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leaked black friday 2019 ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Rite Aid's Black Friday Ad for 2019 is Leaked!

hey folks, it's Eric coming to you from blacker Friday calm. we have 30 days left to go until Black Friday rolls around. we're still in the calm before the storm. we only have three ads that were leaked. we're still in October. it's October 30th today, so it's still a little bit early for some of the ads, although we did get three that are already posted on the site. one of those is Rite Aid. the thing, though, with ads I get posted super early is that the quality is extremely bad and a lot of the cases here these are people that are taking really quick photos when they can or getting copies through different different sources here sometimes this doesn't turn out that well. the copy that we have here- it's 8 pages long. it's apparently taken from somebody that's taking an actual photo of a computer monitor screen. so if you ever try to do that on your iPhone, try to take a photo of your computer. it usually turns out pretty blurry and bad, and especially if you have camera shake like like we see a little bit here, they can turn out extremely bad. so we can't really get into some of the fine print here, but but we can maybe take a look and see what some of the offers that we can read out here. first, I wanted to let you know what the sale dates are for 2019. the sale will start on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, that's November 28th, and it's gonna run through Black Friday itself and end at the end of day on November 30th, and that's that's the Saturday after after Thanksgiving. all stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day itself. however, the hours will vary by location, so so for some that may open a little bit earlier, some may that may have decreased holiday hours on Thursday itself. you really have to make sure what those hours are where you live. you can give your local store a call, or, if you're planning on stopping by- anyway we should- they should really know what their holiday hours will be. so just just keep that in mind, because many of these deals that you'll find in Rite Aid's black friday Ad will sell out quickly. so, even though it's a three-day sale, it's possible that some of the things will sell out early, or some of the best items of the offer will sell out early. so so, for example, if we have these holiday cards, maybe the best ones will sell out and you'll just be left with ones that either don't apply to you or aren't really that nice. so if you're planning on shopping, it's always a good idea to shop early. so in terms of the offers, so we took a look at the ad already for some things that appear to be really similar. from from from last year, you'll find deals on lots of different sweets here. we have a tutu for one dollar deal on Crunch Bars and baby rubes. there's also other deals- these are those Russell Russell Stover chocolates here. that's bad. Buy, Buy one, Get two Free. basically everything from this green line and above is buy, buy one, get two free. just keep in mind also that anytime you have any buy by one or by two, get free, different types of offers. they're usually limit, they're usually limited to a certain amount. so you can't. you can't go in the store and buy up let's, let's say, a hundred hundred rolls of wrapping paper and expect, expect the buy one and get two free on everything there's. there's going to be quantity limits on on much of this stuff here, although we can't- we can't really tell what it is yet because it's nearly impossible to read some of the fine print here. so so, Paige, Buy one, Get two Free. we cut the chocolates. we've got the holiday cards. we've got the wrapping paper and, and then this important bonus coupon where you'll get $10 when you spend 40 bucks. so don't forget to clip this one before going to store. going down further on this page, so here we have a few select deals. you can even see somebody's computer mouse. I got stuck in here. but these are appear to be buy one get one free offers. throw some detergents. we've got some toilet paper and paper towels on the next page here, basically deals on sweets. you can. you can kind of take a look and see what some of these sweets are here. and then makeup packs as well. here's one for $2.99. again, it's kind of hard to hard to figure out exactly what this product is. here we've also got some nail polish- appears to be two, four, six dollars and this might be another coupon for another dollar off. again, kind of hard to say. on this one. let's see here if we keep going. if we keep going, looks like we're back here to the buy one get two free deals up until this point, because these are buy one, get one free. so these are by 2 or by one get two free. these appear to be candles. I'm not sure what this is here. I'm not sure what these are either. these are: buy one, get one free. anivia appears to be shampoo. there's some. here's some soap for 99 cents- um, Dial soap and soap. we've got a Listerine, although here hard to say how much it's. price for next page, okay. so next page we have some gift card deal. so it's kind of again hard to say what the actual prices are. but the good thing about a good the gift card deals is most, most likely you're gonna be able to pick them