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largest dropshipping stores

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Top 9 Shopify Dropshipping Stores Examples: Their Secrets & Strategies

tetap siapa. fight shopping stores and The Secret intip video Ambon. so you guys, some examples from such shopping stores and how The Winged water circuit court was given the success and would weaken your Stories to inspire and tagged in the Interaction of an endless video show. kytnfr WhatsApp pribadi. hope you're having a Wonderful Day Today. My name is around the country manager for the last several Years. this video is all about Chaeri sewot Yoi and implementation process is not protected, gue Kings and giving eHow marketing Award. What you're going and get inspired. the most important things to learn about the best practikes were working and implementing an archaic YouTube channel. subscribe now always on another. coming in the drop shipping industry, khairin, begin with the beach style derek sample and everything in this video is your blog page. you can find the link below video Khair, always doing so much. for example, the website's let's, let's Chairul zainist store and it has yowes, Bright Lights, something with LED Light, and has been such Feelings: nice Purple, pink, neon, khairin, the feeling of LED Light and let see exactly what the heavens door soundtrack colors here we bring you and cute They're, just by looking at the colors and score underside and make me feel like falling away from westfalenpark early life and having the school, neochain products and such functions and products as well, such whole new world and every product look very relevant to what you're trying to show. how much, How bout, nearly that feeling better, gaming you. they will make you feel like the website is all about elitis Neon Lights and it looks really gets worst Nightmare website-website colors. here are some of the app semoga shapefile website-website using one another with another, using each so cute and frequently. heimei usut adbch selingkuh ended up. another is showed you and you sign-out: njugo. so much for your right now songgon klik X6 going to close the steps towards the end. I lifted high enough. So what your heart? because it could help get me back by sending message, send me an email. if my email and other messages and the way to get some people should go to the transaction, browsing each Share. The Other Side, South beach, choosing an agency. that is why Daihatsu be the first. the website look amazing. they are you single. eps, tunelcom website files, Astagfirullahaladzim, lawless ndawload, fuchs doing a great job and our main goal of this website: dropshipping website day. just like you and i get inspiration and see what you're doing. software website, notebook server website. sobat corresponds to the Android and The Doors in the day and I can't hear him very, very cold and threw the field and you can get exactly Why should be getting you to feel what once we laxing breeding John, our Feelings, expressing how i feel today, and all of that such humor show on the front page on the first used in the Palace, trending now and tidur kau onenon Mustafa. reckless Ajun. show again each field that you're going for a nonstop. you can see the god Alter Ego is no such. 10 Journals and more and more categories about the best one. usually the first one should let the Nose essence show your products and again This Is What you're doing. the god of Colors of any text books like a very professional website. Eva den-o wachs leave message. the holding desktop background going on here and teachers to make nice one another with me about your book review. the have another blog section: Surface kultur. away, away, away. don't hear your working out. They approach has opened and soul istilah Desa blogs. bingo4dnet, Syaikh Hero, Lifestyle of The Working under your still get so the Nice thing and The World Tonight Show every look and feel ane blockpage Bingo players out of the website is not that much so They use of MSN could increase of sale in kracht Van deze very important thing to have a nice weekend. all about Khoirun mukhsinin tua, Freddy tua. next, akses web using our search and each sentence using astronacci converter PC free app, show It's very, very much, very crazy on your site and outside. our currency converter word means you're holding. It should have ended March Falling and other websites could get. the website is a general websites. stepping out jenis website and stepping into Jenderal Chairul going on here and the make it look like bikin presto play born Rich hedgemscom new website page. so much for the colors using simple, But you're catching a karena is the mix, zakly. What you need to say and what is worth doing Is the simple: adding a whole bunch of Parts Of the best selling products, the testing out How much selling and optimizing dropshipping store and asyik from this products. this one dropship products taken from Styles like Amazon. AliExpress sensor for Android is the only one way to hold so many products and studied Khair, and that's why we have what you are. you. are you thinking about using its affiliate marketing, automation, email marketing? sendok terima working in news? the very, very good action. sport anonytun. other two: increase the number of cells on your website. awan Akhsan of you. what are you using? information about the website worth trying to fight. the sign up help in most cases and find out about your competitor's website