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las vegas personal ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Top7 Free Classified Ads Sites to Advertise for Free

free classified ad sites allow you to list your stuff for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads and much more, without having to pay a fee to do so. this is ideal because when you're selling stuff, you want to make money, not have to part with it. right and d? when it comes to local classified sites, craigslist has been and continues to be the most popular one, and while there are many sites like craigslist out there, many require you to pay to post ads. that's why the sites in this video are so awesome. you don't have to pay to sign up or post ads. so whether you're looking to sell stuff locally, buy used stuff, advertise your services as a freelancer, promote your small business or post personal ads, you should give these sites a try. top free local classified ad sites. subscribe to the channel and like the video. here's a list of the best ad posting and classified sites. 1. craigslist. why it's great? you can find ads for pretty much everything on there and posts ads in lots of categories too, without having to log in. craigslist is one of the most, if not the most, popular website for posting free classifieds ads online. if you're looking for free ad posting sites without registration, then craigslist as the website for you. you can post ads without having to register. you'll just need to follow the instructions to post your listing, and the best part is that you can use craigslist to find tons of free stuff near you. the website has a huge range of categories like community housing, jobs, services for sale, discussion forums, gigs, resumes, and each of those has a ton of subcategories. for example, the for sale section has lots of subcategories like antiques, appliances, auto parts, barter bikes, boats, books, business, cell phones, collectibles, computers, electronics, free furniture, garage sale, household jewelry, motorcycles, sporting tikets, tools, trailers, video gaming, wanted. since craigslist has sections for most cities across the country, it's great for selling your stuff locally and for finding out about gigs, events, jobs and vacancies near you. 2. oodle: why it's great? in addition to stuff for sale, you'll also find jobs, services and personals on there. next on the list, we have oodle. it's a website where you can post free classified ads. you can use the site to find used stuff, view job listings, check out apartments to rent and much more. like craigslist, oodle provides a whole host of categories that you can browse and also list in. here are some examples: all vehicles, all rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, tikets, services, personals, community. many of those also have subcategories where you can find what you're looking for. for example, under all rentals, you have apartment rentals, office space, vacation rentals. to put a new post on oodle, you will need to have an active facebook account. 3. classifiedadscom- why? it's great. you don't have to register to post on there and there's a huge selection of categories to choose from. another great free ad posting site without registration, you should visit classifiedadscom. you'll find lots of different sections there. whether you're looking for real estate listings near you, personal ads or to sell your stuff online, you can easily find the category you're looking for on the website. in fact, along with craigslist, i'd say that classifiedadscom has one of the widest ranges of categories of all the sites on the list. the main sections are vehicles, services for rent, real estate community, pets, jobs, personals, items for sale. within those there are tons of subcategories. you don't have to register with the website to post an ad on there. however, you may need to provide your name, email address and phone number when you create your listing. your email address is kept private so it won't be published on the listing and you can choose to keep your phone number private to if you want to. 4. offer up- why it's great. there's a huge range of categories to buy and sell in, making it perfect for anyone who's looking to list stuff for sale or make a purchase. next on the list, we have offer up. lots of us are searching for free online advertising sites because we want to sell stuff from books to games to furniture. lots of us have items we'd love to sell for some quick cash. if you want to list your stuff for sale online for free, then i'd recommend offer up. you can advertise your stuff for sale on there without having to pay for it. awesome, right, it's so easy to use as well. also, a quick note: let go was another website for selling stuff locally, but in the united states. let go as now part of offer up. so if you're wondering what happened to let go, it's just become part of offer up. there are lots of categories on the site, such as antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, audio equipment, auto parts, baby and kids, beauty and health, bicycles, boats and marine, books and magazines, business equipment, campers and rvs, cars and trucks, cds and dvds, cell phones, clothing and shoes, collectibles, computer equipment, electronics, exercise, farming, free furniture, games and toys, general home and garden, household, jewelry and accessories, motorcycles, musical instruments, pet supplies, photography, software, sports and outdoors, tikets, tools and machinery, tvs, video equipment, video games. 