up for a lot less than their face value. so if you're able to pick up some gift cards early on in your shopping season, they don't have to be for your to give as a gift, you can actually use them yourself. so let's say you're planning on shopping on Home Depot on Black Friday, so you'll most likely be able to pick up a home depot gift card for less than the face value and then you can use that on your shopping the next day. so you'll find some good deals at Home Depot. let's say you'll save 50% off- and I'm just a tool or something- if you pay with your gift card that you already got for. let's see also ten, ten to twenty percent that cheaper than the face value, you're actually getting a much, much better deal here. so they've got gift cards from Home Depot- I see Old Navy here- Burger King Cheesecake Factory- hard to tell what some of these other ones Chili's- but there's gonna be a whole, whole bunch of other other gift cards available in store and and that's something to keep an eye out for, especially if you're planning on shopping at any of these stores, I would- I would recommend trying to trying to pick up a pretty good price gift card and then and then using it during your Black Friday shopping. so, moving further along, here we have an online exclusive photo offers plus free shipping at Rite Aid calm and here's 60% off what appears to be a calendar here's. here's something else here at 45% off: some sort of photo, what could be? photo photo frame, maybe for $9.99, maybe something that's already printed on some sort of photo, photo, photo frame or something. what else here? here we have. here's some deal deals on some Duracell batteries. these appear to be four packs to four, sixteen possibly, and there might be another coupon on top of that. so keep that in mind. got some more toilet paper, paper towels here. we have dog food on sale two, four, seven- although again it's just hard to say what, what size bags these are- or could be canned food actually as well. here we got some deals on pizza, haagen-dazs- buy one, get one free. so these are all: buy one, get one fries here. also more chocolates: buy one get one free. Red Bull, and that's, that's basically it. so so this is the ad. it's eight pages long. if we get a better copy, we will dump this one and put put something better here so you can actually see what some of the offers are. wish I wish I could tell you a little bit more than this besides start dates. I shared that with you already. we do have Rite Aid's current that deals on the side. so even even during Black Friday or before Black Friday usually, for some other sort of offers going on that write a. I write it at any given time. some store wide coupons to you. so just just keep, keep your eyes open on those. we're gonna leave these current deals up through through Black Friday so you can. you can- take a look at those, and these, of course, change all the time. so so if there's not something you find here today, you can even check back. check back again, tomo.

Kohl's Black Friday Ad for 2019 is Leaked!

hey folks, it's Eric coming back to you from laquer Friday calm. today was an extremely busy day. it's November 1st and we already got a whole bunch of ads that came out and, of course, we're here to give you calls. black friday Ad: it was just released. it's the most antikipated ad of the Black Friday season. were super happy and excited that it came relatively early. we're about 28 days until Black Friday itself rolls around here. so we've got the whole I had posted for you on the site and at 64 pages worth, and there was a couple things that I wanted to cover, just just so you're familiar with what how Kohl's operates during during their Black Friday Friday sales. so, first of all, in terms of where you can shop, you can shop both Kohl's calm and at your local Kohl's store. just the start dates will be a little bit different depending on the offer. so everything that's listed as a doorbuster offer- and you'll see next to any item that's considered a doorbuster offer- that offer starts at 5 pm local time on Thursday November 28 2019 at your local store. if you're shopping online, you can shop all these doorbuster items starting also on November 28 2009 teen. that's Thanksgiving Day, however, our 12:00 or 1:00 am Central time, so that's gonna be 101 am Eastern Time. and then that's what? 11? am i counting that right? 11, 11 or 10? ten o'clock, sorry, 10 o'clock- Pacific time. on Wednesday, November 27 2009, teen. so that's when you can chop all the doorbuster deals. else that's in the ad that's not listed as a doorbuster offer. you can shop those much earlier than that, so those deals start at 12:01 am Central Time on Monday, November 25th 2019, so that's a Monday right before the long holiday weekend. of course, everything is available while supplies last and you'll see a lot of the items featured in Kohl's is Black Friday at. especially the ones that are doorbuster offers tend to sell out extremely quickly, so keep that in mind. second, that Kohl's is popular because of Kohl's cash, so you'll find a lot of these doorbuster items, especially on things that are sold elsewhere, for example, Fitbit or Dyson vacuums or Xbox and all those gaming consoles. you'll find that some of these sale prices tend to be identikal across a lot of different stores, so you'll, regardless if you're