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kvCORE Contact Profiles Explained FULLY - Convert Leads On Autopilot

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

kvCORE Contact Profiles Explained FULLY - Convert Leads On Autopilot

kvCORE Contact Profiles Explained FULLY - Convert Leads On Autopilot

all right so today's one of those videos
where we go in depth in kb
core you're going to see exactly how to
manage your profiles
so you can be effective if you set up
all of your profiles
within kb core the way that i'm going to
show you you're going to see the system
in action
you're gonna see kb core actually
convert leads for you
no exaggeration as the leads are coming
kb core will actually close and convert
those leads for you so i'm gonna share
with you
how that happens and we're gonna be very
detailed with our
breakdown so make sure that you don't
skip a beat you might need to watch this
over and over again to capture all of
the concepts because
kb core can be a beast so that being
said let's get going so i'm screen
at the moment and let's start off by
learning how to actually include or add
a a lead so add a contact so we're going
to go up here to the quick actions
you can also do that right here notike
that i'm in the smart crm already
but we're gonna go ahead and add a
contact or at least show you
the contact um fields that are requested
so you're gonna be asked for a first
name a last name and an email
and then these are the three things that
you absolutely need to have
in order to create a record to create a
and then you're gonna put your cell
phone or the cell phone of the lead
and then you're gonna be asked hey do
you have permission to call
text and email this individual so
if you don't have that permission then
of course don't select that you do
but make sure that in the event that
this contact has given that permission
go ahead and include call text and email
because there's gonna be some
um systematizing that happens here
if you have a buyer identify them as a
buyer seller renter vendor
agent so those are the categories those
are the lead types
status you see if they're a prospect if
they're a brand new lead if it's an
active lead so you spoke to the lead
they're ready to get to business if
they're already a client
if they're um if they're under contract
if they're closed in archives so
moving that lead out of your system
the manual the lead source it starts off
with manual ad because we just went to
add a contact right here but if you got
this lead through
a landing page through a squeeze page
through a
valuation report you're going to know
what that means here shortly
then it's going to show that type of
lead source by default but right now
it's a manual ad because
we are here manually adding it the lead
is going to be you most likely or if you
have agents
and you're the administrator on your kb
core account or
team leader then you're going to be able
to assign the lead
to whoever it happens to be smart
campaigns if you have some smart
campaigns already set up
i have countless of videos how to set up
smart campaigns so you're going to want
watch those in my channel
if you have a lender and cc the lender
and put some notes so i mean you have
the option of creating that now that's
just the basic
that's the foundational
elements or fields that you need to fill
now we're going to deep dive and this is
where the value comes in so
really want you to pay close attention
because i just clicked on a lead this is
um this is myself using myself as an
so you can see everything that you have
available to you and i'm gonna break
this down
line by line so again you might need to
watch this over and over again
to um to to capture some elements that
you might have missed the first
this is me with years of experience
already with kvcor
in a ton of in-depth um troubleshooting
all of the agents that i have so as many
of you know kb core comes
in with exp so exp has um
this as their default system so it's
already included so
i have the um the luxury of helping my
real estate agents with their lead
so i get i get to work on this very
in-depth so i know this
system pretty well so i know it's
pitfalls and i know where it excel so
i'm going to show you both of those
today so we're going to start from left
to right and
we're going to go into some rabbit holes
but i think you're going to appreciate
them as we get going so
starting from left to right i just put
my um
my handle here it's my ig handle
so it's not my name obviously but um so
you have
the name is gonna go up here you're
gonna have the phone you can edit it you
can edit your email as well and then
the address right there so you can
change that change that
as well once you save it and you're off
to the races now
if this is a seller lead so just let me
re let me rephrase it really quickly if
this is a seller lead
then make sure that you call it out as a
seller lead
there's multiple reasons for this one
you want to be accurate with your
records you want to be accurate with
your database that's
plain and simple right two there are
certain campaigns whether you know it or
that are automatikally initiated that
are automatikally triggered
again whether you know it or not default
systems the default kb core
will send out smart campaigns so just be
aware of that
again i have more information on other
videos but also i'm going to show you
um i'm going to show you a little bit of
what i mean here in a little
in a little bit but then also if you're
doing listing valuations
on the um on the lead that's a seller so
you have their actual address
you need to call it out that it's a
seller lead and again i'm kind of
um kind of already getting ahead of
myself and you'll see what that why that
why this is so important here shortly
but just be accurate just think of it
that way be accurate if they're a seller
make them a seller if they're a renter
make them a renter but
just being accurate is not enough
understand that um
the reason that you're being accurate is
because there are some other triggers
other things that are gonna happen that
you need to be aware of
hashtags most of the campaigns that you
set up meaning your email texts or email
campaigns text campaigns follow-up
campaigns smart campaigns is what
they're called
they're going to be triggered through
hashtags so whenever you
