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kroger ads for next week

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Kroger Ad Preview for Sept 28-Oct 4, 2022 | *NEW* Weekly Digitals + 5x Digital Coupon Sale

[Music]. thank you, hey everybody. Welcome to shopping with Shayna. guys, I have a Kroger ad preview that is going to run from Wednesday, September 28th, and it will actually go through a Tuesday, the 4th of October. yes, we have moved into October, completely crazy, um. but uh, do me a huge favor: hit that subscribe button, ring the notification Bell and hit all so you don't miss any of my videos, and we're gonna check out what is happening at Kroger. big thank you to ladiesavingscom for posting the ad very early on Saturday morning so that I can bring you this ad preview. I will link their uh Link in the description box below. I will link their Link in the description box below for you if you'd like to check it out or look at anything a little bit longer. now we're looking at the very front page here. things like fresh strawberries three for five dollars- great price there. now, do note that it could vary from region to region, uh, especially on meat and produce. so obviously all prices do vary from region to region, but for the most part, we see the biggest difference in meat and produce, so do take that into consideration as you look at this ad. this is not my region either, so it will vary for me in partikular as well. all right, it's coming on down, all right. so the thing that I see that really is popping out to me is going to be the candy. so Halloween is fast approaching. you're gonna see all of your big candy sales happen right now, like, so, the end of September, early part of October, because the closer it gets to Halloween, the less likely they're going to do sales because you're going to spend full price on it at that point. so buy two, get one free. it looks like on Hershey's snack size or Mars or Butterfinger Fun Size Halloween candy. now, a lot of times we do see, uh, things happen with Butterfingers, Crunch bars, Baby Ruth bars, things like that. um, usually we have a Catalina that generates in the month of October, so that's something that we could probably put together with it. uh, do note that there are- I think it's a dollar back on- three in Ibotta right now for the Butterfinger. um, uh, candy bars, those types of candy bars, bags, candy bars. now, it does specifically say you cannot combine with a coupon. again, we'll start seeing coupons pop up here in our inserts as well, so it could be an extra savings for you. but anyway, there's some suggestions for you. we'll take a closer look at it. if you are watching this with me, today is the 24th- on Saturday- that I am making this video. uh, there is a sale this weekend going on for the bigger bags of candy. it's buy one, get one, fifty percent off. um, so if you're interested in that, it's a possibility that you could grab that deal- not definitely not the best deal that we have seen in the past for candy. um, I would also keep a watch on, like CVS and Walgreens and things like that. you're gonna see some sales pop up all over the place, kind of, if you're willing to go where the the deal is best, that you might have some better options. all right, continuing to scroll down, we have four for twelve dollars on your six packs. that is a pretty decent price right now. of course, we have seen things like four for ten in the past, which is rare. now we never see that anymore. um, so four for twelve: not a bad deal. definitely do not like it when I see three for twelve, so this is a much better deal. if you're going to stok up on your six packs, I highly recommend it. um, nothing else here is really jumping out of me as two exciting um, you know, by four you're gonna get the chips and stuff for 1.99. I honestly, um, we, I don't buy a lot of the Cheetos anyway, it's just basically the like the lace types of chips that I would buy for my family, but it's almost cheaper just to go use, get the Kroger Brand, um, and then I don't have to buy four of anything, I just can buy as needed. so I don't know, sometimes those sales are meant to get you to buy more, but sometimes it backfires a little bit. Nabisco snack crackers are two for five dollars when you buy two of them. uh, so again, not loving that deal, okay? uh, this will be week two of our five time digital coupon sale. uh, there's tons of deals out. if you would go watch. I have two videos in partikular that are out, one that was posted on Wednesday and one that was posted on Friday. go check those two videos out and see what is actually happening right now, because a lot of the deals that you see here can be grabbed right now. and, of course, the match-ups. um, we had a little bit of confusion going on with Ibotta on Wednesday and it cleared up a little bit on Friday, so I've kind of explained those two things, um. but yeah, so you know, I don't know. let me know if there's anything in partikular you'd see. if you notike any price changes, let me know. nothing is jumping out at me right now. I kind of look at this partikular week as something that I don't have to go grab every deal, um, where, when I'm looking at the deals- for you know, Mega sales and stuff- I I feel like I'm in the store almost every day, if not every other day, where these kind of sales. I'm like, eh, if I make it to grab it, great, if I don't, oh well, okay. so probably my favorite part of the ad every week is because we know we're going to get different weekly digital deals. um, let me know what you think about weekly digitals. I just love the fact that we get these every week, um, and their new deals and their fresh deals. it's great. so, uh, we'll go ahead and scroll down. now. these are one and done deals, so you need to make sure that you do grab. um, if you want all five items, you grab them all in the same transaction, because the coupon will disappear, but you do not have to grab five. you could only grab one if you just want one. but we have the ground pork or meatballs it says as well as the Kroger brats or Italian sausages for 2.99. if you want to grab five of these chefman air fryers, you can get them for 39.99. it says a savings of ninety dollars. uh, again, Christmas is not that far