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KingHuman Kickass Giveaway #1 Help Victims!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

KingHuman Kickass Giveaway #1 Help Victims!!!

KingHuman Kickass Giveaway #1 Help Victims!!!

pity Paul King human here and this is a
big huge kick ass giveaway I got tons of
stuff to give away now what why why
what's going on okay if you haven't seen
news there was a kick-ass tornado that
hit the south and these people up n I
mean it looks like a war zone so let's
get together and help these people out I
mean you know they're gonna need help so
get off your ass and donate to the Red
Cross or whoever I don't know I didn't
take the time to go look at who's gonna
handle this thing like Katrina and you
know I mean Jesus it's always something
so you know let's let's lend a helping
hand to some of these people because
they're gonna need it you know that so
I'm gonna give away a ton of crap right
now all you have to do to win some is to
make a comment down here and say King
human I'm giving to the Red Cross or
King human I'm gonna help somebody do
this or do that just something positive
for Humanity here and right now the the
tornado victims seem to be those in the
most urgent need so let's get on it okay
so let me show you what I got to give
you and you know if you see something
you like put it in the comments a key
human i want the such-and-such and i did
such and such or i'm giving to
such-and-such the Red Cross whatever and
i'll do my best to get it to you some
will get their stuff some won't because
I may get tons of requests I don't know
I don't know we'll see I'll do the best
I can it
eat you know and i'll have other
giveaways later okay i toked enough so
let's get to the swag because this is
probably bizarre [ __ ] um let me grab
let's see I'll start out with this thing
just because it's within within reach I
got these I got these and you know what
you can use these in your videos i got i
got stuck can use in your videos i mean
this is this is some cool ass crap what
else I got oh I got these bizarro
glasses I don't know if you saw my blow
blow my froggy video but I use these in
the blow my froggy video you can have
these these will work in your videos
make it look really stupid um what else
I got let's see oh this is kickass cool
yeah and I know you want this this is
uncle wankers gummy bacon II squeal like
a piggie and you can have uncle oinkers
gummy bacon and I'll even throw in uncle
anchors bacon mints
that kicks ass because you know your
breath is gonna stink if it doesn't
already okay what else oh the original
spud gun get a spud gun man we we had
these when we were kids with the potato
and you shoot the little potato pellets
at your brother and piss them off it
makes a little noise oh this is this
this is cool this rocks okay what else I
got what else I got Oh dashboard hula
girls oh you know you want it don't even
lie about it okay and if that weren't
enough I got dashboard Jesus yeah hey
Jesus give me that Parkin space who me
hey I help those that help themselves do
it yourself dumbass dashboard Jesus okay
what else I got oh this is cool this
this kicks ass this kicks ass
I got the boxing none you better do it
kinky boots Azurill kick your ass jab
jab hook Captain Hook Oh fine and she's
tough too I will kick your ass and oh
man you can totally use this in your
videos man she she does she kicks ass
boy she don't she don't screw around so
hey I know everybody's gonna want the
boxing none you gotta do something good
to get the box to none and what else oh
I got a bunch of biker crap i got the
biker caps and biker medallions and
things so maybe we can find some
hardcore biker dudes that actually have
a heart I'll send them that stuff say
what you want so what you're going to do
in the comments spread this video so we
can get the positive waves going out and
subscribe to King human that's it then
what do it do it by an armed people

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