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las vegas escort ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads


girls direct to you. this is a big, big scam and a lot of people got caught in that scam and I will tell you how that scam works. it says: girls direct to you with a phone number. right, if you call the phone number, they will ask you in which hotel do you sleep? hey, you say I am sleeping in the Bellagio right over there, and they ask you what is a room number? and then they say, okay, we'll bring a girl to you. they will say your prize like 250 dollars. you have to give your credit card number. will you give your credit card number? they will charge you directly, immediately, and they will send you a girl direct to your room. but here's the joke: I won't know, but I'm gonna drive, there's a lot of police, I'm gonna make a u-turn over here. okay, so this girl is coming through your room and she will say hi. and you will say hi, come inside, pretty lady. and she will say, no, I'm not coming inside. that's not the deal. are you all like what the hell? I just paid 250 for you? and she will tell you like: yeah, you paid 250 so I can come direct to your room. so she is at the door, standing at the door of your room and that's why you paid 250 dollars. but if you want to do some or do more things, that you have to pay more money and otherwise she will leave and you will lose 250 dollars. and that's how it works, guys. and now you're thinking like: how the hell do you know about this stuff? well, 10 years ago, ten years ago, I was in Las Vegas for the first time and I saw a lot of cars driving around with those advertisements with girls direct to you, and I was like what the hell? prostitution is forbidden in the USA, so how can they advertise about girls? and I searched on Google. I wanted to know more about this kind of stuff, because not to to you make use of it, but just to know about how things work. so I saw some videos on YouTube and I googled stuff and then I found out about this story and yeah, this is real and it's illegal. you know, you pay 250 and she comes direct to your room and that's it. if you think you want to do more, no, that's not the deal. she will come direct to your room as advertised. they are so smart people, they are so smart, and I hope that you see this video and know about this scam and maybe it won't happen to you.

5 Ways Las Vegas Prostitutes Scam You

now, guys, there are no guarantees in life, but if you wind up in this situation here in las vegas, you're probably going to get robbed and possibly with a gun in your face. las vegas, aka sin city, a place built on allowing people to explore all kinds of vices that were illegal in many other parts of the us, whether it was being able to gamble, getting alcohol during prohibition or finding a prostitute at block 16 in the early 1900s, where fremont street is today. a lot of this city's reputation comes from people being able to do things here that oftentimes were not legal in other parts of the country, and one of those things we're going to be toking about today. now, this video is to help you not get ripped off or worse, when you come here to las vegas, you decide to engage in something like this. i'm doing this video because i think a lot of people, one, are confused about the laws here in las vegas, near nevada, and two, don't realize how much danger they could be putting themselves in if they were to get in some situation like this and in a city that many people think of as being very anything goes. lots of things do go here in las vegas, but like any big city, there's going to be a potential element of danger if you get in a situation where you don't know what you're doing and you make yourself vulnerable. let me clear up any confusion that you may possibly have when you come here to las vegas about the laws here in nevada. many tourists understand that prostitution is legal in nevada. what many tourists do not understand is that prostitution is not legal through all parts of nevada. now, here in the state of nevada we have 16 counties. in 10 of those counties there is legalized prostitution. however, within those counties the prostitution is regulated and it can only legally take place inside of a brothel. nevada law says that any county that has a population of more than 700 000 people cannot have legalized prostitution. clark county, where las vegas is, where the strip is right here, has over two million people, which means it is not legal. here in clark county, however, escorting, which is simply charging someone for their company, is perfectly legal. is 100 legal here in clark county, regardless of how much or how little clothing the person is wearing? now, in case any of you are wondering what happens if you are arrested here in las vegas for engaging in prostitution, let me tell you if you are arrested as a first-time offender for engaging in prostitution here in las vegas, you're going to be facing a misdemeanor charge, which could be up to six months in jail, or simply a thousand dollar fine. in addition to that, you will pay 400 fine plus a 200 civil penalty. however, a first-time offense can often get dismissed and be removed from your record. if you pay a fine, do community service or