away and if you know somebody that wants an air fryer, maybe this would be a good time to grab it and have it for Christmas ready to go. I know I'm getting really, really excited. so come October- definitely going into November- we're going to start seeing the ads pop up for Christmas. we'll probably see the Walmart ad at least in the middle of October, because they'll start doing their Black Friday deals, um, on, you know, the very beginning of November. so, uh, I'm really getting excited about Christmas. so definitely subscribe if you like to do that, because I'm gonna, I'll be going over those deals like crazy. we do have the pumpkin spice blunt cake for 5.99 or pudding cake. it says, uh, Maxwell House Coffees, um, as well as uh, is it? you've been, you've been coffee, I don't know. anyway, 6.99. each Kroger salad dressing or the Kroger instant oatmeal is going to be a dollar 29 each. I would say that's a pretty good price on the um oatmeal. for now, the dressing's not a bad deal, um. so if you're needing that, let's see Frito-Lay multi-packs here: 12.99 each and those are the 28 count. so if you're needing to re load all your chips- um, from school starting- you've already sent them all in lunches- it might be a great time to grab one or two. my problem with these is that I do like to have these and I, you know, for snacks to send to the kids, you know, in their backpacks when they have after school activities and things like that, they'll have a little snack. problem is everybody gets into them and so then I don't have them for what I actually want to use them for. so let me know what you do about it. I mean, do I have to hide them? what do I have to do? all right, so I notiked this. I kind of skimmed the ad real quick before I started the video, but I notiked the Colgate toothpaste as well as the toothbrushes for 99 cents. now don't get too excited about this. the coupons that generally come out are do not work with, like the cavity protection which you see in the picture and these cheaper type of toothpaste, so you may not have that extra savings. I know I checked- couponscom has a dollar off one for Colgate right now.

*MORE MEGA SALE* Kroger Ad Preview for 10/26-11/1 | Buy 5 or More Save $1 Each MEGA SALE & MORE

[Music]. thank you, hey everybody. Welcome to shopping with Shayna. guys, I'm bringing you a brand new Kroger ad preview that starts on Wednesday, October 26th and it will go through Tuesday November 1st, so we're gonna obviously be going through Halloween, as you can see in the beginning picture. here we have ghosts and witches and all those good things as we're leading into Halloween. uh, before we get going, do me a huge favor and hit that subscribe button, ring the notification Bell and hit all, so you don't miss any of my videos. and we are going to jump right in to this ad preview. and yes, this is week two of our buy five or more, save a dollar each mega sale. so this has been a good sale. if you haven't seen my other videos, definitely at the end of this one, go check out all of the deal videos that are going on, because there are some pretty sweet deals that are happening. um, a big shout out and thank you to krogercrazycom for posting this ad early. if you'd like to see this ad yourself, I will put a link in the description box below so you can click on that and check out it all for yourself. all right, guys, so we're gonna jump right in here now, this is a regional ad. it will vary from region to region. so those 299 for 18 ounce fresh blueberries will be a regional deal. uh, that means that a lot of your produce and a lot of your meat deals will vary from region to region, but most of the main deals are going to be good, especially like the mega sale and all that stuff. um, 99 cent bell peppers- not a bad deal there. has anyone actually scanned the little QR code before? they always have them up there? I'm sure it's just whatever's on your app. it takes you straight to the website or something like that, but I've never done that. I'm like I probably should try that sometime. we also have uh 299 on that ground beef there- not bad deal there. buy one, get one free on boneless pork tenderloin or pork Boston butts- okay. so again, love, buy one, get one free deals because you know you're guaranteed 50 off of the original price and that's always a great deal even without coupons. but if you have any kind of coupons- obviously we don't normally have coupons with meat, but sometimes you do like have store coupons, like spend 10, save 2 or something like that- so always check your best customer bonus coupons or savings for you coupons, because sometimes you see those types of coupons pop up. all right, so we do have. buy one, get one free. on your Thomas Bagels or muffins there, um, we also have. it says swirl bread in the fine print there. Heritage Farm, boneless chicken breast- 279 per pound. and then we have BlueBell ice cream: 4.99 when you buy two. I feel like that could be Regional too. I don't remember that being a thing at my store, but maybe it is, I just never paid attention. Okay, so we have Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Canada Dry: um, 12 packs there. when you buy three, it's 12.88. uh, 1.99 on your Lay's potato chips when you buy three. I know we had a big conversation about that. a lot of you have told me that you like those deals because you tend to buy three. now, last week was four, wasn't it? because I was thinking you had to spend like eight dollars to get some chips on a deal, and this one's by three, so it's six dollars anyway, all right, buy five or more, save a dollar each mega sale. this is week two. now, remember, you can, um, you have to buy a minimum of five partikipating items, but of course you can mix and match those items and after you get to five, it doesn't really matter. I always find it very easy to get to five items, unless I'm really going in for just one item, which is rare. um, I do have a haul video I put out yesterday with a lot of really great mega sale deals, um, that I went in and did myself. I think it was a pretty good haul. I got over 200 worth of groceries for about 75 bucks, so that's a really great deal. it's a real life haul. I know sometimes people and I sometimes will do just a night bottle haul where I'm