5. gumtree: why it's great? it's ideal for selling within the uk, where it's the most popular classified ad site. gumtree has a super popular classified ads website in the uk. the website is like craigslist in that it offers ads in lots of categories. visit the site and you'll see a variety of sections, including cars and vehicles for sale, property, jobs, services, community pets, within those sections. there are lots of categories. in the jobs section, for example, there are so many different fields like hr, legal, admin, secretarial and pa, media, digital and creative, leisure and tourism, health care and medical, housekeeping and cleaning. you do need to login to post on gumtree. you can sign up with your email address or with your google or facebook account. six: five miles: why it's great? it's awesome for local sales, housing services, jobs and more. next on the list, we have five miles. if you're looking to list your stuff for sale locally, then it's a website to consider. you can post stuff for sale on there for free. that's not all, though. five miles also allows you to advertise your services on there. so if you're looking for work nearby, then the site could be a great option for you. there are even sections for housing and jobs. it's like craigslist. examples of categories include automotive, art and collectibles, electronics, fashion and accessories, home and garden, sports and leisure, free and donation, community services, housing, jobs. unlike with craigslist, though, you do have to sign in to post an ad on 5 miles. 7. facebook marketplace- why? it's great easy to get started with, as many people already have a fb account, and you can buy and sell stuff in a huge range of categories. another free classified ad site to consider as facebook marketplace. this site is more focused on selling stuff, so you won't find as many categories here like jobs or services as you would on sites like craigslist or five miles. for selling stuff, though, or finding stuff to buy, facebook marketplace is worth a look. you'll find categories like vehicles, property for rent, apparel, electronics, free stuff, pet supplies, property for sale, sporting goods, toys and games. how do i put an ad on a classified website? you may have to log in. there are many classified ad sites that don't require registration. each platform will have its steps for posting an ad on there. generally speaking, though, if you're selling something, you'll need an eye-catching title that grabs the reader's attention. make it specific- like red h m sweater for sale rather than just sweater for sale- a description of the item you're selling. make it accurate, include important details and make sure it's honest. if there's a scratch on the item, for example, make sure you mention it in the listing photos of the item. it's a similar thing for other types of listings too, except fo.

Christmas at Heathrow Airport

[Applause] foreign [Music] because [Music] I know. yeah, well, I don't know what about. what's this about? love, the snow for the start of the Stream, the star, it's snowy for crying out loud. okay, see if these guys can. uh, see how these guys handle it. it's pretty gnarly in this blizzard. easy, son, easy, come on, mate. see if he's got his windscreen wipers on. easy, foreign. interesting that it's not settling at the moment. oh, nicely done, here we go. oh, Tiffy toes. oh, bit of Aero break thrown in there as well. look at that. Virgin Atlantik, first arrival for Christmas day, but for us anyway, it's giving it large on the trents. okay, hello, wow, bloody hell, turn a bit freezing here. look at me, nipples. um right, folks. okay, GP, you can turn that off now. no, don't turn it off. I don't know. what do you want to do? keep it on. uh, no, leave it on. leave it on, we'll just wait, we'll just do a little intro. Happy Christmas everybody. I hope you're doing well. uh, sit back, relax, enjoy some big jet TV right the way through till dark. of course, we're on two, seven operations. that means at three o'clock this afternoon, and you can time it by your watch and a big shout out to all our friends up in the tower there with Nats, uh looking after the whole show here, and all our friends in the aviation sector who are working today, and that includes the uh, the folks uh who work throughout this entire airport. it is literally like a city. uh, you have to appreciate that. this is the seventh example. um, yeah, should we leave the snow on or turn it off? I don't know, yeah, okay, well, now I'll tell you what is an American this? this is a United Jet, so they should really have a bit of snow with them, shouldn't they? wind chills about minus five. foreign. [Music]. okay, turn it off now. GP lose the snow. okay, be grateful to turn it on and off like that. uh, especially for our friends out in America as well, who are, who are going through some. look at the feather in the shorts. look, is he in shorts only on Christmas Day? the bricks, Garner, Brits cheese. um, all our friends out in America who are going through those terrible conditions, um, we wish you all the best and uh hope that it uh conditions improve soon so that you can obviously back to normal as soon as possible. um, horrendous conditions out there. um, okay, I just want to say, I want to ask this question and, let's be honest, come on, all you, uh, all you gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen out there who watched, uh, the um, the, uh, the, the, the [Music] no, yeah, no, no, I know the name of it. I know the name of it. I'm just toking the type of. it's a, it's a animation, yeah, an animated piece, a bit like the Snowman, called the