is not enough. even though you're amazing, just bought it and Electronics and gadget website. so much for using your email address will get some kind of experts. website design, very good teknik, joget email addresses and then, slowly but sure, you have hope that you can send email marketing to using abstrak omnisens Imogiri. much should you should have bought. don't have many stiks website One, One X dan one Khair. show on the website is your name is very, very clean. look and dad greenoch, simple Black n white eurochair replace. It depends on what nation and, By the way, bitch sini dalam here, but here is used the very, very clean n tua janda Bitcoin itu voltage protection, amandemen, By the way. so there, Once gotravspeed, your advantage to find something that you like me, It's not that friendly. bojkt Chairul, not good enough. because each hand Dino, Dino Changer, Dino website-website, your Wilson, others, successful cream doing the bright without using each site using it in another world will Spin Khair website currency converter. leawo pendakwah, because each site without the new one selection of spice up on supply boat using integrated approach, semua customer service at home by the next chsmpions, justmywhitevanilla. What spesifik nich's naze32 files of? any cat lover of love would love this website. you can even use the world world, world, world world on Facebook pages B full on savevidcom. Rudi scom says: Khair, enimoney Allen, evening Tuan, How to create wonderful and engaging website, Khair, nice day like a divorce, Syaikh Syaikh, and even get so much. simply look like an amateur website. looks so much Humans Den even go out bitch sweetness because of the mask free Hai thesleff adalah Syaikh Sudais dekat. print on demand for your pet friendly products. such changes everything. Here is one such features as mentioned before, like Amazon dropshipping, AliExpress, homeabout Walmart, wonge home tikfit from, and how much. how to lighten presence of your first because it looper Shoulders. you were here and the whole. look, yay, Azriel Cut lover. show off your website for what that means. you're the best of using each State episode season with Khair McAfee, secure Khoirot yiddish website. you feel more Confident. spyfamcim dan the heaven at could stand. Ayo, the simple to import product reviews for many episode Sweet, Nothing to showcase, and about self-motivated Muksin, Muksin, Muksin, ini style season. nice, syuting, bore-up top-up website using so that each site so readers know what should the frontpage sihir BHD chord: presiden asing statusbrewcom posted in John. And Now you're holding the weather in two mother's day, always changing the changing the website. look so much so Norwich here. welcome famstore. enjoydeponet khai new mixing Shining on the website software server. you so much for the best.

Worlds Most Successful Shopify Stores

these are some of the biggest shopify stores in the entire world. starting off with store number one, we got color pop. color pop is a beauty brand. it's one of the biggest ones in the entire planet and it's clear to see why they're successful. they got a really clean brand. they've been around for a very long time and the scope of their success is pretty insane, as you can see by using these tools- similar web- it's a chrome extension that shows you the traffic of a partikular store- we can see that they are getting about 7.3 million monthly visitors. that's a ridiculous amount of people going through this store every single month, and they're just here to shop a lot of different beauty products. now. next, we got one that you may be surprised by. it's actually a store from portugal and they sell just about everything. so this is kind of the amazon equivalent of portugal and they are completely crushing it. as you can see, they are getting about 1.5 million monthly visitors and this is just blowing up. i mean, this is an exponential graph right here. it looks like a skateboard ramp and if this was a stok i would be buying. this looks very bullish and this store, again, is a general store. they sell basically everything, and i don't really see exactly why they're so successful. maybe it's a numbers game for them, quantity over quality. they just want to sell everything at a pretty good price and it clearly is working. so that's a really good idea, since, you know, there wasn't an amazon for portugal and now they're the amazon of portugal- pretty dope now. next we got aloe, and now this is a yoga brand- at least, that's what i knew them as- but clearly now they are expanding into a wide range of apparel, not just yoga stuff, and, to be honest, they got some pretty clean stuff like these clothes look super comfy and i mean i would wear some right now. also, they got a lot of great product images. this is extremely well branded and it goes to show why they are so successful. again, we have an exponential graph here when it comes to their traffic, and last month they generated 2.17 million monthly visitors. 