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Kinghuman's Kewl Youtuber of the Moment...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Kinghuman's Kewl Youtuber of the Moment...

Kinghuman's Kewl Youtuber of the Moment...

startTime durationTime text
00:00:10 00:00:22 hey Paul king human here and I got a big
00:00:17 00:00:27 shout out to a youtuber who wins the
00:00:22 00:00:31 cool youtuber of the moment cool as ice
00:00:27 00:00:36 wicked cool she's a cool youtuber from
00:00:31 00:00:39 Argentina and her channel is bata takli
00:00:36 00:00:44 something like that I can't say it I
00:00:39 00:00:49 don't know ba I'm not put them down
00:00:44 00:00:52 yourself bata takli something like that
00:00:49 00:00:56 I don't know I can't say it she's been a
00:00:52 00:01:00 youtuber 6 november two thousand six and
00:00:56 00:01:03 her stuff is wicked wicked cool her
00:01:00 00:01:06 videos are like potato chips it can't
00:01:03 00:01:10 watch just one she's got wicked skills
00:01:06 00:01:15 check her out her stuff is wicked wicked
00:01:10 00:01:19 cool go look at it go subscribe link
00:01:15 00:01:21 link there's a link to her channel right
00:01:19 00:01:26 there go check her out in the meantime
00:01:21 00:01:30 let's take a look at some of her videos
00:01:26 00:01:32 listen up for 10 suet and make moving
00:01:30 00:01:37 hit me today I got one subscriber a
00:01:32 00:01:37 bigger no liar it's you I can tell
00:01:45 00:02:04 and I supposed to do the cake now no to
00:01:54 00:02:11 eat it just to decorate it pinner artist
00:02:04 00:02:16 in creative it's not easy sometimes you
00:02:11 00:02:21 know what I heard afternoon hours to do
00:02:16 00:02:25 the cake wow I heard he should throw
00:02:21 00:02:29 away the garbage my cake because it was
00:02:25 00:02:35 afraid that my cake color the mouth of
00:02:29 00:02:39 the compass my cake here now one who
00:02:35 00:02:41 says tell me when you are going to bring
00:02:39 00:02:43 the cake here he doesn't want to run
00:02:41 00:02:43 away
00:02:55 00:03:14 I have a sketchbook dad I adored it's
00:03:10 00:03:18 like magic when you just hold it you you
00:03:14 00:03:20 feel inspirated you feel like you want
00:03:18 00:03:24 to do something you wanna see you wanna
00:03:20 00:03:28 dance well this is where I keep my ideas
00:03:24 00:03:31 see what I'm toking about I have seen
00:03:28 00:03:35 you have a lot a lot of good very good
00:03:31 00:03:40 thought as you can see she's got mad
00:03:35 00:03:45 skills creative she does great work
00:03:40 00:03:48 artistik could look at interesting it's
00:03:45 00:03:53 cool stuff I'm telling you go check her
00:03:48 00:03:57 out she's a wicked cool youtuber she's
00:03:53 00:04:02 got a wicked cool accent and she's fun
00:03:57 00:04:08 to watch so go check her out guys she
00:04:02 00:04:08 wins King humans youtuber of the moment
00:04:08 00:04:16 and if you want to be featured on King
00:04:12 00:04:19 humans channel submit your channel to me
00:04:16 00:04:22 saying you're wicked cool and if you are
00:04:19 00:04:28 wicked cool i'll feature you if you
00:04:22 00:04:32 aren't okay people bingo to each other
00:04:28 00:04:32 sayonara see you next time
00:04:35 00:04:37 you

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