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Join Shopify Plus Affiliate Program

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Shopify has recently changed its affiliate program, and this article aims to provide an overview of the changes, how to apply, and what it means for affiliates.

What is the Affiliate Program?

- The program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about entrepreneurship with Shopify.

- The program is free to join and allows affiliates to monetize their audience and earn commissions from each new Shopify merchant referral.

How to Apply:

- Own and run an active website.

- Have an established audience.

- Create original content such as online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos.

- Have experience with Shopify or other ecommerce platforms.

- Read and agree to the Shopify Partner Program agreements.

Commission Structure:

- A one-time payment of $100 is paid when a trial moves over to a paid plan.

- There is no maximum number of merchants an affiliate can refer.


- Payments are made through Impact.

- Affiliates receive a unique reference handling their affiliate link and tracking all referrals.

The changes to Shopify's affiliate program mean that affiliates can earn more with a one-time payment of $100 for every merchant who transitions from a trial to a paid plan. The application process is straightforward and free, making it accessible for entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators to monetize their audience.

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Program for Your Business

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Program for Your Online Store

As a business owner, attracting more customers is essential for growth, and while sales, marketing, relationship building, and social media content creation are important, there is another way to bring in new customers - affiliate marketing. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful affiliate program for your online store.

Step 1: Create a Compelling Affiliate Program

- Ensure the program features the highest-earning products for affiliates

- Design a landing page that communicates the potential of being an affiliate

- Create communication materials such as product shots and copy-pastable messaging

- Offer end-customer incentives like free shipping and first-order discounts

Step 2: Build the Commission Structure

- Calculate the maximum percentage you can offer while remaining profitable

- Decide on the commission structure, including possible tiered systems

- Research competitor programs for baseline ideas

Step 3: Select an Affiliate Management Platform

- Choose a platform that enables defining commission rates, product eligibility, affiliate approval, uploading images and write-ups, creating links, and tracking results

- Popular platforms include Up Promote, Reversion, and Lead Dyno

- Shopify offers various affiliate management app integrations

Step 4: Recruit Affiliates

- Determine who to allow as an affiliate

- Recruit through email, social media, website banners or pages, specialized affiliate network sites, or active influencer recruitment

Step 5: Track, Manage, and Optimize the Program

- Continually assess results and tweak the program to maximize reach and profits

- Offer commission bonuses for new product launches or limited-time periods

Creating a successful affiliate program can be a powerful way to amplify sales and have real people across the world championing your brand. By following these steps, business owners can attract passionate, brand-aligned affiliates, increase profits, and optimize their programs over time.

How To Make Money With Shopify's Affiliate Program in 2022 (For Beginners)

In this article, we will be discussing various ways to make money and exploring different ideas that can help you earn a passive income. We will also be using various techniques such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to keep the article engaging and easy to read.

Ways to Make Money:

- Finding a strip of animal: One way to make money is by finding a strip of animal and selling it to people who need it for various purposes.

- Adaptive control: Another way to make money is by providing adaptive control services to businesses and individuals who need it.

- Freedom protein: You can also make money by selling freedom protein, which is a popular supplement used by fitness enthusiasts.

- Slim Armor of Survival: Another idea is to create a product such as Slim Armor of Survival and market it to people who are interested in survival gear.

- Making videos: Making videos on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify can also help you make money. You can create content about topics you are passionate about and monetize it through ads or sponsorships.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make money and earn a passive income. By exploring different ideas and finding what works best for you, you can achieve financial freedom and live the life you want. Remember to stay motivated and keep pushing forward, and you will eventually find success.

How To Start An Affiliate Program For Your Shopify Store (Full Tutorial)

Hey guys, it's Jake and in this video, we'll be discussing how to set up an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify store. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get more traffic to your store without paying anything upfront. In this article, we'll be using the Up Promote Affiliate Marketing app for Shopify.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to generate more traffic to your store without spending any money upfront. In this article, we'll be discussing how to set up an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify store using the Up Promote Affiliate Marketing app.

Setting Up Your Affiliate Program:

- Install the Up Promote Affiliate Marketing app from the Shopify app store.

- Click on Quick Start to get basic steps to set up your affiliate program.

- Customize your affiliate registration form with your logo, page heading, and benefits.

- Select the payment method for your affiliates. We recommend using PayPal for automatic payments.

- Follow the suggestions on the setup process page to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Editing Your Affiliate Program:

- Add a new affiliate program by clicking on Add New under Programs.