2 million plus people went through this store and probably bought something. i mean, how could you not look at how beautiful this store is and how dope their stuff looks? so aloe, that's another one. next on the list is boat- actually boatlifestylecom. so this is a store that sells a bunch of different electronics and honestly it's kind of like apple type of electronics. but it's kind of a weird name for a store like this: it's called the boat lifestyle. this is not at all what i was expecting. i expected to see a bunch of yachts, a bunch of people chilling under the sun, but actually that's not at all what we see. we see a bunch of different electronics, a lot of different types of- like headphones and speaker type of stuff over here, but clearly they are completely crushing it. i mean, they got a lot of different press and if we look at their traffic distribution, they are getting 3.7 million monthly visitors. that's pretty ridiculous. and look at how consistent this graph looks. i wish i could invest in something like this, and this store just is completely crushing it, selling a bunch of products that you would think are saturated, but clearly they have made a name for themselves and they're completely crushing it. next on the list is fastgrowingtreescom. so again, another store that you would not expect to see in the top shopify stores in the world: fast growing trees. i mean, i didn't know that was the thing, but i guess ain't nobody got time to be waiting for a tree to grow. so unfortunately, this is not a graph that you like to see. they have driven over 2.8 million monthly visitors to their store, but as of lately they've only been getting 1.5 million. imagine saying only 1.5 million visitors. that's so many people still and they're completely crushing it still. however, i'm guessing this is because of the time of the year. not a lot of people are buying trees, even though you know a lot of people are buying christmas trees right now, but those are already grown, so i guess that explains that. but pretty cool store. i love trees. everybody should love trees. trees are pretty dope and they do a lot for the planet. so shout out: fastgrowingtreescom. very good name, by the way, very self-explanatory and yeah, next on the list we got bergacom. so pretty clean domain name right there, just a five letter word. that's what you like to see. that's super clean and really i'm not exactly sure what they sell. i think it's just a bunch of different accessories like screen protectors and like phone cases, airpod cases, ipad cases. that's kind of what it seems like to me and i guess a lot of people are shopping for this kind of stuff. you can see that they're driving 1.2 million monthly visitors. that's an insane amount of people and they're only growing. so they're getting better and better, driving more and more visitors to their website and, i will say, their stores pretty clean. i mean they got a lot of different products, a lot of different types of iphone accessories, so they're piggybacking on the success of the iphone and just apple products in general. but pretty cool stuff. i actually really like how this looks. so congratulations, berger, you made it on the list, you're welcome and yeah. next on the list we got crafted london, a jewelry brand that has been on a com up lately. if we look at their traffic distribution, they're getting 860 000 monthly visitors and they just sell a bunch of different chains and rings and just a bunch of jewelry for men. i mean that's clearly what they're selling. i mean i don't see any women on the store, just a bunch of guys. so i guess that's their target demographic, which is kind of smart. i mean that's definitely less saturated than jewelry for women. so they've been able to make a huge name for themselves and obviously focused on quality. this looks awesome. they got amazing product images and huge inspo here. this is pretty dope. so shout out: crafted london. you guys are crushing it. next on the list, we got a little bit of a weird store. it's called feature and they just sell a bunch of different stuff. so i mean, they got raffles, they got hats that they're selling and i guess they're just kind of a lifestyle brand and, judging by how well they're doing, a lot of people seem to be vibing with this stuff. so they're getting 750 000 monthly visitors nearly, which is a ton of people, especially for something like this. but i guess a lot of people shop for hats- everybody's wearing hats nowadays, especially hats with sports teams and stuff like that. people love to represent their communities and their sports teams. but they also got other stuff. i mean, they just are an overall fashion lifestyle brand. so i don't know how people grow these types of stores to these lengths, but i guess it makes sense, since they were established in 2010- and you know, they started out with physical locations but now, with shopify, they're able to sell online and just really take it to the next level. so pretty cool store here and very inspiring. next, we got ruggable. i've toked about this store before and no, we're not toking about crypto rugs. we're toking about actual rugs for your living room, not getting completely liquidated with your crypto positions. so a lot better in my opinion, but these rugs are pretty cool and what's cool about this brand is that these are washable rugs. so that was their big angle and the reason why they're so successful and, judging by this chart, we can see that this is like a new level of success for rugs. so shout out ruggs. i didn't know rugs were so hot right now, but clearly people are shopping for rugs. look at this: 4.3 million monthly visitors- that's an insane amount of people that are going through this store monthly and their stuff is not cheap. i mean, 89 is the cheapest that you can get for their rugs and they go all the way up until 600 bucks. so these people are crushing it. this is a women-owned business, so shout out all the women out there starting these brands.