go to an aids awareness class, often called john school. okay, okay. now let's tok about how you can get scammed or ripped off engaging in prostitution, whether you're just out and about by yourself walking the strip, whether you are out in a public place with a prostitute, or if you're actually back at the hotel room. now, the first way can happen to anyone, even if you're not out here trying to solicit. this is pretty much, uh, everyday thievery that takes place here in las vegas, and you know cities across the world. this is where you might be walking on the strip by yourself with a group. you tok to a group of prostitutes. they come, engage in conversation. there will usually be a group of them- two, three or more. they'll tok with you, they'll chat with you, oftentimes show you some affection as well to try to grab your attention, while one of them takes your phone, takes your wallet or something like that partikularly out of your back pocket and then hands it off to another one who's walking around behind them. they hand off to someone else. so if you do notike it, they both show their hands. they say, hey, i don't have it. i don't know what you're toking about, but by that time they've already handed off to someone else and they're often walking away with your property. the second way you get ripped off is if you are out in public together at a bar, a restaurant, a club or something like that, and they decide to uh, drug your drink. i've actually seen the aftermath of this specific scenario. this happened years ago at a club i was working at where one male customer came in with three women that he had just met. just met them on the strip. one guy by himself, with three women he adjusted on the strip, came into the strip club where i was working at. the four of them sat down at one table and, surprisingly, one of the strippers actually joined them. now, i say surprisingly because generally strippers hate when you bring women that you just met out on the strip to the club because at the club the women who work there are already competing with each other to try to make money. so when you bring in outside competition you make their job even harder than it already is, because the women you just brought with you that you just met on the strip they're going to be trying to get money out of you. so they're going to be trying to get money out of you. the women who work there at the club are gonna have a harder time getting money out of you because the women you brought are going to be very defensive. long story short, after they are there at the club for some time, i am over by the front door in the entryway area and one of the senior hosts i see has to carry this guy to the front door. a guy is almost dead weight. i mean, he looked worse than if he were just drunk. so the host had to carry the guy because come to find out that the three women he came with not only drugged him in their drink, they also drugged the stripper that was at their table as well. now i don't know if they actually did rob the guy. the upper management took the case from there. they handled the whole thing, but the only reason they're going to drug you like that is to simply rob you. that situation already ended badly for that guy, but fortunately he was in a place where there were employees and there were staff to actually look out for him. if that happens to you and there's no one around to look out for you, you put yourself in far more danger. the final three points we're going to tok about all involve you actually making it back to the room. now we're going to go over the best case scenario, we're going to go over a worst case scenario and we're going to go over the worst case scenario. and all of these assume that you're staying at one of the major properties here on the strip. in this third scenario, you've already toked to her, you've already agreed to a certain amount and you've agreed to go ahead and go back to your room. now. maybe you're gonna get what you bargained for. but if you are going to get robbed, your best case scenario, if you're going to get robbed in this, is that she tries to create some way to just take your wallet and run out of the room. whether it's actually drugging you like in the example earlier, or whether that's you go to the bathroom real quickly and she grabs your wallet and runs out of the room. anything along those lines where she tries to create a distraction is her trying to create an opportunity to just take your stuff and run. say she runs out of there and you actually notike it right away and she runs out down the hallway and you go run and you catch her. you're still probably screwed because that's going to create a big scene in the casino. that's going to create a big scene in the hotel room areas. she's probably going to be screaming, making a scene. other guests may come out of their rooms or just call security. when they show up, they're going to want to know what happened for their own incident report and because they're going to want to know what happened, they're going to file a report on it. they could possibly end up getting the police involved. these major casinos here in las vegas often times have police on property 24: 7. they have police on property, so if they need someone th

