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kia super bowl ads 2013

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will explore the theme of empowerment and equality, as depicted in various forms of media and advertising. We will analyze the use of language and messaging in music lyrics, commercials, and movie scenes to understand how these mediums can shape societal norms and expectations. Through the use of headings and sub-headings, we will delve into different examples and discuss their impact on gender roles and perceptions. So, let's dive in and examine the power of words and visuals in shaping our beliefs and attitudes.

Example 1: Music Lyrics

- Music Applause locked locked in blocking locked in locked in

- nice rides still looking good Music Applause

The power of music lies not only in its melodies but also in its lyrics. In this example, the repetitive use of words like locked and blocking creates a sense of confinement and restriction. This can be interpreted as a metaphor for how women are often constrained by societal expectations. The juxtaposition of nice rides still looking good implies objectification and the value placed on physical appearance. By using contractions like I'll instead of I will, the lyrics convey a more conversational and relatable tone.

Example 2: Movie Scenes

- What do I tell my daughter? Do I tell her that her grandpa's worth more than her grandma?

- Do I tell her that her dad is worth more than her mom?

- Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets?

In this thought-provoking scene, the protagonist questions the unequal treatment and value assigned to women. The use of rhetorical questions adds emphasis and invites the audience to reflect on the inherent biases present in society. The repetition of the phrase Do I tell her highlights the internal struggle faced by the speaker. By using idioms like worth more, the scene amplifies the issue of gender inequality and its impact on individual self-worth.

Example 3: Commercials

- The all-new CRV from Honda. When you're talking about the team, it's just the belief and the understanding that whatever it is that we're trying to accomplish, everybody's got to do their job. Everyone didn't know football knows what I mean, but I'm not talking about football.

In this commercial, the use of transitional phrases like when you're talking about and it's just the belief and the understanding sets the tone for a motivational and inclusive message. The interjection but I'm not talking about football surprises the audience and adds an element of intrigue. By using colloquialisms like everyone knows what I mean, the commercial establishes a relatable and engaging tone. The focus on teamwork and individual contributions challenges gender stereotypes and emphasizes the importance of equal participation.

Through the analysis of music lyrics, movie scenes, and commercials, it becomes evident that language plays a crucial role in shaping our perceptions and beliefs. By using various literary devices such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms, media and advertising can either reinforce or challenge societal norms. The power of words and visuals in promoting empowerment and equality should not be underestimated. It is through conscious messaging and thoughtful storytelling that we can create a more inclusive and equal society for all.


In this article, we will discuss various phrases and expressions commonly used in English, including contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. We will explore how these elements can enhance our language skills and make our communication more natural and engaging. So, let's dive in and discover the power of these linguistic tools!

Using Contractions:

Contractions are shortened forms of words where an apostrophe replaces the omitted letters. They add a casual and conversational tone to our language. Here are a few examples:

- I hate my miss, yeah, they're the worst.

- Now worries, man, everything will be alright.

- Gemma, don't fret.


Idioms are expressions that have a figurative meaning different from their literal interpretation. They add color and depth to our language. Let's explore some idiomatic phrases:

- Nubrella sticky bun.

- Come soon, yeah, wicked coughing.

- Mr. Jim, Julia turn the frown the other way around.

- Hey Deb, you're from Minnesota, right?

- Yes, I'm from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Transitional Phrases:

Transitional phrases help us connect ideas and create a smooth flow in our writing or speech. They make our language more coherent and organized. Let's look at a few examples:

- So, in conclusion, things are pretty dismal.

- You know what? This rule needs a smile.

- Who wants to come with?

- I'm traveling a little song that we're singing.


Interjections are words or phrases used to express strong emotions or reactions. They add emphasis and bring energy to our language. Here are a couple of examples:

- That's a three minutes late, don't be no cloud on a sunny day.

- Yeah, chill Winston, sir!

Dangling Modifiers:

Dangling modifiers are phrases that don't clearly modify the intended subject, leading to confusion or ambiguity. Let's see an example:

- Respect Bussmann, that's the power German engineering.


Colloquialisms are informal words or phrases used in everyday speech. They add a familiar and relaxed tone to our language. Here's an example:

- Daddy, can you be princess back and tells me?

In conclusion, using contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms can greatly enhance our language skills. They add flair, emotion, and personality to our communication, making it more engaging and natural. So, let's embrace these linguistic tools and take our English to the next level. Remember, as the pistachio ad says, Get cracking!