the mole, The Fox and the horse, the boy, the mole, The Fox and the horse, and, um, I'll tell you, I'll turn you on the small. I, I wasn't, I just turned on a channel and there it was, and uh, within about five minutes, I was like sitting on my couch, welling up. I'm like what's going on here then? and, uh, and I can watch the end. I just couldn't watch the end, could not watch the end. uh, I was so sorry. I've had enough of this um, but a fantastik piece of animation and apparently it was trending on Twitter or something, uh, so, so I wasn't the only one uh, crying the eyes out to it, but a very good, strong piece of um of work there, apparently written in the lockdown. um, and it is good to be there for people and tell people you love them. [Applause]. and also, uh, a very another, very interesting, oh yeah, go on in a little bit. uh, very interesting um piece, um basically saying it's uh, it don't, don't, it's, it's not, don't be afraid to tok to someone, because toking isn't giving up. it's, uh, it's actually a way of of making yourself stronger, I think. anyway, um, right, there we go. um, can I just say a quick shout out to Joachim, uh, venenberg, he's a returning member. welcome, jock him. um, and a great a Craig Smith, sorry, is a new member. welcome, Craig. happy Christmas to all of you. uh, great folks out there. Andrew, stop, welcome back, Andrew to first class. and uh, can I just say a big shout out to a few people who have joined uh since the last show, um, some of whom, um, obviously we have all different levels of membership, um premium, uh, first class and Supercross. and a big shout out to everybody who's joined us between the streams, uh, a couple of people also, uh, jumping straight into Supercross. thank you very much indeed. uh, good morning everybody. hope you're doing well. far too many of you to individually wish a happy Christmas too, but we'll get on with the show. we'll get on with your comments in a little while. uh, we're all set up. we've had a bit of snow. that's gone now. now, how far is that cloud Bank? oh, I was just gonna say you might pop his, uh, he might pop through the top guys wind carrying us over. yeah, I've got to say also, uh, congratulations to London Heathrow, Henry Wells and his team. uh, amazing what they have managed to pull off. but it wouldn't have been possible without the? uh, the Army Reserves, um, I think I'm right in saying that- who have come in and helped during the strikes. uh, don't want to get politikal about the strikes, but they have done a fantastik job. I believe it was 30 000 people made it, made their way through the gates on Friday, was it? and, uh, very, very few issues with delays at passport control. and I don't know if she's going to be watching. she does watch the show but, um, a young lady and her friend, who I met at the Hyatt Place, just down the road when I was coming out after one of my shows, she came up to me and wanted a selfie, um, to make her brother well, gel, but I also what she does- and she was at actually one of the folks training the? um, those teams, those Army teams who were staying, I believe, at the Hilton. so, um, thank you to her and her team for um for doing such a fantastik job and training them, training them in such a short space of time, because, let's face it, to train someone up for a job like that at passport control takes a long time, normally, I would have imagined. so they've done it and they've done it really well. so, hats off to um, to everybody involved in that, and thank you to all of those teams who are working once again through Christmas, uh, through the Christmas period. we really do appreciate it. thank you so much. first show, a European show, that is, overseas show- of 2023, has already been booked. folks, we're going back to skipol, so we're off to uh Amsterdam in the new year. I think it's the first week is in Italy and we're keeping the rest of the month open as it is at the moment, just because we do have something that we're hoping uh will come off, not the wheels, yeah, and we're gonna. we're gonna be doing it over the weekend as well, so all members will be able to tune into that uh, both for Saturday and the Sunday show at skipol, so we'll be able to visit all our regular places. you know, pull the barn. a number of runways there. you've got to sort of like, keep, stay on your toes around skip hole because it's a long way to drive to get from one position to the other. but I know it well enough now. I know it's so well. IGN: oh yeah. [Applause]. [Music]. it was, it was, wasn't it? wow, that was just a sign of things to come. man hit by a, hit by a shed on Friday, go on Thursday, go viral on a Friday. um, uh, big shout out to all my mates as well, all my friends and family. I've already, uh, made the calls. um, uh, I know a few of them may be watching. um, so a big shout out to all you guys who are, uh, who are tuned in right now. hello, happy Christmas. um, yeah, me, mate. we had a game of golf yesterday. I've got to be honest with you and there's a lot of people who won't understand what I'm toking about here, but I, I, I could have definitely gone viral yesterday if only John knew how to operate his phone quickly. I mean, how long does it take? pull your phone out, Swipe it up, swipe it left and the camera's on, isn't it? select video start recording. so I'm toking to me, mate Richard, we're having a chat along this side and there's a pathway that basically goes between two Lake sections and I've got a remote trolley and I've just let it go off um for once in my life, not thinking about it. you know what's coming.