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How to Treat Escorts, According to an Escort

don't send us photos of your dick. we don't want to see that unless we're getting paid, that is non-consensual and no one cares. do read people's ad copy or websites. almost all of the answers to your questions will be there and if someone says no to you, let's know. do not speak explicitly via email or text. obviously that's not a smart idea when you're doing an activity that is a frowned upon by the law, definitely not the how much for a and blah, blah, blah, like just basically spelling out illegal activities. that is so sketchy. it's always best to provide all the information that's asked for in the first email. that would be your name. if that person screens, which I do, I definitely have like code of conduct. that worked for me. then I do not speak for other sex workers for sure. do not negotiate or rates. cash is always green, cash is always king. get it together. go to the bank. we've taken the time to get ready for you and to set up time for you, and it takes a lot of time to do this. you should take the time to go to the bank like a big boy. I've had people show up just assuming that I took PayPal payments. PayPal is notorious for shutting down sex workers and you can cancel a payment and right after not paying a sex worker is rape. you've tricked someone into having sex with you. that is not a true consent. a lot of us will offer you a shower and you come in. don't decline. that's so rude. we shower, then like our about to get really intimate with you. that's like the least you can do. don't make dead hooker jokes. if you're interested in any kind of BDSM, you must tok about this before communicate. do not make assumptions. very long time ago had someone like hit me in the face in the middle of session, you know, and like everything stopped. he's like: oh, I thought you do this in movies so I thought it was okay. and I'm like: guess what? not the point stars. they won't necessarily do everything that they do in the movies. that is a whole other situation, not the same thing. we're also not mind reader's. so if you have a specific idea and mind and you come in and we don't fulfill it because you didn't say anything, that's on you. you are not buying a person. you are not buying a body, you're buying a service. there's this like selling your body thing that really irritates the out of me. I take my body home. at the end of the day, I do have not given it to anybody. I have not sold my autonomy. it is still there. you're paying for a service, but it does not an all-access pass. do whatever you want, you're still interacting with human being. [Music].


Information and tips on escorts or prostitution in Las Vegas NV for men that want a good safe time.

hey, this is matt. welcome back to my channel, all things vegas. i'm just starting to put out videos daily. i just started it. memorial day weekend 2022. i'll be putting videos out daily um toking about everything here in vegas from a tourist perspective, anything you guys want to know. so let's start with a fun topic: um, escorts. something that guys- hopefully single guys, not very guys- are interested in is, uh, prostitution escorts. um, again, i'm a local. i've been here six years. i have a professional day job. i'm as intrigued with las vegas and all that has to offer as much as anybody. um, prostitution is illegal in clark county. i forgot what the basically counties, small counties in nevada- brothels prostitution's legal, but the bottom line is las vegas is in clark county and it's not legal. if you want to run into a escort, let's just say an escort or a working girl, you know, go to any major casino on the strip, go to the main bar, whatever the biggest bar is, and then [Music]. get there anytime after midnight to four, five, six in the morning. they'll come to you. you sit down at a bar. they'll come up and start wanting to tok to you and kind of figure out what your deal is from my perspective, since it's illegal. you know it's not a good idea. a lot of people get robbed. um, if they do rob you, what are you gonna do? call the police and say you brought an escort up to your room and admit to a crime? i mean, just don't do it. there are brothels in pahrump, which is an hour outside of nevada, where it's legal- i think the chicken ranch, and there's a spa or something. they're not cheap, but at least it's legal. you don't have to worry about getting robbed. it's not cheap but you don't have to worry about getting robbed and it's legal, and all that good stuff. there's always tijuana and places like that. prostitution's legal in mexico. um, i think the brothels. you know we're gonna start probably somewhere four, five, six hundred dollars, but again, it's legal there. and, uh, once i figure this stuff out, i'll put some links down below to the chicken ranch in pahrump, nevada, and you can, you know, check that out. um, but it is illegal. my recommendation is i wouldn't go down that road. go to a nightclub, go tok to some women that are drinking, having some fun, and, uh, you know, your chances of having a decent night are not bad and you probably won't have to worry about getting robbed. this is mad, all things vegas. more videos to come.

