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learn with chelsea dropshipping reviews

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

The Story Behind Pennies 2 Gold Dropshipping Course

hello and thank you so much for taking,the time to watch this video,my name is Chelsea Borriello and I also,go by honey gold for those of you who,know me personally and today I just,wanted to tell you a little bit about me,and my life and how I've gotten to where,I am today just like you and millions of,other women out there I'm sure we should,we have a lot in common you know,doesn't matter what walk of life we come,from doesn't matter how we were raised,or what beliefs we have at the end of,the day life is life and we all go,through things good and bad so as you,may know I'm a drop shipper I make money,online with e-commerce,specifically drop shipping for those of,you are unaware drop shipping is selling,products online with zero inventory drop,shipping has changed my life completely,there's no other way to put it,without drop shipping I would probably,still be living check to check gig the,gig hustle to hustle that's the truth so,before I get too far deep into you know,how I got into where I'm at right now I,want to give you a little bit of,background if that's okay with you,so about five years ago I was living in,Atlanta Georgia and I had graduated,college with a degree in criminal,justike and psychology and I relocated,from Tallahassee where I went to FSU go,knows and I decided to embark on a,journey as a woman new to the real world,and I felt like Atlanta was the best,place for me to settle my roots then,kind of see what all the world had to,offer me it went great for the first few,years,until I got into a relationship and as,y'all know as women especially sometimes,we get into relationships that for lack,of a better word ruin our lives or set,us back years and years and years okay,and this this was one of those,relationships so here I am after busting,my butt for all these years to graduate,with the degree in less than four years,I find myself in a relationship not,using the degree that I just found you,know the nut found but the degree that I,had just busted my ass to obtain I was,going job a job chasing a cheque at the,end of the day I was money driven always,have been always will be,money is what motivates me and having,financial freedom is what motivates me,and I realized very quickly that a job,in my field wasn't going to cut it so,that's what led me to taking basically,job after job hustle after hustle until,I was able to acquire the amount of,money that satisfied in my life so I got,into this relationship and it was,horrible,okay it was absolutely horrible it,started off great started off amazing,how it usually does in the beginning,next thing you know my money is running,low I was in an abusive relationship,I'll just I'll just call it what it is,never in a million years that I think,that being the ambitious smart educated,woman that I had been my whole life I,never thought that I would allow myself,to be in a relationship like that I was,ashamed I'm still ashamed and still,battling those,but that's another story another time,for another day but I found myself in a,place that was very very dark and it,made me feel very alone and it made me,feel like basically the only thing I had,real control over is the amount of money,that I could call my own and at the time,because I was dealing with someone who,was in and out of jail for doing petty,crimes in an out of horrible situations,I found that every dollar I was working,so hard to achieve was going towards,making sure that I could provide an,environment for the person that I loved,that was a safe one and that was a happy,one as the nurturer that we are as women,naturally we so often give so much to,other people and rarely get even a,percentage of that back in return and so,I spent two years in a horribly abusive,relationship that drained me not only,mentally but financially as well and so,fast-forwarding I ended up getting into,such a bad situation that I was forced,so basically relocate across the country,which is how I ended up in Los Angeles,so a lot of people don't know that I'm,not from LA I live here now and this was,always my dream to live in reside in Los,Angeles it was always my dream being a,girl from New York on the East Coast,it's like you think of LA and you're,like oh,movies and glamor glitz red carpet and,that's always been the life that I,wanted but somehow being in a,relationship like that those goals just,seemed further and further and further,away from what was a possibility for me,so here I am now um with nothing,a few garbage bags that could fit in my,small two-door beatdown rundown car um,my makeup kit cuz at the time I was a,makeup artist,um I left with nothing,I started over from scratch I left a,fully furnished beautiful apartment that,I had created for me and my boyfriend at,the time now eggs or at the time he was,my eggs because I left but you know I,had basically poured my heart and soul,into a life for us that ended up,crashing and burning,so because of that situation not only,was i dead broke but my credit was shot,why because I had to leave everything my,cars everything I didn't know how I was,gonna pick up the pieces I didn't know,how I would ever make this work but I,did and now I want to share it with you,so I moved to LA like I said with my,makeup kit and some clothes and a bunch,of garbage bags I could fit in my,two-door car I came out here and I was,super focused super ambitious all while,dealing with the post-traumatik stress,of