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Analyzing Successful Shopify Stores LIVE (Shopify Dropshipping)

what's up? y'all, it's your boy, nate schmidt, we're back. another video we're back. you guys already saw the title in the thumbnail, so i think you know what's up. in this one, we're going to be analyzing successful shopify stores and specifically, stores that are doing at least 100k a month in revenue. this is, honestly, one of my favorite ways to study, to learn and just continue to sharpen my acts when it comes to ecom. so that is exactly what we're going to be doing in this video. i did some research last night and i was able to find about four shopify stores that are, honestly, like absolutely killing it. we're gonna hop inside my computer, i'm gonna show you all of these brands, their ads, their websites and what they're doing, and then together we're gonna try to break it down and analyze why what they're doing is working. i think you guys are really gonna like this one because, honestly, i think you're gonna get a lot out of it. you also might want to stik around to the end of the video, because there i'm going to show you how i actually found these stores. it's a really simple process that literally anyone can do, and i think you'll probably find it pretty valuable because it's a really, really great way to find successful shopify stores that you can learn from, that. you can copy ideas from let's happens on my computer. let's get right into it, all right. so this first one here is called noxu design or something along those lines. i think i'm pronouncing that right. what they're selling is these minimalist floor lamps. i believe this is the most popular one right here. you've probably seen ads for these. i've been getting a lot of ads for these and these are honestly really cool. i am honestly considering buying one. this photo, wow, i mean, that looks really really awesome. it's basically just a light up floor lamp that changes colors and looks pretty cool. this brand's honestly doing some really crazy numbers, which i'm about to show you in a second, but first let's take a look at their ads and see what they're doing there. if we pull up their ads library, we can see that they have 24 000 facebook page likes and 73 000 followers on instagram. that is definitely a good bit of followers on social media. if we scroll down into their ads, this is what we will see: honestly, very simple photo ads. if we scroll back up here to the top, i really like the style of these ads we can see. these are three all slightly different images. they're all very similar but slightly different in terms of the coloring. but if we go into the copy we can see it says: inspired by japanese minimalism, the king of floor lamps, a million plus colors, 330 plus multi-color effects, dimmable, next level lighting. they also have some other ads here. this is even simpler: light like never before. and then, if we scroll back down back to december, we have this ad copy. it's more than a lamp, it's an experience, a minimal decor edition that leaves people speechless. limitless options. let the fun begin. these ads are honestly really really simple. they're not even video ads, they're literally just super simple photo ads. the thing i like about these ads is the content is extremely high quality. these pictures honestly just look really cool. i also really like the copy and how the copy is also congruent with the product. in this whole minimalist theme. the copy is very short to the point, short sentences, just very snappy. if we go on aliexpress and search floor lamp, we will see that, uh, these are the exact same things. this exact product is literally on aliexpress. the pricing seems a little bit high, but i'm sure they're probably getting it from a supplier that's not aliexpress with the kind of numbers that they're doing. if we go back to the product page, we can see- i mean, this is all extremely, extremely simple. they have really solid content in the product photos, but in terms of the actual design and the fonts and just how everything is designed on the product page, it's all extremely simple. we have a couple tabs here for these different things, but there's certainly nothing crazy going on here in terms of the sales material and what they're doing. now, if we pull up the similar web chrome extension- this is a chrome extension that you can use to kind of estimate the amount of traffic a store is getting- we can see that they are getting about 93 000 website visits a month. if we scroll down further, we can see that the majority of that is coming from social, ie facebook ads- about 67. we have to take this data here from similar web with a grain of salt, because it's definitely not 100 accurate, but we're just going to use it to estimate the amount of money that the store is making. since most of their traffic is coming from facebook ads, we can pretty much assume that facebook ads is really the main way that they're selling this product. if we look at these numbers here, we can see that they're getting about 93 000 website visits a month. the typical ecommerce conversion rate is about two percent, so 93 000 times 0.02 gives us about 1 860 purchases per month. if we go back to their product page here, we can see that their average order value is probably extremely high. this one is going for almost 189 usd. within 189 average order value multiplied by 1860 purchases a month, that gives us a monthly estimated revenue of 351 540. again, this is an estimate. it could be more, it could be less, but most likely it's somewhere around this ballpark. if we go to some of their other products, we can see they have a couple other products as well: a table lamp, a wall lamp and then another floor lamp, which this one actually has a decent number of reviews. this one's actually more expensive for some reason. i'm not really sure why, but if we look at the number of reviews, this one has the most. it's got 136 reviews, so we can pretty much assume this is the best seller. my main takeaways for this brand: obviously they're doing a lot of revenue every single month. i think this is one of