The Darkside Of Dubai "Instagram Models" - What They Don't Tell You

we've all found ourselves stoking instagram models and just drooling over their extravagant lifestyles, while all those trips to dubai, shopping trips and lavish dine outs will have us cursing the stars. the reality of this way of life will absolutely shock you. in today's video, we'll be toking about the instagram models of dubai, partikularly ones doing prostitution. you'll find out some pretty dark stuff. what goes on exactly? we open up instagram to see these models posing with their amazing beach bodies and going on these expensive shopping sprees and trips. you can see them wearing gucci, louis vuitton and lots of designer wear. the question that pops up is: how can they afford all of that? you would expect brand deals and advertisements, but neither of those pay enough to finance this way of life. you'll be shocked to know that these models don't pay for the trips or the clothes. they have sugar daddies lined up in their dms who are ready to pay to fly them in. they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend a night with them. from insider reports, most of this stuff goes on in the uae and dubai. hotels that are meant for princes have staff that have to sign non-disclosure agreements. doing so prevents the staff from ratting out on the private life of the instagram models or the life of the princes, which is why you won't find a lot of people toking about it, but the truth comes out somehow. there have been reports of instagram models being paid to sleep with underage princes. now that's extremely shocking and disturbing, as these women do everything and anything they can to get the bag and risk their lives in the process. there have even been reports of influencers or models that have made two hundred thousand dollars in cash and had to carry it back to their state, but because of their profession and inability to explain where the money even came from, they had to give it all up to customs. so everything has to be online these days to secure payments and keep anonymity in the process, like payments in bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptokurrencies. dubai acts as the main hub of these activities, as the city provides just the right hotels. additionally, dubai's own princes can also be found partaking in these questionable arrangements. some of these arab princes spend more than what you would consider normal, as they spend over 200 000 euros per model for a visit. an instagram influencer and model by the name of lozado gonzalez was tricked into dating and sleeping with a rich arab man, and, if things couldn't get any worse. she also had to sleep with his younger, 13 year old brother. every instagram model makes at least five visits per year to dubai. god knows how much remains covered. an insider from the website known by the name first man stated that every single rich guy would think of heading to dubai if they wanted to let off some steam. dubai is like the vegas of the uae, except it's much worse in comparison. there's a lot of things in dubai that go unnotiked and are even ignored. the drugs partying and the occasional woo hooing