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laser hair removal ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Laser Hair Removal Marketing Case Study

hey everyone. it's great honor. so here and in this video I want to show you a really cool case study of one of my clients who's absolutely killing it with this laser hair removal campaign that we're running for them now. this clients been they're based out in Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada. they've been doing laser hair removal for a really long time now. they're really great at the treatment. but my client just wanted to take it to the next level, bring more patients in, and right now is a perfect time to promote laser hair removal. up in Canada. it's a dead of winter right now. no one has a tan, so it's just a really great time to advertise this procedure now. what you see in front of you here is the actual ad that we have live on Facebook. you can see that our offer is $50 off voucher for laser hair removal. we're not doing some crazy like eighty-eight percent off package deal like you see on Groupon all the time. it's just a simple $50 voucher that people can download to take that amount off their first treatment. and for these types of ads, I like to keep the images really simple too. you can see if there's no fancy graphics here. it's just an image of my client performing the procedure, and I find these images work the best because they're just. they don't look very salesy, they don't look like an ad, right, just looks very natural. so this ads working really well. but the thing is, anyone can run an ad like that. it's not very hard to put together a promotion on Facebook and start getting clicks or whatever. the ads aren't very hard to do. the hard part, and what really matters most, is what goes on behind the scenes. there's all these things that need to go on behind the scenes in order for one of these campaigns to be really successful, and that's what I'm gonna walk you through right now: exactly what goes on behind the scenes and one of these campaigns to make it work really well for my clients. so once someone clicks on that ad, they're going to be led to this landing page here, and the number one purpose of this page is just to collect that person's information so they can download their voucher, and then we can then follow up with that person to ensure that they actually booked their appointment. so once they enter their information- name, email and phone number- they're gonna get to this page, which we call a sales page. now this page is really, really important because after someone downloads their voucher, they still may have questions. they mail it, still may not be motivated enough to book consultation and so we take this opportunity to really educate the person on that treatment and then motivate them to to take action. so I'll show you an example of the sales page. you can see that it's pretty long. we we give them a fast action bonus at that book. right now we actually double their voucher and give them these free exfoliating gloves. we have a little letter from the business owner. there's videos of the treatment here, frequently asked questions or views. so we're really using this page to to make someone get really excited about this treatment and it works really well to actually ensure they book their appointment. but even with this sales page here, if you've ever done lead generation advertising, you know that even if someone, even if you get a lead, they're not going to necessarily call you and that's why it follow-up is so important. so with all my clients, I give them these one-to-one follow up scripts. I train on how to follow up with leads and I give them a script they can just follow to the tee to actually follow up with all these leads. so I recommend my clients call these leads as soon as they come in. if they can't reach them the first time- they leave a voicemail- they can call them a second time, leave a voicemail. all the scripting is there, so they don't have to think about what to do. they can just follow the instructions and follow up with their leads that way. but even if- even if you have one to one follow-up, it's so important to have automated follow-up too, and that's why we have this thing which I call a soap-opera follow-up sequence, where each lead over the next week or two weeks or sometimes even a month or more, they're gonna receive automated follow-up through email, text and voicemail as well, and so that just really will convert fence sitters who aren't really ready to book right now. it's a great way to keep in touch with those people automatikally until they're ready to make a decision, when they're ready, just down the line. so I call it a folk soap opera follow-up sequence, because I actually interview my business owners and I really get to know their backstory and I turn that backstory into this really sort of dramatik, compelling email follow-up sequence that drips out to all the leads and it's just a really cool way to sort of let your leads get to know you and get to know your backstory before they actually come in to the clinic. because if there's one thing I learned from working with business owners, everyone has a really interesting story and I think it's really important that you communicate that story to everyone who's expressed interest in your services. so, like we even had, this is the next thing we do. we also have two-way text messaging so clients can they can actually text into