shopping at Kohl's or or Best Buy or Target. the deals are usually pretty much similar when it comes to some of the really big, popular branded products. so but what Kohl's does? they go and give you not only the really good sale price, but you'll also be able to earn a Kohl's cash with your purchase. so this year, everything you buy during their Black Friday event sweats from. from that Monday before Thanksgiving all the way through Friday, Black Friday and the day on Black Friday. you'll get $15 Kohl's cash for every $50 you spent. so you can, you can quickly add, add up, depending on how much, how much you spend here. but you'll see, for example, we have the PlayStation 4 slim here. it's on sale for 199- 99. that's a hundred bucks off. but it also comes with that $60 Kohl's cash. so with the Kohl's cash you'll you'll earn it during during the Black Friday event and then you can spended all within the specific time frame. so this year that's gonna be between November 25th and 29th. so let's see you earn that $60.00 in cold cash. you can go between these dates, November 25th and 29th, shop online or shop in stores with it and pick up whatever you want for up to 60 bucks. you have that item there. you can pay for your well, whatever you buy, with your Kohl's cash. so it's really cool. that's why we recommend shopping, shopping at Kohl's, because, because you're really getting that extra perk and it adds up to a lot of money saved moving on here during Black Friday this year. there they are also going to offer free shipping. so so as long as you spend $25 or more between November 25th and December 4th, shipping is free. so that's really cool as well. and within the head this year, there's also an extra coupon that you have to be mindful of, because you can actually save an extra 15% off on many of the items that are listed in their Black Friday ads. so not only are getting the Black Friday deal and you're getting Kohl's cash. you can save up to an extra 15% off a lot of these items here. so just keep that in mind. there's a coupon on page 3. I'll show it to you here and you'll also be able to read up on some of the items that are excluded from the head this year. so there are some things that it won't work on, but but it's gonna work on a lot of things here. so you can either clip this out, take it with you before you go into store or, if you're shopping online, use coupon code Thanks 15 at checkout to apply that extra discount. so, in terms of the offers. we probably won't go too much in here. you can take a look yourself what what's what you're interested in buying. usually, though, just about anything that's a doorbuster item, not only on the first page, but the first few pages. here are things that are not only popular, but it's some of their best and best prices on some of this stuff. so be sure to check out, check out all this male ads- ads pretty long this year, so so there's plenty, plenty to go through, but well, yeah, that's that's pretty. pretty much it the only thing will mention. Kohl's is known to sell out very quickly.

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Black Friday 2019 - Target Ads

mmm, hello everyone. David AE qua here, let's take a look. some Black Friday ads. so you go to Target: comm for target. okay, scroll through all these ads. here you go. Black Friday sneak peek: preview the deals now. so you click on this- preview the deals now and you should see the Black Friday ads. here we go, see all the pages. this is what you're getting in the ads. can we zoom in? good, all right, looks like Nintendo switches. 300 bucks- that's like normal price, man. nothing, nothing sale. they're hundreds of doorbusters, thousands of deals. so what's on sale? let's see. let's go through each of these pages real quick. 169 for a TV- regular price is 259. littles 4k TVs- hey, this has 4k on it. 250 onward, got iPhone Elevens. that's right, everyone, if you're watching this years in the future, be like what? iPhone 11, that's outdated now. some of you guys like you, like you're watching my 2015 ads and stuff like that. it's kind of funny. like I still get comments on those older Black Friday videos. some guys gonna be watching: Wow, iPhone 11, that's one new when the first came out. cameras, headphones, ah, video games- what's going on? I can't center 29.99 for Nintendo's switch games shown. look, $29.99 over 30. what the crap is going on. can i zoom in on this please? okay, fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption to 32k 20, mortal kombat 11 are all $29.99, that's right, everyone. Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2 are the same price as fallout 76. fallout semi 6 is worth as much as more combat 11 as where their division 2. they're all in the same league, right? all these games have the same amount of quality. you're paying the same price for the same quality of video gaming. what on earth page is like on top of each other and stuff. what on earth is going on? ok, you guys can see it right down there. 