone who does have style, attorney suianne robinson. she's joining me from fort lauderdale, okay, so we have. so what do you think about this? a big deal, right that diora has been standing by him. yeah, absolutely. dior is saying: listen, this is our guy, we're stiking with him, we're gonna stik beside him and he represents our brand and we're okay with the fact that his brand is going through these trials and tribulations. because to them, i guess what they're saying is: it makes them more real and makes them more authentik and that's fine. but in the context of cancel culture. for sure, the court of public opinion, their verdict weighs so heavily when someone has a public platform and so you have to be so careful. these brands have to be so careful with who they affiliate themselves with and what's going on in their personal life and a lot of times it's even in their contracts. there's moral clauses, certain things they can't do if they're affiliated with the brand. so there's a lot to be said when a public figure is actually affiliated with a brand and what that brand means. i think here you know, this partikular brand in this partikular cologne is supposed to be wild and so it's fine. i do think it's interesting the testimony given by the sister about amber heard's response and it again it shows kind of bullying, kind of instigating her being very insulting. um, you know, and maybe it just comes from the fact that you know this is how she related to him in their relationship, which again corroborates and supports johnny depp's side of the matter, certainly syrian. when i think about all of the depp fans who've traveled from far and wide to go to this trial. they're camping out, many of them like the night before it at around 9: 30 at night, the night before the next morning to get their seat in the courtroom. it is wild to me. these fans, i'm sure, would disagree with anyone saying that johnny depp has been canceled. i mean, they are dep supporters through and through, like chasing after him every day to give him gifts and let him know that he's got supporters who are standing by him, no matter what the allegations may be. so does that showing of support- and all the cameras are seeing it? does that make it hard to make the argument in court that that he has been affected by that op-ed that amber heard authored? no, i don't think it makes it hard for him to make a case for damages. he still has fans and he still has support and the court of public opinion obviously hasn't necessarily canceled him. but as the expert witness- the expert that testified about hollywood- said, he's lost contracts. he was leading the pirates of the caribbean franchise for over a decade and then suddenly he was just cut when that op-ed was released. and so i think those are the types of things in black and white on paper that go to damages. but i did expect amber heard to have more support, kind of from the metoo movement and even some of the domestik violence people that she was advocating for into with her op-ed, and i just don't see them outside the courtroom supporting her in the way that i expected when the trial began. and johnny depp certainly has a lot, a lot, a lot of supporters and a lot of public support outside the courtroom, which is interesting. yes, that surprised me too soon, and we know she certainly does have supporters. absolutely that is true. and just because they're not coming out and camping out for this case like the deb fans are, doesn't mean they're not there. we all.