set up a facebook ad as an example on a
property that you
just listed we're gonna call it one two
three main street
well you can connect your facebook
marketing campaigns to your facebook ad
ads um
campaign to your kb core and you're
going to use a hashtag
let's just call it one two three main
street that um as soon as it
lands into your kb core it's going to
send out an
automated email and automated text so
that's more
on smart drips but that's what hashtags
are designed to do
they're gonna categorize your leads and
you can use them as trigger points so
those are the two functions to the
one clean up your database so you see
buyer lead seller lead
sphere of influence different hashtags
to categorize
your database and then also they can be
trigger points
to launch certain campaigns whenever
the lead comes in so if it's a new lead
um and it is hashtag that's a new lead
then a certain action happens so again
to categorize and then
trigger points that's what's happening
insights this is just the strength of
the lead so if you've had a really good
conversation boom you're gonna put a
this will actually auto populate as well
the validity of the information that you
have so if you see a lot of if you start
doing a lot of um communication back and
forth with the lead and
you have you have a very complete
profile the more
stars that you get that one i don't use
all that much
but just understand that that's what
that's about a quick summary
validation run you can hit run but
if you don't have enough data points if
you don't have the names the emails the
phone numbers
meaningful information that kb core goes
out and tries to find if you don't have
a lot of the data points
then this validation run just really
isn't going to help you out that much
but it does do validation runs it does
try to find
it does try to find social media
profiles so that's a huge benefit that
that you um that you receive so shows
the owner so myself
assigned to myself so you can transfer
this to another agent again it depends
if you're the administrator or the team
leader and
have access to everyone else's or has
access to everyone else's assignments
that you can transfer it there
or you can share it with another agent
so inner offices
just to make sure that everybody is on
the same page when the lead comes in
or a mutual client that you are working
that's where you would go and share the
lead now again we're toking about one
specific profile
and this is the best way to illustrate
with you the different
capabilities of kb core revolving around
one person so we're going all over the
but you're understanding the potential
you're understanding
how valuable kb core can be for your
you don't have to integrate everything
at once remember we started the video
with this start with some start with one
element first and then expand
don't try to bowl the ocean because
that's going to be difficult
all right so let's keep going you see
the kind journey up here
sphere prospect new lead actively client
contract enclosed
well we saw this at the very beginning
we saw this when we created the contact
now if we had just set um if we had just
brought in the contact
and i now want to move it over to the
new lead as an example if i mistakenly
put it as a prospect and i put it as a
new lead
well notike what happens when i try to
change it this action could affect or
remove the current assigned smart
this goes back to smart campaigns
whether you know it or not
how you categorize your leads whether
it's a buyer lead seller lead
or where that client is on their journey
there are certain actions that happen
through your smart campaign so you very
well could be sending emails
without knowing it so just be aware of
that but i'm going to show you how to
actually turn those off so you don't
have to worry about
oh man i just don't know they keep
they're keep telling me that
all these emails keep hitting their
inbox i'm not sending them who's sending
them what's happening
that happens it happens quite a bit
you can see the last active so whenever
somebody logs into your website so you
see that activity
how many properties they viewed on your
website and then the total views
so you have that transparency of every
time they come back to your website
and then just some activity that i've
had on this partikular
demo um demo account or demo profile so
you kind of saw that but you're gonna
see whenever a text was made you're
gonna see whenever
a email was sent out as long as you've
integrated it with kvcor
and it asks you that at the very
beginning so you have
the center you have the hub of your
communication right here
all right so all this is pretty
we're gonna go to the tasks though the
so you have here new calls you can call
directly from the system
so right here you can select which call
which phone number you want to call them
you can send an email directly from here
so you can send an email
choose a template or write it yourself
you can do a voicemail drop if you have
the additional service that they have
i believe it's called core voicemail
here it is so core
voicemail drop so you can send a
voicemail directly into their voicemail
a message directly into their voicemail
that is an additional cost that is an
additional service so it doesn't
does depend on what level of
kb core you have and this is an add-on
so just be aware of that
you can add any notes that you want
and copy the lender in case um in case
they need to know and they'll get the
notification as long as
they're in your system the lender that
is you can send them a text directly
from here
now one important thing to note kb core
is going to use
your smart phone number so whether you
have a office phone number
or a exclusive phone number to yourself
it's going to send it from that number
so if you have an office phone number it
knows that hey this is
to jaime that i need to send this
message and whenever jaime responds to
that smart phone number
i need to route it right back to jaime
that's why it's called a smart
smartphone number because it knows it
knows that it came out through here that
and this lead is mine so whenever that
message comes back
although it's the same smartphone number
that's being used by the office
it knows that it needs to come to me
this was the origination point they know
that this lead this phone number