just specifically buying on a Ibotta. but I feel like with inflation, I need to start being more real with you guys and showing you what what I actually get. that way you can mimic it or do something close to it as well. um, you know we have The Townhouse crackers. there's a coupon for that. uh, again, that was in one of my videos, I think my Wednesday video. you can definitely check out that. so I'm not going to rehash all of the deals, because you can definitely go see the details of the deals. uh, look, we do have uh, four times the fuel points on gift cards and greeting cards. so for from 10- 26, it's gonna go, it's just this week. okay, four times the fuel point. it's usually a digital coupon, so make sure it's loaded. so again to kind of beat inflation and gas prices, because you're going to get four times the fuel points. if you're gonna go somewhere and Shop- let's say you know you're going to go to um, you know out to eat at McDonald's, you know, or you get coffee at McDonald's every morning or something like that- maybe you go to Starbucks, go grab a uh gift card from Kroger for whatever you would normally spent, and then you get four times the field points and you're going to be just spending the money like you normally would. so it's a double dip kind of thing and it definitely helps you save money, especially, like with the inflation. of course, gas prices are starting to go back up. so yay, all right. we also have, uh the more mega sale deals here: Rios, Blue Diamond, so kind of. the thing I try to look at is: our price is going up or down? do I see anything that stiks out? I have a hard time with this sometimes, um, unless I've actually purchased the item myself. but tell me if you see anything in the comments below. now that's interesting. so it says ballpark is part of the mega sale. I actually just purchased Ballpark and I didn't think it was, so maybe it was in the mega sale, but it's in my haul video. um, it was 349, but I don't remember it being tagged as Mega, so maybe it was Mega. there you go. um, I didn't even realize it. I like to get the Ballpark Franks or even the Oscar Meyer Franks. they tend to be a little bit more expensive because they're only usually two carbs per link where, like the S Bar, which is what I usually get, the kids are like four carbs. and when you're eating low carb kind of diet it's much better to have two carbs than four carbs. and my husband has really been doing the low carb thing, so I try to accommodate him. I have not been as bad, but I- or at least I'm not going keto. I am trying to stay lower carb, if that makes sense. um, let's see any details there you notike that are different. let me know in the comments below. but again, all these are great products. we know we have deals. we have deals on the Quilted, the brawny, we have deals on the Clorox. so again, let me know if you see any price changes there. did you guys get your um ax body wash? that was such an awesome deal so I got that in my uh mega sale haul um from yesterday that I posted and there's a two off coupon, so it's 449, 2f coupon, paid 249. thought I was gonna get 2 000 points back from thatch, which I did, but then it also attached to a different fetch reward for a thousand points. I ended up getting 3 000 points back, making it completely free in a 51 Cent. Money Maker was so excited about that deal- was not expecting that. um, Hershey's or Reese's candy- 79 cents for the individual packs when you buy five. all right, if you're one of those households that gives out full-size candy bars, here's a great deal for you to hand out these nice big candy bars. so my kids are on to me. I am in love with Reese's and um, yeah, my, my kids know that that I will steal it from their bags so they will get them out and hide them. now even my little one, who's in kindergarten, knows to hide the Reese's from me, which is good because I don't need to eat them, but uh, I always think that's funny. all right. so, um, yeah, Halloween is coming up. let me know in the comments: are you going trick-or-treating? what are you doing? I know I've asked this one other time. somebody said that they were gonna pretend they were home. oh goodness, I love i.

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*MEGA SALE* Kroger Ad Preview for 10/12-10/18 | NEW Weekly Digitals & MORE

[Music]. thank you, hey everybody. Welcome to shopping with Shayna. guys, I have a Kroger ad preview for you that is going to start on Wednesday, October 12th, and go through Tuesday, the 18th of 2022.. this is week two of our mega sale that is happening. we've got lots of great deals that are still continuing on this week, but we also have some new deals, especially those weekly digital deals that we see new every single week. so we're going to jump right in to the ad. before we get going, make sure you hit the Subscribe button so you don't miss any of my videos and let's see what is going on at Kroger. so big thank you to krogercrazycom for posting this ad now. usually she doesn't get it out early enough for me because I post my preview on Saturday morning. however, it is now Sunday morning, uh, that I'm getting this out to you. I apologize. it is fall break here in Northern Kentucky and we just spent the day at Kings Island with the kids and I just enjoyed our fall break- uh, Saturday there. so I apologize days for being a day late, but we are going to be looking at this ad now. the grapes: a dollar 48 per pound there- um, not bad. I prefer under a dollar, but not bad there, buy one, get one free on some uh, kroger 85 percent lean ground beef. that's not a bad deal. now, just remember some of our produce and meat sales will vary from region to region, so your region may be a little different. uh, guys, we have a candy sale alert. so Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 14th through the 16th, all Halloween candy is 33 off, for three days only, okay, so remember, there is a Catalina that's generating for your Butterfingers, Baby Ruth. um, crunch part of that, uh, by those Butterfinger baby root. there's one other one, I think it's crunch, but anyway that brand, it has a Catalina generating. um, check your your coupons. uh, for your inserts, things like that. I'll try to put something together for you for those partikular