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lawyer ads

Published on: December 27 2022 by pipiads

The world of lawyers has changed significantly in the past few decades, with advertising now playing a major role in how attorneys attract clients. Gone are the days when people had to look up lawyers in the yellow pages. Now, lawyers advertise on television and online, with ads ranging from serious to humorous.

History of Legal Advertising:

- Legal advertising was illegal in the past, and lawyers who advertised could lose their law license.

- In 1977, the Supreme Court ruled that lawyers could advertise, leading to a major shift in the legal profession.

- Attorneys like Jim Adler began making commercials, with explosions, fires, and electrocutions, to attract clients.

Types of Legal Advertising:

- Jim Adler's Texas Hammer ads are big productions that feature a hammer and explosions.

- Brian Wilson, aka the Texas Law Hawk, has over-the-top ads with jet skis and motorcycles.

- Daryl Isaacs, the Kentucky Hammer, and Mike Slocum, the Alabama Hammer, also have hammer-themed ads.

Impact of Legal Advertising:

- Legal advertising is a billion-dollar industry in the United States alone.

- Advertising has helped connect Americans to legal help when they need it.

- Competition for clients has gotten more and more fierce, leading lawyers to get flashier with their advertising.

Legal advertising has changed the way attorneys attract clients, with ads ranging from serious to humorous. While some may argue that these ads are too flashy, they have helped connect Americans to legal help when they need it. As competition for clients continues to grow, it's likely that legal advertising will only become more prevalent in the future.

Attorney Ad - SNL

- Hi, I'm Lisa Broderick and I'm Jeremy Gantz.

- Have you been injured in an accident? Talk to us, we'll get you the money you deserve.

Experience and Results:

- Lisa Broderick has 14 years of law experience and graduated top of her class at Yale.

- After Lisa Broderick's accident, Jeremy Gantz got her a settlement of $6,000.

- Lisa Broderick got a settlement of $1.7 million.

- Thanks to Lisa Broderick, they were awarded $2 million.

- We've got your back.

Personal Connection and Professionalism:

- Lisa Broderick loves having a personal connection with her clients.

- Lisa Broderick was smart, professional, and answered all their questions.

- Lisa Broderick came to their home every day and drove them to the courthouse.

- Gantz showed up to court an hour late wearing two different New Balance sneakers.

Unprofessionalism and Debt:

- Gantz recorded evidence with Naked and Afraid.

- When Lisa Broderick gave her closing argument, the judge and jury applauded.

- Gantz followed the client back to his hotel and asked to borrow $5 of his $6,000 settlement.

- Gantz locked himself in the client's bathroom and called squatter's rights.

- The client had to hire another lawyer to evict Gantz.

- Broderick and Gantz will never stop fighting for their clients.

- Cheers and applause.

Law Firm Marketing: Here's The Best Strategy That You'll Probably Ignore (2020)

The Best Strategy for Marketing Your Law Firm

- Andy shares a valuable strategy for marketing a law firm

- Most people won't take action on it, but it has the potential to change lives

The Strategy:

- Create videos giving expert opinions on newsworthy topics related to your area of law

- Keep videos short (2 min. 20 sec. max) and post them on social media

- Send videos to journalists and reporters who cover the topic

- Be persistent and consistent with creating videos

- Links from news organizations to your website are valuable

- Use a tripod for stability and better quality, but don't wait for perfection

Benefits of the Strategy:

- Become an authority in your area of law and region

- Get featured in the news and contacted by journalists

- Establish relationships with reporters and journalists

- Get links to your website from news organizations

- Increase visibility and credibility

- The best strategy for marketing a law firm is to create videos giving expert opinions on newsworthy topics

- It takes persistence and consistency, but the payoff is worth it

- Done is better than perfect, so start creating videos and establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Ridiculous Personal Injury Advertisements

Personal injury lawyers are known for their tacky and over-the-top commercials. They often use exaggerated language and imagery to get attention and attract clients. However, this approach can be seen as unprofessional and may not accurately represent the lawyer's abilities or reputation.

Key points:

- Personal injury lawyers often use exaggerated language and imagery in their commercials to get attention and attract clients.

- This approach may be seen as unprofessional and may not accurately represent the lawyer's abilities or reputation.

- Some personal injury lawyers compensate for their lack of personality by using flashy commercials.

- However, the best results are often achieved by lawyers who are more subtle and legal-minded.

- Personal injury lawyers are often seen as bottom feeders and ambulance chasers, which can damage the reputation of the profession.