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Paul Padda Law - Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

I'm Paul pata. I'm the owner and managing partner of Paul paddle law. our focus is primarily on personal injury. I've been litigating cases for well over a decade. my parents are originally from India. I was born in New York. my father was a professor. my mom was a kindergarten teacher. being a child of immigrants, I think it gives you a really unique perspective. their immigrant experience, seeing how hard my parents worked to provide a better life for my brother and I, really kind of instilled in me the value of how great this country is. in many other countries it's virtually impossible for an average person to take on either the government or a very large corporate interest, that concept of justike. we have a system in this country where you as a person you really can't hold the government for a large corporation accountable. I decided to become a private-sector lawyer to start my own law practike because I wanted to be an advocate for folks who are going up against large insurance companies or other corporate interests that had unlimited resources. having been a prosecutor and having worked for the Department of Justike out of Washington DC, I've gone up against the largest law firms in America. I've never intimidated by going to court and now, as a personal injury attorney, I feel that I can put my skills to use by fighting on behalf of the little guy weird, a kind of firm that takes on cases with an eye towards going to trial. when you walk into court, you have to be prepared to address the jury. you have to be prepared to address a judge. you should never be intimidated by anybody. the only people I need to impress inside of a courtroom are the 12 jurors that I'm speaking to. we recently won 160 million dollar verdict and or that was record-setting here in Nevada. going forward, other companies are gonna look and say: you know what? we don't want to end up getting sued by Paul Potter, so we better reform how we do things. it's about justike, integrity, compassion and ethics. if people come in to see me and something Horrible's happen to them, I'm gonna be emotionally invested. in that case. I'm going to make sure that my client gets justike in court. we have approximately six lawyers on staff, including myself and a support team of paralegals and case managers. we have the resources to be able to litigate effectively for our clients. I'm always available to my clients. I always make myself accessible. people often come to us here at Paul Padel law when they've been injured. they're struggling with medical bills. they're trying to make sense of it all. they're getting phone calls from an insurance company. we're on their team and we're there to help them get through the process. I'm Paul pata. I fight for injured people day in and day out. it's what we do and it's what we believe in. I'm on your side. I'm here to make you comfortable and take your stress. let me be your fighter in court. [Music].

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5 Ways Las Vegas Prostitutes Scam You

now, guys, there are no guarantees in life, but if you wind up in this situation here in las vegas, you're probably going to get robbed and possibly with a gun in your face. las vegas, aka sin city, a place built on allowing people to explore all kinds of vices that were illegal in many other parts of the us, whether it was being able to gamble, getting alcohol during prohibition or finding a prostitute at block 16 in the early 1900s, where fremont street is today. a lot of this city's reputation comes from people being able to do things here that oftentimes were not legal in other parts of the country, and one of those things we're going to be toking about today. now, this video is to help you not get ripped off or worse, when you come here to las vegas, you decide to engage in something like this. i'm doing this video because i think a lot of people, one, are confused about the laws here in las vegas, near nevada, and two, don't realize how much danger they could be putting themselves in if they were to get in some situation like this and in a city that many people think of as being very anything goes. lots of things do go here in las vegas, but like any big city, there's going to be a potential element of danger if you get in a situation where you don't know what you're doing and you make yourself vulnerable. let me clear up any confusion that you may possibly have when you come here to las vegas about the laws here in nevada. many tourists understand that prostitution is legal in nevada. what many tourists do not understand is that prostitution is not legal through all parts of nevada. now, here in the state of nevada we have 16 counties. in 10 of those counties there is legalized prostitution. however, within those counties the prostitution is regulated and it can only legally take place inside of a brothel. nevada law says that any county that has a population of more than 700 000 people cannot have legalized prostitution. clark county, where las vegas is, where the strip is right here, has over two million people, which means it is not legal. here in clark county, however, escorting, which is simply charging someone for their company, is perfectly legal. is 100 legal here in clark county, regardless of how much or how little clothing the person is wearing? now, in case any of you