days. so you know what to expect. we also have um three for fourteen on your canned drinks. okay, those have been so expensive. so any kind of savings you can get on those, I would take them. 7.99 for a 12 pack- that is craziness, I can't, oh my goodness. so that is less than what you would pay for two of them. so it's much but cheaper to buy three of them. uh, 1.99 on some of those chips when you buy four of them just getting on down here. all right, really pretty good deal on the little bites and the intimate Donuts. they're buy one, get one free, so obviously, um, they're gonna be 50 off there. that's a pretty good deal for those items. check your individual coupons and see if you have, you know, coupons specifically for them. all right, moving on down, this is week two, like I said, of our mega sale. this is: buy three or more, save two dollars each mega sale. uh, there's lots of things that are going on. in fact, I have two videos out about items that you can go grab right now. so definitely go check out those videos if you haven't seen them. for instance, you could grab that General Mills cereals for just 99 Cents right now- really, really amazing deal. so go check out the video that I put out on Wednesday with those details. and, uh, Lando Lakes butter. a lot of people are suggesting grabbing that. the butter is getting ready to get very scarce around here, so grab some, throw some in your freezer, make sure you have plenty of butter. we also have deals on Bounty and Charmin tied there for 7.99. uh, not bad price there. uh, diet is expensive now if we have, if you do have any kind of coupons to go with it, I would use it. you can go to the PNG website and print a coupon. you just have to make sure that the printed coupon you use basically that day, because it expires within 24 hours. uh, four times. the field points on gift cards are still going on the 5th through the 18th. make sure you are grabbing gift cards for anything you might need and save that, that money at the pump. we know gas prices are starting to go back up so we kind of have a little Band-Aid on the gas issue. it wasn't really like I wouldn't say a Band-Aid because we didn't completely heal back to where we were. however, there was, um, they were using our oil that we have saved up for emergencies. they went through all of it and now that they're kind of gone through all of it, prices are starting to go back up. the problem is there's really no end in sight of them going back up. so I don't know it's going to be a fun fall, fun Christmas, I'm sure of that. so again, and- and that's another thing- if you see Christmas presents on sale, like, go to Walmart, start, uh, shopping that hidden clearance stuff. I've already started putting some things away for Christmas so that we can do presents for everybody. um, and do nice presents, uh. if you see things, start grabbing them now because it's prices for food and for gas are going to be going back up, especially around the holidays. all right, moving on down here to more mega sale items again. we know about most of these items already. is there anything in partikular that you really really like this past week? put it in the comments below. if I see anything, I will say something. so like again Kellogg's large size cereals. we know we have dollar F2 coupons for those, so you're getting them for 1.99. fingers crossed, maybe we'll get some kind of Ibotta rebates to go with that. a lot of times we do, assuming that they don't say no coupons. I don't know. I am just not happy with Ibotta lately. it's just ah, I get it. people try to work this system, they try to cheat the system, and so they have to come be harder about it. that's what happened with coupons. we used to be able to double coupons, but man, it is so frustrating, oh goodness. okay, Halo top ice cream 249.. now they're 1.99 right now, so it looks like they're gonna go up 50 cents on Wednesday. so if you like your Halo top ice cream, stok up this week, throw them in your freezer. they are going up 50 cents, so prices will change a little bit over. you know that one day most of the items usually stay on Mega, but sometimes prices will go up, so do take note of that. if you see anything else, let me know in the comments. that's not surprising, to be honest with you. okay, big deal Frito-Lay multi-packs. I want to say those were, weren't they 18.99? maybe they were 17.99, so maybe they're going down a dollar. I could be, I could, I could wish, right? I don't know, probably not, but that's uh, that's what my memory is telling me. um, let's see here: Arm and Hammer suvatel- 5.99. okay, and we still have the edge and the skin to Mint shave gel there for a dollar 49 each. remember we just got dollar off one coupons in today's insert: 10-9. um, so these should be 49 cents now. so really, really great deal there. make sure you grab. the only problem you're gonna have is: are the shelves going to be wiped now that they're 49 cents? all right, we have some Halloween items here, so let me know in the comments what your plans are for Halloween. are you trick-or-treating? are you doing a Halloween party? are you, you know, closing the door, turning all the lights off and pretending you're not homes? you don't have to give out candy. what are you doing for Halloween? right now, my kiddos and I are going to go trick-or-treating. the girls will go, for sure. my son, he's almost four, he'll be 14 in January. he's kind of too cool right now to do that kind of stuff, so he may or may not go with us. I doubt he'll actually trick or treat. um, it's not that I have a problem with a 14, 13, 14 year old trick-or-treating. he just won't do it. um, but my girls definitely will trick-or-treat, all right. so there's some candy deals there. I hope I let you look long enough. we're gonna scoot on down here, all right. just a reminder that we do have a couple of different uh promotions going on, that there's a Unilever event. it's been 15, say, five. I know I have at least one scenario on some Suave uh in the uh video I did on from Wednesday, and then we also have a Pampers and Huggies event by Tuesday 10.. I also have another scenario in that video as well. so if you have not checked out my Wednesday video: go check that out and you can see those deals we'.

