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Launching a Luxury Dropshipping Fashion Brand

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Rob from Apparel Success shares how his dropshipping clothing brand works. He goes into detail about the process and how he manages everything himself. This article summarizes his video and provides insight into his dropshipping strategy.

How Rob's Clothing Brand Used to Work:

- Ordered blank clothing from suppliers like T-shirt Ca and HS Apparel

- Ordered the clothing to a screen printing facility for printing

- Picked up the printed clothing and organized all inventory

- Fulfilled all orders and had people help with fulfillment

Rob's Current Dropshipping Strategy:

- Gets all clothing made through Avid Apparel in Toronto

- Avid Apparel handles everything from printing to packaging to barcoding

- All inventory is shipped to his fulfillment center, Lickety Split, which is also in Toronto

- Lickety Split organizes all inventory and fulfills orders made through his website

- All communication and returns are handled through Shopify

Benefits of Rob's Dropshipping Strategy:

- Saves on shipping costs and time

- Fulfillment costs are covered by adding a handling fee tied into the shipping costs

- No need to handle inventory or fulfill orders himself

Rob's dropshipping strategy for his clothing brand has been highly successful, streamlining the process and saving time and money. By partnering with a fulfillment center, he has been able to focus on other aspects of his brand and grow his business. His strategy serves as a valuable example for others looking to start their own clothing brands.

Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2022 (Step By Step)

Are you looking to start a successful branded drop shipping business on Shopify? Look no further because in this article, we will discuss exactly what branded drop shipping is, how it works, and why it's the best strategy if you want to start a successful Shopify store and e-commerce online business today. We will also provide you with the steps to start making sales and profit within a few weeks of watching this video and have a fully functional, profitable store within a few months.

What is Branded Drop Shipping?

Branded drop shipping is the strategy that all of the most successful brands, not only in e-commerce but all the most successful brands that have ever existed have used. It is the process of creating a Shopify store that sells a valuable product to people in a specific niche and building a worldwide brand out of that, slowly expanding your product line. This way, you're not just going and dropshipping random stuff that you find online, but instead, you're creating a brand around one specific product that you find to give people enough value where they're able and willing to pay great money for it, say 30-40-50 at least for the product.

Why Branded Drop Shipping is the Best Strategy?

Branded drop shipping is the best strategy for building a real online business with Shopify because you can start making a profit within a week to a few weeks after watching this video. With drop shipping, you don't have to wait for any products to actually get to your house or to get into a fulfillment warehouse. You also don't have to place any bulk orders, so you take zero risks upfront because you don't have to order a bunch of products. You can start this business from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. You also don't do any of the shipping; you never

How To Market Your Clothing Brand To $10,000 A MONTH In 2023 (Complete Guide)

- In this episode of Talking with Tony, we will be discussing how to market your clothing brand to 10k months in 2021.

Niche and Brand Story:

- Choosing the right niche is important for your clothing brand.

- It's important to have a brand story that resonates with people.

- Niche and brand story will make it easier to sell your clothes online.

Marketing Strategies:

1. Content:

- Content is important in driving traffic to your website.

- User-generated content is helpful in building brand awareness.

- Show the process of creating the clothes and how they look on models.

2. Influencer Marketing:

- Find micro-influencers who align with your brand.

- Work with the influencer to figure out what makes sense.

- Know the influencer's demographic and audience.

3. Paid Advertising:

- Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads are powerful in driving traffic.

- Detailed targeting can be done through these ads.

4. Email Marketing:

- Use email to follow up on abandoned carts and close sales.

- Reach out to your email list consistently.

- Consistency is key in marketing your clothing brand.

- Profit margin and sourcing your products can affect reaching 10k months.

- Use the marketing strategies simultaneously to reach success.

How I Started a Clothing Brand with $0 in 7 Days

Starting a Clothing Brand with No Money in 7 Days

- In this article, we will be discussing how to start a clothing brand with no money in just 7 days.

- We will take you through the entire process from designing to manufacturing to advertising, and show you exactly how much money can be made.

Finding the Right Target Audience:

- Niche down and find a specific target audience to sell to.

- For example, car drifting enthusiasts love to share their passion for cars and would be a good target audience.

- The clothing brand Drift Club was created to celebrate drifting and its values, aesthetic, and legacy.

Manufacturing with Print on Demand:

- Print on demand is a process where a company prints custom products and clothing for you only when the order is made, without any upfront payment or need to hold inventory.

- Printful is a print on demand service that was used in this challenge.

- Samples were ordered and reviewed to ensure quality before selling.

Creating a Website and Pricing:

- Wix was used to create the online store, ensuring it aligned with the brand's identity in terms of color palette, imagery, font, and copy.