the business and have a one-on-one conversation with the business. and I don't- if you can read here, but right here, this- this girl's actually comedy- commenting that she's enjoying reading the story of the business owners of the business, aren't it? so this is someone who's, like, downloaded a voucher. they're getting those emails of the clients backstory through the soap opera sequence and they're texting the clients saying that they're really like they're having fun reading their story. so this is a great way to engage people and really get them sort of interested in you as a business owner and excited about getting treatment. okay, so let's look at the results of this campaign real quick. here. we spend one hundred and five dollars on Facebook ads. just to prove to you, here's a little screenshot of the Facebook Ads manager. it's been $105 here. out of that money we generated 75 leads, so 75 people enter their information to download their $50 voucher. out of those people, 41 people booked an appointment. now this, this is just crazy here. if you've ever done lead generation advertising, having 75 leads generated and booking 41 appointments is absolutely fantastik. that's such a good conversion ratio and percentage for those leads generated. and that really happened because my client not only had the resources to follow up, but because she followed my instructions exactly, called. I'll have all of her leads and really followed up with them properly. and if you do that, then you're gonna- you're gonna book a lot of appointments. and so out of those 41 appointments, we had 22 consults closed, so 22 people have come in so far for their appointment and my client has actually sold them some form of laser hair removal, so resulting in a cost per close of $4 and 56 cents. and this is the metric that I really want to pay attention here to. here I don't care about cost per lead, I don't care about cost per appointment, because some appointments might Oh show. I care about cost per patient coming into the clinic and being sold something, because if you know with confidence how much it costs to bring a new patient into your clinic. you can then confidently reinvest that money into more advertising and growing your clinic without wondering if that, if that investments, actually we're giving you a return. so this number is what I really pay attention to and for this campaign it's, it's absolutely fantastik. so these results- just to be clear, these results or results aren't very typical this campaign. it worked really well on Facebook. she's also in a bit. she's in a smaller market, so you tend to not pay as much on Facebook. but, like if I was a business owner, I would be happy to pay $100 to have someone actually coming to the clinic and them to purchase one.

#5: Resultsfunnels For Laser Hair Removal Salons

hey, what's up everyone. its Nick Pope. very firm results funnel and super excited because today I'm going to be walking you through step-by-step how to build a results funnel for a laser hair salon. now, why laser hair salon? well, the other day I actually was approached by another marketer asking me if I had ever built a funnel for laser hair clinic before and, truthfully, my answer was no. so he asked me what it would look like, what the structure would look like, what the theory would look like, what, what kind of landing pages, what kind of offers would I use for that type of funnel? so I went about and I actually built one as a case study, not only for this marketer, this other marketer at this digital agency to use, but also for you to use in your own business. whether you have a laser hair salon clinic or laser hair removal clinic, or your chiropractor or even a dentist and acupuncture or massage therapist- whatever it is, whatever professional service that you offer, you can use this exact funnel in your business, to scale it and to automate it and to predictably attract a steady stream of new customers every week, every day, without having to spend a fortune on advertising or discount any of your services. so, Before we jump in, before we get started with this walkthrough, I am going to keep this relatively short today, within the 15 minute time frame. but before we start, Before we jump in, make sure you click the button below and download the blueprint for this funnel so that you can, while you're falling along with this video, you can actually have the funnel, print it out, make notes, follow along with the blueprint in your hands. so make sure you click the button below. you'll get this entire funnel, all the slides, all of the ads, all of the landing page, copy that you can just model, duplicate and clone for your own funnel and for your own business. so, with that being said, let's jump right into it. guys, this funnel is for you. laser hair removal clinic, laser hair salon funnel. I've decided to start with the squeeze page. we're gonna go into a bridge page, which is going to be our landing page, and then we're gonna bring folks along to the application page and finally wrap up with a nice Thank You page. so I actually took these graphics from the funnel hackers cookbook. it's a book that Russell Brunson gives when you sign up to his software called clickfunnels, which is actually going to be one of the software's or one of the tools I'm going to be using today just to show you how to build and construct this funnel for yourselves. so, with that being said, this funnel will work for anyone who does, who runs a beauty