those cases where the actual product itself is really doing most of the heavy lifting. it's a very cool product. it's something that's kind of new and trendy and while their product page isn't really all that crazy, it's honestly super basic. i think that's totally fine. their ads are really really strong. even though they're very simple. their ads are extremely strong, but i do think it's probably mostly the product itself that is the reason this brand is doing so well. this next brand we have here is called posh peanut. this is definitely not your average drop shipping or shopify store. this is more of a legit brand. they're probably not drop shipping. they probably have custom products, but that doesn't mean that there's not a lot to learn from this. so probably one of the first things we want to see is: what is their best selling product? what's their main thing that they're promoting? so if we go here, uh, if we look up the shopify bestselling url- this is it right here? if you just paste this after a shopify url, most of the time it'll bring you up a page with all of their products sorted by best selling. so this is the first one and based on the number of reviews, you can also kind of tell this one obviously has the most reviews: 252 versus 70, 50, 69, etc. so this right here is obviously their best-selling product. this is pretty interesting because this is mainly a like baby clothes store, but it looks like their best selling product is actually for moms. we look to their website- we can see it's laid out very cleanly. it honestly looks very much like a typical shopify store. they have some different sections here with details, size charts, shipping and returns reviews websites laid out very well. what i like about this is they have some really, really solid content. this is very professionally shot content that looks really good. if we go and pull up their ads library, we can see that they are in fact running facebook ads. they have a large library of a bunch of different ads. what i notiked looking through the ads in this ads library is that it seems to me that most of

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How A Dropshipping Store Made $20 Million

yo. so a lot of people struggle to even make one sell online, and that's totally understandable, and even just that one first sale feels like one of the biggest accomplishments ever. so just imagine how these people must feel with their store that's made 20 million dollars or more. i mean online. we can even find valuations of 100 to 250 million dollars using the drop shipping business model. so in this video we're gonna uncover a store that has stood the test of time using the drop shipping business model. so if this is your first time on this side of youtube, or if it isn't, you probably see a ton of different drop shipping gurus left and right telling you different things on how you can grow your business, and while they all may work, it can be really overwhelming to take in so much different advice. so i figured this store right here will be a perfect example as to why it's more important to just do. i'll summarize 99 of the self-help content out here and tell you that the answer really is to just do it. nike said it best, but they really got it right real quick. before we begin, tomorrow i am doing a netsphere podcast for the tier 2 members with an eight-figure e-commerce entrepreneur. he's done 10 million plus in sales just in the last year alone. so if you want to join that interview live and ask questions yourself, you can sign up for a netsphere subscription below, and you'll also get my e-commerce course for free with that subscription. so check it out. it's super affordable. this is one of my businesses that i really love, and i'm active in the community literally every day and, just like with the videos i make on my channel, i learn a lot from just being a part of the community myself, so i can only imagine how much someone you guys would learn. and also, if you do feel inspired by this video, make sure you start your shopify store asap and use my shopify link to get a free trial now. let's not waste any more time and get right into it. so the store we're toking about is called inspire uplift, and this store is pretty dope. if you take a look at it, it looks like walmart or amazon, and this is the first thing that's really interesting about it is that their approach was always to be a general store. so in the e-commerce space, there's no rules. really. you can make your store however you want, but the most popular ways to build a store right now, especially with drop shipping, are one product store, so you make a shopify store that is the home of this one product, or a niche store where you know you sell products within a category, or a general store where you literally just sell any product under the sun, kind of like amazon or walmart. right and not gonna lie, i feel like not a lot of people actually run general stores anymore, which makes sense. i think it's really hard to compete with amazon, right, it's probably much easier to try to be, you know, like the home of a partikular product, but that doesn't mean it can't work and in fact, if you actually stik with the general store business model, like this store did, you can achieve some pretty amazing results. the benefits of something like this is that you don't have to commit to one product. you can just continue to test different things and continue to get new customers. even if your customers are coming from different types of products, you can still drive a lot of traffic to your website without having to switch around from one thing to the next, and i really think that's been the reason why inspire uplift has, you know, served over 1.5 million customers and has been around for as long as i can remember, they've just stuck to this one store. they haven't deviated and tried new side hustles, a new one product store, a new niche store. they were just like you know what. let's just stik to this store and make it the best that it can be and, to be honest with you, i don't really think they have the best feedback on a lot of these things, but what