Top 20 Super Bowl Ads of 2013 - part 1 (HD)

Hey, how's it going? Samsung wants me to be in their new commercial, their big Next Big Thing commercial. Yeah, they called me and said I could be the next big thing. Maybe in 1998, you were the next big thing. I've never seen you this excited about something that isn't food. You are not the next big thing. They make people physically uncomfortable. Bad. Did they give me a phone? I grabbed one. Did you get that? They gave it to me because I'm the next big thing. This makes no sense, man. Are you sure that maybe you're not here to see a guy named Samsung? More sense. You know, let's find a favorable review of one of your movies. No results found. You know, straight about this is when you take a picture, you can draw on it. And I can actually retouch it and make you look like you're still in your forties. Why do you take that S Pen and shovel? So, you got the memo. You're working together. Together. I got the big room. Come fill it with ideas. Samsung, the next big thing. YouTube celebrity endorsements. Very big. You guys know anybody? Pitch me something. People love commercials with talking babies. Babies. So, we just used Seth in a diaper. I don't wear it. I would wear a diaper for Samsung, though. Right? I would wear a diaper for Samsung. Well, she got crowdsourcing, huh? I love it. Put out on the internet that you want people to send you ideas. Then, you don't have to think of an idea. That might be good for this spot. Bigger space. We can send them into the galaxy with the Galaxy, but we don't train them. We just send them up there. We see what happens. Go become an Asian rapper. I don't think we can do that. We're not Asian. I'm an Asian rapper. I'm rapping and then, guess what? Hi, Brian. You in on Samsung? Yeah, maybe I'll do a cameo on the table. Bronze, you got the next big thing. You even need anybody? That's right. We don't need anyone else. I've got it. I'm having breakfast with LeBron's kids. Why don't you be with LeBron's kids? We're friends. Nice car. Sure is. Make a deal with me, kid. You can have the car and everything that goes with it. So, in this September, set your soul free. The seductive CLA, starting under 30,000 from Mercedes-Benz. My love took it down. Climb the mountain and turn around. And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills, well, a landslide'll bring it down. Hey, give it back. Come back when you have a team. Okay, thank you. Dear. Tick tock, tick. Cover your ears. To the new seven-passenger. There are two sides to GoDaddy. There's the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli and the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they're perfect. Get your domain and website at GoDaddy.com. Okay, so dashing. Come on. Nowadays, lots of people go by themselves. No, they don't. They son have fun tonight. There we are, guys. Samsung, the next big thing. You two, ideas. We know that it's got to be big because it's for the suits. We can't say it's in the name of the game. You can't say sushi. Yeah, we actually can't say Super. It's trademarked. Why can't we say Super? We'll get sued by who? Everybody? Nobody who knows? Wait, so can I say Super? Yeah, am I allowed to say, like, Nicky Tri-State San Francisco? Sure, but I can't say for heat? Can I say to Baltimore ready? Could we save this? San Francisco 50 minus ones. Love it. Can we say that? Baltimore Blackbirds. Absolutely. All you want. Okay, then what do we say instead of Super? Supreme? A commercial for the big plate, featuring the San Francisco 50-1-ers and the Baltimore Blackbirds. Is you got it, Paul? You got it. I like hashtags. Hashtags? I hate Mondays. Yeah, they're the worst. No worries, man. Everything will be alright. Don't fret. Nubrella. Sticky bun coming soon. Yeah, wicked coffee, Mr. Jim. Julia, turn the front. The other way around. Hey, depth. You're from Minnesota, right? Yes, I am. The land of 10,000 lakes. The Golf Estate. So, in conclusion, things are pretty dismal. You know why this rule needs a smile? I want to come without traveling three minutes late. Don't be no cloud on a sunny day. Yeah, chill winds done, sir. That's the power of German engineering. I'm your genie. Your wish is my command. Wish the old spare tire was gone. Really? Out of everything? Okay, oh no, I wish animals could talk. Much better. I wish I could eat as much chocolate as I want. Well, your chocolate levels are dangerously low. Oh, Gladys is going to start you on a chocolate IV. And here's some free samples. I wish I was a princess. I wish, may I please have a turn? Infinite wishes. I heard witch's thanks. Have my first wish. Is the dog really necessary? Y'all know Wrathful? Whoa. Let's go places.

Funny Hilarious Ads Compilation #8 Super Bowl ads

The unexpected arrival of a mysterious figure has left everyone wondering how it happened. In this article, we will delve into the events that led up to this surprising occurrence. Hold onto your seats as we uncover the twists and turns that no one saw coming!

