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Klarna Checkout for Shopify Payments

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Integrate External Payment Methods into Your Online Store

In this article, we will discuss how to integrate external payment methods into your online store. We will explain why it is important to do so and provide step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

Why Should You Integrate External Payment Methods?

By integrating external payment methods, you can offer your customers more payment options, which can lead to increased sales. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of payment issues and rejections, as external payment methods tend to have lower rejection rates.

Steps to Integrate External Payment Methods:

1. Go to Settings > Payments

2. Select Alternative Payment Methods

3. Check if your product is eligible

4. Register for an account on the external payment method's website

5. Generate new API credentials

6. Enter the credentials in your online store's payment settings

7. Save the settings and test the payment methods

Benefits of Using External Payment Methods:

- Increased sales due to more payment options

- Reduced risk of payment rejections

- Lower fees compared to some in-house payment methods

- Improved customer satisfaction and trust

Integrating external payment methods into your online store can provide numerous benefits, such as increased sales and reduced payment issues. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily set up external payment methods and improve your online store's payment options.

Shopify Zahlungsanbieter | Klarna – Zahlung auf Rechnung, Pay Later, Sofortüberweisung

In this article, we will be discussing the statistics related to ecommerce payments. We will take a look at the payment providers and their popularity, the different payment methods available, and the benefits of using certain payment options.


- In Germany, ecommerce accounts for 50% or more of all payments made through payment providers like PayPal and others.

- Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna offer dynamic checkout processes that allow for payment through direct bank transfer, invoice, credit card, or other payment methods.

- High-priced products can benefit from offering payment options like Klarna's buy now, pay later or pay on invoice options.

- Dynamic checkout processes like those offered by Klarna can lead to higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned carts.

- While Klarna's support can be slow, it is still recommended to work with them to take advantage of their benefits.

When it comes to ecommerce payments, it's important to offer a variety of payment options to cater to different customer preferences. Dynamic checkout processes like those offered by Klarna can help improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment. While working with Klarna may come with some challenges, the benefits outweigh the negatives in the long run.

How to sell your products in split payments on Shopify

In this article, we will be discussing Shopify payment installment or pay-as-you-go options that are becoming a new trend on many e-commerce stores in 2021. We will explore different companies that offer this service, their transaction fees, and the benefits of having this service on your store.

Benefits of Shopify payment installment:

- Increases conversion rates by offering payment plans to customers.

- Helps customers who don't want to pay full price upfront.

- Provides merchants with full payment upfront.

- No liability for missed payments or collection of money.

Companies that offer payment installment:

- A firm: charges a 5.99% + 30 cents transaction fee.

- After pay: charges between 3% to 7% transaction fee.

- Klarna: charges similar fees to A firm.

- Quad pay: charges a range of transaction fees but is less aggressive than after pay.

- Sezzle: charges a 6% transaction fee.

Comparing transaction fees:

- Shopify regular: charges 2.6% + 30 cents transaction fee.

- Shopify installment: offering low rates on transaction fees until October 15, 2021.

- A firm: charges a 5.99% + 30 cents transaction fee.

- After pay: charges between 3% to 7% transaction fee.

- Klarna: charges similar fees to A firm.

- Quad pay: charges a range of transaction fees but is less aggressive than after pay.

- Sezzle: charges a 6% transaction fee.

Shopify payment installment or pay-as-you-go is a new trend on e-commerce stores that offers many benefits to merchants and customers. There are many companies that offer this service, each with its transaction fees. Shopify installment is currently offering low transaction fees until October 15, 2021. Merchants should aim for a transaction fee of 3% or less. It is essential to research and contact companies to find the best payment installment option for your store.

Klarna Checkout to Shopify (optional) - UPSELL! Boost your profit!

In this article, we will discuss the Kcoshop.com solution that uses Claracheckout to purchase your product and offer upsells. We will demonstrate how the solution works and show how Claracheckout is automated with Shopify.


1. Set up a landing page for your product(s).

2. Click on a product and get Klarna options for purchasing.

3. Copy the test email, test zip code, and phone number.

4. Paste the details into the input fields.

5. Click Continue and select payment options.

6. Verify details and confirm Klarna account.

7. Purchase product and offer upsells.

8. Check order summary and confirm purchase.

9. View latest order in Klarna merchant portal and Shopify.

10. Automatically transfer order data to Shopify.

11. Order is ready for shipping.

Using Claracheckout with Shopify can streamline the purchasing process and offer upsells to customers. It is easy to set up and can be used with or without Shopify. Thank you for watching.

Payment Solutions with Klarna | Shopify Plus Features | Shopify Experts

Music, irrespective of the e-commerce platform, can benefit merchants by providing a gateway to all consumers that Kleiner has in the UK. The Shopify integration is seamless and easy, allowing merchants to offer flexibility to consumers.