everything I had endured and I was,alone there were times where I didn't,know how I would figure it out if I,would figure it out I lived out of a,hotel a motel for a few weeks,quite a few weeks until I could do,enough odd jobs to get a real apartment,my first apartment was in Koreatown Los,Angeles I convinced the landlord to give,me a studio apartment for as low as he,would possibly go which was $1,100 which,to me I had never paid,anything more than six $700 but becoming,from Atlanta times are hard times are,hard,I lived on an air mattress or slept on,an air mattress for a good six seven,months before I could afford a real,mattress which I slept on on the floor,for another few months until I could get,a bed,my life hasn't been easy my mom raised,me better and because I knew that I,refused to involve her because of the,shame the guilt I dealt with it by,myself like I know so many of you are,I'm here to tell you that I figured it,out and you can too if you're in a,situation that you don't want to be in,if money has you feeling strapped to,something that you know you don't,deserve to have to deal with there are,options you just have to take action I,was lucky enough to land my first real,big gig here in Los Angeles very shortly,after I moved here for that I will,forever be grateful for that I will,always always I don't care how much,money I make I don't care where I'm,living I will always be there for,certain clients because they gave me a,shot before anybody else aiming this,shot and because of that so many doors,have opened so I say that to say I've,now graduated from being a celebrity,makeup artist to a full-time ecommerce,marketer so after that relationship I,vowed to myself that I would never ever,deal with anybody on a caliber like that,not an abuser not someone who enjoyed,being in and out of prison not someone,who didn't respect women not someone who,held every gift every everything over my,head,I would never be in a situation that I,didn't want to be in period because of,money never I would have my own money,I don't give them I didn't care how I,got it I was gonna get it and I would be,self-sufficient,period and so I spend a lot of time,alone trying to figure out how I was,gonna make that happen,I worked hard as a makeup artist I saved,my money,I I did what I had to do and I lived on,my own here in LA and it wasn't easy but,I did it so fast forward a few years I I,got into another relationship this one,kind of came from Love Field,my best friend while I was living in,Atlanta going through everything I was,going through wit

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | COMPLETE A Z BLUEPRINT 2022

hey guys it's camille sarnon as the,e-com king and in today's video i'm,going to be giving you guys a brand new,shopify drop shipping free course for,2022.,me and the team are going to be showing,you how to build and advertise a,successful branded shopify drop shipping,store in,2022 from the very start this is gonna,be a complete step-by-step no bs shopify,drop shipping free course for 2022. this,is the only video that you need to be,watching in 2022 if you want to start a,successful shopify dropshipping business,period there's no other video out there,that's going to be as valuable as this,video today and if you've been thinking,about buying a paid course you do not,need to be buying a paid course this,video will be better than the paid,courses that you've seen and this video,will be the best free video on the,internet right now this is gonna be,better than any paid course that gurus,are selling you from a thousand dollars,up to five thousand dollars and i do,truly believe that this is the best,course on the market right now and it's,completely free combined than any other,course out there now if you appreciate,this completely free 2022 shopify drop,shipping course that me and the team,have put together make sure you smash,the like button and leave a comment to,support this video now what we're going,to be teaching you in this free course,is how to find winning products how to,build a premium website with a page,builder how to set up all the apps that,you're going to need to automate some of,the processes how to make video ads ugc,content which stands for user generated,content we're also gonna be teaching you,how to run google ads tiktok ads,facebook ads youtube ads and influencer,marketing so we're gonna be teaching you,guys all the main advertising platforms,right now that are giving out the best,return i'd spend you're going to be,learning each one of these and i'm not,just done about scratching the service,we're going to be teaching you the exact,blueprint for all of these different,scenarios now this is the reason why,this is the only video that you need to,watch in 2022 and you're probably,thinking that this is a very bold claim,and the reason why is because there's,going to be 10 battle tested experts,teaching you in one free drop shipping,course now if you've already watched my,channel before that you know i've,already put out two of the free courses,which is my 2020 free course and my 2021,free course now this free course in 2022,is not just gonna have me teaching you,it's gonna have another nine experts in,different industries google ads youtube,ads tiktok ads building websites,teaching you because at the end of the,day i'm not the best at teaching,everything within e-commerce and,dropshipping i'm very good at certain,things but i've got a team in place that,are very good for example like youtube,ads google ads and they're gonna be,teaching you on a certain topic so for,example youtube ads will