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kleenex ads

Published on: February 13 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss some of the most cursed objects in the world. From a haunted Kleenex commercial to a screaming skull and a cursed vase, these objects have caused fear and paranoia among people for years.

The Cursed Kleenex Commercial:

- A Japanese Kleenex commercial aired in 1986 that had to be taken off the air due to scaring people.

- The commercial became an urban legend and gained popularity in 2006 when it was reposted on YouTube.

- People claim that weird things happen to them after watching the commercial, and rumors of people dying or going insane have circulated.

- The cameraman who shot the commercial died mysteriously in a sauna, and the cast and crew suffered strange accidents.

- Watching the commercial after midnight reportedly leads to glitches, color changes, and face distortions.

- The commercial features a creepy German song called It's a Fine Day that has nothing to do with Kleenex.

The Screaming Skull:

- The Burton Agnes Hall is home to the screaming skull, which belongs to Katherine Griffith who died in the house in 1620.

- After her death, the family put her skull in the house, and whenever it was removed, a terrifying ghost would scream throughout the house.

- The skull was bricked up in a wall to prevent it from being removed again, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

- A portrait of Anne Griffith hangs in the house, and strange occurrences are reported in its vicinity.

The Bassano Vase:

- The Bassano Vase is a silver vase made in the 15th century and was given to a bride on the eve of her wedding day.

- The bride was killed the night before her wedding while holding the vase, and whoever owned the vase after her suffered terrible fates.

- The vase was hidden away for centuries until it was found in 1988 with a note warning of its curse.

- The curse is said to be activated when the lid is removed from the vase.

The Belcourt Castle Chairs:

- The Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island has a ballroom with haunted chairs that give people chills and strange sensations.

- Some people have been pushed off the chairs by an unknown force.

These cursed objects may seem like urban legends, but their histories and rumors have caused fear and paranoia among people for years. Whether it's a haunted commercial, a screaming skull, a cursed vase, or haunted chairs, these objects remind us that there may be things beyond our understanding and control.

The CURSED Japanese Kleenex Commercial - Explained

- The Japanese Kleenex commercial from 1986 is known as one of the most notorious television commercials ever aired.

- The commercial was banned from air shortly after its release due to the disturbance it caused for the Japanese public.

- The commercial resurfaced on YouTube in 2006 after being missing for 20 years, and new rumors have since spread about its supposed curse.

Debunking the Rumors:

- Rumors surrounding the commercial include claims that it will make viewers go insane or die.

- These rumors originated on internet message boards after the commercial was reapplied to YouTube in 2006.

- There have been no verified claims of anyone dying as a result of watching the commercial.

- The rumors may have cultural roots in Japan's high anxiety and depression rates, but there is no evidence linking the commercial to these statistics.

The Curse Set:

- There have been curse sets for many movies over the years, including The Exorcist and Omen movies.

- Rumors spread that the Kleenex commercial set had its own spooky goings on, including accidents and misfortunes for the cast and crew.

- These rumors are false and can be easily debunked, as the actress featured in the commercial is still alive and well.

Why the Commercial is Disturbing:

- The demon baby with a horn on its head taps into common fears and anxieties surrounding pregnancy and parenthood.

- The use of a flat and eerie rendition of a song with potentially ominous lyrics adds to the unsettling feeling for viewers.

- Subliminal messaging may also suggest a union with the powers of darkness, making for a subconsciously creepy viewing experience.

The Origin of the Demon Baby:

- The most likely reason for the demon baby in the commercial seems to be due to the pop culture in Japan at the time.

- A highly influential anime known as Urusei Yatsura featured a flying baby with a horn on its head, which Kleenex may have wanted to mirror in their tissue advert.

- The Japanese Kleenex commercial is not actually cursed, but rather a creepy commercial with an interesting history.

- Rumors surrounding its supposed curse have evolved over time, but there is no evidence to support them.

- The commercial taps into common fears and anxieties, making for a disturbing viewing experience.

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Mum Cream Deodorant: Now with M3 for 24-Hour Odor Protection

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Vintage TV Commercials from the 1940's & 50's (7+ ads)

Introducing the New Band Aid Plastic Strip with Super Stik

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The Remington Electric Shaver - Gentle Yet Powerful

For a close and comfortable shave, reach for the Remington Electric Shaver. Here's why:

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For a brighter, cleaner smile, switch to Pepsodent Toothpaste. Here's why:

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Dodge is more than just a name - it's a proud tradition of industry in action. Here's why:

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Whether you're looking for a better bandage, a closer shave, or a brighter smile, these products have got you covered. And if you're looking to make money on dropshipping, follow these steps to set yourself up for success.

