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Kmart Black Friday Deals: Shop Now for Huge Savings!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to Highlinecouponer! Today, we'll be discussing the Kmart Black Friday ad for 2019. Before we dive into the details, let's take a look at some of the other Black Friday ads we've covered so far, including Kohl's, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, JCPenney, and Best Buy. We've created a playlist called Black Friday 29th seen wrap, where you can easily compare and get our thoughts on each ad.

Kmart will be open on Thanksgiving Day at 6:00 am and will remain open until midnight. They will then open again on Friday at 6:00 am. Kmart is offering a unique promotion where you'll receive $15 back in Shop Your Way points when you spend $40 or more. The points cannot be used until December 2nd.

Let's take a look at some of the deals Kmart is offering:

- Buy one get one 50% off on Disney Frozen toys

- X-HERO Bow or X-SHOT Regenerator Nerf guns for $19.99 (regularly $40)

- 50% off sleepwear for the family

- 50% off women's robes

- Christmas trees for $29.99

- Sedona House weighted blanket for $24.99 (regularly $50)

Kmart also has clothing deals that will run for four days, starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday. These deals include:

- Women's pants for $5 (regularly $18)

- Sweaters or pullovers for $5 (regularly $18)

- Boots for $12.99

- Layaway options available

Kmart is also offering point steals on gift sets and seasonal foods, as well as select toys and games for $5.

Although Kmart's Black Friday ad has some good deals, some of the prices are not as competitive as other retailers. It's important to compare prices and shop around before making a purchase. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to check out our coverage of the Sears ad at 12 pm today.

Black Friday 2009 - Kmart Black Friday Ad

Good afternoon everyone! I'm Big Jimslave from gotadeal.com, and today I have some exciting news to share with you. This morning, Kmart released their Black Friday ad, and it's full of amazing deals. I'm going to give you a rundown of some of the highlights, but first, let's talk a bit about the sale.


Kmart is calling their Black Friday sale Blue Friday, and it will start at 6 a.m. and go until 11 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. They're also having a two-day sale on Friday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. They have thousands of two-day items for sale, so there's bound to be something for everyone.


- Snuggie blankets on sale for $9.99

- Emergency 44-piece kit for $9.99

- White Diamonds perfume gift set for $24.99

- Sony L Series 32-inch class 720p LCD HD TV for $379.99

- Craftsman 2-gallon wet/dry vacuum for $14.99

- Dell Star 7-inch wireless netbook for $199.99

- GPS items from Tom Thomson and Magellan for $79-$99

- Clothing lines from Jill Boxer, Joe Boxer, Jocelyn, and Jaclyn Smith

If you're looking for some great deals on Black Friday, Kmart's Blue Friday sale is definitely worth checking out. Head over to gotadeal.com to download the ad scan and make your own shopping list. Join us on the message board to chat with other shoppers and get advice on how to tackle Black Friday at Kmart. And be sure to stay tuned for more Black Friday ads and news from gotadeal.com!


Are you ready for some amazing deals this Black Friday? Kmart has some exciting offers that you don't want to miss out on. From doorbusters to buy one get one free deals, Kmart has it all. So, get ready to shop till you drop with Kmart's Black Friday sales ad.

Main Points:

- Doorbusters start at 7 pm on Thursday and go on till 2 pm on Black Friday

- Buy one get one free deals on shoes and boots

- Dolls for $4.99

- Other toys available at discounted prices

- Kmart's three-day sale also starts on Thursday

- Great deals on towels, fragrance sets, crockpots, and more

- Thirsty Thursday deal with additional discounts

- Compare prices to make the most of the sales

Kmart's Black Friday sales ad offers incredible deals that are hard to resist. From toys to fragrances, there's something for everyone. With the added advantage of doorbusters and buy one get one free deals, shopping at Kmart is a steal. So, grab your wallets and head to your local Kmart to make the most of their Black Friday sales. Don't forget to compare prices to ensure you get the best deal. Happy shopping!

2000s BLACK FRIDAY Commercials

As Thanksgiving approaches, shoppers are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year. From Toys R Us to Walmart, retailers are offering huge discounts on a wide range of products. Here are some of the best deals available this holiday season.

Toys R Us:

- Save over 75% on Monopoly, Pokemon, Harry Potter mystery game, or Cootie Jitterbug.

- Buy one, get one free on Joe Boxer women's two and three-piece pajama sets.


- David Taylor dress shirts and ties are 50% off.

- All tires are on sale at America's number one tire retailer.


- Everything is on sale during Cole's Main Event Sale.

- Extra 10% off outerwear already 50% off.

- Extra 15% off jewelry already 60% off.


- Incredible prices and doorbuster coupons.

- Best gifts and big savings.