is assigned to me because it's my lead
hopefully that makes sense
and then core video this is also um this
is also something you have to pay for
it's a it's a pro level account and
where you can send
video embedded as a nemo or as a text so
this is
many of you are familiar with bomb bomb
well this is the direct integration with
bombbomb except here it's called
core so that um that's a little inside
secret there you go so it's bomb bomb
except it's
it's called core all right so hopefully
this is making sense these are the most
these are the most used actions and
we're going to start
going through all of the actions don't
get intimidated i'm going to
step by step show you what each one of
them means
but then also i'm going to show you some
redundancies over here where i think
you're going to find a lot of cool
features all right so more actions
at a task pretty self-explanatory you
can add a task to where you can remind
yourself hey
call jaime tomorrow you can add that you
can share the contact well
we already saw where you can share the
contact here
previously send validation
um send validation uh sim i'm sorry
we'll tok about valuation down here
we'll tok about listing valuation right
that's the best that's the best way to
go merge contact so if you have
duplicates if you have an email here and
a phone number here
you need to merge them you can merge the
contact unsubscribe from emails
this is where if somebody says f off
please don't call me ever again or i'm
email me even call don't email me ever
again i've told you i don't want your
well you're gonna open up their profile
and you up subscribe from the emails
right here
this is the um this is where you would
go to do that
make contact visible so you can
hide it from your administrator to my
understanding but if you click on
visible are you sure you will make this
contact visible to administrators
that's up to you i to be candid i don't
necessarily know the
the benefit or why this is even here or
if the administrator can actually see
doesn't matter to me but that's
something you might want to look into a
little bit further
unsubscribe from text very much the same
thing whenever somebody texts you
if you're um if i'm sorry whenever you
text somebody
either accidentally or you're just
following up like you normally would
and somebody says stop reaching out to
there you go unsubscribe them from there
turn off behavioral alerts
behavioral alerts just to put into
contacts and
context and this is why this type of
video is so important so you understand
the ecosystem of kb core behavioral
is if somebody goes back to your website
two weeks of non-activity if somebody
goes back to your website
there is a behavioral alert that
is triggered so they automatikally get
an email and a text
so you can turn off that type of
behavioral alert and there's about seven
behavioral alerts that are already
programmed that are
some of them are default they're by
default they're turned on
given the client journey so somebody is
active as an example if they're
categorized as active
it's going to turn on a certain level of
behavioral alerts
so just making giving you some context
on that
and how you get to that is quite simple
well i'll show you that here in a little
bit but
we um i do have another video that
explains behavioral alerts but just
understand that's what that means
behavioral alerts
that's um there's certain things there's
certain settings that happen on the back
that are pretty much automated
so you can actually turn off the
behavioral alerts from your
behavior alerts tab over um over on your
market center
for the entire thing not just your
individual emails or individual profiles
contacts right here all right archive
that lead delete the lead
rerun lead through distribution this one
i'm not
sure what that would mean to be um to be
completely upfront with you but export
the contact data and then
delete the contact data you have these
available to you
now this goes back to having that
validation run
if if the information is findable
if they've provided you some pretty
solid information that is f
is found out there in the interwebs
you can find people on facebook you can
find people on google linkedin
i don't even know what people it or
people whatever
spokeo or spookyo i don't know exactly
how to say that
but you can find people and communicate
that way so that's pretty cool
all right so core concierge so there's
another there's a follow-up
lead nurture option through kb core
which does cost a good amount of money
if you're good at follow-up please um
you know
do that do do just follow up but if
you're not that good
look at them see if it's valuable for
your business and
get them for that follow-up for me it
just hasn't made sense because it's
so um costly and i have virtual
assistants that take care of me anyway
it's up to you i am i don't make any
money or lose any money by
being upfront with you on the value of
i personally have not seen it there you
go all right so property alerts
property alerts here's the big thing
we do the intake of hey you want this
type of house you want
a pool you want this bedroom all this
stuff we would we would typically go
over to the mls and set
people up for the alerts well here it's
no different we're
gonna go to the property alerts and here
i had one already set up so you can kind
of see what it looks like but
um you have up to two alerts that you
can set people up so notike
one thing we kind of went to the alerts
and we were on the timeline so you can
get to there through there
or go to alerts and if you
if you were successful you went under
contract and you don't want to
continue sending the properties to your
client because you're already under
then what you can do is
make it inactive so that way the alerts
don't show up anymore
now in the event that your criteria
changes you're just going to go to edit
and either let me show you how to create
another alert so you see it
not set up let's just say
i wanted homes in fort worth
i can select the city of fort worth or i
could draw my map
if i so chose so i could draw an area
apply the section right there i could do
that so
now we default it to the map but i'll
just stik with fort worth
that's where i want the homes to
populate from that's where i'm looking
and then you can do