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*NEW SALE* Kroger Ad Preview for 7/20-7/26 | NEW 5x Digital Coupon Sale, 5x Weekly, & MORE

[Music]. thank you, hey everybody. Welcome to shopping with Shayna. guys, I have a brand new Kroger ad preview that starts on Wednesday, July 20th and we'll go through Tuesday, July 26th of 2022. we have a brand new sale happening at Kroger. it's going to be a start of our new five-time digital coupon sale. so no mega sales this week, which I know is not necessarily our favorite, but we can still find some pretty sweet deals that happen at Kroger with the digital sale. and I just want to jump right on in a big thank you to ladiesavingscom for posting this ad early. they're the first ones to get the it out. almost every week they're usually the first ones and, um, even though it's not the Super clear picture that sometimes we get from another source, it's out super early, so I'm able to get this video out to you as quickly as possible. so let's Jump Right In Here. the first thing that I notiked was when you spend twenty dollars on school and office or art and craft supplies, you're going to save five dollars. with a digital coupon it says: use up to five times in one transaction. now that could actually be quite expensive, so you're looking at like a hundred and twenty five dollars worth of stuff that you would get for a hundred dollars. however, you know, using it once or twice in the same transaction may not be unreasonable and maybe, if you're a teacher, it would make a lot of sense to to go ahead and, you know, save an extra 25 there. um, yeah, so really kind of excited about this deal. I know we're all about school supplies um coming up. if you have kids- I have three kiddos gonna be in school this year that I'm gonna have to buy supplies for, so, um, any savings will be good and I'll definitely be checking out what they've got there. I'm probably going to use it at least once, if not more. now I am a teacher but I'm a college professor, so it's a little bit different. I don't I necessarily have to buy glue and crayons or anything like that for my classroom, but there are things that I need here and there as well. so I you know if there's anything in there I'm going to be purchasing that I might do it on this. okay, moving on down, we have: buy one, get one free boneless pork chops or boneless pork tenderloins. now, these can vary from region to region with your meats and produce, so just take that into consideration. um, that your region may be slightly different than this partikular region. [Music]. now it's exciting here: three for 12.88 on your 12 packs. I would like to see four for 12.88 on that, so it seems a little high. a Lay's potato or lays kettle cooked chips are going to be 1.99 each when you buy four. it looks like Cheetos is also included, as well as pop corners, smart and says Smart Food, popcorn, Fritos, canned dip. so those are also included in that dollar 99 price so you can mix and match those. I'm sure we also have Nabisco family sized Oreo cookies. you have the crackers there, the Wheat Thins, the Ritz's, all that. three, four, ten, okay. so they'll get about like 3.33 each on that when you buy three, okay. uh, Campbell's Chunky food: three, four, five, as well as the Kroger dressing there. those prices just seem so high. oh, I don't know about you, but it makes me sad. all right, we're going to be looking at the digital coupon sale here. this is a five-time digital coupon. now, something to remember: with digital coupons like these partikular kind, these are considered store coupons. they are not manufactured coupons, so you can pair these with manufacturer coupons. now, take that with a grain of salt, because you're going to have some regions and areas that will tell you that that is not true. that is not possible. it is. um, it will ring up, it will accept the manufacturer coupons into the system. uh, but again, is it worth fighting, you know, with the employees or dealing with stuff? it's up to you how far you're going to take it. a lot of times what I do is I'm more of a digital couponer anymore. I haven't actually purchased insert coupons in a very, very long, long time and so I'll just load the digitals and they come off and it's usually never an issue. so, uh, again, you just kind of take it with a grain of salt there and, you know, be prepared to have to either fight for the deal or just tell them you don't want it. um, a dollar 29 there on your goldfish. so that's going to remain from. uh, the mega sale price there with the digital right now mega sale price for the Goldfish it's a dollar twenty nine. so apple juice is also a dollar twenty nine. uh, again, we've seen this as low as 1.19 under this new price, because it'll usually drop at 10 cents. so that could be something that we could look forward to in week two. um, the Kellogg's cereals are 1.99. of course, we have Ibotta rebates as well as printable coupons for those. uh, yeah that. so there is a a start, at least, to the digital sale. let's see what else we have moving on to the next page. okay, so we're going to jump right into the weekly digital deals here. so let's see what is happening. remember you can purchase up to five of these in the same transactions. these five-time weekly digitals are different than the five time digitals, as these are one and done. so if you want five products, you want to make sure you grab them all, five of the same transaction, because it will disappear, and if you uh for the normal sale, one that's gonna last two weeks, those will. those coupons are reusable so you could use them multiple times. so we have impossible burgers or sausages. I also see we have the chicken nuggets there, so 3.99 each. um. of course, like always, check your Fetch and Ibotta. I'll try to do a match up for you for Tuesday, so you know what to expect. anything um an early matchup, but sometimes we have rebates to go with these to make this a better deal. we have the mighties green kiwi for 349 each. we had kiwi the other day and it was so good. I just love kiwi it's. it's one of those fruit I hardly ever get, but when I do I really love it. um, glazed donuts are going to be an extra savings of 50 cents this week, so a 12 count will be 349 as opposed to 3.99. we have different Waters: the Kroger purified drinking water as well as the AHA drinking water there. um, for 249 each Simple Truth organic milk is going to be 249 and we also have the simple uh almond almond milk there showing for 249.. all right, cooked perfect meatballs as well as some Tyson chicken nuggets are going to be 5.99, coming from a sale price of 7.99. so that's a. that's a nice little savings there. um, I know I'm just trying to get chicken. the other day at Kroger and they my- at least my Kroger- most of it was just wiped out. there was not much of a selection at all. now a lot of times the Kroger Brand chicken will be 5.99 or 6.99, something like that. so again, just depends on you know what you prefer. if it has to be name brand, uh, Cheez-It multi-pack snack, crackers as well as. um, it looks like the Scooby-Doo back there trying to see if there's anything else. it just says Cheez-It multi-pack snack crackers when obviously Scooby-Doo is showing their 3.99 each. so that would be nice to maybe grab a couple boxes of those as we head into the school year so you're ready with some snacks or ready for just to get those lunches ready. um, Purex liquid laundry detergent is 279 each and we also have the Bounty napkins there, uh, coming off a price of 529 each. now, um, I was toking about the snacks there so it made me think of it. so let me know in the comments: do you guys pack your kids lunches or do you just have them? uh, get the school lunch. now my kids, since covet happened and everything, their school lunches are, um, free. so it's a low-income School District, so they get a free, and so my kids have eaten for free for the last year and so forth. so we- and before that we, we- let them get the school lunch. it's just easier that way. so, um, that's what we'll probably do again this year. very rarely do I pack lunches, except for extreme circumstances. let me know in the comments what you guys do. all right, moving on, let's look at some more digital coupon sale here. we have the Chobani Greek yogurt there: 10 for.

