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Las Vegas Hotel Review #1 Signature Suites

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Las Vegas Hotel Review #1 Signature Suites

Las Vegas Hotel Review #1 Signature Suites

no people came human here King human
King human okay I got a review of a
kick-ass hotel in the Las Vegas and I
just stayed at recently so the signature
suites of the MGM Grand and it's not the
actual MGM Grand Hotel it's behind the
MGM Grand
the thing is these are condos not just
regular hotel rooms so they're wicked
cool now the first thing is the whole
place is non-smoking non-gambling so
immediately it's cleaner it's quieter
it's much nicer than the strip hotels
it's actually connected to the MGM Grand
via a walkway so it is really convenient
to get to the action it's just set back
just a little bit so the property is
wicked nice it's wicked quiet you don't
have a bunch of kids running up and down
the hallways waking you up at you know
6:00 in the morning so it's really nice
place to stay I'm almost reluctant to
tell you guys about it because you know
it's kind of like my little secret you
know and if all you people start going
there you know now it's not a secret
anymore the rates were about the same
and as a strip hotel so it's very
comparable I went there during a trade
show so the rooms were in demand so I
think I paid maybe a hundred and seventy
a night something like that and a really
nice hotel take a look
hey guys it's me King human and I want
to show you my room I just arrived
understand that the signature at the MGM
Grand and I gotta tell ya it's pretty
nice place not too bad
let me show you the room okay here we go
just walk in and there's the main salon
there over to the left is the wet bar
and coming over further to the left is
the bathroom
there's my shower and a jacuzzi now
let's go back to the main salon and in
here there's the bed and I mean it's got
like really nice lemons it was like a
million thread count sheets and over
here is a sitting area
and over here is the guest area and over
here across from the bed is the
microwave wet bar the kitchen the stove
the TV the whole bit anyway there you
have it a really nice place I really
like it it's nice and quiet and very
clean so give it a go
MGM Grand the signature suites at the
MGM Grand
cherish okay there you have it the
signature suites of the MGM Grand the
service was excellent the rooms were
excellent and really nice place give it
a try I'll be reviewing more hotel rooms
in Las Vegas as I go back maybe next
time all I hit the four seasons and show
you a video review of that one Cheers
adios sayonara be cool and have fun

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