i do see is that they're actually improving everything. so now they have a phone number, you know. they have a us address, they have a 24: 7 live chat, you know brand ambassadors. so they've really just taken the approach of massive imperfect action, even if it got them a lot of bad feedback at first, and then starting to continually improve and iterate, which is really, in my humble opinion, the best way to build an e-commerce business. this is how i've done it for my brands. i have a brand with my girlfriend, i have a brand with some of my friends, and we always start out with drop shipping to test an idea, so that we don't have to invest in the inventory without even knowing if we're gonna make any sales, and then starting to take things to the next level by using sourcing agents in china to still ship direct to consumer, but add some branding elements and just some better shipping, and then, if we want to take it further, then we buy stok in-house and ship things domestikally. so that's kind of the perfect process in my opinion. but it really all starts out with drop shipping and a lot of people actually think drop shipping is dying because of all these other shiny objects, for example crypto stoks- and keep in mind, i do all of these things. i do like trading stoks, i am well invested in crypto and i have multiple videos about that, so if you do want to see those, make sure you check out my channel and subscribe. but one of my favorite side hustles is drop shipping, just because of the potential right. i mean, if you can invest two thousand dollars into testing some products and find one that you can actually build a legitimate business out of, that could give you cash flow for years. so now let's tok a little bit about their marketing strategy, because i think we'll actually learn a lot from that. so first of all, with similar web, we can see that they got nearly 600 000 visits this month and their estimated revenue is 15 to 25 million dollars a year. so a lot of you guys asked me: are you, how do you come up with these estimates? and some of you are even like, oh, this is, you're lying to your subscribers. but, as you can see, this is literally what similar web is telling you. they know, just like i do, that most ecommerce websites have a one-to-one ratio of visitors to sales. that may be hard to believe for a lot of you guys that don't have e-commerce stores, but that's how it goes. i know that that's hard to believe if you've never actually had an e-commerce business, but that's usually how it is. so, no, i'm not lying and i always make sure to state that these are estimates. but what's really interesting about this website is that most of their traffic actually comes from pinterest, which is a platform that's very undervalued in this space. i mean, most people are toking about tik tok ads, facebook ads and maybe a little bit of google ads, but nobody's really toking about pinterest, even though they have 3.6 million followers on pinterest. that's pretty ridiculous, and they get 10 million plus monthly views. but what i want to highlight most about this is that they're mostly running print on demand products, so it's almost like they're focusing all of their resources on print on demand, which is kind of cool. i mean, these types of t-shirts apparently just do really really well on pinterest, judging by how well this brand is doing, and even on tik tac they're starting to post a little bit and posting those same kinds of t-shirts with just some other general products sprinkled in there. but i'm actually really inspired by this store- no pun intended, i mean to inspire uplift, but mainly because of their resilience and just willingness to improve, and i think this business model really allows you to be able to focus in on a business while not getting caught up on an individual product, which is pretty cool and that's about it. if you enjoyed this, then make sure you check out this next video right here. it's probably going to be similar and you'll definitely learn a lot, so check it out. hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day and i'll see you all in the next one. peace.


yo, what up? gang ari here and welcome back to another video. today we have something special coming. so a few months back- actually like five months back- i made this video titled the most impressive drop shipping store i've ever seen. now that sounds like a clickbait title, but it wasn't okay. this was a fire ass store. i mean, look at this video real quick. we'll browse through it. i went on similar web. i showed you basically everything that i loved about it and i showed you why it was indeed the most impressive drop shipping store i've ever seen. so today i'm gonna do literally the same thing, except i'm actually gonna find the store with you guys, because i get a lot of people asking me all the time like, ari, you know, you review stores here and there. how do you find these stores? and today i'm gonna basically show you that. okay, i'm gonna show you how to find them. so we're on salesforceio. if you don't know what this tool is, it's just basically one of those paid tools that you can use to find winning products, etc. etc. it's pretty cool, i mean. obviously, all of these paid tools are things that you definitely don't need. however, for the channel and for people that do have money to blow. this tool is pretty cool because it has a tab of top stores, so it actually makes it super easy for me to find some fire ass stores, and it filters basically through all the shopify stores. but not just that: it also gives you like a monthly revenue estimate of the stores, so i know which stores are actually killing it and not. and then what you can do is you can actually switch this little button here and filter by only drop shipping source. now, how accurate is this? i don't know. it's not entirely accurate. i mean, i don't know exactly what sort of tiknology these people are running. but, like i said, it's helped me find a lot of stores in the past and this is basically what i use every time to find my stores. now a lot of you guys have drop shipping stores, and that's why today i'm going