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lead gen ads linkedin

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

LinkedIn Ads 2022 for B2B Lead Generation: What You Need to Know

In this video, we will discuss what is working for B2B lead generation on LinkedIn Ads in 2022. As a paid social practitioner at Brain Labs, a global advertising agency, I have the pleasure of working with many large global brands that actively advertise on LinkedIn.

Cost of Advertising on LinkedIn:

- An analysis at Brain Labs found that in the US market, the average cost per lead was $199 for B2B clients.

- North America is more expensive than other markets like EMEA and APAC.

- Advertisers need to have the right budget to see success on LinkedIn.

Content Needed to Dominate Campaigns:

- Top of the funnel: reports and ebooks

- Lower in the funnel: webinars

- Closer to making a purchase decision: case studies and comparison guides

- Testimonials: for an audience already familiar with the challenge and has done some research.

LinkedIn Ads are expensive, but they are worth the investment because of the platform's high degree of intention and self-identification. To dominate campaigns, advertisers need the right budget and a mix of assets like reports, webinars, case studies, comparison guides, and testimonials. Additionally, advanced advertisers can consider using third-party data providers for further success.

[WALKTHROUGH] How To Set Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms | The Most Powerful Type Of Ad You Can Run

Do you want to know why the majority of people that visit your website never become leads? It's not because your website isn't pretty, optimized or on point. The real reason is that they're too lazy. In today's age, people are less likely to do any work, even if it's just filling out a form. That's where LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads come in, solving the problem for you and getting you more leads at a cheaper cost.

Why are LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads so effective?

1. Auto-populates lead information correctly, eliminating inaccurate information and increasing conversion rates.

2. Keeps the user on the LinkedIn platform, allowing for more ad revenue and promoting the ads more than others.

According to LinkedIn, their lead conversion rates are three times higher than other major ad platforms.

Here's how to set up a LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad:

1. Create a campaign group with a name and start date.

2. Create the campaign itself and choose LinkedIn Lead Generation as the ad type.

3. Set up the audience to target, including retargeting for those who already know your brand.

4. Set a budget and schedule for your ad.

5. Customize your ad creative and fill out the lead form template.

By following these steps, you'll be able to set up a high converting LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign and get more leads for your business. If you need help, consider speaking with a professional team to set up a lead generation machine for your company.

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation [2022 Updated Guide]

In this video, the speaker, Ravi Abuvala, shares his LinkedIn lead generation strategy that has generated millions of dollars for his company over the past few years. He emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity on LinkedIn and shares that his company has made adjustments to reflect this change. Ravi introduces himself as the founder of Scaling with Systems, where they build profitable client acquisition systems for their clients and guarantee their success. He has worked with thousands of clients in the business world and collectively generated tens of millions of dollars from the LinkedIn platform alone.

The video is divided into seven sections, starting with the power of LinkedIn and who should be using it. Ravi explains that over 50% of internet users have a LinkedIn profile, and 75% of them drive business decisions for their companies, making it the best place to find decision-makers who can afford your services. He suggests that higher ticket businesses of business products or services should use LinkedIn and explains why.

Ravi then talks about why you're likely not currently seeing results on LinkedIn and explains the importance of the most critical aspect of LinkedIn lead generation, which has nothing to do with your messaging. He shares a graph that shows how qualification later on in your sales process requires significantly more work than if you started with a qualified audience.

In the fourth section, Ravi shares his screen and walks the viewer through the step-by-step process that they use to generate leads, followed by sharing one of the best converting LinkedIn lead generation templates that they've ever used. In the sixth section, he shows how to scale LinkedIn lead generation if you're stuck capped at the number of connection messages you can make every week.

Lastly, Ravi walks through some common LinkedIn lead generation troubleshooting, so the viewer knows how to handle problems as they arise. The video concludes with Ravi reiterating the importance of quality over quantity on LinkedIn and the need to focus on the audience and their qualification.

How to Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads

Have you heard of LinkedIn lead gen form ads? They can help reduce friction and increase conversion rates. In this article, we'll show you how to create them and discuss the differences between lead gen form ads and landing pages.

Creating LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads:

1. Go to LinkedIn.com and click on Advertise or Work and Marketing Solutions to create an ad.

2. Select Lead generation as the objective and create an audience based on relevant job experience and skills.

3. Choose a single image ad and change bid type to cost per click for budget and schedule options.

4. Name your campaign with a descriptive and evergreen name, such as SC-LGF-SMM Skills US.

5. Create your ad with a meaningful headline and intro text promoting your offer or asset, and a clear call-to-action.

6. Customize your lead details and privacy policy URL.

Benefits of LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads:

- Reduces friction and increases conversion rates.

- Allows for easy customization of lead details and privacy policy.

- Can work on both Sponsored InMail and sponsored Content Ads.

LinkedIn lead gen form ads can be a valuable tool for reducing friction and increasing conversion rates. By creating a well-targeted campaign with a clear call-to-action, you can reach your desired audience and achieve your marketing objectives. Give them a try and see how they can benefit your business!