clinic or even a hair salon- physiotherapist, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, anyone who still who's who's giving beauty treatments, or any anti-aging treatments, laser body treatments, however, growths, cosmetik, injections- I know there's quite a few nowadays, but this funnel work will work for all of these types of professional medical services. you literally will just be able to take the funnel, change some of the copy, change your offers slightly, and it will work regardless of this professional service that you're offering. so a couple key ingredients of this funnel: we're gonna start with the lead magnet. we're gonna then bring people over to a one-time offer from there. we're going to bring people over to an application page, which it's just another word that I've used for the Consol consultation. so people will fill out their information on the application page and that will essentially send you the service professional, the, the beautikian or the skin care professional a notification on your phone or on your system, gonna find that someone has requested a consultation with you. they are interesting what you have to offer and they booked in their time, their date, that great stuff. and then, finally, I'm gonna wrap up by showing you guys some traffic sources, both on Facebook and Google, how to really go about creating a easy, quick, simple campaign to drive traffic to your funnel, which is then going to convert those visitors into subscribers or into leads and then those leads into customers and clients for your clinic. a couple of the tools that you're going to need: you're going to need a hosting provider and a domain name, so hopefully you already have a website. if you don't have a website, now is the time to get one. when people ask me what they should name their websites, what they should call their websites, what the URL should be, I always recommend having a very benefit driven URL or damn domain. so, for example, GTA real estate investors, dot-com, or GTA- GTA stands for Greater Toronto Area real estate deals, com. just by looking at that domain name on a search page or in a link, you will know exactly what you're going to be learning or what you're getting by clicking on that link. my recommendation: if, when you're building your laser hair salon funnel, call your URL something benefit driven, something relating to your URL. so an example right off the top of my head would be like wwwvitaccom, or to VW w dot remove pesky unwanted hair com. that would me example. that's something that I would use personally if I was building this funnel for a client for a clinic there in Toronto. and then, of course, you want to have a email service provider- MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber- they all pretty much do the same thing in this example. I use a wherever I use a room for my clients. it's great, it functions. it has- as all of the other responders has- are all the tools and tricks that you would mean. so make sure, make sure you have one of those. moving on canva, it's just a really nice, simple, easy-to-use design tool. equivalent would be Photoshop, a little more complicated, a little more in-depth. but I use canva. it's free, it's easy to use my Ecover maker. it allows me to create 3d fancy, high glossy looking book covers or iPads or iPhones. I like to use that a lot in my facebook ads nowadays. and then to suffers. I used to build my funnels and build my landing pages, our combination of click funnels and leadpages. I've been using leadpages for the last five years- just got into click funnels. I've only used it for about two months now, but I have nothing but great things to say about both of them, and you're gonna need one of them to build your funnels, whether it's three pages or whether it's click funnels. you are going to need one of these two softwares to get started with this. so what? what are you going to use this phone for? what can we use this funnel for? we can use it to attract a steady, consistent flood of new clients, new customers to your salon, to your clinic, every single week. it'll allow you to quickly scale it and it's going to allow you to quickly scale and and rapidly grow your clinic because you're gonna remove yourself from the client acquisition process. you are no longer gonna be the bottleneck to growing and to bringing in new customers, because this funnel is going to be automated and it's going to be able to work without you. next, you're gonna be able to increase your profit margins because I'm going to show you how you can actually start up adding upsells, cross cells, even down cells, to your customers who buy your services. this funnel is also going to help you increase the number of times a customer purchases from you. it's also gonna allow you to start to orcish, orchestrate referrals and I mentioned before, allow you to automate the customer acquisition process of your clinic or of your laser hair removal. so on, real quick quote, a key really to to growing any business. or, yeah, growing any business comes down to only three things: one, increasing the number of customers you get into your business, to increasing your profit margins, so the amount of money your customer spends when buying your products or services, and then, thirdly, increase the number of times a customer purchases from you. those are really the only three ways to grow any business. I originally wanted it from Jay Abraham and then Tony Robbins picked it up and started run.