35 for Borland's 3, 4 gears 5. ok, about these $15 games? what's going on? ok, oh, my gosh. $15 overwatch for a single to Zombieland division to create the out of 5 realistik siege. $15 sale each. a hundred games. yeah, I wish we can see what those other games are, what this is. disaster, I lost the page. okay, and then $25 black ops for Spyro plants vs zombies control. $45 for modern warfare, okay. okay, let's zoom out. okay, 250 from Marvel, superheroes and pac-man. here for the page go. $1.99 for a ps4- that's the one terabyte version - okay, $1.99 for a Nintendo switch light. can you guys see that, cuz I can't trying to zoom in on air? gosh darkness. where are we now? what page is it okay here? no, resuming gosh darkness. okay, I love you. see, it says $15 for select Disney DVDs. I see Mary Poppins. I see Avengers end game, Toy Story 4- was that last movie? can't see it like this. oh, it's Aladdin. okay, zoom out, zoom out, whoo okay, $15 for Aladdin and that looks like up here. the DVD of Lion King is $9, screw this. where is it? okay, I don't know if you see it, but $9 a see, I see Shazam in there, John wick, three- those are blu-rays, by the way. men in black and you Anabelle spire, man in the spiders- those are nine dollars. okay, I see some four dollar ones here. I got a zoom in, guys, I gotta zoom in, so it's working. I thought was working. what Pedro it? okay, I can briefly see it for a little bit. where'd it go? okay, four dollars. I see Teen Titan less he's bumblebee. I see you should possible fall out. I see I knew Jumanji movie. okay, oh my gosh, you got $10 DVDs down there. I see the flash and Walking Dead. huh, okay, six star movies. ah, here's a list. so you only see like six here. here to rescue- just pause and read all that venom- will be six dollars on Black Friday at Target. which possible fall out on blu-ray. Aquaman in Spider, first DVD. so the blu-ray is nine, the DVD is six. I haven't seen how to train a dragon yet. that's another one to watch. I don't want to zoom it on this picture, though. this is out of control, man out of control here. toy deals, if someone's interested. Hot Wheels, nerf guns. what happened there? did you see that? here it is. I was toking to Paul about this the other day. what the crap is knowing. I just want summe on this. where is it? here it is. where'd it go? where'd it go? okay, see that. $69.99 World Heavyweight Championship collectible belt. see details. it's currently a her bucks if I kits like buy it now. this is the one in it daniel has, it's pretty big - I kind of want it where it is. GI Joes- oh, my gosh, hero force cargo plane. okay, they're not GI Joes. shirts, tees, I really care for these. much, a lot of pages, man, look more. more video games. I'm afraid to zoom in, though I see Ghost Recon breakpoint. NBA 2k: $29.99. Madden FIFA - $1.99 for Xbox one, I think. can i zoom in? I'm gonna try there at the time of this video, should I fall in order has not been released. I don't know if it's gonna be good or not. what's going on? that's it. zoom out, zoom out. everything smaller. okay, no more, we're gonna change things up next year. man, stop recording. I need a. I need a rest for a little bit.

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WalMart Black Friday 2019 #takeyoursparkback

fellow Walmart workers, strike back during Black Friday 2019. Black Friday is upon us in a month. Walmart workers are being exploited horribly every single day. every day, millions of workers endure unfair, unsafe, underpaid working conditions. they refuse to give you enough hours to complete the work needed, but they still made sixty eight point zero, two billion dollars in pure profit 2018. they control how many of your bills don't get paid this month. they control how much money you have to spend on Christmas. they control how many medications you miss and how many deductibles you cannot afford to pay. sixty eight point zero, two billion dollars. Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart, makes a total salary of twenty four million dollars per year. the mode Walmart employee salary is twenty thousand eight hundred dollars per year. Walmart made enough to pay every employee an extra $15 per hour while still donating the same amount to charity, opening new stores, stuffing stores, etc. here are our demands: one: we want the money we work for. Walmart will agree and contract to raise wages by 2022, starting salary of 35 dollars per hour. you can take it out of the money you choked out of us in 2018. - we want the 15 minute breaks Walmart advertises to workers when hired. this policy is not enforced and salaried members of management frequently take advantage of hourly workers. we want hourly worker learn and compliance groups. we want 10 hours given to each compliance employee per week to perform compliance checks. we expect corporate to work with work like compliance groups to address and correct abuse of power between elderly and salaried workers. 