Sub-heading 1: The Unforeseen Encounter

- Why didn't we see it coming?

- A sudden turn of events took us by surprise.

- The unexpected guest that changed everything.

Sub-heading 2: A Son's Mischievous Adventure

- My sweet son sprayed into America.

- The blame game begins.

- The antics of a mischievous young boy.

Sub-heading 3: A Taste of Temptation

- Indulging in culinary delights.

- The enticing flavors that seduce the senses.

- Red Rock Delhi: A flavor journey like no other.

Sub-heading 4: The Next Big Thing

- Get ready for the craziest innovation.

- From watches to phones, the possibilities are endless.

- The Galaxy Gear revolution.

Sub-heading 5: The Mysterious Medium

- Unveiling the world of spirits and ghosts.

- A medium's quest for hidden treasures.

- Daddy's special requests.

Sub-heading 6: The Sears Solution

- Ensuring you get exactly what you want.

- Sears: The one-stop-shop for guaranteed stock.

- Robo-Grandma and other surprising finds.

In conclusion, life is full of unexpected surprises that leave us bewildered. From mischievous sons to tantalizing flavors and revolutionary inventions, there's never a dull moment. So, buckle up and embrace the unpredictable twists that life throws our way!

Funny Hilarious Ads Compilation # 4 Super Bowl ads

In this article, we will discuss the importance of speed and efficiency in various aspects of life, from technology to sports. We will explore how faster options can often be more desirable and provide a better experience. Additionally, we will touch upon the concept of multitasking and how it can lead to increased productivity. So, let's dive into the world of speed and efficiency!

1. Faster is Better:

- The speed of technology: iPhone 5 downloads fastest on AT&T 41.

- The intensity of sports: A fan's game face reflects the game's progress.

- The need for speed: Faster is always better, like a spaceship.

- The contrast between fast and slow: Grandma is slow, but a cheetah on her back would make her faster.

2. The Power of Multitasking:

- The benefits of doing two things at once: TNT's network allows you to talk and surf on your iPhone 5.

- The fun of shooting two lasers: Two beams are more powerful and explosive.

- The importance of efficiency: Being able to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously is advantageous.

3. The Joy of Simplicity:

- Enjoying the simple pleasures: Cadbury Bournville dark chocolate is not too sweet.

- Appreciating the little things: A fluffy kitten brings joy and sweetness to life.

4. Confidence and Experience:

- Acting like you've been there before: Representing your school with pride and dignity.

- Believing in your abilities: Capital One venture card offers double miles and confidence.

- Doing the research: Cars.com provides a hassle-free car-buying experience.

In conclusion, the need for speed and efficiency is evident in various aspects of life. Whether it's technology, sports, or everyday experiences, faster options often provide a better outcome. Multitasking can lead to increased productivity, while simplicity and confidence are key to enjoying life to the fullest. So, embrace the power of speed and efficiency in your daily endeavors!

Top 15 Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

The Super Bowl is over and it's time to talk about what we all really care about - the 15 best commercials of the Super Bowl! Thank you for joining us today, even though it's actually night and we just finished watching the game. Our breath still smells like guacamole, but let's get to the list right quick.

Here is our definitive list of the top 15 Super Bowl commercials, brought to you by Rhett and Link. Who are we to say what's the best? Well, we're known for making some of the most consistently crappy local commercials on the internet, so we at least have the right to talk about it here in our own venue. So, let's get started!

1. Doritos - Goat for Sale: A guy who loves Doritos and looks like a goat buys a goat that loves Doritos and looks like a goat. It doesn't end well, but we love any commercial that ends with the implied death of a man at the hands of a goat.

2. Old Navy - Prom Come On: This ad teaches us that it's okay to go to prom alone, as long as you have a rich dad who lets you drive his awesome car. Confidence is key, right?

3. Go Daddy - Your Big Idea Co: Finally, Go Daddy managed to make Danica Patrick actually be funny. We laughed, and that's a first.

4. NFL Network - Leon Sandcastles: Deion Sanders is funny, and the people who write commercials for him are funny too. Maybe it was the wig?

5. Budweiser - The Clydesdales Brotherhood: This heartwarming ad features a horse trainer raising a Clydesdale who hits the big time. Their reunion on a vacant street in Chicago is a tearjerker.

6. Toyota - Rav4 Wish Granted: Kaley Cuoco grants wishes to a family, but we think they should have wished for a Range Rover instead.

7. Doritos - Fashionista Daddy: A dad becomes a drag queen to get some Doritos, and all his friends join in on the fun. Congratulations to our friends who entered this into the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest!

