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Kinghuman is an ASSWIPE!!!! Random Update

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

- In this article, we will be discussing the controversial figure known as Kinghuman.

Who is Kinghuman?

- Kinghuman is a self-proclaimed internet marketing guru who has gained a following through his YouTube channel and online courses.

- He is known for his brash personality and unconventional marketing tactics.

Controversies surrounding Kinghuman:

- Many people have accused Kinghuman of being a scam artist who preys on vulnerable individuals looking to make money online.

- He has been criticized for promoting get-rich-quick schemes and for using manipulative tactics to sell his courses.

- Additionally, Kinghuman has been accused of making derogatory and offensive comments towards certain groups of people.

Recent update:

- In a recent video, Kinghuman made derogatory comments towards a fellow YouTuber, which sparked outrage among his followers and the online community as a whole.

- Some have called for a boycott of his channel and courses, while others have defended his right to free speech.

- While Kinghuman has amassed a following through his marketing tactics, it is important to be wary of individuals who promise quick and easy ways to make money online.

- It is also important to hold individuals accountable for their actions and words, and to speak out against hate speech and discrimination in all forms.

Kinghuman is an ASSWIPE!!!! Random Update

King Human shares his experience of taking a break and going to Vegas to clear his head. He talks about the race and granny contest going on and also mentions his excess inventory and giveaways. He promises to come back with more videos on Vegas tutorials and eBay secrets.

Main points:

- King Human took a break and went to Vegas to relax and enjoy himself.

- He mentions the race and granny contest going on and encourages people to participate.

- King Human talks about his excess inventory and how he gives it away to people who do something good for humanity and the environment.

- He promises to come back with more videos on Vegas tutorials and eBay secrets.

- King Human asks his audience what they want him to do and promises to listen to their comments and emails.

King Human's break in Vegas helped him clear his head and come back with more content for his audience. He encourages people to participate in the ongoing contest and promises to give away his excess inventory to people who do good for society. He also promises to come back with more informative videos on eBay and Vegas.

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