- Hoodies were priced at $49.99 with a $22.90 profit per sale and a 44% profit margin, while t-shirts were priced at $29.99 with a $9.90 profit per sale and a 30% profit margin.

Advertising and Sales:

- Due to having no money for ads, TikTok was used to leverage the following of Drift King, who reacts to drifting videos on the platform.

- Videos were uploaded to TikTok to promote the clothing brand and generate sales.

- Two black hoodies were sold, resulting in a total profit of $35.51.

- Starting a clothing brand with no money in just 7 days is possible.

- Understanding your target audience is crucial, as is ensuring quality before selling.

- Using free resources like social media can help advertise and generate sales.

- While not a massive success, the challenge showed the potential of starting a clothing brand with no money and the importance of understanding your target audience.


Hi everyone, it's Mike with Launch of Startups, and in today's video, I want to teach you how to start a six-figure clothing line. The reason why I chose a clothing line is that I want to show you guys that it's not about finding or reinventing the wheel. It's finding what works and then tweaking it so that you can be profitable. You can find a good product.

Tips on starting a six-figure clothing line:

1. Find a niche that is underserved in the market. Look at successful companies like Alpha Lee Athletics, who found a demographic that was being underserved and created a successful brand.

2. You don't need to come up with really cool designs for t-shirts or anything like that. Focus on finding a market that is being underserved and branding it in a way that reaches that specific demographic.

3. Use Printful to build upfront costs before ordering bulk orders from Alibaba. Printful integrates well with platforms like Shopify and offers branding services like branded stickers and inside shirt labels.

4. Use Alibaba to find suppliers that are assessed or are gold suppliers to ensure legitimacy. Look for suppliers with a good amount of transactions.

5. Use Placeit.net to create high-quality photos of your clothing line. You can upload your design, choose a model, and it will look like they are wearing your product.

Starting a six-figure clothing line is achievable if you follow these tips. Remember to find a niche that is underserved, use Printful to build upfront costs, find a legitimate supplier on Alibaba, and use Placeit.net to create high-quality photos. Good luck! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Dropship Clothing - Suppliers and Branding To Start Your Clothing Line

Hey, Brendan here! In this video, you'll learn everything about dropship clothing. When getting into dropshipping clothing, there are a few key things to understand in the e-commerce realm. In this video, we will be covering:

1. What is dropship clothing?

2. Branding and your store

3. Suppliers and their options

Let's dive in!

1. What is dropship clothing?

Dropshipping is effectively where you're selling products that you have either handpicked or handpicked from a store, or you're going the print-on-demand route. When a customer comes to your ecommerce store and buys the product, you click fulfill in your dashboard, and then your supplier sends the product directly to the customer.

2. Branding and your store

If you want to start your own clothing brand, a good way to do that is to do dropship clothing. You need to focus on a specific niche, and if you're going the fashion brand route, you need to get influencers with big followings to buy and represent your stuff. However, if you're going for a niche-specific business, you can use SEO and Facebook advertising to grow your brand.

3. Suppliers and their options

Printful is one of the top print-on-demand services, and you can pick specific t-shirts. Aliexpress, Taobao, and Alibaba are Chinese manufacturers with Asian-sized clothing. You need to test the sizing before putting it on your store, and ensure that the quality is good, so you don't get any returns or refunds. Consider pricing and your margin to make money in your business.

In conclusion, dropship clothing can be a great business idea, but it's important to understand the key factors that come with it. By focusing on the right suppliers, branding, and pricing, you can grow a successful business in the e-commerce realm.

This Guy Makes $1,000,000/Month Selling Hoodies..

Last week, the author received a direct message from Justin Phillips, one of the co-founders of Support Black Colleges.

Support Black Colleges is a brand that aims to support historically black colleges and bring awareness to the amazing HBCUs out there.

The brand has gained hundreds of thousands of followers and has collaborated with countless celebrities and even got their clothes in NBA 2k.

The author flew out to Atlanta to talk to Justin and see how he built this business.

Justin started the business in 2012 with his cousin. The author joined the business two and a half years ago and brought in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and digital strategy.

The brand has collaborated with the NBA and many other celebrities. They are now looking to scale up and expand, get into wholesale and also start dropping some content.

The author advises to invest in oneself and bet on oneself to achieve success.

Justin's story is a testament to the fact that if one stays invested and believes in themselves, they can achieve their dreams.

The brand is doing well now, but there is a focus on scaling up and expanding, getting into wholesale and dropping content.

Justin is starting a YouTube channel soon, and the author advises everyone to check it out.

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