- Create different tiers for your affiliates to level up to.

- Approve or deactivate affiliates in the Affiliates section.

- Set up coupons for your affiliates to offer to customers in the Coupons section.

Tracking Referrals:

- All referral data is stored in the Referrals section.

- You can manually approve referrals or set up automatic approval in the Settings section.

Setting up an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify store is a great way to generate more traffic without spending money upfront. Using the Up Promote Affiliate Marketing app makes setting up and managing your program easy and efficient. Follow the steps outlined in this article to set up your own affiliate program today!

See How This Shopify Store Makes $1,116,708 Using Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we will be discussing how a Shopify store called Sale Dress was able to generate over a million dollars in revenue using affiliate marketing strategies. We will be providing a complete case study and store breakdown, along with the exact strategies they used to achieve these results.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

- Sale Dress used the Up Promote affiliate marketing app on Shopify.

- They focused on people with limited disposable income and offered them good deals while also providing them the opportunity to earn money through their affiliate marketing program.

- They ran Facebook ads to drive traffic to their website and prompt customers to join their affiliate marketing program after making a purchase.

- They offered different tiers of rewards based on the amount of commission earned, with lifetime commissions available for their highest tier members.

Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program:

- Download the Up Promote app on Shopify and follow the quick start process.

- Create different tiers of rewards based on commission earned, with lifetime commissions available for higher tier members.

- Automate the process of upgrading members to higher tiers by using the auto tier commission feature.

- Set up general settings such as contact email address, brand name, and logo.

Affiliate marketing can be a powerful strategy for e-commerce stores looking to generate revenue and expand their customer base. By following the strategies used by Sale Dress and setting up your own affiliate marketing program using the Up Promote app, you can achieve similar results. Remember to offer different tiers of rewards and automate the process to streamline your program.

Make Money Online With Shopify In 2021 Step By Step! (Affiliate Marketing Tutorial)

In this article, the author shares their experience and success in making money through Shopify's affiliate marketing program. They provide insights into how the program works and offer tips on how to make the most of it.

1. What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows people to start online stores and sell their products or services. It is simple to use and ideal for beginners who want to enter the world of e-commerce.

2. Becoming an affiliate with Shopify

To become an affiliate with Shopify, you need to apply for the program. Once accepted, you will receive an affiliate link that you can promote to earn commissions. Shopify pays around $58 per signup, making it a lucrative affiliate marketing program.

3. How to promote your affiliate link

There are three main ways to promote your affiliate link: through YouTube videos, blog posts, and courses. YouTube videos on topics such as the best e-commerce platforms or how to start a Shopify store can attract traffic to your link. Blog posts about Shopify and e-commerce can also generate traffic and commissions. Finally, offering courses on starting a Shopify business and promoting Shopify within those courses can also be effective.

Shopify's affiliate marketing program can be a lucrative way to earn money online. By promoting your affiliate link through YouTube videos, blog posts, and courses, you can attract traffic and earn commissions. However, success depends on how much work you put in and the strategies you use.


- Affiliate marketing is a strategy where businesses work with partners to promote their products or brand

- Partners are paid for every lead or sale generated

- Customizable plans make it profitable and scalable for businesses

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Plan:

1. What is affiliate marketing?

- Definition and revenue sharing diagram

2. Which types of businesses is affiliate marketing good for?

- Any type of business can have an affiliate marketing program

3. How do you find affiliates?

- Passive and active methods, such as link in website footer or reaching out to existing customers and influencers

4. How much should you pay your affiliates?

- Percentage of total sale, anywhere between 5-30%

5. Should you send products to your affiliates?

- Yes, if possible, to turn them into brand advocates

6. How can you track which influencers are bringing you sales?

- Unique discount codes or affiliate links

7. Are there any platforms, apps, or tools to help organize your affiliate marketing plan?

- Google Analytics or apps like Affiliately

8. What should you require of your affiliates?

- Clear expectations and deliverables, vetting them beforehand

9. What if your affiliates aren't bringing you sales?

- Analyze why and make changes, such as offering guidance or a media kit

10. How can you scale your affiliate marketing program?

- Use productivity tools, focus on adding diehard fans, and keep your affiliates engaged with rewards and bonuses

- Affiliate marketing can be a valuable strategy for businesses to generate passive income and scale their business

- With customizable plans, finding and vetting affiliates, and using productivity tools, businesses can build a well-oiled affiliate marketing machine.

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