*EARLY* Kroger Ad Preview for 7/26-8/2 | Week 2 of 5x Digital Coupon Sale, *NEW* 5x Weekly, & MORE

[Music]. thank you, hey everybody. Welcome to shopping with Shayna. guys, I am bringing you a brand new Kroger ad preview that starts on Wednesday, that is, July 27th of 2022, and it's gonna go through August. oh, my goodness, August, the 2nd of 2022, completely crazy. school is starting back. I don't know. I'm just not ready for summer to be over. I'm really loving summer. of course, we don't start back until August 18th, but still, uh, it all feels like it's coming down to it. my anxiety for school starting is starting to go up. so anyway, um, guys, do me a huge favor and hit that subscribe button, ring the notification Bell and hit also. you don't miss any of my videos. we're going to check out what's happening. this will be week two of our five-time digital coupon sale as well, so we're definitely gonna see what is going on here. so, first and foremost, let's just jump right in. we have the Kroger ad that is starting. we do have four times the fuel points gonna be on Simple Truth brand items with a digital coupon, so make sure that is loaded. you know, if you're like me and somebody times, you don't always plan with what you're going to buy. you might be picking up a simple truth brand item and you want to make sure you get four times the fuel points for that. so make sure that is loaded, all right. two for four dollars of the Athena melons or personal watermelons, all right. have any of you ever had a yellow watermelon? so one time, from Kroger I guess, I bought a yellow watermelon and I didn't realize it was yellow. we opened it up and I was like I thought I got a watermelon and apparently there is a real thing as a yellow watermelon. it tasted just like a watermelon. it was just really weird. so, uh, 277 each on your 18 ounce blueberries there. and of course, remember this could be Regional, so some of the meat and produce will vary from region to region, like always. um, we have 1.99 on your chips and stuff. when you buy four, we have Sargento natural cheese slices two for five, as well as some Private Selection buns. four for twelve on your six packs of drinks there. so that is a good deal. for now I'm waiting for the day goes back for for 10, but it's probably never gonna happen- or five or ten even. I think it's been five for ten in the past. um, buy one, get one free on the Sara Lee honey, wheat or butter bread there, okay. and then you also have the independent donuts for: buy one, get one free. we love the intimate Donuts. all right, this is week two of our five time digital coupon sale. so most of these you already know about. if you loaded those digitals uh in to your account this week, then they will still be available next week. you will not have to go back and reload them. you could just go back and continue shopping. remember, you can use them in different transactions. um, you just have to make sure you split your transaction. so if you really need 10 bags of goldfish, you could do five and one transaction, five in another. and I say up to five. you don't have to. you could do two and two and two and two until you get to five. if you really wanted to do that, I don't know why you would, but in case you do, um, hey, uh, the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes there. that reminds me, are you playing that Kellogg's game? uh, if, I will put a link in the description box for you so you can go play that. I'm not necessarily going to show it to you, but, um, I haven't done mine this morning. I'll just see if I win anything this morning but double check and see if you, uh, are gonna win anything. all I've gotten is a 50 cent off coupon, so that would make that a dollar 49 for me, and of course I bought it still has those rebates available. surprisingly, they've lasted a really long time on the cereal. all right. weekly digital deals: let's see what's going on here. we have Private Selection gourmet potatoes for 1.99. we have 2.99 on your talenti or Magnum um ice creams or whatever they're called. uh, let's see. craft singles are 279. prices have really gone up with cheese. uh, this would be 3.99. like I said, 279 probably was like the regular price six months ago and now, because the price is going up, it's this the nice sale price. so that's kind of crazy. Ice Mountain natural spring water: 299 for I was trying to see 24 pack. okay, we have the Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges as well as the Cleary. uh, is it Cleary Canadian? I think that's what it says. eight count or no? that cheese is eight count. what's a count? sorry guys, all right. uh, it says eight count or Cleary Canadian 11 ounce drinks? okay, I don't know. I guess the wedges are eight count. I'm sorry guys, I feel like I'm in a daze. almost all right: 5.99 for some Kleenex tissue. hopefully we have some coupons to go with this, but this is the uh. it looks like four boxes are included. yeah, four pack uh, there is included, so this would be a great time to get some tissue. I actually really stoked up at uh Walgreens the other day. I got two, four packs of the Puffs and one four pack of the kleenex for some really great deals and I use some Walgreens cash to pay for it. so my kids are set for school. uh Scott brand Comfort plus bath tissue: 399.. we have Energizer Max batteries for 9.99. the 16 count, so these are normally priced uh 14.99. so that's a pretty good savings there. if you're needing some batteries, let's move on. all right, this is the digital coupon part of the