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Nood At-Home Laser Hair Removal Review

hi guys, what's up? it's jackie mcrae and welcome back to my youtube channel. so this is a company called nude and they have an at-home laser hair removal device. now, for anyone who doesn't know, one of my biggest insecurities has always been the hair on my body. so i am, or i used to be, quite a hairy individual. actually- no, that's a lie, i'm not hairy. i have the same amount of hair as everybody else. but because my hair is like really really dark brown, any peach fuzz i have shows up on my skin. when i was younger, i started waxing, i think at like 10 or 11.. so then eventually, when i got into high school, i started doing laser hair removal. a lot of it was like upper lip, and then i started doing my underarms and my forearms, so just like here, and it actually made me feel so much more confident. the problem was it was super expensive. i was spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to get these treatments done. it was also very, very painful. my arms didn't hurt that much, but especially under my arm and my upper lip it hurt so bad. and i'd always kind of seen these laser hair removal devices and i never really knew if they worked, if they were effective, if they were painless. recently i've been wanting to kind of start my laser hair removal because i've gotten like halfway through it but there's still like hairs that come back. i wanted to try a laser hair removal device, so i reached out to a couple companies to see if they would be willing to collaborate, and nude got back to me. they've given me an at-home laser hair removal device and it comes in the cutest packaging. it says hair today, gone tomorrow, and so it comes with a little booklet. this tells you just like what level of intensity you need to use, based off your skin tone and based off the area that you are doing. and then you just get a little cord and the laser hair removal device. so it looks like this, and so, basically, you just push the power button and once you hear the fan revving up, it'll show you the level of intensity here, as you can see like one, two, three, four, five- and then you just hit this button in the middle and the laser will go off. this has always been a really big insecurity of mine and i always wanted to try an at home laser hair removal device. i want to see if this works. if this works, i will be promoting this product so much because it has been something that's bothered me for so long. so if this actually works, honestly, you guys need to go buy it. because laser hair removal, let me tell you, you're spending thousands of dollars over the course of a couple years and sometimes it's not. i mean, mine was effective, like there's definitely a major reduction in my arm hair, but i just never, like, kept up on it and again, i was doing it for years. so i would love to see if this actually works, if it's painless. i'm gonna come back in a month and show you guys what the final result is, but i'm basically gonna show you how to use this. just untwist the cord and you plug it into the wall. so, number one rule: do not shine it in your eyes or anybody else's eyes. keep that away. so you just have to shave first, test it before using to make sure you don't have any like adverse reactions to it, and here you will see a little chart. so you'll see a little chart there. so, based off your skin tone and the area you're doing it, it'll show you what level of intensity to use. so i'm gonna say i'm gonna use a level two or three, i think. so, yeah, so i'm gonna push the power button, hold it down, so once you hear the fan, it means that it's activated and you push the power button for your intensity levels. so, if you can see there, i have this on a two, and so all you're going to do is put it on the area you want to do and hit the button so it's not picking up the light in the camera, but there is a light going off. oh yeah, you can see it now. so there's a light that goes off and you just tap it over your skin every two to three seconds, you're able to do another one and that's it, and you do this once a week for a month to two months and it's completely painless. this is the one thing that freaked me out about doing it is because there's no pain, and i remember when i got my laser hair removal it was so painful, but like i'm not feeling anything, it's just like warm, but, yeah, no pain whatsoever. and you get hot too, like you start to sweat a little bit, but no pain, but super easy. it doesn't super easy, it doesn't hurt at all. there's like no redness. i just want to see if this works, because i've wanted to do laser hair removal for a while. so these are my before results and i will come back to you guys in maybe a month, month and a half, and i'll show you my final results and tell you if this works. hi guys, what's up? so it's been a little bit over two months now that i have been using my beautiful little nude device and, as you can see from the smile on my face, i'm happy to report that this at home laser hair removal device actually works. honestly, i remember when i first filmed this video two months ago i was a little skeptikal. i was kind of nervous because i i think everybody sees like instagram ads. you just don't really expect the best and you kind of think that like an at-home laser hair removal device isn't gonna work, especially as somebody who did laser hair removal for so many years to think that a device like this could just flash over your skin and get rid of hair. i just i was definitely a bit skeptikal when i first got this. but it has been two months, so i'm going to show you guys my progress. so i'll show you somewhere on the screen a before and an after photo, just that we can kind of compare them. so first off, i'm going to start with my legs. so, as you can see from the photo, i'm going to try to edit it so that it shows the hairs better. and you can see, i'm not going to edit anything else. like no hairs will be edited out and all that kind of crazy stuff. the only thing that's going to be edited is probably like the brightness and stuff to just make the hair stik out so that it's easier to see a side by side. but, as you can see, there is definitely hair missing, so it is kind of patchier. so the one thing that i will say about this product, though: it really depends on how long you focus on an area. so i was doing my legs, my underarms, my arms, my sideburns, my upper lip, so it's a lot of area to cover. so obviously that would take me like an hour and a half two hours every time, because you basically go over it a couple of times in one session. so this would take me like an hour and a half two hours. that's a lot of time. you know like you start off really good and then, as you go through it, you kind of are speeding through the process. so i feel like my results were good, but maybe could have been better had i just focused on one area and i wasn't trying to get everything done in one sitting. and i also wanted to show you guys my shins, because you can really see the difference on my shin. so obviously, for both of my legs, i focused a lot more on the shin area, then on the outer part of my legs, because, as you can see from these photos, there's barely any hair. i'm really, really impressed with this product. another thing i'm going to mention, though, is that they say that this product works within one and a half to two months, or something like that, or it takes a month to two months to show effects. so i kind of was under the impression that after two months, it would be completely gone and i wouldn't have hair. i would think that i would probably need another month or two of just consistently lasering it for me to get 100 coverage. however, it does genuinely work, and the one good thing about this, too, is that when you're actually getting laser hair removal done, like at a specific beauty salon- i got mine done at a laser eye surgery place, which is really funny, but now it's a bit more popular. a lot more places have them, but usually you're going back every six to eight weeks, so you're not going to see results as fast, especially if you're doing your legs. the one good thing about this is that you o.

