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la daily journal classified ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Well, hello everybody! This is Gio and I want to talk to you about how to post a classified ad for free. Please make sure you use a different subject every time you post and a different body, meaning a different message. I suggest you only post twice a month since the ads on here last 30 days and you get to renew them two more times for free. So let's get started!

To get to the ad post, please use the link that I put in the email for you. It would be HTTP colon slash slash GE o dot ed post com. Make sure you use that URL to sign up with. Now that you know that and you put that link in, you're going to come to this page that says add post com.

Now, what I want to show you is just a second on Nitra, go back to the beginning. Here we are. You're going to come to this page, and you're going to see United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland. You are only interested in the States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland. You want to register for an account. If you're going to send through to the United Kingdom, then you click there to register. Canada or the USA, but you can send to all of these countries no matter where you register at. So, let's just do the USA since most of us live in the USA. You click United States, and then you click login/register now because I've already registered. Yours probably will come to this page. It would say new user information. So, you want to put in a username, a password, then your password again, your first name, last name, and an email. I think you just fill out the rest of the information and you submit.

Now, once you do that, once you submit it, normally you go right into the add post member page, but I have to go ahead and log in to show you guys what I'm talking about. You'll come to this page right here once you submit the information. One, either you got to come to this page or two, it's going to bring you to the login page where you can log in. Alright, now once you've logged in, you want to notice that you're in the USA, and that is where you want to put your ad for the US. Or if you came to a post and you wanted to post in Ireland or the UK, it would tell you right here where you are.

Now let's post an ad. You click here where it says post an ad. Next, you want to search for your categories here if you want to. But I find business opportunities here, okay? That's the one you want to use. So, let's just put that there and click go. But one more thing, you can also come here and you can find business opportunity there if you don't see it there. Just click this drop-down arrow and click it, and it would go there. Then you want to click the word go. Alright, now we are in the business opportunities. As you can see here, it's a business opportunity. Now, you want to click post a new ad. Okay, this says post free. So, you want to make sure you read all of this. You can upload photos after the ad has been posted. Then you can upload photos. Post to the relevant categories only and do not post multiple copies of similar ads. Abuse will subject your account to be deleted and blacklisted. So, this is why I told you guys in the beginning, do not use the same subject and do not use the same body. You can mix it up. There's lots of ways to talk about CTL phone. So please do not use the same subject, and I suggest that you post at least every two weeks here.

Now, let's get started posting categories. So, we want to click the drop-down arrow here, and you can either pick Homebase, let's see, or Network and MLM. I like Homebase, so I'm going to pick that because I want people to know they can work from home. And then we're going to capture the header. So, we want to click offer and select offer if you are advertising a business opportunity. So, you always want to click the word offer. Okay, you just click the drop-down and you pick it.

Now, here is where we put in our headline or our subject. So, I've already made a subject. Here we go. A subject: New breakthrough opportunity. Join free and earn free. Please, all of you, do not use this subject. You make up your own subject, okay? Because if they catch it, you do not want your account deleted. I'm just showing you what I'm going to do. Then I made up my own body, okay? So, I'm going to put in the description, and you have a limit of 200 words. So, I'm going to hope that it all fits. Okay, if they don't fit, you can just go like that and then delete it and maybe come up with some so that you can leave some room there.

Alright, next. Alright, the price is free. Okay, you don't need any of this PayPal stuff. The advertiser, you are an agent. Okay, you put your name here. You just fill out the boxes with the extra cash. So, you need a name. You really don't need a city. Okay, you don't need this, but we might let that stay there anyway. And you want to unclick this because we don't want to show any address or nothing. So, we're going to unclick display.

Now, you want to put in your website. Okay, so I'm going to go back to my notepad and get my website, copy it, and I'm going to paste it there. Okay, now we've filled out everything that we are supposed to fill out, and we're in the right category. So, now we're going to click preview ad. And before we click that, you can see we're still in the business opportunity. So, preview and OK. Here it is, offering a new breakthrough opportunity to join free on free. We're in the home-based category, and here is the ad right here that I put in. Here's all the other information. Here's my website. Okay, this says auto-notify me of new ads posted by members. You don't really want to do that if you don't have to, but you can if you want. But I don't do that.

Okay, if you need to go back and make changes before you post it, then you can do that. I don't need to make any changes, so I am going to accept. Yes, I do because look at this. I don't know why that happens. So, I'm going to go back, and I'm glad that it happened so that you can see how to go back and if that happens to you, you can go back and change it. So, I'm thinking, make sure you check your website out really good after you preview the ad because sometimes it adds that in the front of it. Alright, and you want to make sure that you put the s http:// in this box here for your website because you don't want to leave out the s that makes it secure. So, if that happens to you, now you know how to go back and just take out the HTTP colon slash slash and make it just yours.