are wondering what happens if you are arrested here in las vegas for engaging in prostitution, let me tell you if you are arrested as a first-time offender for engaging in prostitution here in las vegas, you're going to be facing a misdemeanor charge, which could be up to six months in jail, or simply a thousand dollar fine. in addition to that, you will pay 400 fine plus a 200 civil penalty. however, a first-time offense can often get dismissed and be removed from your record. if you pay a fine, do community service or go to an aids awareness class, often called john school. okay, okay. now let's tok about how you can get scammed or ripped off engaging in prostitution, whether you're just out and about by yourself walking the strip, whether you are out in a public place with a prostitute, or if you're actually back at the hotel room. now, the first way can happen to anyone, even if you're not out here trying to solicit. this is pretty much, uh, everyday thievery that takes place here in las vegas, and you know cities across the world. this is where you might be walking on the strip by yourself with a group. you tok to a group of prostitutes. they come, engage in conversation. there will usually be a group of them- two, three or more. they'll tok with you, they'll chat with you, oftentimes show you some affection as well to try to grab your attention, while one of them takes your phone, takes your wallet or something like that partikularly out of your back pocket and then hands it off to another one who's walking around behind them. they hand off to someone else. so if you do notike it, they both show their hands. they say, hey, i don't have it. i don't know what you're toking about, but by that time they've already handed off to someone else and they're often walking away with your property. the second way you get ripped off is if you are out in public together at a bar, a restaurant, a club or something like that, and they decide to uh, drug your drink. i've actually seen the aftermath of this specific scenario. this happened years ago at a club i was working at where one male customer came in with three women that he had just met. just met them on the strip. one guy by himself, with three women he adjusted on the strip, came into the strip club where i was working at. the four of them sat down at one table and, surprisingly, one of the strippers actually joined them. now, i say surprisingly because generally strippers hate when you bring women that you just met out on the strip to the club because at the club the women who work there are already competing with each other to try to make money. so when you bring in outside competition you make their job even harder than it already is, because the women you just brought with you that you just met on the strip they're going to be trying to get money out of you. so they're going to be trying to get money out of you. the women who work there at the club are gonna have a harder time getting money out of you because the women you brought are going to be very defensive. long story short, after they are there at the club for some time, i am over by the front door in the entryway area and one of the senior hosts i see has to carry this guy to the front door. a guy is almost dead weight. i mean, he looked worse than if he were just drunk. so the host had to carry the guy because come to find out that the three women he came with not only drugged him in their drink, they also drugged the stripper that was at their table as well. now i don't know if they actually did rob the guy. the upper management took the case from there. they handled the whole thing, but the only reason they're going to drug you like that is to simply rob you. that situation already ended badly for that guy, but fortunately he was in a place where there were employees and there were staff to actually look out for him. if that happens to you and there's no one around to look out for you, you put yourself in far more danger. the final three points we're going to tok about all involve you actually making it back to the room. now we're going to go over the best case scenario, we're going to go over a worst case scenario and we're going to go over the worst case scenario. and all of these assume that you're staying at one of the major properties here on the strip. in this third scenario, you've already toked to her, you've already agreed to a certain amount and you've agreed to go ahead and go back to your room. now. maybe you're gonna get what you bargained for. but if you are going to get robbed, your best case scenario, if you're going to get robbed in this, is that she tries to create some way to just take your wallet and run out of the room. whether it's actually drugging you like in the example earlier, or whether that's you go to the bathroom real quickly and she grabs your wallet and runs out of the room. anything along those lines where she tries to create a distraction is her trying to create an opportunity to just take your stuff and run. say she runs out of there and you actually notike it right away and she runs out down the hallway and you go run and you catch her. you're still probably screwed because that's going to create a big scene in the casino. that's going to create a big scene in the hotel room areas. she's probably going to be screaming, making a scene. other guests may come out of their rooms or just call security. when they show up, they're going to want to know what happened for their own incident report and because they're going to want to know what happened, they're going to file a report on it. they could possibly end up getting the police involved. these major casinos here in las vegas often times have police on property 24: 7. they have police on property, so if they need someone th