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I Shot Intense Pulsed Light Into My Leg For 1 Year And this Is What Happened To My Hairs...

it has been a year since my legs looked like this. we all thought that quarantine was gonna last like six, maybe eight weeks, maybe three months, and, lo and behold, we got to experience whatever the 2020 was, and i had decided at the beginning of quarantine that i was not going to shave my legs and come august, september, october, come the autumn, i decided i was going to try out that kenzie thing that all of these influencers pushed and promoted and i thought to myself: this looks scammy. i understand the tiknology behind ipl. i've seen ipl do things in clinic for people, but for me, i wasn't sure if it was actually going to work, especially because my legs were hairy wookabees. well, as we approach the fall time season- and it has officially been just about a year since i started using mckenzie- wanted to look at my leg- the one leg that i actually kenzied- and see what happened and if this thing actually worked. now the whole thing about kenzie is that they claim, you know, that these results are going to happen, you know, within like 12 weeks, and, um, that sounds very promising. but you know me, i couldn't just go 12 weeks. i decided to go 52 weeks a whole year, and i'm the kind of person that i don't actually hate body hair. i think that body hair is a personal choice. it's part of biology. it is what we are. if it weren't for gillette and the post-war era- and, you know, a surplus of shaving razors because of the people that went off to war- women wouldn't feel pressured to remove their body hair at all. but simultaneously, there is something to be said about smooth legs or, you know, not having a sweaty, damp environment in the underarm area, and when i decided to do this, i was looking at the other influencers that i know and love who had really good results, and i decided i'm actually going to test this out only on one leg and see if it works. so that journey began last year at around this time, and boy have i learned a lot since then. i've also gone through a lot when it comes to my legs and i have kept this up pretty regularly, with a couple of instances where i didn't stop or i did do a couple of extra treatments within that month. i watch people like alana and car beauty, who have loved this, and when i first started using this i thought, oh, scammy. i was like, okay, doesn't seem like anything's happening. and by week four or week five, i was really unimpressed. but as i started to reach week six and week eight and started to kind of run up on that 12-week mark- where kenzie does promise these results- i started notiking something: my leg hair was growing back slower, which was fascinating. now, when we look at ipl from a scientific perspective, there are reasons that this happens. specifically, a lot of people confuse ipl for laser. laser it is not. it is ipl. it is intense pulse light and what it does is that it targets the melanin, the pigment in our hair follicles, and basically it like fries them off and it basically kills them or damages them at the source so that hopefully they don't grow back, or they grow black slower or they don't grow back at all, which foreshadowing we are going to get to testing while using this. i also heard about people who burned their skin or about people who had issues with it not flashing. they say that it has 10 000 flashes. mine is still going strong. mine is slightly discolored in this area there's some skin cells and there's some gunk hiding in there. but you know what? the fact that it's worked and it's like there's a discount code for like 50 off, but the fact that it's 200 or 300, whereas if you went into office or into clinic you would be looking at multiple treatments and you would probably be spending 700 to a couple thousand. i'm like, okay, i can deal with a little bit of gunk if i can dispose of my toenail clippings properly. i can pull this out with a q-tip like i can handle. but what was interesting is that in my experience there were times that it got a little bit warm, but it never actually burned my legs or burned my skin. now what did start to happen is that while i was doing kind of my second round- so maybe weeks like 12 to 24- i notiked that i was getting a couple of little bumps on my legs and remember i was only doing one leg and i was leaving the other one to its own hairy devices. and that's the thing with ipl: you do have to still shave your legs for the time being and you can't actually wax or tweeze. and the reason why is because this is targeting that pigment. if you remove the hair completely, there's no pigment to target, but if you shave it, you're actually directing this light right into the skin at that specific wavelength where it can damage or blunt or stop the growth of this hair as quickly now as i continued with my progress. something super interesting is that i almost got like these strips of hair growth. my hair on my one leg started