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Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

Scrapebox Method for B2B Lead Generation: Scrape for Emails of Shopify Stores in Your Niche

In this video, the speaker shares a simple method to generate an email list of potential B2B clients using Scrapebox. The method involves using a search operator with a niche keyword to scrape for emails of Shopify stores within the niche.


1. Find a Shopify store within your niche by viewing the page source and searching for myshopify.com in the code.

2. Use the search operator dot myshopify dot com + niche keyword to find Shopify stores within the niche.

3. Use Scrapebox Harvester to harvest URLs of the Shopify stores found in step 2.

4. Use Scrapebox Grabber to crawl the harvested URLs and grab emails.

5. Filter out generic words in the emails using the keyword list provided by the speaker.

6. Use the resulting email list to build a highly targeted B2B email list.


- Simple and easy method for generating B2B leads

- Highly targeted email list for better conversion rates

- Can be used to generate email lists for multiple niches

This Scrapebox method can be a valuable tool for B2B marketers looking to generate highly targeted email lists. By using a simple search operator and filtering out generic words, you can quickly and easily generate an email list of potential clients for your B2B product or service. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

Shopify SMS Marketing Tutorial | Best Shopify SMS App (Yotpo SMSBump Setup)

Hey guys, it's Jake and in this video, I'll be showing you how to set up SMS marketing for your Shopify store. SMS is becoming more popular as a way to reach customers, especially since more people read text messages than emails nowadays. So, let's dive into how to set it up using the Yatpo SMS Bump app.

In this article, we will cover how to set up SMS marketing for your Shopify store using the Yatpo SMS Bump app. We will go through the initial setup, creating campaigns, and collecting subscribers.

Initial Setup:

1. Install the Yatpo SMS Bump app from the app store.

2. Open the app and choose whether you want to set up just SMS marketing or email and SMS cross-channel marketing.

3. Fill out the necessary information, such as your store's category and a Google Voice phone number.

4. Enable the automated marketing flows for abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase upsell, and customer winback.

5. Set up a personalized pop-up to collect SMS subscribers.

6. Customize the welcome message for subscribers.

7. Enable SMS marketing in your store settings and include a text about SMS marketing in your terms of service or privacy policy.

Creating Campaigns:

1. Use the campaign planner to create campaigns based on upcoming holidays or events.

2. Customize the text message and choose your target audience.

3. Schedule the campaign for a specific date and time.

4. Use pre-made templates to make the process easier.

5. Set up any necessary discounts for the campaign.

Collecting Subscribers:

1. Use the personalized pop-up to collect subscribers.

2. Offer incentives for subscribers, such as a discount code.

3. Segment your subscribers based on their behavior or preferences.

4. Use the app's analytics to track the success of your SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing is a great way to reach your customers and increase sales for your Shopify store. By using the Yatpo SMS Bump app, you can easily set up and manage your SMS marketing campaigns. Don't forget to collect subscribers and segment them for more targeted messaging.

How I Use SMSBump to Supercharge My Shopify Store's Retargeting (Examples of My SMS Copy)

In this video, John talks about the power of SMS Bump for retargeting and why everyone should use it. He explains why SMS is the second most powerful thing after Facebook retargeting and how almost everybody opens and sees text messages. John shows how he generated almost $71,000 in additional sales with SMS Bump, costing only $1,384. He emphasizes that SMS Bump is so powerful because it directly connects with Shopify, making it easy to create automations for add-to-carts. John shows his three different automations for retargeting and explains that the first one is the most powerful. He demonstrates how simple the messages are and how they can be set up in just an hour. John believes that SMS Bump is perfect for the USA and Canadian market and that everyone should use it. He recommends his free book, Facebook Ad Survival Guide, for those struggling with Facebook ads and suggests scheduling a 15-minute demo call to discuss challenges and increase sales.

How To Setup Shopify Chat On Your Store

In this article, we will discuss how to set up Shopify Chat in your store and how to quickly share messages and discounts via chat. We will provide step-by-step instructions and tips to make the process easy and efficient.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to Shopify Store and add the Shopify Chat app. It is free and easy to install.

2. Add the Shopify Chat sales channel. This will allow the chat button to show up on your website.

3. Customize the appearance of the chat button. You can change the button style, position, and color to match your brand.