3. we want Walmart to remove its aunty Union training videos from its required training. it is illegal for you to fire workers for organizing. it should be illegal to force workers to watch anti-union propaganda on or off the clock. if our demands are not met, the following will occur: 1. all workers who have one or two occurrences remaining will call out sick on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. to all workers who cannot partikipate because of unfair attendance point systems that target the disabled and chronically ill will work at a slow, even pace, take all company policy offer breaks and will refuse to stay over our schedule chips. if you want someone to clean up the mess from Black Friday shoppers, come and clean it up yourself. Doug, workers who want to partikipate, your boss cannot legally keep you after your scheduled shift if there is no one to replace you when it is time to leave. leave and tell your manager on the way out of the building. follow this guy to call out on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. call the corporate call out hotline at least two hours before your scheduled shift. you can google this number. give your name and employee ID number and call in sick. call your sore and speak to your manager. when you call, tell them you are calling in sick. provide no other explanation. your boss legally cannot require more information from you. company policy does not allow your manager to acquire a doctor's note so that they can enforce predatory attendance policies while denying disability status. your boss also cannot legally stop you from telling each other your salaries and toking about your pay. use this to leverage more bonuses in the future. more managers teach you that it is against company policy to discuss your pay. they do this because they are more than willing to pay fines associated with breaking the law. we are tired of bleeding for money we will never see. if you refuse, we will do everything in our power as workers to make profits. go away going forward. we encourage workers of other companies to join us. this includes our brothers and sisters at Amazon on Cyber Monday. we remember to follow your company procedure for calling out sick when striking. this helps prevent you losing your job. how can other people help? if you can help it, try not to go shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. if you do go shopping, be kind to the workers and bring them food and water if you can. if you've seen a worker looking stressed out, ask for our manager and demand that the worker get a break. be patient and remember that all of this is just stuff and the workers are people just like you, your families and your children. you wouldn't want someone to abuse your family. don't do it to someone else's. this Thanksgiving. it's time to draw a line. hashtag: take your spark back. hashtag: Black Friday straight.

Black Friday 2019 ads and deals, warning!!!

[Music]. what's going on, guys? it's mr de vtj- look for the money etiquette group- here to tok about black friday 2019. that's right. it's right around the corner. Black Friday 2019 is coming and I'm not here to discourage you from shopping on Black Friday. I'm not here to tok about it from a moral standpoint. you know, if you boycott Black Friday, I'm not here to tok about it from a budgeting standpoint. but I do want to issue this warning about Black Friday 2019. okay, I want to give you this warning. listen up, Black Friday 2019. there's going to be the worst Black Friday season in the last decade for you to purchase tik. ok, Black Friday 2019. this is gonna be the worst year in the last 10 years to make tik purchases for Black Friday. now, a lot of you want to know why. you know why would I make such a statement? I'm jumping out there. it's really simple, guys. we're going through an extreme change from 2019 to 2020 when it comes to tik. if you buy a lot of these discounted tik products- I'm toking about smartphones, tablets, I'm toking about computers, even some of your televisions- if you make the purchases now- these up, I don't want to say it's gonna be outdated, but you're gonna regret it because so much new tik is coming that if you spent, you know, your savings or what you have put to the side for the season of spending on old tik, you're not gonna be able to buy the new tik when it comes out. just think about this: in 2019 we're gonna go from partial 5g, mostly 4G nationwide, to 5g nationwide. so if you have a cell phone, a smart phone, that's not 5g ready, you're not gonna win it in 2020. so when you get your s10, when you get your iPhone, and it's pretty much only ready for 4G, because you know, for LTE, because that's what's on sale, that's what you can buy at a discount, it's gonna be a waste of your money because everything is gonna require five g, 5g, LTE, speed and capabilities in 2020 moving forward. so it's a terrible year to buy tik smart phones that are tied two old service speeds 4G in that Network. it's a new network we're going to move forward towards. so don't buy a cell phone just because it's cheap. usually I do it. in 2018, my only Black Friday purchase was a cell phone that upgraded my cell phone. I'm not doing that this year. I wait until all the cell phones or 5g ready, because it's a bad time to buy old tik. also some of your tablets. same thing if it's not ready for 5g, some of your computers. when it comes to how fast we're going to be transitioning in terms of how fast our computers can move in 2020 and 2021 versus 2019. I'm toking about memory space. I'm toking about processing speed. we're also going through a big change when it comes to using our computers. now I know you've heard about the supercomputers with Google and how we've reached quantum speed. while quantum is real and it's going to be something that shared, I would say, by late 2020, 2021 on a consumer level, quantum computing- so all of your old computers and laptops and away. things used to work. I'm telling you we're going through a major shift when it comes to tiknology. when it comes to doing things on screen, we're about to