is much more common than you think. among these instagram models, one man going by the pseudonym first man on medium tracked their activities for over three months. they did all the math for you and came to the conclusion that whoever she was going with was spending an average of 20 000 euros on her every month. she traveled to la marrakech, bali and amsterdam all the while she was living in dubai. this did not include the living costs, her daily and monthly expenses, her costs of maintenance that she spent. if we look at the brand deals that she makes, she basically should have zero savings in the bank, which makes everything all the more interesting as that means someone's definitely paying for her or she's earning a lot more than we can imagine. one of these instagram models took the bold step and came forward with her story in an interview anonymously published on lib reddit. you'll be surprised by what she had to say about what goes on behind the scenes. she kept her identity anonymous due to personal reasons and privacy concerns. she was an instagram model that had about 800 000 followers and was able to land many gigs in la and california due to a few managers that she worked with. she said that she got countless messages from solicitors on a daily basis. she said that she had over 10 000 unopened dms that she had her editors and managers go through, but she opened up the important ones. when asked about how many of these stories were true, she said almost all of them were true. she said a sheikh one day dm'd her and she was surprised that he even was the real deal or not. after making some rapport and going back and forth with him, he finally got to the point with her and stated that he was a sheik that wanted to invite her over to a party that needed to end with a happy ending, if you get what we mean. she took the experience at face value and thought he was some random dude that was pranking her, but she finally facetimed him and was convinced. later she met one of her managers over in la and he offered her a lot of cash to make her comfortable. she then accepted his offer and went to partikipate in an inappropriate party. she had parties on days two and three and privately attended to the chic in question on the fourth day. afterwards it was free reign for her, as she was paid in millions and went on a shopping spree with the sheik's credit cards. and that's where these models pose and take their exorbitant modeling picture showing off their glamorous lifestyles. the instagram model made a ton of money without any problems and went home after a happy time where she spent time with the guy she's dating. we've also heard some disgusting stories surface when it comes to instagram influencers traveling as escorts to dubai. we've heard stories about people defecating or urinating on instagram models as well, which is incredibly disgusting. there are also stories about instagram models going on cruises with the richest of the rich on yachts. these private yachts spend weeks and months offshore and act as private communities with all the luxuries that the world has to offer. waiters, staff and attendants on deck have toked about yacht parties