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kate dropshipping

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

How to Make $9,500 a Month on Etsy: Top Factors for Success

- Sharing personal experience of making $9,500 a month on Etsy

- Discussing common misconceptions about high earning Etsy shops

Factor 1: Running a Data-Driven Business

- Importance of researching and validating product ideas

- Examples of using Etsy and tools like Everb to conduct product research

- Staying up-to-date on trending styles and incorporating them into products

Factor 2: Always Learning and Willing to Pivot

- Importance of being flexible and adapting to changing trends

- Examples of pivoting product styles and niches over time

- Staying competitive by learning new techniques and skills

Factor 3: Focusing on Customer Service

- Prioritizing excellent customer service to build a loyal customer base

- Responding quickly and effectively to customer inquiries and issues

- Going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations

- Recap of top factors for success on Etsy

- Emphasis on hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and adapt

- Encouragement to start or grow an Etsy shop with confidence and determination.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Success Chat With Kate

In this article, we will be discussing the success story of Kate, an Australian entrepreneur who found early success in the dropshipping business. Kate was able to make 17K in sales in her first month and has continued to grow her business every month since then. In this article, we will be discussing how Kate found success, the hurdles she faced, and how she overcame them.

1. How Kate Found Success Early On:

- Kate found success early on in her dropshipping business by following the dropship lifestyle blueprint.

- She had a strong mindset and was determined to make her business work.

- Kate set up a Facebook page for her niche, which helped to attract customers and get more sales.

- She leveraged resources like the dropship lifestyle forum and Facebook labs group to ask questions and get help when needed.

2. Overcoming Hurdles:

- Kate faced hurdles in setting up her store, especially since she was not highly technical.

- However, she followed the dropship lifestyle blueprint step by step and did not rush the process.

- Kate also got help from the Facebook group and leveraged resources like Lucky Orange to optimize her store and improve user experience.

3. Driving Traffic to Her Store:

- Kate drives traffic to her store through Facebook, PLA's, and a free Australian alternative to Craigslist.

- She also contacted blog owners in her niche to run ads on their site and pay a small monthly fee for the ad space.

Kate's success story is an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs. By following the dropship lifestyle blueprint, having a strong mindset, and leveraging available resources, she was able to overcome hurdles and achieve early success. Kate's story shows that with determination and hard work, anyone can succeed in the dropshipping business.

5 Etsy Digital Products That Make $100/DAY 💰 | DIGITAL PRODUCTS TO SELL ON ETSY

The online digital product space is growing rapidly, providing sellers with opportunities to earn passive income. However, not all digital products sell well. In this article, we will explore five Etsy digital product categories that have listings making at least $100 per day on the platform.

Product Category 1: Digital Planner or Planner Bundle

- A digital planner is a planner that can be used digitally on various devices.

- The highest selling listings on Etsy for this product category include planner bundles that offer various templates for different types of pages, such as a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar view, fitness plan, habit tracker, and budget log pages.

- Themed planners, such as business planners or fitness planners, are also popular.

Product Category 2: Printable Wall Art

- More people are purchasing files online and printing out art to hang up on their walls.

- The top-earning listings in this category offer sets or bundles of prints that go together, such as art gallery sets, inspirational quote prints, and abstract art prints.

- Offer the printable wall art in different file types and sizes to meet customers' printing needs.

Product Category 3: SVG Files for Cricut

- SVG files are popular for cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette.

- Most crafters use SVG files to put on items like shirts and tote bags.

- Offer a bundle of all your SVG files for a higher profit margin.

Product Category 4: Templates for Business Owners

- Templates simplify the process of setting up a business and getting branding started.

- Offer templates for business plans, marketing materials, emails, invoices, or even website or sales page templates.

Product Category 5: Branding Assets for Businesses

- Create branding assets like logos, sub-logos, social media designs, Etsy shop icons, and banners.

- Offer a complete branding package for businesses that includes everything they need to get started.

These five digital product categories offer high earning potential on Etsy. Conduct research to identify trending styles and use resources like Placeit, Canva, and Creative Fabrica to create digital products. With these tips, you can start earning passive income with digital products on Etsy.

How I made $70K in 30 DAYS on Etsy 😳 | HOW TO SELL ON ETSY

In this article, the author shares their top five strategies for achieving success on Etsy, based on their experience of selling $70,000 worth of products in just one month. The strategies are:

1. Choose a proven niche on Etsy that encourages return customers, such as seasonal or gifting items.

2. Aim to have a best-selling product on Etsy by basing your product decisions on current trends and optimizing each listing for potential success.