LinkedIn Ads Tutorial (2022) - Everything You Need Step-By-Step

Hey guys, Yvonne here, and in this video, I'm going to show you how to create LinkedIn ads in 2022. LinkedIn is an amazing place for you to advertise on, often neglected and forgotten about because everybody is so focused on Facebook nowadays. But as you can see here, LinkedIn has over 722 million members and 310 million monthly active users. That is a lot of people you guys can reach. In addition, the targeting options on LinkedIn are very specific, detailed, and you can definitely use that to your advantage to run your ads to the right people. And I'm going to show you how to do everything here in this video as you watch behind my shoulder. So let's get straight into it.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile:

- To run LinkedIn ads, you need to create a LinkedIn profile.

- Head over to LinkedIn.com and create a profile.

- Click on the Advertise button on the top right to create an account.

- Create a business page to promote your ads.

- Fill in the necessary information such as name, URL, company size, industry, logo, and tagline.

- Click on Create Page and add additional information if desired.

- Once you have created a page, select it and hit save to create an account for marketing.

Creating a Campaign Group:

- Click on Create and create a campaign group.

- Set the name and time when you want the campaign to start.

- Select the offer you want to promote.

- Click on Create to create a campaign group.

Creating a Campaign:

- Select the campaign group you just created.

- Click on Next and select the objective of your campaign such as website visits, brand awareness, video views, or conversions.

- Scroll down to the audience section and select the location, company size, job function, and industry of your target audience.

- Set your budget and bid type.

- Create your ad by adding a headline, description, image, and call-to-action.

- Review your ad and click on Launch Campaign.

Creating LinkedIn ads is a great way to reach a professional audience and promote your business. With specific targeting options and a user base of over 722 million members, LinkedIn is a platform worth considering for your advertising needs. By following the steps outlined in this video, you can create a successful LinkedIn ad campaign and reach the right people for your business.

How to Easily Set Up a Lead Gen Form on LinkedIn

How to Collect Leads on Your LinkedIn Company Page

As a business owner, you always strive to generate leads that can be converted into potential customers. One of the best platforms to achieve this goal is LinkedIn, a social media platform specifically designed for professionals. In this article, we will explore how to collect leads on your LinkedIn company page.


1. Add Lead Gen Form:

- Go to your LinkedIn company page and scroll down to the left-hand column.

- Click on Add Lead Gen Form.

- Alternatively, you can also access this feature through Analytics or Edit Page options.

- Agree to LinkedIn page terms.

2. Choose Your Call-to-Action:

- Choose your call-to-action by clicking on the On button.

- Specify your call-to-action message, such as Get Help with Your LinkedIn Marketing Today.

- Add your company privacy policy URL.

- Write a headline with 50 characters or less.

3. Write Your Body Copy:

- In the body copy, provide a brief description of your services or products.

- For example, Let us manage your company page content, messaging, and growth for LinkedIn today. Get in touch.

- Preview your copy and make any necessary changes.

4. Save Changes and Test:

- Save your changes and close the Lead Gen Form option.

- Test your lead form by clicking on View as Member.

- Your lead form will be displayed under the About section of your company page.

- Encourage viewers to click on the call-to-action and fill out the form.

- Once the viewer clicks on the call-to-action, the form will be pre-populated with their LinkedIn profile details.

- To complete the form, the viewer must give their consent by clicking the checkbox and then clicking Submit.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to generate leads and grow your business. By adding a Lead Gen Form to your company page, you can collect potential customer information with ease. Don't forget to promote your lead form and follow up with your leads promptly. With these steps, you can effectively collect leads on your LinkedIn company page and achieve your business goals.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms EXPLAINED In 5 Minutes | The BEST AD You Can Run Yet!!

In this video, Larry Cox from Brainy Marketing discusses LinkedIn lead gen forms. He breaks down what they are, how they differ from other LinkedIn ad formats, and who should be using them. He also provides tips on how to use them effectively to generate leads and improve conversion rates.

What are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

- They are ad formats that allow users to fill in their details directly within the ad, without having to go to a landing page on a website.

- They are powerful because users can stay within LinkedIn and receive the content they want with just two quick clicks.

- They are different from other ad formats on LinkedIn, such as email and side panel ads.

- They can be paired with CRM to generate leads directly in LinkedIn.

Who Should Be Using Them?

- Companies with a product or service that is fairly expensive or requires some education around.

- Companies with a long lead time and a complex product.

- Companies that own a niche category.

How to Use Them Effectively?

- Advertise valuable content with a lead form to make it easy for users to get the content they want.

- Have email nurturing and retargeting kick in to push users further down the funnel.

- Pin sponsored posts to the top of LinkedIn feeds to reach a specific audience.

LinkedIn lead gen forms are a powerful ad format that can help companies generate leads at a faster rate. However, they are not suitable for everyone and require a specific strategy to be effective. By following the tips provided by Larry Cox, companies can improve their conversion rates and generate more business out of online advertising.

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