video. all right, what we have going on, anything new. so you know. if you see anything pop out as price is going up or price is going down, let me know in the comments. in general, I haven't seen prices go down much in week two. uh, generally it's going up. but uh, I really haven't done much with this sale. in fact, I haven't been to Kroger yet since the sale has started. I was trying to think if I'd been at all just to grab something like milk, and no, I don't even think that my husband went yesterday to grab something, but that was it. so I'm kind of trying to take a little bit of a break. I went on Tuesday and got a bunch of the mega sales stuff, uh, before this new sale hit, and there'll be a couple things I want to grab for sure before everything ends. but the digital sale is just not my favorite sale by any means. I will say the Huggies diapers. there were the pull-ups and stuff like that. 8.99 that is uh, not a bad price for those, and if you compare them with any kind of coupons, so I I don't think we have any like insert coupons available. but if you happen to have any from the Huggies website or like look in your actual packages of diapers and see if they give you any coupons, things like that, pair that with the this store coupon, with the manufacturer coupon and, of course, like always check fetch. fetch usually has something going on, at least for the pull-ups. you can have a really, really good deal there. Cottonelle and Viva for 6.49- All Right, Moving On next page, next weekly digitals: these are always my favorite. I love checking these out. okay, looks like we got some pork back ribs for 2.99 per pound we're gonna have now this partikular region is getting the California yellow or white peaches or nectarines for 99 cents per pound. it will vary from region to region, so we always have fun figuring out what your, your region is going to get with a Red Baron pizza for 2.99- red bear pizzas- like every other week, I feel like it's on weekly digital, so something about Red Baron pizza. so we have a dollar 49 for some General Mills cereals. it looks like the gogurts are also part of this. now I'm really excited about the cereals because we do know there's dollar off two coupons and then there's also 25 cent back from Ibotta right now. so it looks like you could get these for as low as what- 74 cents each. now. also, take into consideration, if you do not have the um General Mills Betty Crocker Box Tops app, that you should load that and then scan your receipt and give one of your local schools that money that you would get, I believe, right now, through July, when you purchase three or more General Mills products, they're giving 30 Box Tops Worth to that school. so that's basically three dollars and I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but ca.

*NEW MEGA SALE* Kroger Ad Preview for 10/19-10/25 | Buy 5 or More Save $1 Each MEGA SALE & MORE

[Music]. thank you, hey everybody. Welcome to shopping with Shayna. guys, I'm bringing you a brand new Kroger ad preview that runs from Wednesday- it will be October 19th- and we'll go through Tuesday, October 25th of 2022. this will be week one of a brand new mega sale and, guys, I think you're going to be very, very excited about this. make his sale. it is one that we are used to seeing pretty regularly and, uh, getting off of a buy three save two, we're going into a buy five save one, so it's going to be a good one. hopefully, we'll find lots of really great deals and get some freebie and money makers this partikular week. so, before we get going, do me a huge favor: hit that subscribe button, ring the notification Bell and hit all so you don't miss any of my videos, especially if you like to watch Kroger videos and get all the best deals, because I definitely put them out there for you now, real quick. if you are watching this video and it is Saturday or Sunday, the 15th or 16th of October, make sure you go watch the candy video that I posted yesterday, on the 14th. it's going to give you really, really hot deals. it's probably going to be the last big deal that you're going to get before Halloween. so highly recommend that you stok up on Candy. I can get you candy for as low as 15 cents per bag in that video. so go check it out, um, before it's gone. so if you're watching it on Monday or you know, you've missed the deal. I'm sorry, but, um, let's go jump right in and see what's happening at Kroger. so let's start out. this is a from ladiesavingscom. I appreciate them posting the ad super early on Saturday morning. I'm able to bring this to you. um, now I will say I think this partikular region- the prices seem to be a little bit higher at times than my region, but so take that with a grain of salt. it's only a matter of few sins here and there, but, um, do note that. also a note that produce and meats will vary from region to region. so buy one, get one free. boneless pork chops- really great deal there. hopefully it's good in all regions coming on down here. buy one, get one free on your Pillsbury Crescent cinnamon rolls or Grands biscuits. that's a great one to have. I definitely want to look at that. of course, compare prices to what the Kroger price is. the other day I went up there to get some cinnamon- not cinnamon rolls- uh, crescent rolls, sorry, and I had to go with the Kroger ones because it was a much better price. okay, so I'm really hoping the sodas is good in all regions here. buy one, get one free. on the two liters, they're regularly priced now like 2.99, so you're looking at like a dollar fifty each, which is