3. Harness the power of momentum by building up your listing's quality score through favorites, sales, and good reviews, and launching products at the right time.

4. Price your items appropriately by avoiding setting a price point that is too low or too high, and ensuring that you make a healthy profit.

5. Offer customization options to buyers to make them feel like they have a part to play in making the product their own.

In addition to these strategies, the author also suggests two pro tips for Etsy sellers: focus on building social proof through good reviews, and think about your photography style to give off a modern, trendy vibe that appeals to buyers' emotions. Overall, the author emphasizes the importance of hard work, dedication, and trust in the Lord for achieving success on Etsy.

Comment trouver l'Avatar Client ? [Dropshipping Maroc ]

- Les amis, bonjour ! Landreau a partagé une vidéo très intéressante avec moi, et j'ai remarqué quelque chose d'important : le produit ne convient pas seulement aux débutants, contrairement à ce qui se passe généralement dans le commerce électronique et le e-business.

Points clés :

- Le ciblage des campagnes publicitaires est très important pour atteindre les clients.

- La personnalisation des clés de produit est critique.

- La langue maternelle des clients joue un rôle important dans la communication.

- Le packaging doit être simple et efficace pour attirer les clients.

- La communication doit être minimaliste pour toucher un large public.

- Les avis des clients sont très importants pour le succès d'un produit.

- Pour réussir dans le commerce électronique et le e-business, il est important de cibler les campagnes publicitaires de manière efficace, de personnaliser les clés de produit et de communiquer de manière minimaliste. Il est également important de prendre en compte la langue maternelle des clients et de s'assurer que le packaging est simple et efficace. Enfin, les avis des clients sont essentiels pour le succès d'un produit.

How Curtis Made $10,000 Dropshipping in just a Month!

Hey guys, my name is Curtis and I wanted to share my dropshipping journey with you. A few years ago, I was working as a parking garage attendant when I heard about dropshipping. It sounded like a great idea, so I searched for podcasts on the topic and found Johnny FD's Travel Like a Boss podcast. Johnny was interviewing Anton Kraly from Dropship Lifestyle and I loved how he made dropshipping sound super simple.

After listening to Johnny's podcast, I got started with dropshipping and was able to quickly replace my income. I even took a month-long trip to Japan without having to work at all! Since then, my best month in dropshipping has been about $10,000. I didn't do anything extraordinary, I just followed a system.

I'm so grateful for Johnny and his down-to-earth, honest approach to teaching dropshipping. He's not like other internet marketers who promise quick riches. He knows what he's talking about and I highly recommend listening to his podcast.

If you want to start your own dropshipping journey, I suggest checking out Anton Kraly's course at AntonMethod.com. I used his course to get started and it was a game-changer for me. And if you're already making money with dropshipping, consider joining Johnny's new course, Dropship Lab, to increase your profits even more.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in your dropshipping journey!

This Is Bad News For Dropshipping

In this article, we will discuss the current economic situation in China and how it may affect e-commerce and dropshipping. We will also examine the factors contributing to the global recession, including inflation, interest rates, and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Factors Contributing to the Global Recession:

- Globalization: The interconnectedness of economies makes the economic downturn of one country affect others, leading to a global recession.

- Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The sudden increase in commodity prices like oil and gas due to production disruptions, affecting other commodity exports like wheat, nickel, and aluminum. This leads to a shortage of computer chips, causing higher prices for products that use them.

- China's Economic Slowdown: Due to a zero-covid policy, a real estate market fueled by excessive speculation, and a lack of regulation, China's economy is at risk of collapse, resulting in less demand, less product being sold, and a further slowdown throughout the global economy.

Impact on E-commerce and Dropshipping:

- Production slowdown in China may result in fewer exports from the United States, affecting e-commerce and dropshipping.

- The global recession may cause a decrease in demand, leading to reduced profits for businesses that rely on e-commerce and dropshipping.

- It is crucial to adapt to the situation by producing materials in-house and maintaining a diligent budget.

The global recession is a result of several factors, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China's economic slowdown, and globalization. E-commerce and dropshipping businesses may be affected by reduced demand, but it is essential to continue investing and adapting to the situation. It is crucial to maintain a diligent budget and save as much as possible during these uncertain times.

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