that have also gone horribly wrong. an instagram model, which will remain unnamed due to the circumstances of her death, was on a private yacht of some influential billionaire figure which was not mentioned in the artikle. she was going to die of a drug overdose and there was nothing that the passengers on deck could do about it. she called before it happened to tok to her family and died two hours later. there's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that are not worth mentioning at all. taking things a bit too far, when a sheik pays 30 000 to a model for her services, he can basically ask her to do anything to satisfy his fetishes. shockingly, some of these fetishes will leave you cringing. a few years ago, a website by the name of tag the sponsor shed light on these instagram models. pictures of these girls doing the most obscene stuff came to the surface. there were instances of rich dubais pooping on these girls for pleasure. another outrageous one was where a sheik had one model satisfy his camel. there's also one where another prince had an influencer place a live salmon where the sun doesn't shine. of course, the girls are fairly compensated for their services and that's all that we could fit into today's video. make sure to like the video if you liked it, dislike if you disliked it, and make sure to like and subscribe and turn on notifications for further videos in the future. with all that said, stay tuned, see you next time and we're out. [Music].


- مرحباً من لاس فيغاس. لقد زرت فيجاس حوالي 100 مرة ، وفي هذا الفيديو, ، سأشارك ما أعتقد أنه أفضل النصائح للمبتدئين في فيغاس, والتي ستساعدك على توفير بعض المال ، والحصول على وقت أفضل ، وستكون قليلاً أكثر دراية ، ومن المؤكد ، حتى لو كنت من محاربي فيغاس القدامى ، فمن المحتمل أنك, ما زلت, ستتعلم شيئين. أول شيء يجب أن تعرفه هو أنه في فيجاس ، يعمل الجميع على النصائح, من لحظة وصولك ، من الخادم إلى المتجر, إلى موظف تسجيل الوصول ، ونادلات الكوكتيل ، وخادمات المنزل ، يعمل الجميع هنا على الإكرامية. لذا, تأكد من إحضار بعض النقود معك, نظرًا لأن الجميع يعمل على النصائح. ، فقد تفكر ، "يا إلهي, أحتاج إلى الذهاب إلى البنك والحصول على مجموعة كاملة منهم للحصول على ذلك لرحلتي". لا, ، لا تقلق بشأن ذلك على الإطلاق, لأن جميع أجهزة الصراف الآلي في كل كازينو ، تعمل جميعها بنفس الطريقة. إنهم يعملون ككسارات مجانية للفواتير, بالإضافة إلى أجهزة الصراف الآلي. لذا, إذا وضعت 100 دولار ، فستمنحك خمسة دولارات من عشرين دولارًا. إذا أدخلت 20 دولارًا ، فسيتم إخراج 4 دولارات من 5 دولارات. إذا وضعت فاتورة بقيمة 5 دولارات ، فستمنحك خمسة دولارات واحدة ، وستحصل على الكثير من الفواتير الصغيرة لتلك الإكرامية أثناء رحلتك. بالنسبة إليكم, يا رفاق الذين يشاهدون هذا ، هناك شيء يجب أن تعرفوه: هو أنه, إذا بدأت فتاة جميلة في التحدث إليكم ، فهناك فرصة جيدة لأن تكون عاهرة. على سبيل المثال ، الليلة الماضية ، كنت في الكازينو في خليج ماندالاي بعد منتصف الليل ، وبدأت خمس نساء مختلفات في التحدث إلي طوال الليل. حسنًا ، كما اتضح ، ثلاثة من هؤلاء الخمسة كانوا عاهرات. هكذا سارت الأمور ، سأعطيكم مثالاً واحداً. لذا, تأتي هذه الفتاة إليّ وتعرّف عن نفسها باسم "المصير", التي كان ينبغي أن يكون بلدي الأول دليل لم ألتقطه بعد ، لأنني كنت منزعجًا نوعًا ما- ثم تبدأ في طرح جميع الأسئلة النموذجية: ، "من أين تزور؟? أين تقيم؟", أشياء من هذا القبيل. وأنا