Alright, now we're going to preview the ad again, and we're going to come down here and check it again. But it's still there, so I'm going to click on this to see what is going on here. So, I cannot be reached. Okay, so what we're going to do here is we're going to go ahead and post the ad even though this part is wrong. Okay, now it says ad number blank has been successfully posted. Here, you can upload a photo if you want to. Okay, you can upload a photo there. If you do, they give photos, it will get your ad seen a lot more, three times more clicks. That's what it says here. So, I'm going to go ahead and put in a photo. I'm going to go into my music photos, and I'm going to go ahead and pick this one just to show you guys. And then you click upload file there. Okay, uploaded successfully.

Oh wait a minute, let me go back. Okay, you may use 100 photos. Okay, let's look at this. Let's do it again. Maybe I didn't do something right. Okay, open. Okay, that is too far. Okay, finishes upload file. I don't know why this is not working, but we'll move on because I need to fix something.

So, this is saying now return to the USA business opportunity, and I put some ads in here. I mean images. So, I don't know why it's not taking. Now, they really, really just get on my last nerve because I'm trying to do this video. Alright, now we want to go back to my ads. Okay, and that means these are the ads that you put in. Oh, it did put it in there. Okay, so now you can see your ad here, but you still need to go and make that change to your website. So, what we're going to do is just click on the ad here. Okay, and then there is the picture. Here is the ad. Okay, and we want to fix

How to promote clickbank products for free with free classified ads in 2019

Hi everyone, Mrs. Cassidy here again! Today, we're going to discuss how to promote thick pen products for free using free classified ads in 2018. We'll be looking at Clickbank and the site called Sell Spider, which allows you to post free classified ads without any charge. I'll take you through the step-by-step process of selecting a Clickbank product and what to do with the link. I'll also show you how to create an enticing headline and description that will grab attention and generate lots of clicks and sales. So, let's dive into how to promote Clickbank products for free using free classified ads in 2018.

- When using free traffic methods, it's important to note that they may take longer to yield results compared to paid traffic methods. So, be prepared to put up a lot of ads on Sell Spider or other similar platforms.

- Clickbank is a great place to find products to promote. You can also explore other sites like JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

- When selecting a product to promote on Clickbank, don't just focus on the price. Look at the gravity and commission rates instead. A gravity score higher than 50 is good, and commission rates above 75% are preferable.

- Once you've chosen a product, click on Promote and copy your affiliate link. You can use URL shorteners like TinyURL or Bitly to make your link look neat and appealing.

- Now, head over to Sell Spider and click on Post a Free Classified Ad.

- Create an enticing title for your ad that stands out and grabs attention. Think outside the box and try to be unique. For example, Three Commons Can Change Your Life.

- In the description, you can use email swipes provided by Clickbank. Copy and paste the swipe into the description box.

- Make sure to include your affiliate link in the description. Place it at the beginning and end for visibility.

- Select a relevant category for your ad, such as Health and Beauty.

- You can also add an image to make your ad more appealing.

In conclusion, promoting Clickbank products for free with classified ads is a great way to generate traffic and sales. By following these steps, you can create effective ads that attract attention and entice users to click and make a purchase. Remember to be creative, use compelling headlines, and include your affiliate link to track your referrals. Good luck with your promotions!

The Man Behind the World’s Ugliest Buildings - Alternatino

Architecture begins with a thought, a dream, a single line. But then you build it, and all of a sudden, the dream becomes tangible. It becomes real. Gerhardt, a genius architect, molds his work to his own design. He aims to redefine what it means to be a building. And he has succeeded in doing so with three of New York City's most iconic buildings - Port Authority, Penn Station, and La Guardia.

But Gerhardt's dream didn't stop in New York. His buildings have spread nationwide, from the Boston City Hall to the North Dakota state building in Bismarck, and every AT&T building without windows from Midtown to the Midwest. Before Gerhardt, everyone believed that buildings needed windows, places to sit, and proper ventilation. But Gerhardt came along and questioned this norm. He asked, Why don't we make the world's first above-ground basement? This simple question changed everything.