growing extremely slowly and the other one was still raging like a california wildfire- which, yes, there's currently a california wildfire and, uh, it's very hard to breathe outside and there's soot everywhere. but we'll save that complaining for another video. please do what you can to protect the planet. eat some vegetables today. that is all. anyways, i started notiking that, like the top of my shin and then by my kneecap and by my ankle or my sock line, my hair was growing back hella fast and hella thick. it was like the wild forest. and the reason why is that i realized when i was doing my ipling i normally sit down and like i'll listen to a double cleanse podcast episode, right, or i'll try to catch up on the news, or like listen to a lecture, and sometimes i'm just passively ipl and you can hold it down and it flashes once. or you can hold it down and kind of pull and it has this continual flashing, and so i just normally hold down and pull and i just kind of let it do its thing, and sometimes i'll go, you know, 10, maybe 30 minutes and i started to realize, because i wasn't being super thorough, i was missing my ankles, my kneecaps and, yes, my shins. and it was actually really interesting to see, because now i could not only compare one leg to my other leg, but i was comparing these patches that i had chronically missed to the ones that were growing and i was truthfully shocked that my hair was growing back slower, less thick, more sparse and like, less wiry. i don't even have to shave this leg as much as i used to need to and unfortunately, because i still had my right leg, that i was not ipl. i was still shaving during this time, which the razor cuts, the nicks, the burns- no fun, i don't like, but that was a part of my experience. and then, even as i kind of let them grow out a little bit more, i just compare the leg that i didn't ipl to the one that i do and i'm like, wow, even when i have some of these areas of hair growth, this is actually really shocking, especially because we know that ipl in clinic doesn't work 100 of the time. you know, maybe 70 to 80 percent of people are happy and then there's, like you know, 20 to 30 percent who aren't, and the fact that this can be used at home- you can do this on your own time- and that, at least in my experience- i've never had ipl in clinic, although i know how it's done. i look at that and i'm like, wow, if you're a candidate, it's just a not a half bad idea, and that's. the other thing is that this is not going to work for everyone. let me say, like honestly, there are leg hairs on my hair that are very dark and contrasty, but there are others that are almost completely sheer, they're like white, and the same hairs are on the same leg and i've notiked that the ipl does not get those little white hairs. and again, the reason why is because this targets pigment. so the best candidate for this is going to be someone who has a lighter skin tone and dark hair. unfortunately, if you are a fitzpatrick type six, this is not for you. there are jag lasers, there are alexandrite lasers. i believe that kenzie is looking into some sort of alternate tiknology, because i had asked them about that, because it's important that people who have black skin and dark brown ski

Laser Hair Removal vs IPL Technology - Which is more effective? #triabeauty #laserhairremoval

hi there everyone. in today's video i'm going to be toking about ipl versus laser. what's the difference and why is laser better than ipl? okay, let's get down to the bottom of this right now. you all know our products. this is the precision laser here. this is the 4x hair removal laser. okay, so in today's beauty market, you're seeing a lot of ads on facebook, instagram, uh, youtube- especially for laser hair removal devices. well, there's a lot of those ads that i'm seeing and i'm notiking. a lot of those products are not laser. okay, they're saying they're laser, but they're not. okay. so i just want to make it very clear that tria beauty and our lasers are the only fda cleared lasers in existence on the market, and i will go into detail about laser and i will go into detail about ipl and tok, about the tiknology and why laser is king. ipl is short for intense pulse light, okay, so in layman's terms, it means it's not a laser. so both ipl and laser both heat up the hair follicles to prevent growth, but the tiknology is different due to the light source that is used. with tria, the laser emits a focused light that is absorbed by the pigment in each hair, so the energy from the light converts to heat, which then disables the hair follicle underneath the skin. since the hair on your body is in a different growth phase, hair growth will need to be in the anagen growth phase in order for permanent hair removal. this is why it can take six to eight sessions with the laser to see results over the course of three to six months. with ipl tiknology, which is not laser tiknology- it uses a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths. the energy is not as focused