نوعا ما أقوم بإعادة هذه الأسئلة إليها. اكتشفت أنها من كاليفورنيا, ، لكنها من السكان المحليين هنا الآن. لذا, فأنا مثل ، "حسنًا ، لماذا تتسكع فتاة محلية في الكازينو في وقت متأخر من الليل ، وتتحدث إلى صديق عشوائي؟". أنا مثل ، "حسنًا, قد تكون عاهرة". وبعد 30 ثانية, ، سألتني إن كنت أريد أن أصعد إلى غرفتي لأتحدث هذا. عندما أكدت ذلك: (يضحك, الأردن). بناءً على هذه المجموعة المحدودة من البيانات, ، 60٪ من الفتيات اللواتي يبدأن الحديث معي هن عاهرات. الشيء التالي الذي يجب أن تعرفه هو أن الشرب هنا قد يكون مكلفًا للغاية. كنت للتو في حانة في ماندالاي باي ، وكان ثمن البيرة هناك 10 دولارات. بالنسبة لمشروب مختلط أساسي ، كان السعر 14 دولارًا. ومع ذلك ، إذا كنت ألعب في إحدى الآلات الموجودة على سطح البار ، فأنا أشرب- مجانًا- هذا صحيح- المشروبات مجانية إذا كنت تلعب في فيغاس, وليس عليك فقط أن تلعب في بار أعلى. يمكنك اللعب على ماكينة قمار أو لعبة طاولة. في هذه الحالة, ، ستأتي نادلات الكوكتيل لتسأل عما إذا كان أي شخص يريد المشروبات. أنت فقط تطلب منها ما تريد. لقد أحضرت لك ذلك ، وأعطيتها فقط دولارًا أو اثنين, ، لكن لا توجد رسوم. وقد سألنا الناس ، "لكن كيف أعرف أنهم سيكونون أحرارًا؟"? حسنًا ،, بالنسبة للمبتدئين, ، يمكنك أن تسأل عما إذا كانت مجانية ، وستقول دائمًا نعم ، لكن هذا سيمنحك بعض راحة البال. وإذا كنت تتساءل عما يمكنك طلبه ، حسنًا ،. حقًا ، أي شيء ، مدمن على الكحول أو غير كحولي. هم قليلا محدودة في الاختيار. على سبيل المثال, ، قد يكون لديهم فقط نوعان من الويسكي أو زوجان من التكيلا لتختار من بينها, ، لكنهم سيذكرون ما لديهم. ويمكنك طلبه من ذلك. من الجدير بالذكر أيضًا أن مربي الحيوانات في الكازينو ، أفضل خيارات الشراب التي سيوفرونها لك, المكانان المفضلان لدي للشرب مجانًا هما Wynn و Encore ، وهما, في الأساس, فندقان في فندق واحد ، و Cosmopolitan تمنحك هذه الفنادق خيارات رائعة مجانًا أثناء المقامرة ولإعطائك مثالاً على ما يمكنك الحصول عليه مجانًا في Wynn أو Encore ،. حسنًا, ، يمكنك عادةً طلب Don Julio Anejo tequila إذا ذهبت إلى Total Wine ، فستكون هذه الزجاجة حوالي 80 دولارًا ، ويمكنك شربها مجانًا هنا. من ناحية أخرى ، إذا كنت تقوم بالمقامرة في أحد الكازينوهات ذات المستوى الأدنى ، فستظل تحصل على مشروبات مجانية. لن يكون الخمور بجودة عالية. ومع ذلك ، إذا كنت في واحدة من هؤلاء ، وإذا ذهبت إلى غرفة الأسطوانة العالية ، فستحصل على مشروبات أفضل. أيضًا, ، ستحصل على خيارات أفضل إذا كنت تشرب في الحانة مقابل في أرضية الكازينو. ولكن إذا كنت تحاول الشرب مجانًا في إحدى الحانات ، فتأكد فقط من أن تسأل عما إذا كانت المشروبات المجانية تعمل على نظام التذاكر ، أم أنك تحصل على مشروبات مجانية طالما كنت تلعب, نظرًا لأن بعض الحانات بدأت في تنفيذ نظام التذاكر, حيث يتعين عليك المراهنة بمبلغ معين. وبعد ذلك ستصدر تذكرة مشروب مجانية. على سبيل المثال, ، كنت ألعب في بار اللوبي في ميراج. وكان لديهم نظام التذاكر هذا. هناك لا يزال بإمكانك الحصول على الكثير من المشروبات المجانية ، لكن فقط اعلم أن هذا هو الحال. تحتاج أيضًا إلى معرفة أن كل فندق هنا يفرض رسومًا على المنتجع ، وهذه الرسوم ليست ضئيلة. قد تكون غرفتك بالفندق 50 دولارًا فقط في الليلة ، ولكن بعد ذلك تصل إلى هنا, وتبلغ رسوم المنتجع 40 دولارًا أو 50 دولارًا فوق ذلك ، كل يوم. لذا كن على علم بذلك عند حجز غرفتك. إذا كنت تقوم بأي مقامرة في فيجاس ، فتأكد من الذهاب إلى مكتب مكافآت اللاعبين في أي كازينو تقوم بالمقامرة فيه. سوف يعطونك بطاقة عند التسجيل ، وستستخدم هذه البطاقة ووضعها في كل آلة تلعبها ، سواء كانت آلة قمار أو فيديو بوكر أو أي شيء آخر. إذا كنت