New Scams to Watch Out For in 2022

Well, it's a new year and there's new scams, So, just like every year, I'm going to make this video going over a bunch of scams that are either brand new, or maybe they're not even new, but they're becoming more popular recently, or they're new variation on an old scam that you should watch out for coming into 2022. But, of course, the best way to defend against them is to simply know about them, So you should be good by the end of the video, for these at least. So, starting out with number one, we have the Google Voice verification scam, and this one's really tricky because you might not even realize that you were tricked by the end of it. This one usually targets people who are selling things online, such as on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, but really anywhere that people post their phone number to be contacted, And this even includes, sadly, people who are looking for lost pets, for example. So how this scam works is they'll first contact you and say they're a little bit hesitant. They want to verify you're a real person, or verify that you're the real pet's owner, or verify anything really, And then they'll say that they're going to send a verification text, or may also be a voice phone call, and it'll be from Google Voice, It'll say Google Voice verification text and then a code, and they'll ask you to give that code to them, And if you do, even if you don't have a Google Voice account, they've got you. So let me explain. Google Voice is basically a service where you get assigned a virtual phone number that ties to your main phone number and then you can then receive calls on the virtual phone number that gets forwarded to your main number, Or you can also make calls from the Google Voice number, the virtual number, And in this scam, what the scammer is trying to do is set up a new Google Voice account with the Google Voice number, except it'll be associated to you, the victim, not them, Because when they set it up they enter in a phone number that it will be associated with and then it sends that phone number, of course, a verification text, And if you give that, then they can basically sign up for an account under your number. And this is basically just a way for the scammers to get a nearly unlimited supply of new phone numbers, because normally, obviously, you need a specific phone number to sign up for each account, But if they're going from person to person online, they can just trick everyone into signing up and get a whole bunch of numbers, And then those numbers would be used to scam other people. So in this one, you might partikularly not lose any money or anything, But still your number is going to now be associated with some random Google Voice account And if you do get tricked, you basically have to go through a process which is called reclaiming your number, which I believe involves just signing up for your own Google Voice account and then re-verifying with your phone number, But it'll now be switched on to your actual account that you created and take it off the other one. So, yeah, just be aware of this one, because you might not have realized that this was even possibly a scam. All right, next up, we have these Zelle payment scam, and this one's interesting because you might not even realize that a lot of banks, possibly even your bank, uses Zelle and may have automatikally signed you up so you can receive payments or send payments through Zelle, even though you never really made an account for it, And that's what the scammers take advantage of. So how this scam works is: scammers will send out mass text messages to a whole bunch of people and it'll say something like: "fraud detected. if you did not make this charge for whatever amount of dollars, reply no or yes". And no matter what you respond- if you do respond at all- they will then call you from a spoofed number to look like the bank and pretend to be the bank's fraud department. Then they'll say something like "Oh, we need to verify your identity" and they'll ask for your bank username, not your password, which some people might be thrown off by. And the reason for this is what they're going to try and do is go through the password reset process with you on the phone, but you don't realize that's what's happening. So they basically go onto the bank's website, put in the username you just gave them and say forgot password, which will then, with Zelle at least, apparently trigger a text message to be sent to the phone number associated with it, Which again is your number, but you might not realize that it is- And what they'll say is: "Oh, I'm going to be sending you a SMS message with a verification code and you'll have to read that back to me to make sure you're legit" or whatever, And unbeknownst to you. that's not a verification text code, it's a code to reset your password, Anyway. so once they get this number, they basically are able to get into your bank account and potentially even change your password, And because Zelle is tied to your bank account, usually they can use this to send money out of it. Now, I believe in some scenarios, when