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Landing Page x Funnel Optimization Hacks // Quick Marketing Tips

Published on: December 2 2022 by Ryan Stewart

Landing Page x Funnel Optimization Hacks // Quick Marketing Tips

Landing Page x Funnel Optimization Hacks // Quick Marketing Tips

there's a lot of great landing page and
funnel software tools out there but I
always like to build my custom and this
really short video is going to show you
why and give you a little peek behind
the scenes of how I do things so this is
a landing page that I built for an
in-person SEO seminar that we're running
so I'm just gonna go down to the bottom
here and when you click on reserve your
spot what it does is it's gonna redirect
you here to a sign-up page and you can
also see here how we kept the URL
structure this is really really
important and this is another reason why
I like to do things custom because it
gives me a lot more control so what this
allows me to do is you can see here I
like a little icon navigation here that
lets people know where they are in the
process but to put in their personal
details so after they put in their name
email a phone number they click Submit
and they get redirected then to the
payment page where they can check out
with PayPal here and then after they
check out successfully it sends them to
the Thank You page and you can also see
here how the URL structure stays seminar
payment it all stays under this SEO
seminar that's really important which
I'm gonna show you in a second however
the reason why I like to send them to a
email capture page before the checkout
page is because a lot of people will
actually come here put in their
information and then leave here
surprising them out so what I like to do
is I like to capture their email which
allows me to then put them into an email
funnel to make sure that I'm converting
those people and nurturing them over
time so you can see here what I've done
is I've set up a listen active campaign
that after they subscribed that list I
set up a condition saying if they've
been to the Thank You page this page
here if they've been then send them a
welcome email with the Welcome
information about the seminar right
because if they go to the Thank You page
I know that they've checked out and they
purchased so they can get the
information that's going to introduce
them to the seminar travel information
if they haven't I know that they fell
out of the funnel they didn't convert
and I want to send them emails to have
them convert so the first email here to
gets triggered after one days and it
just says if you're having second
thoughts here's some social proof here's
some case studies then I give them seven
days and I send them short email that
just says hey space is limited there's
only two spaces left blah blah blah then
I wait 30 days and send them a final
email that says a spot just opened up
you can come back in so you can see here
how I'm taking those people out of that
funnel converting them when they're at
the point of purchase where they're just
about to click that they just need a
little bit more push we want to make
sure that we're capturing that
information so we can remark to them and
push them down so it's really simple
just setting up these very simple folder
structures but again that's important
too because then when we come into
analytiks and our Google account then we
can do a much better job of tracking and
understanding how this traffic is
passing to the website so this is the
most basic report there's other behavior
flow reports that we can set up there's
some content grouping things but at the
most basic level when we use these
folder structures what allows us to do
is really understand how the traffic is
flowing through these pages so I'm gonna
come here and click on the training
subfolder because that's where these
pages start and then I'm gonna go here
to the SEO seminar page so this is gonna
pull up any page that's underneath this
folder structure and now you can see
here so this is the SEO landing page the
SEO seminar landing page then we've got
the sign up page the payment page and
the thank-you page and you can see here
how its differing in page views right so
this is telling me that a lot of people
that come to this page just tells me the
conversion rate based on people who are
clicking the button go to the sign up
page and you can see here that 10 people
fell off in between the sign up page and
the payment page that's 10 people that
will are on the verge of purchase which
are really really important that we want
to try and push so there's also other
reports that we can look in look at - if
you set these things that custom if you
have an e-commerce set up on your
website then we can check out the
e-commerce or the conversions goal
report to see how people are actually
converting in from which traffic source
so I'm just on our e-commerce overview
report here and again this is what I
like to do things custom because it
allows me to see my whole website as a
whole we've got a bunch of different
products that we sell here and I want to
see how they're all performing at one
time without having to look at landing
page builders etc etc again while those
are great especially for quick campaigns
this is much better than the long-term
it gives you much better control and
much better access to your data so I
want to look here at our seminar product
you can see we've had two total
purchasers here and this allows me to
get some very basic checkout information
but if I want to deep dive into this
page I come down to product performance
and again I'm gonna come here and I'm
gonna click on the seminar page so that
what I'm to do is I'm gonna lay on
source so I can see where that traffic
is coming from to see who is purchasing
so you can see one came from Facebook
one came from Google this is definitely
coming back from from where they saw
their face because I've only dropped it
actually the link once but you can see
how this will allow me to much better
track and much better understand how
this campaign is performing it's a
little bit more work to set up we build
everything custom but once you have that
done and set up the data
and what you can do with that data once
it's live is a lot more powerful so if
you liked this video please hit the
subscribe button and I'll see you on the
next one

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