single ha single family that's what i'm
after price range
i want up to six hundred thousand
and then i want plus three beds and i
plus three oops plus three baths for
some reason
and then i want a minimum of two
thousand square feet
i don't care about acreages i don't care
about year built i can add some keywords
if you want to add keywords like pool if
you want to add keywords like cul-de-sac
if you want to add keywords
farm whatever the case may be you're
good to go
and then frequency as soon as they come
daily twice a week once a week twice a
month monthly
so if you want to keep people engaged
just a monthly recap or weekly recap
depending on where they are in their
buyer journey
you're good to go and you can email
yourself or their spouse
all right so we're going to set the
you're going to see it right there so
here's the here's the alert
fort worth up to 600 000
and these are the emails that they will
send now what you can do
email reason results recent results
you could either go here and then save
and send meaning it's gonna
automatikally send it
right then and there and then wait for
that next once a week
cycle or you can just save it and then
it'll go out next week that's what
that's how you do it now you see the
property alerts right there again you
can do up to two
active campaigns you can act add some
campaigns to
any lead that you want so you can set up
your smart drives and
emails and text or your long-term
you can set up your campaigns right
there and i do have my 365-day
follow-up drip campaign down below so if
you want to check that out it's
available to you
um i just did um just just so you have
all right so market reports this
is pretty cool market report so
whether you're a buyer or seller it
might make sense for your
buyers or sellers to have this
information so you can say hey what's
the market like in fort worth
all right so i'm going to select
neighborhood fort worth and send that
report every
28 days every month i want to receive
that report
boom there you go and you can see i can
add multiple reports
all right so this one i was checking out
that zip code
so that's every 28 days i can add
another one
um well i won't add another one but just
so you see you have that ability
listing valuations this goes back to the
previous thing i know we have a lot but
please hang in there this is very
you can go watch hours of just fluff and
puff on youtube
by some people that claim that they have
value whatever
go and do that if you want but if you
really want the actual stuff
hang in there this this is this is worth
your time i promise
listing valuation so check this out
when i add it i'm just gonna put
an address here save
so listing valuation i can send the
how much it's valued now i can send it
right now if i so choose so it's going
to be a quick and dirty cma
it's not going to be all that accurate
as we know all cmas
doesn't matter if you're using rpr cloud
cma remind
this cma they're all pretty um
they're just estimates very very broad
estimates so they're not the most um
they're not the most accurate so this is
this is the house that i sold about four
years ago so this is actually where i
used to live
um man it went up a hundred thousand
maybe i should have kept it i sold it
for five
thirty yeah i bought it for 480 and then
i sold it for 5 30
two years later all right cool maybe i
should have kept that one
all right so when it comes to the
listing valuation now that you have them
set up this is what i was toking about
making sure that you are precise with
with your cat with you um with your
labels you want to select that it's a
seller if you don't select the seller
the next thing that i tell you is not
going to happen this valuation
will go out month after month after
month after month
but it has to go under seller so if you
if you label it as a buyer then a good
chance that that's not gonna happen
so just be aware of that so listing
valuation again you can
set up the listing valuation send it
immediately or send it whenever
whenever they ask but this is designed
to do a monthly follow-up
until you cancel this so just be aware
and then the seller report you just add
the mls once you have it on the property
and um
and there you go you're going to get a
seller report to
or any property really if you want any
property that is out there
just to give them a quick um synopsis of
what that partikular property can look
like it's a
seller report right then and there now
if you want the entire thing laid out
just in one screen so you don't have to
guess what's going on
you just go to profile details and you
can edit them from right here
so here you can add spouses you can add
second emails websites
notike that we added the valuation a
couple seconds ago
social media all that fun stuff so
profile details
that's the most that's the most direct
way to get
get a hold of this partikular lead and
you see the capture method
so this was through a squeeze
page that i created a uh when i created
this um
this example so it gives you how you got
the lead and the actual
zip code i'm sorry the url that it came
from we already saw what alerts did
files you can upload your files here if
you so choose i personally don't
don't want to transactions
so if you've had transactions with this
person in the past there you go
and then tasks you can assign the task
as you already saw so if you want to add
um call the call jaime
and then put the date tomorrow
assign it myself add the task
you must choose a date what did i do
the same or after now well that is after
oh it didn't save okay cool sweet so
the entire profile in
its full glory there's really nothing
that i did
that i missed here there's a lot to it i
fully acknowledge that but the more that
you get yourself acclimated to
this profile 2kb core the more leads
that you're going to start converting
trust me once you get
10 leads 100 leads a thousand lanes 10
000 leads
you're going to see that a lot of the
behavioral automation you're going to
see that a lot
of the campaigns that you set up now if
you start out from the right principles
which you saw today
you're gonna start seeing this thing
start converting people like crazy
people are gonna start reaching out to
you hey i'd like to go see this house
and it's gonna be a pleasant message to

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