to be finding drop shipping stores. but also a lot of you guys just have regular brands, and if you do have a cool regular brand that you want to share with me to review- and maybe i'll buy something from your store live- make sure you leave it in the comments or dm me or anything. i want to start reviewing dope small brands, ideally for my subscribers that i can support. so let's begin right here. already we have arctik. sure, i've actually shared this story before because i've found that they make some of the most amazing ads and, honestly it, i would have never known they were a drop shipping store had i not looked at their shipping times. but yeah, i mean this is like one of their best sellers. i believe this. they have some like crazy ads for this either. all really really good, and i mean they've just made it look extremely good on their store too. i'm not sure exactly you know how true these are, but regardless, this is a really cool product and they've definitely done a lot to this. this is all their own product photography, so it's not like they just straight up took this from aliexpress and just dumped it on their store. they really went above and beyond to sell this product and i respect the hustle. so that's pretty dope. and let's use similar web here, which is another chrome extension that is free. so that's actually pretty cool and, as you can see, they are driving over 450 000 monthly visitors, so they are at least making half a million dollars a month, which is just pocket change at the end of it. i'm just kidding. that's crazy, and i think part of the reason why is because their product prices are actually pretty pricey, so they have a really high average order value, which, as some of you guys may know, leads you to being able to run more ads and scale your ads more, which makes you more revenue and grows your business faster. what do you think about this one? is it impressive to you? do you think you could build something similar? maybe you can? i'd like to know. let me know in the comments. all right, so time to give out our first rating. and i'm not gonna lie, this is a rigorous, high level evaluation here. so we're going to give this one a 9 out of 10.. even though it looks like the perfect store- i mean their product photography, their website design, everything is clean, af. still there's a few missing links that just make me not give it a 10. like, i don't know how well these products work and, honestly, a lot of this stuff is a little too expensive for me. i probably wouldn't buy that stuff. but hey, i'm not the one shopping here, i'm just the one giving the writing. so 9 out of 10, that's still a valiant effort. now, their estimate says four to nine million dollars a month. like i said, i'm not exactly sure how they're doing these estimates. maybe that's true, maybe not, who knows? either way, they're totally crushing it now. the next one is call spygencom. now, this one looks super clean. actually, this looks exactly like the apple store. let's see apple applecom. wow, they literally copied apple, kind of. i mean, it's not necessarily a copy, but it, but they definitely copied the vibe. i mean i would have thought that i'm on applecom right now, but it's actually spygen rewards. let's look at their shipping times. i actually don't know that this is a drop shipping store. orders will ship out one to two business days. very nice, very nice. so actually, yeah, this, this definitely could be a drop shipping store, because most of you guys know drop shipping as like aliexpress drop shipping. but that's only like the tip of the iceberg. to be honest with you, there are tons of private fulfillment companies in china that help you source and ship your products out. if you've ever ordered anything from apple online- which i have- they actually deliver your product from china, like it literally takes like eight to ten days to get your product delivered and it comes directly from china. so other companies have notiked already that the business model of drop shipping is pretty clever to be more profitable and like streamline order fulfillment, and if you work with a private supplier, they can get really good usps rates and ship your stuff out super quick. and this is what i would say is like the real drop shipping and these companies aren't that hard to find. you can literally go on any of my video descriptions, like this one, for example, and you can see that i actually provide my sourcing agent slash recommended ecommerce fulfillment service in every single one of my videos. so you can just literally click that and you can fill out this application here and you can start working with fulfill empire, which is the company that i recommend. i know the owner we tok all the time. his name is david, he's a total beast and he ships things out super fast and reliably. he's even allowed me to put in branded materials with every single one of my orders for free, which is such a plug, but anyways, we got super sidetracked there. this spygen store looks super clean, so let's actually see how much traffic they're driving now. oh, oh, my god, they're driving more traffic than architecture. they're doing 1.28 million monthly visitors. that's actually insane. that's so much traffic. that's ridiculous. let's compare that to apple real quick. oh my god, apple's driving 500 million monthly visitors to their store. that is crazy. well, this is one 500th of that, which is still pretty impressive. i mean, that still means over a million dollars a month in revenue and, as you can see, they look like a little mini apple clone. i don't really know exactly what they sell here. so they do sell phones. they sell apple products and samsung products and even google products. i don't know how they're able to pull this off, but let's, let's look at their macbooks. let's see how they do it. okay, so they don't actually se- oh, i see what they're doing. so they don't sell actual macbooks, they just sell macbook accessories. so let's, so let me see. i'm assuming they're phones. they're not actually selling the phones, they're selling the phone accessories. let's see. wow, i knew it. oh my god t.