they do go to try and transfer money out, it will also trigger another confirmation text message. So what they'll probably do is keep you on the line and they'll say that "hey, you're going to get a text message and it's the refund confirmation, So you have to make sure that you confirm it because I'm sending the money back into your account that was stolen" or something like that. Meanwhile, no, it's actually a confirmation for money coming out of your account to the scammer, So you have to be aware of that. that they will say really anything to get you to put in these codes or confirm the text message. And this one is actually part of a larger trend of scammers realizing they can get around two factor authentikation using SMS codes, because a lot of websites stupidly basically make it. so a text message turns into a one factor authentikation where you can reset your password with nothing but the confirmation code on your phone, which then opens up the possibility of scammers simply asking people for it, And even though usually it says never share this code with anyone, people apparently do it anyway. And what's actually apparently really bad about this one is a lot of banks. they say in their terms of service that the Zelle transfer doesn't actually get covered under certain fraud terms, So you kind of might just be out that money. So definitely be aware of this one. All right onto the next one. we have the cloud access job scam, And this one is another interesting one because it doesn't always scam the person directly, but rather uses them, sort of like the Google Voice scam, to scam other people, Although sometimes, depending on the situation, you can be scammed directly. So how this scam works is the scammers will post a fake job listing online, which people will respond to, and they may even do a mock interview- where they don't really show their face, of course, But maybe it's a text interview or over chat or something like that- And then they'll offer you the job, of course, And then afterwards they'll say something like: "Oh well, we do have some requirements for you to actually be getting into this job and we have to have you sign this tax form and an NDA", And first of all, with the tax form. that's not even the main part of the scam, but they might be kind of double dipping by when you do fill that information out, like with your Social Security number. they might take that and use that later against you. But the main part of the scam is actually this other document, which they may call an NDA, and it'll say things like: "Oh, to get this job, you need to confirm that you're willing to go t.

last day in Vegas/ the vlogs

yo right, I need a [ __ ] up, didn't? I took out my camera the other day and, um I realized didn't have my card in it, so I spent a whole day trying to um vlog, as you do with no memory card. so it's been a few days. last time I spoke to you was when I speak to you about after the pre-judging, and I was um relatively happy with what we brought the following day. in short, I tried to come in a little bit, a little bit tighter. I don't know how I look, because they haven't put any pictures up of finals, finals, of individuals finals, and we did get rejudged a little bit. um, I actually managed to um secure 16th spot, which, in the way they judge at the Olympia, there's normally just one to Fifteen and then there's just everybody's 16 after, but this partikular NPR, there's actually a 16th spot and then everyone's a 16 below that. because the point system, the lowest basic score you get is 80.. um, and there's 80 and 80 on everybody, apart from my score in the 16 slot, minus 80 and 79.. so I'm actually in 16th Place, which isn't too bad. um, obviously I wouldn't like to have done better, but considering the depth of the field and me not feeling exactly right. I think that's a fair spot. um, I was in the same call out so I ended up around where Charles Griffin, um, Justin Rodriguez, Antoine and Akeem- that was our call out, which is a good call out- still really good cooldown- um. but yeah, so we did that- came away from the show, went out last night and stayed up a bit too late and had a lot of food and I'm knackered. today I might be walking around like a zombie. we've checked out, but we're going to be here for the day as such. um, possibly the podcast reflex just trying to sort out um, just basically, really, today, as we always have a day where it's just quiet, but I'm so tired I've got an ulcer from being up late and just like I think everybody that's been on this trip some degree feels quite battered. um, everybody's got like a cold cough ulcers, like I haven't got a coffee, I've just got ulcers and when the horses, that's when I haven't had enough rest. so I'm obviously um just battered. um, so, yeah, I haven't had breakfast or anything today because I woke up just not feeling hungry. so we're having a stroll around. in what building is this, Jennifer? we're in the Cosmopolitan. let's find something to eat. I think we wanted to have some egg slot. well, I said it'll be quite good. Shout, I don't mind, wherever you want to have, we'll have sit down, coffee, drink and, uh, some food. so we'll find somewhere and let you know, right. so we found [Applause]. um, we found excellent, but it's really, really busy. the queues are wrapped around the whole building but it's literally like all the way down at Corridor. so, um, we'll, uh, we just saw this place which hasn't quite opened