8. Dodge - Farmer: This commercial featuring Paul Harvey's voiceover and farm imagery had everyone at the Super Bowl party mesmerized. It was passionate, but then it had to be put into a truck bed.

9. Hyundai - Sunday Team: This ad shows a kid challenging his friends to a football game and hopping into a car with his mom to gather his team. It's action-packed and had a better ending on the internet.

10. Kia - Sorento Space Babies: A kid asks his dad where babies come from, and his dad lies to him. The truth is too much for him to handle.

11. Taco Bell - Viva Young: Retirement home residents have a wild night out and end up at Taco Bell. The subliminal message here is that bad choices lead to Taco Bell.

12. Tide - Miracle Stain: A guy gets a stain on his 49ers Jersey that looks like Joe Montana. The highlight is clearly stain on a stick - can we buy those?

13. Samsung - The Next Big Thing: Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odenkirk make this ad hilarious. LeBron James even makes a cameo on a tablet!

14. Oreo - Whisper Fight: The age-old debate of cream vs. cookie breaks out in a library. Rhett prefers the cookie, but Link disagrees.

15. Volkswagen - Get In, Get Happy: This ad features a man in an office environment with an unexpected outlook on life. It's unexpected, original, and just downright hilarious.

In conclusion, the Super Bowl commercials this year had some hits and misses, but Volkswagen's Get In, Get Happy takes the crown for us. It was unexpected, original, and had us laughing from start to finish. But hey, that's just our opinion. What do you think?

Dr Mario's Excellent Adventure (Super Mario 3D World)

Music, this game's awesome! The graphics are so sick. Hey, what do you guys think of it? I'm gonna use the bathroom, alright? Man, I love Super Mario World. They should just make a sequel, that's a good idea.

Greetings, Camus. I am Dr. Mario, a pharmacist and Time Lord. Why are you wearing a fez? Because fezzes are cool. Listen, I heard a distress call across space and time, and I have your answer. Whoa, Super Mario World? No, Super Mario World 3D. It doesn't work like that. Here, let me show you. Whoa, is that a CD-ROM? Can I use it on my personal computer? How about you fellas come with me, and I'll teach you everything. All right, we're history.

All right, I'm ready for more Mario. Where'd everyone go? Whoa, where are we? Welcome to the 2013 Pierluigi. Well, they have a TV. It's so flat. What happened to our Super Nintendo? It got replaced with a Game Boy? Things bigger than a game here. Oh no, it's not portable, it's a home console. The Nintendo Wii U. You can even play Super Mario 3D World on it. You know, you don't have to take turns anymore. This game has up to four-person multiplayer. Whoa, but where are we gonna find a fourth player? Yeah, weird.

Hey, Brusco, let me see if I can find someone. Music. Can I find a fourth player? Who are you guys, and why are you in my house? Don't worry, let's play Super Mario 3D. The graphics are so sick, this game's really awesome. You know who'd like this? Bruce. Wonder where he is. I think it's time you boys found out. Come with me.

What's this place? Nintendo headquarters? Radical! Do you think they got any Nintendo Power issues laying around? Oh, that magazine isn't around anymore. Do you know where you could find a man named Matthew Bruce? Because it's me, I'm Matthew Bruce. How's that possible? You've aged so much. Because I've spent every minute of my life working on video games. I still remember the day you two disappeared. I was using the bathroom when I heard a strange noise. I searched around but couldn't find you guys, so I went back to playing Super Mario World and became obsessed. I was so lonely, but the game kept me company. I got so good at Super Mario that I applied for a job at Nintendo. I worked on dozens of Nintendo titles with one goal in mind: to make a game as great as Super Mario World, something that you both would love. Because even if I never see you two again, making and playing Mario games remind me of our friendship. This is the latest game I've developed, Super Mario 3D World. We played it, Bruce. We loved it. It's really great. Do you want to play?

Yeah, it sounds great, guys, but first, I'm gonna use the restroom. Be right back.

Rob, Dad, Bruce, I found you! Huh, who are you? I'm Duncan Luigi, but there's no time for introductions. You've got to come back with me, back to the year 2023. So we can play Super Luigi World. How will we get there? That's easy. I have attached the flux capacitor to a go-kart. It's a time machine. Wait a minute, wait a minute, Doc. You're telling me you've built a time machine out of a go-kart? Precisely. Once this baby hits 300 CC, you're gonna see some serious stuff. Now, let's go. All right, who's ready for some Mario? Where did everybody go?

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