While flashy commercials may attract attention, they may not accurately represent a lawyer's abilities or reputation. Personal injury lawyers should strive to be professional and reputable in their advertising, rather than relying on exaggerated language and imagery. This will help to improve the reputation of the profession and attract clients who value professionalism and expertise.

Google Ads Case Study: Family Lawyer (Part 1)

Increase Your Family Law Leads and Reduce Your Cost per Lead: A Case Study

- This case study outlines our Google ABS audit process and how we were able to increase family law attorney leads by 300% and reduce their cost per lead by 70%.

Top 7 ROI Hacks:

1. Use the right landing page and optimize for conversions

- Drive traffic to the most relevant page based on content and what people are searching for

- Don't send all traffic to the homepage

- Use ad extensions sitelink extensions intelligently

2. Use negative keywords to improve targeting

- Avoid irrelevant searches

- Save money on clicks that won't lead to conversions

3. Use location targeting to focus on your target market

- Don't waste money on clicks from outside your service area

- Use bid adjustments to target higher-converting locations

4. Use ad scheduling to maximize conversions

- Schedule ads to run during the most effective times

- Reduce wasted ad spend during off-peak hours

5. Use ad copy and keywords to target high-intent searches

- Use specific keywords to target people who are ready to take action

- Use ad copy to highlight your unique selling proposition

6. Use retargeting to bring back potential clients

- Keep your brand top of mind for people who have already shown interest

- Use customized messaging to encourage them to convert

7. Use phone call tracking to measure effectiveness

- Know which ads and keywords are generating phone calls

- Use this data to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI

- The case study provides actionable insights for family law attorneys and agencies

- The top seven ROI hacks can be implemented in order from easiest to most advanced

- Use these hacks to increase leads and reduce cost per lead in your own AdWords account.

Google Ads Call Only Results for Family Lawyer

Hey guys, Justin here from PBC Probes, and in this quick video, I'll be discussing the results of a test we ran for a Family Law campaign using call-only ads. I'll also be discussing why businesses should use them.

Call-Only Ads:

Call-only campaigns on Google Ads have been around for several years now. This ad type prompts a phone call on a person's phone instead of directing them to a landing page when they click on an ad. It is perfect for businesses that target mobile users with emergency needs, such as car accidents or DUIs.


For our Family Law campaign, we ran a test campaign for the month of November, and we got an average cost for conversion of $29.31, which resulted in 31 conversions at $926.30 spend. Our conversion rate was almost 37%, which is higher than the average conversion rate for landing pages.

Ad Groups:

We had several ad groups for our Family Law campaign, with varying costs per conversion. The highest cost per conversion was $30 for Family Law Lawyer, and the lowest was $17 for Child Custody Lawyers.


Testing call-only campaigns is a great way to get your cost per lead down and increase conversions. It's especially useful for attorneys who are just starting out and have not yet built landing pages. If you're unsure how to start with AdWords, reach out to us, and we'll give it a shot.

Call-only campaigns are an excellent way to target mobile users with emergency needs, and they can result in a higher conversion rate than traditional landing pages. Testing call-only campaigns is a great way to improve your cost per lead and increase conversions. If you're unsure how to start with AdWords, reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help.

Business Lawyer Marketing | Google Ads Case Study

In this video, Rob from Clicks Geek talks about a successful Google Ads campaign for a business lawyer. He provides a case study with impressive results and discusses the importance of ad group and keyword intent in driving high-quality traffic.

Key Points:

- The business lawyer had a modest budget of $75 a day and received 153 clicks, 4,700 impressions, and a 3.23% click-through rate over four months.

- The average cost per click was about $16 and the total spent was around $2,500.

- The campaign resulted in 74 leads at $33 per lead and a conversion rate of 48%, which is higher than the industry average.

- The high conversion rate is due to the intent behind the ad groups and keywords, which target people searching for a lawyer for an urgent and painful need.

- The landing page is designed to encourage phone calls with a contact form that requires name, email, phone, type of business, and general inquiry.

- Inbound phone calls have a higher chance of turning into actual return on investment money compared to contact form submissions.

- The budget for this type of campaign can vary, but the business law space can run campaigns on anything above $50 a day.

- Clicks Geek is available to run this type of campaign in the business law space for interested clients.

The success of this Google Ads campaign for a business lawyer is due to the targeted ad groups and keywords, high-quality traffic, and effective landing page design. It is possible to achieve a high conversion rate and generate inbound phone calls with a modest budget. Clicks Geek is available to help businesses in the business law space achieve similar results.

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