4. Add a welcome message to the chat. Make it personal and engaging to connect with your customers.

5. Test the chat experience to make sure it looks and works correctly.

6. Add Shopify Ping to your phone. This will allow you to continue conversations with customers on the go.

7. Use Quick Replies to save time and provide helpful information to customers. You can create custom replies for common questions.

8. Share discounts with customers via the chat. This will encourage them to make a purchase and increase sales.

9. Add team members to help manage the chat process. This will ensure that customers receive timely and helpful responses.

Setting up Shopify Chat in your store is a great way to improve customer service and increase sales. By following these steps, you can create a personalized and efficient chat experience for your customers. Don't forget to use Quick Replies and share discounts to make the most of this tool.

How to Send Text SMS Notifications on Shopify | Order Confirmation through SMS Tutorial

- Welcome to Educate E-commerce, your one-stop destination for Shopify tutorials and e-commerce solutions.

- In this video, we will be discussing how to send SMS notifications to customers when an order is confirmed, or for any email marketing activities.

- SMS marketing has a higher open rate than email marketing, making it a great tool to use for confirmation orders and tracking details.

Steps to Send SMS Notifications:

1. Collect customer information: The first step is to collect contact information from customers, including their mobile number.

2. Go to Settings: Navigate to the settings section and select the checkout option.

3. Enable customer accounts: Enable customer accounts, so customers can check out as guests or log in using their mobile number.

4. Check customer contact box: Check the customer contact box, so customers can check out using their mobile number, SMS, or email.

5. Receive shipping updates: Customers can choose to receive shipping updates through their contact information.

6. Enable SMS marketing: Enable SMS marketing by checking the box in the marketing section. Customers will be asked for legal confirmation if they want to receive SMS marketing.

7. Edit SMS confirmation template: In the notification settings, edit the SMS confirmation template for order confirmation details. Use curly brackets to insert customer names and if/else statements for different options.

8. Preview message: Preview the message to see what it will look like to customers.

9. Integrate different apps: To include offers or other SMS marketing activities, integrate different apps.

- Sending SMS notifications is a great way to confirm orders and track details for customers.

- By following these simple steps, you can easily collect customer information and set up SMS marketing in Shopify.

- Don't forget to integrate different apps for more SMS marketing activities, and preview messages before sending them to customers.

- Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe for more Shopify and e-commerce videos!

How Do You Protect Your Shopify Store From Threats & Spam - Shop Protector App

- Importance of Shopify security

- Overview of security threats faced by Shopify store owners

Security Threats:

- Fraudulent activity

- Fake accounts

- Bot checkouts

- Spam prevention

- Stolen customer information

Importance of Proactive Security:

- Benefits of being proactive

- Avoiding security threats before they happen

- Shopify's trustworthy platform

Shop Protector App:

- Best proactive solution

- Core features: guarding against account fraud, spam prevention, blocking bots

- No use of CAPTCHAs

- Easy setup and automated install process

- Dashboard showing protected forms and analytics

- Pricing options: Basic and Plus

- Protecting Shopify store is crucial

- Shop Protector app is an easy and effective solution

- Importance of proactive security for peace of mind and protecting business.

How to Setup a Custom Domain Email Address for Your Shopify Store

Hey Shopify users! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a professional email for your Shopify store.

When you create a new store, Shopify generates a lot of emails, but they come from another email address, which may not look professional. In this article, I'll show you how to create a professional email with your Shopify store.

Steps to Create a Professional Email:

1. Go to Settings in your Shopify store and click on Contact Information.

2. Create a new email in your hosting account.

3. Go back to Shopify and replace the old email with your new email.

4. Go to Zone Editor in your cPanel or hosting account.

5. Add four CNAME records as shown in Shopify's domain authentication page.

6. Click on Authenticate Domain in Shopify's domain authentication page.

7. Wait for 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

8. Add a TXT record with v=spf1 include:shops.shopify.com ~all to prevent emails from going to spam folders.

By following these steps, you can create a professional email for your Shopify store and ensure that your customers receive emails from a trusted source. Don't forget to add the TXT record to prevent emails from going to spam folders.

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