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KingHuman Challenge!!! WIN DVD RECORDER & Help Kids!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

KingHuman Challenge!!! WIN DVD RECORDER & Help Kids!

KingHuman Challenge!!! WIN DVD RECORDER & Help Kids!

people King human here and I got a
challenge for you and this one is gonna
challenge you so I hope you'll take up
the challenge and do this because it
will really make a difference for some
people including yourself okay here's
the challenge go out and buy a dozen
stuffed animals little teddy bears
whatever you can find them cheap you can
buy them at Walmart or Target or
whatever you can even find them online
rhinaman ebay a dozen stuffed animals
maybe they'll cost you two bucks apiece
so you're looking at maybe 24 big bucks
woohoo okay now that you've got those 24
stuffed animals get off your ass get in
your car and take them to your local
hospital donate them to the kids or
where the kids are in really bad shape
you got kids and burn units you got kids
and cancer wards you just got kids and
bad shape that could use a pick-me-up
and you've got the power to do it and
it's so simple all you need to do is get
off your ass it takes five minutes grab
your stuffed animals drive to the
hospital it may be a few miles from
where you live big deal you walk up to
administration and you say here give
these to the kids that are in the worst
shape and you're in your cancer water in
your kids unit got you know you got kids
in here I know it that could use a
pick-me-up here's a dozen stuffed
animals they will appreciate not only
will the hospital appreciate it so much
but those kids will get such a kick out
of it you're gonna bring such joy to a
kid he may even forget about his pain
for a little one so there's the
challenge now let me sweeten the deal
not only are you gonna feel great about
yourself for doing it but I'm gonna
throw in a prize if you
it i'll pick somebody at random and I'll
given this cool DVD player recorder and
you know to get this please I can only
ship this within the United States it
doesn't work outside the United States
anyway it's not region code it that way
so be in the United States and send me a
video my goal is here that you will
spread this video to enough people that
we can get this done in each state if
the United States I want to see 50
videos I want to see 50 people going and
doing this in 50 states wouldn't that
rock and you'll be a part of it because
you'll spread this video and you'll get
that thing going and it'll be because of
you that some kid get some cool toys is
that rock or what I mean you are gonna
feel so cool about yourself after you've
done this and you know don't do it just
to get the DVD recorder do it because
you think it's a cool thing to do and
i'll even give out more random prizes to
just people that do it too and before
you even start with the Welcome human I
would do it but I don't have a video
recorder so I can't record myself doing
it take still pictures do a slideshow
and you know what you don't even have to
submit a video just put a comment King
human I went in and I did it in my
hospital in padang podunk Phil wherever
the heck you live I don't know and it's
not just limited to the United States do
it all over the world if you live in an
Amsterdam do it there please just do
something you know it would be so cool
to get such up to get a big response and
have a bunch of people suddenly take
stuffed animals
the kids in the hospital and you don't
have to even see these kids you don't
have to visit the kids just drop the
stuffed animals off administration
they'll make sure they get where they go
and please no hidden agendas if you're
gonna do this just do it don't do it to
get credit but they ask you what your
name is just say it's not important
don't try and be a credit hog don't try
and say you're doing it in the name of
some church no hidden agendas here don't
be trying to you know affiliate this
deed with some organization just do it
anonymously walk in there your hand them
the toys say I know this is needed there
you go thank you very much just walk out
no I'm doing this it's me hey give me
credit you know kudos to me that's not
what it's about it's about the kids so
there you have it do it the people that
you know rock on this uh send me videos
of you doing it or you know whatever
slideshows or even comment and I'll pick
the best one and all send them the DVD
recorder from light on and I'll send a
bunch of cool random prizes to other
people that do it so here's what you do
first subscribe to King human because
you know that's the price you gotta pay
for me spreading my wisdom to you
secondly down here where it says share
this video share the video send it to
people and ask them to get in on this
and help these kids what does it hurt I
mean it's a few minutes out of your day
holy crap get off the couch for a few
put down the remote control and help out
some unfortunate kids and that's about
it I want to see if the video is one
from each state or 50 comments one from
each state I want to get these kids some
attention so rock on people let's see
you do it that's my challenge and be

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