Benefits of Kleiner:

- Provides merchants with access to millions of active consumers in the UK

- Offers flexibility to consumers at the point of checkout with pay later and pay and three options

- Provides merchants with a gateway to offer choice and flexibility to consumers

- Consumers can elect to take goods home, try them on, and pay for them over a prolonged period

- Merchants can differentiate themselves by offering a connected experience from online to in-store

Unique Features:

- Kleiner works with merchants on an individual basis to help promote mutual growth through co-marketing, events, and pop-up stores

- Merchants can offer a consistent experience for consumers both online and in-store

- Kleiner is available globally, particularly in the Nordic regions and Germany


- Fees associated with offering Kleiner are dependent on the products and pay later options chosen by merchants

- Transaction fees associated with client purchases are 20p

- Fulfillment and localized payments are crucial for expanding businesses

Post-Purchase Experience:

- Kleiner's post-purchase experience is paramount to its success, with no fees or interest and a consumer-facing app that tracks purchases and engages with customers

Kleiner offers a unique and flexible payment option for both merchants and consumers, providing a gateway to millions of active consumers and a connected experience from online to in-store. Its individualized approach to working with merchants and post-purchase experience makes it a valuable addition to any expanding business.

Best Shopify Payment Gateways For Dropshipping | Stripe, Braintree, Klarna, Square

Hey guys, Wi-Fi Profit here and in this video, I'm going to be giving you guys ten alternatives to Shopify payments that you can utilize to do your payment processing within your e-commerce business. Let's go over some of the reasons why you might want to familiarize yourself with other payment processors.

Reasons to Familiarize Yourself with Other Payment Processors:

1. Shopify payments can hold a reserve on your money for up to 90 days, which can be bad if you need that money within your business.

2. Shopify payments is very risk averse to e-commerce merchants who utilize the drop shipping business model.

3. Shopify payments can ban your store from utilizing them at any time without having any logical reason to do so.

Top 10 Alternatives to Shopify Payments:

1. Stripe

2. Klarna

3. Square

4. Adyen Payments

5. Braintree

6. 2Checkout

7. Authorize.net

8. Dwolla

9. WePay

10. Coinbase Commerce

These ten payment processors are all great alternatives to Shopify payments that you can utilize for your e-commerce business. From Stripe to Coinbase Commerce, you can find the perfect payment processor for your store. Don't let Shopify payments hold your money or ban your store. Try out these alternatives today!

Integrating Klarna Payments

The following tutorial is for integrating Corner payments into your platform such as Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce. You can use a plugin or contact your platform provider for activating Clarinha. For more information, please see the link in the description below.

- Clarinha Checkout and Karna payments are both products that allow consumers to try before they buy, pay in installments or pay directly.

- Purchase is created through either Karna checkout or Chrono payments, which are handled by the same order management calls that we will cover in a separate tutorial.

Varna payments, on the other hand, allows you to offer only the corner payment methods via a fully responsive widget which you add to your checkout page. In this way, the collection of billing and shipping information will be handled by you.

Integration of Karna Payments:

The integration of Karna payments involves four main steps:

1. Create a Session API:

The first step is creating a create session API called the which Karna will respond with available payment methods.

2. Render Payment Methods:

Next, render these payment methods in the front-end.

3. Make an Authorized Call:

Once the user has chosen their preferred payment method and presses the Buy button, you should make an authorized call through the front-end. Karna will respond with a live risk assessment and an authorization token.

4. Place Order API Call:

You can then perform a place order API call with this authorization token to complete the purchase flow.

To perform any API calls, you'll need API credentials. You can create these by requesting them on the test credentials page. Go to our developers' documentation and navigate to the testing environment page. Sign up depending on the market to which you're selling, then fill in your email and click sign up.

When you log into the merchant portal for the first time, you'll have to choose a new password. The merchant portal app menu is where you manage your orders, check your logs, handle your settlement files, and more. But for now, we're going to the Settings app. Click generate new API credentials.

Performing API Calls:

Now your API credentials are generated. These will only be shown once, so make sure that you copy them or download them as a txt file and save them securely. We can perform all our calls using these credentials in Postman.

Postman is a tool that allows you to easily make API calls during development. The first step we need to take is creating a new request. Let's call this request Karna payments create session. You can also add a description to your requests. For example, creating session for Karna payments will store this request in a collection and we'll call it test.

We have the corner create session call set up with the required data, and now we can save and send the request. Karna will respond with the session ID, a client token, and the payment method categories.

Rendering Payment Method Categories:

We've created a simple HTML file linked in the description below that you can use to render the payment method categories. Open the HTML file in a text editor of your choice. At the top of the HTML file, you'll find the Karna payments JavaScript library that's required to render the payment methods and to perform the authorized call. The init function initializes the corner payments library, which allows you to call the load and authorize functions.

The load function loads the corner widget. The authorized function should be triggered as the customer proceeds with Karna as a selected payment method. Varna will respond to this call with a risk assessment result.

The next step is to fill in the required data in the functions. The init function expects a client token, which you received as a response to the create session API call. The load function expects a payment method category, which you also received in the response to the create session call.

The authorize function should be called when the user chooses Karna as their payment method and clicks the buy button. The result of a successful authorization is an authorization token, which will be used when creating an order. The response also includes a show form field, which indicates whether or not you should remove the Karna payment option. Note that the authorization token is valid for 60 minutes.

Placing an Order:

Now that you have the authorization token, you can complete the purchase by placing the order via a server-side call in Postman. First, we'll create the place order request by duplicating the create session API call. We'll change the title to Karna payments place order and the description to placing an order with Karna.

Karna will respond to the place order API call with an order ID, which we'll use to perform order management calls, a redirect URL that you should send the customer's browser to, and fraud status, which could contain accepted, rejected, or pending.

In this video, you integrated Karna payments. You can find links to our integration guide in the description below.

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