yet. foreign, right, we've confirmed. podcast two o'clock. what is it in the menu here? I don't even know. ing, yes, fresh frothy Roots ads. I'm gonna look at the food. I don't think, I don't know. oh wait, no, there is kale salad, big buns, okay, okay, oh yes, this is on the said. no, Grays, big buns. okay, now I'm getting the figure right. we'll see what we want. all right, food has arranged. I've got myself a, uh, a steak sandwich, some chips, got a. what did you get in the end? this is basically a normal Burger. the bun looks quite good though for a glue. Freeman Los Angeles guys, coffee on hand. yeah, whole seats. [Applause]. quite a nice day in it. it's um, it's not, um, not overcast until is it say, I've been, um everyone from these trips- a bit bad. I was saying earlier I spoke to, um, I'm going to spoke to Alexia, Chris's wife, and she's feeling a bit run down as well. what did she say? oh, she's in bed, I'll just fit in rough. what was she saying? like, what's all doing it? he's still sick, right? yeah, I say my, my tongue literally's got about four or five freaking ulcers all down it. um, I'm wobbling today. I'll tell you guys, I'm wobbling. you might have had a couple of Celebration drinks last night- a couple, obviously I don't drink, it's even a drink. a celebration shot would affect me more than most because I'm a [ __ ]. so, yeah, which is probably another strip, we ain't really got no plans. we're gonna head to the lair for two o'clock and then do uh podcast. hopefully I'm on point. it actually makes sense with some of the stuff I say I need to concentrate today. um, yeah, we went through a bit shopping as well. yeah, um, what else? podcast? yeah, I said that we upgraded our flights on the way home because it wasn't too expensive. we were, we were flying um premium economy and then we did look at upgrades, but it's so [ __ ] expensive. well, I [ __ ] that, but then when we checked yesterday it was a lot cheaper. so, um managed to get upgrades for a matter of hundreds rather than thousands, and it's definitely worth it. when you're doing these long trips, like Jamie said on his video: flying, you know 10, 11 hours, and overnight as well, overnight, and you want some actual, proper food if it's affordable. I know it's not in everyone's budget, but if it's something you try to consider maybe way prior to traveling so you can save money. because I think if you book a tiket really in advance, normally it's better, um, and then don't don't find a business to get out first- no, because that's always really expensive. so you buy it, wait for the upgrade. okay, so you buy your premium economy a long time before the flight, like you're going away, and then, when it gets close to your scheduled flight, check for upgrades and then you might be able to find something for a matter of hundreds. anyway, I don't even know what the [ __ ]. okay, you should stop me from walking down. she turned red, all right, maybe. oh, we missed the fountain. yeah, I wasn't even recording. it's a good, it was a good thing I wasn't. [Music]. he's huge. he's beautiful, lovely dog, huge. I don't know what breed that was. so we came past here last night when we drove to, uh, The Venetian, yeah, and I wanted to go on the roller coaster- foreign, yeah, the boys don't want to do that. I'm too scared, too scared. I always reading off the look of this part, but these shops around the bottom. so I suppose, reflecting on the show, like I suppose, use this video to. I haven't toked about the show much because I haven't really got much to say, because I was, like, I say, quite happy. um, You probably see it in the post I put up. I saw Neil Hill yesterday, didn't I? yeah, and he was like you're so close, he was like four pounds. he said if you put four pounds of fluid off, it's fun, perfect. um, so you know it's uh, we're getting there, guys. we're getting there, we're getting close to what we know we're capable of doing. um, and I have a new tanning strategy as well, which I think will lead sending strategy. so Lee Priest offered us some advice on tanning, because a lot of you have said this to me and you will notike it as well. obviously that's pale, guys, when we start turning up because we're putting quite a lot of layers on it does actually affect how your condition was. you end up like losing a lot of your sharpness. um facility gave us a protokol as such, which, uh, makes a lot of sense and obviously leaves very white as well. so it worked for him in all his years of bodybuilding. so we'll try it as well. um, they wanted to pay them to take a picture with them. so they say, take a picture of us and then you pay them. I want to be that [ __ ]. you take a picture with me and take a [ __ ]. uh, pay me, you pay me. so, all right, we're going to continue wandering on anyway. this is like I say, this is Vlog stuff. sorry, I missed a couple of days. actually I went out without the battery, um, without a card in it, and it's kind of it's quite bad. I did that because it was like an integral moment when the show and that was going on. and my bad for not filming at the meet and greet. yeah, she's a bit. the camera was way underneath your legs sometimes. yeah, between Nick and big it was hard to. yeah, just chaos. but it was great though it was, the meet and greet was amazing, really, really amazing. so thank you to everyone again who came out to the mint green. yeah, it's tremendous, even the guys that wanted to see how to cook you.