Circuit City:

- Sharp 19 inch LCD HD TV for $249.99.

- Canon digital camera with face detection technology for $149.99.

- Magellan GPS for $124.99.


- Two-day sale starting Friday.

- Wear a red shirt and khakis to get to the front of the line.

Big Lots:

- DVD VCR combo recorder for $79.99.

- Extra $100 to $300 savings from 8 to 10 am.

- One carat diamond bracelet for $199.

H. Gregg:

- Everything on sale all day tomorrow through next Wednesday.


- 600 thread count sheet set for $39.

- Adventure portable DVD player for $49.87.

- Levi Strauss Signature jeans for $10 for girls and boys, $12 for men and women.

This Thanksgiving holiday, shoppers can save big on a wide range of products. From electronics to clothing, retailers are offering huge discounts on the biggest shopping day of the year. Whether you're looking for a new TV or a pair of jeans, there's something for everyone this holiday season.

Black Friday 2019 Ads - Target, Khols, Kmart, and CVS

Black Friday is coming up and the author is here to share their adventure in finding the best deals. They will be featuring Kohl's, Kmart, CVS, and Target. However, they will only focus on items that they and their audience would be interested in buying.

Ad Thrust from Kohl's:

- PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S for $199

- Switch bundle with extra controller and charging dock for $299

- 90 Kohl's cash back for PlayStation and 60 Kohl's cash back for Xbox

- Buy one get one 50% off on all toys, including popular brands like Fisher Price and Nerf

- 30% off on Lego

CBS and Walgreens:

- Buy one get one free on toys and as seen on TV items

- Buy one get one free on Christmas lights and M&M candy

- 25% off all Christmas displays and shirts


- Buy one get one 50% off on Frozen 2 items and Spider Man and Avengers items

- Sale on some play guns and top Christmas candy

- 15% off on purchases of $40 or more


- Nintendo Switch for $299 with Super Mario Kart 8 included

- Discounts on popular games such as Aladdin and Lion King bundle, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead

- Buy one get one free on all books

- Discounts on Blu-ray and DVD movies


- Buy one get one 50% off on all toys from LeapFrog, VTech, Star Wars, and more

- Xbox bundle for $199 with Star Wars game and three more $29.99 games

The author recommends going out and taking advantage of these deals or ordering online at 5:00 pm and midnight on Thanksgiving. They thank their audience for watching and apologize for any background noise.

Kmart on Black Friday 2019 - Marshall, MI

The Last Black Friday at Kmart: A Sad but Nostalgic Experience

- The author doesn't usually go shopping on Black Friday.

- This year, they decided to visit Kmart, which is in a bad state, to see if the store was busy.

- Join the author on their journey to Marshall, Michigan to witness the 2019 Black Friday at Kmart.

The Disappointing Experience:

- The parking lot was full, but the store wasn't busy.

- There were no Christmas decorations or signs that this was a Black Friday sale, except for a few small signs.

- Most of the items were hard to differentiate between Black Friday sales and regular weekly sales.

- The author picked up some Christmas lights that were 50% off.

- The Christmas area was well-stocked and looked good.

- In the past, Black Friday at Kmart was chaotic and busy, but now it's just sad.

- The store is in danger of closing, and this might be the last Black Friday ever for Kmart.

Personal Experiences:

- The author used to work at Kmart during Black Friday and had to work in electronics.

- People would line up outside Kmart to buy items like Xboxes and big TVs.

- Kmart used to put out Black Friday ads that were 35 to 40 pages long and mostly contained electronics.

- The author also experienced a disastrous 40-hour non-stop Thanksgiving sale.

- The author has six Black Friday ads from previous years, which could be considered a souvenir.

- Kmart is in a bad state and is in danger of closing soon.

- This year's Black Friday at Kmart was disappointing, and the store wasn't busy.

- The author had some nostalgic experiences while working at Kmart during previous Black Fridays.

- The author hopes the best for Kmart, but it might be the last Black Friday ever for the store.

Kmart on Black Friday 2020

- The author went to Kmart on Black Friday, hoping to do a giveaway but found out they no longer do ads or flyers.

- The author still found some Kmart branded Christmas ornaments and wants to give them away as a thank you to subscribers.

Giveaway Details:

- The giveaway will include Kmart branded Christmas ornaments.

- The author has three ornaments and a jumbo pack of blue ornaments to give away.

- To enter, send an email with your first and last name and US address to the email in the description.

- Only one ornament per person.

- The author will do their best to send out the ornaments before Christmas.

- The author is grateful for their subscribers and wants to give back by doing a Christmas ornament giveaway.

- Kmart no longer does Black Friday ads or flyers.

- The author hopes everyone had a great Thanksgiving and weekend.

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