transition to offspring. what I mean is holographic tiknology. what I mean is projection tiknology that comes out of a bracelet. we're going to be moving away from big screens, so be ready for that. when it comes to your televisions, you're gonna want a Smart TV. any TV that's not a smart television it's not worth it, because we're in the age of streaming. you want to be able to possibly skip buying separate boxes for streaming, especially if your television can already handle it. these boxes are- I'm not gonna say they're expensive, but you don't want to have to make those purchases. just use your Smart TV. so we're really transitioning from old-style TVs to new TVs. so if you're gonna go ahead and get your HDTV because it's your 50-inch or 55 inch and it's not a smart TV, you might not want to go that direction. 4k: we all know that a lot of these streaming services are gonna stream in 4k. so if you're not getting a 4k television, you're getting old tik. so again, I don't want to say that you should not shop during this Black Friday season, but I will warn you, a lot of this tik is gonna be outdated really fast and really quickly in 2020 and you will feel stupid. you will feel like you wasted your money because, look, I saved money. this was sold to me at a discount. Black Friday is always, and has always been, about getting rid of old stuff so that you have room for the new. I'm toking about from the merchants standpoint. they want to get rid of old stuff and they want to give it to you at a discount because it's outdated and they want to make room for the new. if you use your money, your savings, to buy old stuff, it's gonna be really old really quickly in 2020- okay, not 2-3 years older, I'm toking about from 2019 or 2020. your stuff is gonna be outdated. so save your money. if you can avoid tik, that's old tik. if it's new tik and it's just coming out and you know it's 5g ready, you know that maybe it's ready for a possible holographic tiknology upgrades. you know that it's a smart TV with 4k. I get it. I'm not gonna do it, but I get it. don't buy too much old. check, it's gonna be a waste of your money. and one more thing: don't forget to hit the subscribe button. subscribe to the channel. we have a lot of videos coming out. we'll tok about IPOs. we will tok about financial literacy. we'll tok about kids and money. we'll tok about budgeting, home buying, whatever you want to tok about with finances. if it's available on this channel, make sure you subscribe to the channel. I appreciate your support. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


hey, YouTube, welcome back to our Channel. I'm super excited to be filming this for you today. this is a highly requested video. I do it once a year. today we are going to be toking about the 2019 best Black Friday deals. so if that's something you're interested in, and stik around now. I do want to start by saying that the Walmart Black Friday at has not been released yet. I don't know why they are taking so long. it must be just building up antikipation for everybody. so we're just gonna tok about four main stores other than Walmart. whatever the Walmart ad does come out, I will put some content in our blog channel about the deals that come out for that, but I can go off of what they did last year and give you a good idea of what they're gonna offer this year. so now let's go into the very first category, which is TVs. okay, so I want to start with two TVs from Target. so Target, they open their doors at 5:00 pm on Thanksgiving. these first two TVs I'm toking about our only available in stores only, so they're the doorbuster deals. the first one is 250 into westinghouse 4k ultra high-def roku TV and it is a hundred and fifty dollars. so 50-inch for $150. that's super cheap. you know, sometimes you get what you pay for. it's Westinghouse. it's not the Samsung or a Sony, but it is. it does have Roku TV built into it so you don't need a Roku device or an Amazon fire stik to string netflix. so that's pretty popular is the fire TVs, the Roku TVs. the next one is a 65 inch element 4k ultra high def Roku TV at Target for two hundred and eighty dollars. so that's a great fry: 65 inch for two hundred and eighty dollars. keep in mind it is an element. so it's not, you know, your Samsung or your Sharp or your Sony, but still great deal, especially for a Roku TV. so those are in store, only at Target. next let's look at: there's a Best Buy. there's a fifty eight inch insignia fire TV edition with the free echo dot for only two hundred dollars. so that's similar. it's not a huge brand insignia, but it is a 58 inch. it does have fire TV built into it so you can stream sling. you stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. you can stream that through your TV. you don't need a device and it does come with a free echo dot that you can use the LexA through. that's $200 at Best Buy. the supplies doors open at 5:00 pm on Thanksgiving as well. ok, next up is the 55 inch TVs. so there's a 55 inch Samsung at Target for 330 dollars or a 55 inch LG at Best Buy for $300. so it depends on what brain do you like, Samsung or LG? Samsung tends to be a little bit nicer quality. it is $30 more than the best buy LG. so you can do 55 inch LG at Best Buy for 300 or the 55 inch Samsung at Target for 330. there a 65-inch. so these are the most popular that I've seen this year