be covered by,one of my business partners for dank,who's a specialist and expert in that,field so you're now getting taught by,industry leaders and industry experts,each industry so you can get the best,experience possible now the reason why,i'm saying they're battle tested is,because they've been doing what they've,been doing for the last few years by,generating a full-time income so they,know what they're toking about and this,is six to seven figure tested,information with all the information,we're teaching you today it's actually,generated me and other people between,six and seven figures and it's also,future-proof information that you can,learn and use throughout the next few,years now i want to make a massive,disclaimer this is a long-term business,it is a real business is not a,get-rich-quick scheme business either,this business has changed thousands of,lives including myself and all the other,nine experts that i teach new today but,it's doing it on a long-term basis now,if you've come into this video today to,try and get rich quick try and make as,much money as possible in a short amount,of time then this video isn't for you so,if you're new to drop shipping this is,how the business model works number one,you create your online store and you add,your products customers place an order,drop shipping supplier ships the order,to your customers and you will never see,or hold the product then you make a,profit and the reason why the,dropshipping business model is so,lucrative and amazing is because it lets,you start an e-commerce business without,taking major risks like other e-commerce,businesses that have to buy in bulk that,have to have a fulfillment center which,can cost tens of thousands of dollars,now drop shipping will let you test,multiple products before committing to,buying in bulk and private labeling and,we're going to be teaching you in this,course how to do both scenarios because,drop shipping is just a test to see when,you find a good product to then scale it,into buying a bulk and obviously private,labeling and things like that now this,is how much cash flow you're going to,need to start this business model in,2022 you're going to need an upfront,amount of 2 000 and this is more than,what it was in the previous year and the,reason why is because a lot of,businesses since last year have started,to go online because of the global issue,that we've had and they've become an,e-commerce business which means that,there's more demand and there is more,competition which means you need more,money to compete with these people now,the more money you have up front the,better of course because businesses rely,on cash flow to succeed you need to be,topping this amount up by five hundred,dollars to a thousand dollars on a,monthly basis because again this is a,real business model and you need cash,flow to sustain the business now the,five hundred dollars for a thousand,dollars could be just whatever profit,you make you reinvest it instead of,taking it out and buying something so,that's something that you can also do if,you want to be topping this up these are,the main drop shipping costs within,2022. the shopify plan is going to be,29.99 and it's on a monthly basis but if,you use the link in the description and,in the free cheat sheet you will get a,14 day free trial and some exclusive,benefits and that will be the same with,any link that's in the cheat sheet and,in the description it is going to be a,partnership link meaning that we give,you guys some exclusive benefits of,using those links so you get a better,offer than you would go and direct with,these companies now the domain name is,going to be 14.99 it's a one-off fee,then the theme is going to be around,about 19.99 on a monthly basis the logo,can be done for free the apps are going,to cost you around about 20 to 100 on a,monthly basis now the marketing is,what's going to be the biggest cost,involved and that can range from a,thousand dollars to five thousand,dollars now this budget can last a month,it can last three weeks it can last,three months it just depends how you're,advertising the product but the,marketing is the most important part of,your business now this is the make or,break to your business if you don't have,good marketing you won't get customers,and you won't make money so you need to,spend money on marketing to acquire as,many customers as possible to actually,keep the business maintained now you're,more than welcome to skip to any part of,the video that you need because i know,some of you guys are watching this are,already used to drop shipping so you can,skip to any module that you want and,there will be timestamps in the,description and in the slide bar so you,can find it but i would recommend that,everybody watches this from the very,beginning and make sure that you guys,join the free telegram group for any,help because if you've got any questions,related to this free course then me and,the team that are going to teach you in,today's free course are in there so you,can