Channel 4 ads, Sunday 12th January 1992 (2/2)

Life is full of little problems that need to be sorted out, and sometimes it seems like as soon as one issue is resolved, another one comes along. Whether it's choosing which drink to have or figuring out if your money is in the right account, there are always decisions to be made.


- Royal Mail Winter Stamps: The new stamps from Royal Mail capture the magic of winter and the creatures that survive it. From the gentle fallow to the nimble brown hare, the stamps are on sale from January 14th.

- Building Societies: If you're unsure about your savings and want to make the most of them, call the building societies to help you out.

- Radiant Micro: Living your everyday life can result in greasy dirt and stale odors on your clothes. Radiant Micro is unbeatable on dirt and odors, keeping your clothes clean and fresh.

- McDonald's: Get a Big Mac, medium fries, and a medium soft drink for just £2.88.

- Kleenex Tissues: Kleenex Tissues are one of life's little comforts.

- Low Fat Ovaltine Light: When life gets heavy, Low Fat Ovaltine Light can provide a little comfort.

- Daily Express: The Daily Express brings you high-speed slimming, a healthy way to lose weight fast without fasting.

- BT Charge Card: With a BT Charge Card, any calls you make are automatically charged to your phone, wherever you call from.

- Canderel: Canderel tastes as good as sugar, but without the calories.

- Super Wingo: The Daily Mirror's instant money game, Super Wingo, gives you the chance to win £2,000 every day.

Life is full of decisions, big and small. From choosing a drink to losing weight, there are always options to consider. But with a little help from products like Radiant Micro, Low Fat Ovaltine Light, and Canderel, you can tackle life's little problems with ease. And who knows, you might even win big with Super Wingo.

Cursed Japanese Kleenex commercial reaction / Weird youtube expidition #15

Hey everyone, it's Andrew from Price Box Productions. In this video, I'll be reacting to the midnight version of the Japanese UNIX commercial from 1986. This was suggested by my latest subscriber, Nathan Koontz. I asked in my last video if anyone wanted me to do this video, and Nathan left a comment, so thank you for that. Now, let's get started.


- The video started with a nice song, but quickly turned into a nightmare.

- I don't think I'll be buying Kleenex anymore after watching this.

- There are actually three versions of this commercial: normal, demon, and angel.

- The idea of playing different versions at different times for publicity is interesting.

- The possibility of the video being cursed is disturbing.

- The blog post about the crew and actors suffering strange deaths and illnesses is chilling.

- The idea that watching the video will curse you is also unsettling.

Overall, this was a creepy video to react to. If you have any other ideas for horror or creepy videos or games for me to react to, leave them in the comments. And don't forget to check out my other videos on Price Box Gaming and Price Box Reacts.

The Cursed Kleenex tissue Advert |Ep 8 Spooky Saturdays #spooky #cursed #haunted #scary #creepy

Hi guys, welcome back to Spooky Saturday! Today, we're going to be talking about the cursed Japanese Kleenex tissue advert. Kleenex tissue is a well-known brand worldwide, but what if an advert for that brand is supposedly cursed?

The Cursed Kleenex Tissue Advert:

- Rumors of a cursed Kleenex tissue advert surfaced in Japan around 1986

- The advert features a traditional Japanese ogre baby and an actress in white in a barn-like setting

- The music over the advert is called It's a Fine Day by German artist Miss Jane

- People complained of an offensive song when the advert was aired on TV

- After midnight, viewers heard a German curse saying die, die, everyone is cursed and will be killed

- The advert was only aired for a short time before being pulled off the air and resurfacing on YouTube

- The lead actress is believed to have had a mental breakdown or given birth to a demon baby and died immediately after

- Crew members also died mysteriously, including the cameraman who was found dead in a sauna

- The baby that played the ogre tragically passed away in a fatal car accident

- Watching the advert after midnight on YouTube can cause faces and sounds to distort and creep out viewers

- Rumors state that watching the advert can lead to insanity, being cursed, or even death

Thanks for watching this week's video, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to give me a little like and subscribe to my channel for more spooky content. If you have any stories, leave a comment below or email me. Also, check out my Instagram in the description below. Have a lovely day!

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