and they're actually already on sale. it's a 65 inch Samsung for $480. that's it target. or, and that's by the same bill, 65 inch Samsung for $480 at Target. I will say we already bought ours this year. that is the Black Friday price. they are already on sell on target online. best buy online at Walmart online. I ended up going with Best Buy because it was the fastest shipping that Walmart was going to be over a week. but yeah, the 65 inch Samsung is a great bill this year for $480. it's already on sale online and it's still in stok. I just checked an hour ago. so if you're looking for that size, you don't have to wait, tell Black Friday that deal was ready to go and that will wrap up our TV category okay. our second category is gaming consoles and headphones. all right, so this category be best for the men in your life or the sons and daughters that love the game and a lot of headphones for listening to music or for gaming. so there's some pretty good deals on some consoles this year. not a new console, but still just better prices on the previous ones from last year. so the first one is the Nintendo switch. this is available at Target, Best Buy, Kohl's, and won't ever have it as well, but they're still not out. I would say the best deal could be at Kohl's for this, but it just depends. there's different bundles. so target it- they have a Nintendo switch with the Mario Kart 8 - game for $300. Best Buy they have. let me see real quick: that spy has the same deal on a Nintendo switch. it comes to Mario Kart 8 bundle and they threw in a screen protector- whoo screen protector- for the same price- $300. now Kohl's has the Nintendo switch. it doesn't have a game with it, but it does come with a carrying case, the Kohl's version of an intuitive switch. it comes with a carrying case and the charging station for the controllers is 320, so $20 more than the other places, but you get a $90 Kohl's cash bag. that's one thing to remember about holes all these próxima bout to tok about. if you buy them at Kohl's, you can get a 92 or you can get a cash back for them. in this case you get $90 Kohl's cash. so if you shop the Kohl's a lot, then you can get the Kohl's cash back and use that to buy, you know, Christmas gifts or birthday gifts for anybody else in your family. it ends up being a great deal. Kohl's does open at 5 pm on Thanksgiving. I mentioned that they have a online special where a lot of their door Busters go on sale the Monday prior on November 25th and midnight. so I've done that in the past. I've been able to get a lot of these deals that are for Black Friday's ad. I get them the Monday before and night they start going on set also check this out. but they do have been into the sewage carrying case and the charging station for three hundred and twenty dollars with $90 Kohl's cash back. so that's a good deal. if you're in the market for a Nintendo switch, the next thing is the PlayStation 4, so it targeted. they have the PlayStation 4 one terabyte console bundle with three free games. it doesn't games they are. I'm not sure if you could pick them or if they just come with three. that you don't get to choose. but it's only $200, which is what the price was last year, but it only came with one free game. so you get three free games. best five is doing the same to PlayStation 4: one terabyte, three free games for $200. or Kohl's they have the PlayStation for one terabyte with a fortnight game bundle. so just one fortnight game, but it's $200, same pricing. he gets $60 calls cash back. so once again, you just gotta decide if you want the clothes cash or not. the final consoles that Xbox one is Kohl's, I think, has the best bill in this. so they have the Xbox one as one terabyte with the Star Wars Jedi fallen game and it is $200 and $60 Kohl's cash or you can get it at Best Buy. it has the Xbox one as one terabyte with the NBA 2k 20 game for $200. now you don't get any cash back. that that's just $200 straight up and it's the NBA game. so it depends on what if your gamer likes, you know the Star Wars, or if they like sports games, like this basketball one, and then target. target has the Xbox one is one terabyte with the Star Wars game, just like holes, and it's for $200 and you get a $40 gift card back. so you can do coals and get $60 cash back or do Target and get a $40 gift card. so that's up to you on if you just want to extra money at Target or if you want to Nicole's. so that's the Xbox one is. as far as games for switch, for Nintendo switch, Best Buy has the cheapest one, starting at $15. the cheapest ones after that are at Target and Kohl's and they're more like it looks like $30 is where the Nintendo switch games will start at Walmart, maybe one of your best bets for that. so look for games at Walmart and also the consoles. I'll let you know what those are, but typically they offer a gift card back, similar to Target. so they'll probably offer the console bundle with maybe a $40 gift card. is what I'm guessing that somewhere what they did last year. but if you continue to watch our channel all day - on our blogs as those come about, okay, now we're going to tok about headphones real fast. the best headphones still I found is it tar. it's the beats solo. three headphones for a hundred and thirty dollars. Best Buy has them for $200 and then Kohl's was $280 with $75 tolls, cash back, so I think target.