not a bad price. uh, Meyer, actually didn't have a terrible price on theirs this past week, but when I went to go get Diet Coke they were completely wiped of Diet Coke. um, now they did have dollar 49 for Dr Pepper, so I grabbed some Diet Dr Pepper for my husband there. but yeah, so it's it. I don't know what the deal is. I guess whenever there's a decent deal, people are just wiping it out because the soda's expensive. three dollars for a two liter- not not worth it in my opinion. but you know I I drink way too much soda. I really need to cut back. buy one, get one free, looking forward to that one. so we also have four for twelve on your four packs there, or six pack, excuse me, six packs there. now. do note that if you were watching this before, before this sale actually starts, um, up until what, the uh 18th, that right now all of those six packs are 279 each, with a five-time weekly digital and you grab up to five of them for that price. so I highly recommend stok up on that. this is not a terrible price though. four for twelve? you're looking at three dollars each. it's only a slightly more and that's a pretty decent price. I would stok up on those, okay. um, Let's see, we have the potato chips there. or burritos. um, buy four, you're gonna get it for 1.99 each. I I'll tell you what. um. buying four is a lot. that's like eight dollars. I never do those deals. I would rather spend a couple more cents and go with the Kroger Brand than have to buy four of them when I don't want four of them. just my personal opinion. what's your thoughts on that? one, I don't mind, like a. buy two, but buy four. that's a lot to have to buy, especially when you're looking at eight dollars in chips- you know Nabisco family size cookies or crackers- 2.99 each. when you buy three, still a lot. when they're three dollars each, because that's nine dollars, you're gonna have to pay, and if I'm not willing to pay nine dollars I'm not gonna do it. so interesting. all right, um, moving on down, the part we all wanted to see was the new mega sale. so this is: uh, buy five or more, save a dollar each mega sale. you can mix and match these items, but once you hit five, it doesn't matter how many you do, a dollar per item comes off. so I've been needing to stack up on some Pop-Tarts. uh, look at the Kellogg's website for dollar off two coupons there and possibly get those for 1.99. um, we've got some Chex Mix, some post cereals, some- uh- General Mills cereals for 1.99 each. of course we've got my bottle rebates and some digital coupons for some of the General Mills. of course, always submit your receipts to the box top app for those types of things. um, yeah, so I will definitely be putting together a video for you on Wednesday with the must-do deals. maybe I will be able to get one together for Tuesday for some advertised deals. we'll see how that works out. um, okay, so cool. there you go for those starting out. let's see what else. they have. more Mega sales stuff. here we have the Crystal Light, the with the goldfish for 1.79. guys, what happened to the days of 99 cent goldfish? oh, my goodness, what has happened. so the last time we had this type of mega sale was a dollar- what? 29, because I know Meyer has had theirs on their kind of like mega sale type thing- for a dollar 19 because I remember that was cheaper there. but even they used to have theirs for 89 cents. and now we're looking at a dollar 79 for these bags of goldfish. I mean this is crazy high price here. so hopefully my Region's a little different, but that's still crazy high. Crystal Light too. I never used to purchase it unless it was 99 Cents. I mean dollar 79, okay, craziness. the sad thing is I just don't know if prices will ever go back down. I'm just gonna cry: all right, we'll just keep looking. um, you've got some skinny pop there for 249. we've got some cheeses for 49.. we've got some, um, you know, Jimmy Deans- 4.99. I will say I saw, uh, and I bought a rebate for the Jimmy Dean. I want to say it was 75 cents back on those. I'll have to double check that, but that's a possibility. we also have the Ken's steak dressing for 2.99. I know we have some new Ibotta rebates for that. we also have the Velveeta or the craft Deluxe. um, macaroni and cheese for 2.99. I'm still stoked up from that macaroni and cheese that I got for 49 cents, like over the summer. we still have tons of it left. I stoked up crazy, um on that stuff. okay, um. Bertelli pasta sauce- dollar 99. you have some ice creams here for 3.49. okay, guys, what do you see that you like? let me know, okay. next, we have some Pringles party Stacks there for a dollar 49 as well some Wishbone dressing. King's Hawaiian rolls: I love the Hawaiian rolls, but I will tell you their Kroger has their own kind of Hawaiian rolls themselves and they're they're pretty good. they're not as good as these, I will admit that, but the price is much better and you know I can still enjoy them. so I would say those are probably still expensive, but if you're needing them for whatever, I would maybe grab them. uh, also, if you are very specific, like these are the kind of roles you have to use for Thanksgiving or something like that, grab them now, when they are on sale and have a decent price, and throw them in the freezer and then pull them out before Thanksgiving. they'll be perfect. so that's my recommendation for you. you could wait until the second week of the sale to do it. just so it's a little closer to Thanksgiving, but definitely, um, let's see, we have the tide, the Downy for 5.99. I laugh because.