and precise as a laser, so it causes the energy to be much weaker than tria's hair removal lasers. this means you need more treatments with ipl and you're less likely to see permanent results. let's take a look at this chart that compares tria with ipl products. we see that tria uses 20 joules, which is a unit of energy, and it delivers three times more energy than ipl. okay, now that we've covered the tiknology portion of ipl versus laser, let's tok about the body of the machine and why tree is easier to use than ipl devices. so trees lasers are cordless- there's no cord tethering you to the wall- and it'll be easier to maneuver around to those different areas that you want to treat. now, if you're plugged into the wall, it'll be a lot harder to reach those very hidden away areas that you want to treat. now what's cool about this, too, with it being cordless, is that you can go outdoors and enjoy, you know- your patio and do your treatments outside. you can take it on the go with you, don't have to worry about having an outlet nearby and you can totally land around on your bed, your couch and treat and watch tv. another thing about laser is that you don't need to wear the protective eye wear so the uh ipl devices. you do have to wear these really sexy looking goggles on your face to protect your eyes from the light, which can be very annoying. so with our laser, no eyewear needed. so there's three main things that you need to know about laser versus ipl. number one: more energy. i toked about joules- 20 joules of energy versus ipl, which has four or five joules of energy. so more energy, faster, better results. for two: it's easier to use. it's not plugged in the wall. you can take it anywhere you want and treat anywhere you want. three: it's more precise, so the laser targets each individual hair follicle. with ipl, it has the broad spectrum of light and it's weaker, so with more precision. you're getting better results, more permanent results. okay, i hope that helped cover everything today. if you have any questions for me or tria at all, please leave them down below in the comment section and i will get to you as soon as i can. alright, have a great day, and we'll tok to you soon. bye, bye.

Medical Marketing Fall Promotions For Laser Hair Removal

Aaron Englert here from AaronEnglertcom, and I just wanted to show you the angle that some of these people who are doing laser hair removal right now are using. right now it's fall and here's the angle that I'm seeing a lot of people take with laser hair removal, which is: don't shave this fall, winter or ever. be smooth with 70% off laser hair removal and get our lifetime guarantee. sounds intriguing. let's take a look, alright, and let's see where they're taking us. I know who these guys are. alright, so they're gonna take us to a landing page, and one thing I want to show you here is this is probably the biggest mistake I see doctors make is they don't have this. if you look up here, this is called a facebook pixel helper. this is a little extension that I could put on here that tells me whether or not somebody has a facebook pixel on their page. if you have ANY traffic to your site and you don't have this on there, you are throwing money out the window. now, again, as I always preach, you want to take visitors from an ad to a landing page, NOT your home page, because there's too many distractions on your home page. and again, this is a page that takes name, email, zip and phone. gives you text me the special offers, email me exciting promotions and texts, meet appointment reminders, and then it's asking for a phone call. so all you can do on this page when you come here is you can either give them your name, your email, your zip code in your phone number, or you can call and they're basically just giving you some proof here, which can be a good idea. when using pages like this. I don't suggest you send people to your homepage, which let me show you. I'm gonna just bring up somebody. Laser Hair Removal- Cincinnati. let's see Cincinnati, Ohio. here we go website there in there in the Google Maps, which is good. let's open up their page and see if they are doing a good job. this is gonna go to their main website, almost guaranteed. Wow, it's a very slow loading web site, and let's see if they get any pixels up here. NOPE, there's not one pixel here. they're not there. nor are there any pixels on this page. what that means is that means they are throwing money away. I like that they're doing online appointments. you should definitely be trying to do those. if you're not, phone numbers are good and but there are too many places to go here, so I would not drive traffic to a page like this. it looks nice, but it's not going to convert. you're going to lose money if you spend money just sending people straight here. I just can't believe how many doctors don't have pixels and it's just throwing money out the window. Click the link if you want to see how to fix this problem in under 10 minutes for your site. tok to you later.