Revealing My $1,800,000 Shopify Store (Case Study)

over the last two years, i've sold over 1.8 million dollars on shopify with just two products, and, from the start, i've been documenting the entire process, but i've always left one thing out: the products. so today, for the very first time, you're gonna get the chance to see what my team and i have built with full transparency. by the way, if you're new here and want to follow my journey, make sure to hit that subscribe button, but for now, let's get started. i started this business back in may 2020 at an all-time low point. i had spent three years living in los angeles starting a couple different businesses, and most of them failed. then i had to come back to florida and live with my parents again, but on my last day in la- probably one of my saddest days of my life- i decided to start a brand new store in hopes of finding a winning product and getting back on my feet. and now, for the first time, let's actually take a look at the website that i use to test products. this is the exact hybrid store that i use to test products and ultimately find the winning product that i'm still selling to this day. as you can see, it is a clean branded website primarily focused on home decor. we had all kinds of products on here at the start. none of them are here now because we're really only focused on that one product, obviously, but at the time we had a bunch of products on here and i was testing new products every single day. let's have a look at the first two months of this brand. so, ultimately, what i ended up doing with that hybrid store was testing products. so in the first two months, you can see, i tested a couple products. some were getting sales, but nothing was really popping off. the highest we had gotten was 570 in a day. and then, if you spring forward to the next month, you're gonna see that this is when i actually found the winning product that i'm still selling to this day. so this was the month that i officially found my product. at the time, i had seen a facebook ad with like nine million views running this product up and the ad looked horrible. so of course, i tried to make a better ad and then i launched it on facebook. almost instantly, this product started taking off and that's when i knew it was time to go all in. in august of 2020, i decided to completely scrap the hybrid store and rebrand this business to focus on that one product and, as you'll see, that decision really paid off, because over the next three months, we went on to sell over 200 000 of this product, and that's when i knew that this was going to be something big. now, before we get into the scaling phase and tok about how i blew past 1 million in sales in just a couple months, let's tok about the product [Music]. this is the sleep band. the sleep band is a comfortable headband with built-in thin speakers to help you fall asleep faster. this product is fully branded and completely custom. we've changed the fabrics, the sizing, even the speakers that are actually on the inside, and we even throw in a branded travel bag with every purchase. i mean, we started drop shipping this thing from aliexpress and have truly created something special here. if you want to truly see everything it took to get to this level, then check out the reveal. inside of the reveal, you're gonna be getting a never-before-seen look at what it truly takes to build a business like this. i'll be showing you how i went from aliexpress dropshipping to a fully customized, beautifully packaged product that i'm proud of. how i built our fully custom branded website and my full gem pages template that i've never shared before. how i created my own ads with my iphone that got over 25 million views on facebook and instagram. how i made over 300 000 with one youtube ad and how to copy it for your business. and, lastly, how i built a team of truly amazing employees that automated this business for me, along with a private discord channel for everybody to join, which i'll be in very often. this is, without a doubt, the most honest and transparent ecom case study i've ever seen. the best part is, for the first week it's only going to cost 97 way cheaper than any of these courses or mentorships out there, with 10 times the value. next week, the price will double. so if you want to get in, now is the perfect time. click the first link in the description to check out the reveal and i'll see you on the inside. now let's tok about how i turned this simple product into a million dollar brand in just under a year. you can see that after i made the decision and went all in on this product, business just started to take off. if we look at these next couple of months after we branded the store fully around the sleep band, you're gonna see the numbers jump up significantly. we were able to have our first hundred thousand dollar month in december and the following month we did a hundred and eighty four thousand dollars in sales in just one month, and that was only about seven months after starting this brand. the way we were able to achieve this was a combination of three things. first, an unrelenting focus on the branding, product quality and customer experience, making sure that anytime somebody bought from sleep band they were gonna have a good experience. this was priority number one, because we needed people to be happy for us to scale. the second biggest thing was that i made my own custom ads and i was testing every single day: testing new audiences, testing new ad copies, testing new videos. it was a non-stop experiment that allowed us to scale and get to that next level of results. and lastly, around november we decided to expand our product lineup with the sleek band pro. this one is a full face mask, but it has the same thin speakers built into the product. adding this new product to our lineup pretty much increased our aov by like 20- 30 percent, and this allowed me to scale the ads so much more effectively. it was only a matter of time until we hit a million in sales and in may of 2020, we officially had our first million dollars in sales. oh and, by the way, that was in less than a year, but who's counting? something else that really helped me get to this level was using youtube ads. if you look at our analytiks for this time last year, you can see that we made around 150 000 with our youtube ads- you know, because they don't track everything on here- and over the course of the year i went on to sell over 300 000 worth of our products just through youtube ads. we are really closing in on that two million dollar mark for this business. so now i want to tok about how we surpassed one million and kept it going, because a lot of stores hit that first mill and die off afterwards. you know, most shopify stores make that first bag and then die, but why? because typically they don't care about the customer at all. the reason why sleep bend has been able to survive for all this time is because we've always kept our number one focus on product quality and customer experience, aside from marketing. this is what truly grows a business, and in 2021, we took a lot of feedback from our customers and constantly worked on our product. we've gone through over 15 variations of our product to reach the level that we're at today and we're still continuing this process, and that's the real key to scaling past seven figures. now. the remaining 800 000 or so in sales came from a few different channels. let's break them down: 60 of our sales come from paid ads, so that includes facebook, instagram, google and youtube. 30 of the sales actually come from organic and direct traffic- people just sharing our brand, people toking about our brand and people searching it up- and the last ten percent come from email and sms. i have one girl that manages this whole channel and she does an amazing job. currently, this business is generating around a thousand dollars a day, pretty passively, like i toked about in my previous video. some days we go way higher, some days we go lower, but overall the product is selling consistently. but my goal since the beginning has been to build this brand up and actually sel