When you enter a Gerhardt environment, he wants you to feel something - perfection, challenge, interrogation, exhaustion. He wants you to feel like he personally hates you. Flight 472 has been delayed. He wants you to feel too close to the person beside you and too far from the restroom. He wants you to struggle to have a meal without a table or surface, to feel motherless and sad. A Gerhardt building will make you feel like shit, and you won't even know why. The low ceilings, the flickering lights, the peeling linoleum - it all adds up to a truly unpleasant experience. But you can't deny the impact it has on you.

Gerhardt's buildings make you question what a building can be. He challenges our ideas and pushes boundaries. He wants to create an environment where you can piss wherever you want and experience the piss of others. It may sound strange, but it's all part of his vision. After all, he's an architect. It's the kind of shit he does.

Gerhardt is a complex character. He is not just an architect; he may even own a concrete company. His passion for his work is evident, and he is not afraid to push the limits. His buildings are not just structures; they are works of art. And despite the unconventional and sometimes uncomfortable experiences they offer, there is something undeniably captivating about them.

In conclusion, Gerhardt's dream started as a mere thought. But through his determination and talent, he has transformed that thought into reality. His buildings are more than just buildings; they are powerful statements that challenge our preconceived notions of what architecture should be. Love them or hate them, you can't deny their impact. Gerhardt has left his mark on the architectural world, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

Operation Highjump | Mission: Find and Destroy the Secret Nazi UFO Base In Antarctica

Operation High Jump commenced in August 1946, led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd, with the official purpose of scientific research and military training. However, the mission had other goals, including extending American sovereignty over Antarctica and locating and destroying a secret Nazi base. The expedition also aimed to capture the Nazis' new secret weapon, the flying saucer. In December 1938, Hitler launched an expedition to Antarctica in search of mysterious ancient artifacts. The SS Schwabenland, carrying scientists, engineers, and members of the Thule Society, was sent on a secret mission to establish contact with the Aryans living in the hollow earth. They discovered an arctic oasis and established Base 211, a massive underground facility. As World War II came to an end, thousands of Nazis escaped to South America, raising concerns that they had established a secret base in Antarctica. Operation High Jump was launched to investigate these rumors.

Admiral Byrd, a highly decorated naval officer, led the mission with an armada of ships and weapons. However, the mission was abruptly terminated after 40 days, and the base was evacuated. Rumors spread about strange findings and disasters that forced the mission to end prematurely. Admiral Byrd expressed concern about potential aerial attacks and warned of a new enemy that could attack any country at any time. After being debriefed in Washington, Admiral Byrd never spoke about Operation High Jump again, and the mission was classified top secret. The official reason for the mission's termination was poor weather conditions.

According to Admiral Byrd's secret diary, during one of his flights, he experienced strange occurrences, such as compasses spinning and controls feeling sluggish. He observed a green valley with a small river, forests, and even a mammoth-like animal grazing. The temperature was abnormally warm, and his radio was out of contact for three hours. Despite his detailed documentation, his journals were confiscated and classified upon his return.

Admiral Byrd's experiences in Antarctica, as documented in his secret diary, raise questions about what he truly encountered during Operation High Jump.

This is what makes employees happy at work | The Way We Work, a TED series

In this article, we will discuss the achievements and personal information of Nada Qanbar, Fatima Zahra, and El Hafa. These individuals have made significant contributions in their respective fields, and their stories are worth exploring. So, let's dive in and learn more about them!

Nada Qanbar:

- Nada Qanbar is a renowned artist from Iraq.

- She has gained international recognition for her unique style and creativity.

- Qanbar's artworks often depict social and political issues, conveying powerful messages.

- Her use of vibrant colors and intricate details sets her apart from other artists.

- With each painting, Qanbar aims to provoke thought and inspire change.

Fatima Zahra:

- Fatima Zahra is a young entrepreneur from Morocco.

- Despite her young age, Zahra has achieved great success in the business world.

- She is the founder and CEO of a startup that specializes in sustainable fashion.

- Zahra's passion for environmental conservation led her to create a brand that promotes ethical practices.

- Her dedication to sustainability has earned her accolades and recognition globally.

El Hafa:

- El Hafa is an exceptional athlete from Egypt.

- He is a professional swimmer who has broken numerous records in his career.

- El Hafa's determination and hard work have propelled him to the top of his sport.

- He has represented his country in various international swimming competitions.

- El Hafa continues to inspire aspiring athletes with his achievements and perseverance.

In conclusion, Nada Qanbar, Fatima Zahra, and El Hafa are individuals who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. Their talents, passion, and dedication have propelled them to great heights. Whether it's through art, entrepreneurship, or sports, these individuals have left a lasting impression on their communities and beyond. Their stories serve as inspiration for others to chase their dreams and make a difference in the world.