تلعب لعبة الطاولة ، فأنت تعطيها للتاجر وبنهاية رحلتك ، بعد انتهاء رحلتك ، ستفاجأ بالعروض التي تحصل عليها من الفندق. في كثير من الأحيان, ، يعود ويبقى مجانًا. قد يمنحك أيضًا لعبة مجانية وائتمانًا للطعام والشراب. إذا أنفقت المزيد من المال ولست بحاجة إلى أن تكون لاعبًا قويًا لتستمتع بغرفك, يمكن, لعجلة منخفضة مثلي الحصول على غرف مجانية أو بأسعار مخفضة في كل فندق تقريبًا في القطاع. عندما تحجز رحلتك إلى فيجاس ، من المحتمل أنك سترغب في الحجز مباشرة مع الفندق ، وسأعرف السبب في غضون لحظة ، وستفهم ذلك ،. لماذا أقول ذلك? ، في لحظة أي عندما تصل إلى كازينو, وتقوم بأية مقامرة ، فأنت تريد التسجيل للحصول على بطاقة لاعبهم ، لأن بطاقة اللاعب الخاص بهم ستتتبع لعبك ، وبناءً على لعبك, ، ستحصل على تحصيل رسوم. غرفتك. ستحصل في المستقبل على عروض للغرف المجانية ، وربما حتى اللعب المجاني ، أو ربما حتى رصيد للطعام والشراب. إذا أنفقت ما يكفي من المال على المقامرة ولأنك حجزت مباشرةً مع الفندق, ، يمكنك إزالة بعض أو كل هذه الرسوم من حسابك في نهاية إقامتك. كيف ستفعل ذلك في يومك الأخير, ، ستلتقط هاتفك في غرفتك, وتتصل بمكتب الاستقبال أو الكونسيرج وتطلب منهم نقلك إلى مضيف الكازينو المناوب. وبعد ذلك, عندما تحصل على مضيف الكازينو في الخدمة على الهاتف, ، ستطلب منهم إلقاء نظرة على لعبتك ومعرفة ما يمكنهم خصمه من فاتورتك. بغض النظر عن قلة اللعب, ، فهم قادرون دائمًا على تجميع شيء ما ، سواء كان ذلك نصف رسوم المنتجع الخاصة بي ، أو ، على سبيل المثال ، لقد خرجت للتو من Mandalay Bay ، واستولوا على أكثر من 200 دولار من فاتورتي على أربعة- البقاء ليلا. لذلك أدى ذلك إلى خفض فاتورتي إلى النصف ، وكان ذلك رائعًا, حقًا. ولكن من أجل الحصول على رصيد لأي من لعبتك والحصول على أي شيء, ، عليك دائمًا أن تتذكر أن تأخذ بطاقة لاعبك, وتضعها في الجهاز أو تمنحها للتاجر أثناء اللعب. وعندما تضعه في الجهاز, ، تأكد من أنه يتحول إلى اللون الأخضر, وأنه قد قرأ البطاقة بشكل صحيح, وإلا فلن تحصل على الفضل في هذه المسرحية. ولكن إذا كان هدفك هو الحصول على غرف مجانية في المستقبل, ، فتأكد من مشاهدة الفيديو الذي صنعناه حول كيفية الحصول على غرف مجانية وتجنب رسوم المنتجع ، لأن ذلك سيمنحك جميع النصائح التي تحتاج إلى معرفتها لتجميع غرفك في المستقبل. ولا تدفع أبدًا مقابل غرفة أخرى في لاس فيغاس مرة أخرى. في هذا الفيديو ، نشاركك نصيحة من شأنها أن تزيد بشكل كبير من أرباحك دون زيادة ميزانية المقامرة الخاصة بك على الإطلاق. قد يبدو هذا جيدًا جدًا لدرجة يصعب تصديقه ، لكنك ستفهمه بعد سماعه. أثناء سيرك في الشريط, ، سترى نساء يرتدين زي فتيات استعراض ، وسيطلبن منك ما إذا كنت ترغب في التقاط صورة ، لكنهن لن يخبرك إلا بعد التقاط الصورة. أنهن يتوقعن نصيحة كبيرة. لذلك, فقط اعلم أنهم يعملون على النصائح ، وليس بالكمية التي يتوقعونها. في كثير من الأحيان, ، سيطلبون 20 دولارًا أو 50 دولارًا للفرد, إذن إجمالي الإكرامية 40 دولارًا أو 100 دولار. ومع ذلك, ، نصيحة صغيرة لك: إذا سألتهم عن السعر قبل التقاط الصورة, ، فسيكون هذا السعر أقل كثيرًا. عندما يحين وقت التخطيط لرحلتك ، ضع في اعتبارك أنه, إذا كان بإمكانك القدوم إلى هنا في أيام الأسبوع ، مثل ليلة الأحد حتى ليلة الخميس, ، فستكون رحلتك أرخص. كثيرًا. ستكلف غرف الفندق أقل بكثير مما لو أتيت إلى هنا في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع. أيضًا, في عطلات نهاية الأسبوع ، سيكون المكان أكثر انشغالًا هنا. لذلك, بالنسبة لي, ، ليس لدي فقط رحلة أرخص, ، ولكن أيضًا رحلة ممتعة أكثر إذا أتيت خلال الأسبوع. هناك شيء آخر تحتاج إلى معرفته, وهو أنك, إذا كنت تلعب ماكينات القمار أو بوكر الفيديو وحصلت على أي ربح,