20 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera

- Welcome to the video!

- Here are 20 unbelievable moments that were caught on camera.

- Make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel with notifications on so you never miss a video.

- Let's dive into these jaw-dropping moments!

1. World Famous Contortionist:

- Sophie Dossie presented an unbelievable skill in her performance at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

- Her flexibility and contortionist abilities were mind-blowing.

- It was a mesmerizing show that left the audience in awe.

2. Singing Weather Woman:

- An Irish weather woman was reporting about a dramatic storm warning.

- The wind was so strong that it almost sounded like she was singing.

- Her humorous delivery made the weather report unforgettable.

3. Clever Goats:

- Never underestimate a goat!

- They are actually much smarter than you might think.

- Watch these alpine ibex scaling a near-vertical wall of an Italian dam effortlessly.

4. Mesmerizing Fighter Jet Landing:

- Check out this point of view of a skilled pilot landing an F-18 fighter jet on an aircraft carrier.

- The precision and skill required for such a landing are incredible.

- It's a breathtaking sight to witness.

5. Perfect Baseball Hit:

- Japanese baseball player Shohei Ohtani hit the ball perfectly, resulting in an incredible home run.

- The power and accuracy of his swing were remarkable.

- It's a moment that left baseball fans in awe.

6. Cleaner's Fright:

- In a college basketball game, a cleaner was given the fright of his life when the ball possession changed suddenly.

- He hilariously tried to escape the team's attack.

- It was a comical moment that lightened the mood of the game.

7. Icy Sidewalk Mishap:

- Watch this hilarious CCTV footage of a girl trying to walk on an icy sidewalk.

- She slips and slides, struggling to maintain her balance.

- It's a relatable moment that reminds us of the hazards of winter weather.

8. Attention-Seeking Dog:

- Everybody loves attention, even dogs!

- Check out this dog pretending to have a limp to get attention.

- It's a funny moment that showcases the intelligence and playfulness of dogs.

9. The Limbo World Record:

- Limbo dancers pass under a very low bar and attempt not to dislodge it.

- Shamika Charles set a new unique limbo world record by successfully limboing under a car.

- Her flexibility and determination were impressive.

10. Robotic Dolphins:

- Marine theme parks are often criticized for holding dolphins captive in small tanks.

- A company that makes Hollywood props has created hyper-realistic robotic dolphins that could replace captive animals.

- These robotic dolphins are incredibly lifelike but come with a hefty price tag.

- These 20 moments captured on camera are truly unbelievable.

- From incredible performances to humorous mishaps, they leave us in awe.

- Which moment was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

- Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.

- Thanks for watching, and we'll see you in the next one!

[CLASSIFIED] "Only a Few People On Earth Know About It"

How is it that you're in the green time? How do you have crystal clear, full-color dreams that come true? These are questions that many people have experienced at some point in their lives. It's a sign that there is more to us than we think. In this article, I will help you remember who you really are and provide techniques to sharpen your ability to predict the future.

One technique that can help you tap into this ability is remote viewing. This is the ability to see things in a remote place or time. It may seem like something only mystics can do, but it's not true. Anyone can develop this skill with the right understanding of consciousness.

To begin, it's important to reset your mindset and believe in your own potential for success. Many people overthink and doubt their abilities, which sets them up for failure. By reprogramming your mind for success and embracing your innate capabilities, you can start to access the field of consciousness beyond space and time.

The intelligence community has kept this knowledge hidden because it is a powerful tool for spycraft and can also lead to a complete shift in the direction of the planet. But it's time for us to break free from these limiting beliefs and tap into our true potential.

To start developing your remote viewing abilities, you can try a simple experiment. Gather a group of people and have one person leave the room and place an object in a box or basket. The other members of the group then enter a meditative state and focus on sensing what is in the box. It's important to not guess or intellectualize, but instead, let your mind rest on the object and ask to know what it is.

As you practice, you will begin to distinguish between accurate perceptions and confabulations from your memory store. It's important to practice regularly and journal your experiences to track your progress. Lucid dreaming can also be a helpful practice in accessing information from the dream state.

In addition to these techniques, daily deep meditation and mindfulness can enhance your remote viewing abilities. By practicing twice to three times a day, you will be amazed at how quickly you advance in your ability to sense and know information.

In conclusion, you are not limited to what you think you are. You have the power to tap into the field of consciousness beyond space and time. By reprogramming your mind for success and practicing techniques like remote viewing and lucid dreaming, you can unlock your true potential and gain insights into the past, present, and future. So, why not start exploring your own abilities and see where it takes you?

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