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what's the hustle game welcome back to,my channel if you are new go ahead and,click the subscribe button to subscribe,so become a part of the family if you,are returning thank you if you want to,know how I made over 14k on Shopify stay,tuned and yes and yes I do have the,proof,all right so gang I'm jumping right into,it so I started my online clothing,boutique back in 2018 I started off with,t-shirts here are some screenshots for,that,so pretty much I did drop shipping if,you do not know what drop shipping is,let me explain,pretty much I'm going to give my,definition of drop shipping drop,shipping is pretty much where a customer,will place a order on your site and then,you will use that money to place an,order which are vendors so pretty much,you don't have to ship out anything your,vendor will ship out the order to your,customer for you sounds easy right I,will have days where I didn't have money,from my 905 and my cyber sub will come,in handy will help me on those days my,first vendor was a t-shirt company,called print phone on Shopify you can,merge that store with Shopify printful,it just sinks like together like as in,one I also used Aliexpress you can also,use one called overload which syncs with,al Express as far as with Shopify so,pretty much using overload it helps you,sync your items from Aliexpress into,your Shopify store but shipping with,Aliexpress takes forever like a very,long time I'll get more into that in the,end I also use the vendor called CC,wholesale clothing it's an L a vendor,who I would definitely recommend you can,also sync CC ho so with Shopify now,let's tok about how I got my sales,now online I'm a nobody I have no type,of following whatsoever so I have to,figure out how am I going to make my,selves if I don't have no type of,following I didn't have money to pay,influencers because I know that that can,cost a lot like a lot like I once,emailed hi my name is T on Instagram and,I got an email back saying that thank,Charlie Sheen her team thanks a lot no,influencers there making Bank like I'm,toking right now influencers they,rolling in money,so pretty much I couldn't afford to pay,an influencer so I like to go out and,make myself on my own by myself so what,I did was I created a Ambassador Program,which helped me bring in all of my,selves on my online boutique pretty much,I made over 14k with my Ambassador,Program Ambassador Program pretty much,is where you find influencer to be a,part of your brand and anytime they,bring in a cell you give them a,percentage and you give their followers,a certain type of discount as well,that's kind of my definition of,Ambassador Program,so pretty much I will work with small,influencers or micro as they would say,wait is it micro or macro I don't know,but also for a more detail of my,Ambassador Program like how I set it up,and how I worded everything and how I,emo or DM girls click this icon at the,top if you want to know more about my,Ambassador Program so what I would do is,I will create a discount code for the,ambassadors which was 20% and in time,they will bring in a cell they would get,20% of that cell and their followers,would get 10% when they use their,discount so pretty much I will create a,discount code for their followers and,they'll be 10% when they would use their,code,I wrote a whole script which I made up,myself out to do these girls on,Instagram and y'all like these cells,like they they came in that master,program it came in like I even gave my,boyfriend the script I gave my sister to,script I'm like y'all I wrote the script,and goes I really become my ambassador,like it's crazy like hard to believe for,me you know I also hired a marketing,company to help me get my followers up,right now I have 5k followers on,Instagram that page used to be shot,freedom read that was the name of my,online boutique but what I have now I,turned that Instagram into a black,business shot out page pretty much so if,you have like business if you want free,poco de mio is the girl here's the page,now so we I have 5,000 followers I would,be writing girls on Instagram all day of,my nine-to-five and and and my cannabis,job like on my lunch my braids before,work after work like I will be at work,on a clock writing girls assignments be,ambassador you know I just out there,hustling you know saying some girls said,yes some said no and I would pay them 20,percent of any cells they run in I paid,out maybe like three to five girls tops,from what I remember but some girls,tried to scare me like she tried to use,her own discount code like yes her own,discount code and I wrote her and I was,like you just use own discount code no,you don't get a percentage like no like,you are you're actually done like I,don't trust you now you know so be,careful with that I paid all my,ambassadors with a site called lead lead,I know and that's part of Shopify you,can sync leave Dino with Shopify so,leave lead Dino and Shopify sings,together but all this can cost up be be,aware of that you know you have to pay,for your Shopify a site monthly and then,adding all these other sites to sync,with it can add up,probably another reason why the profit,it mixes but yeah now drop shipping with,Aliexpress does take forever be aware if,you do use a L'Express,to drop ship with be sure to find a,vendor that ships fast my shipping will,take 21 days or longer yes that's a long,time,like sometimes months I have to do like,a lot of refunds also using our Express,be aware of Chinese New Year if you,don't know that means people are trying,to pretty much take like a week or two,off of work I think I don't know I just,be careful because it slows down,shooting time even more on top of the,month they are it takes I also use the,vendor cause CC hoe so they are actually,in LA they have fast shipping like I,think takes like about a week or so but,they don't have too many styles so,that's why I used I'll Express because,you know it's a big website and they,have so many times is that the shipping,and sometimes the quality so be careful,now use the other Express you want to be,careful because they are fast fashion,which means they still people's designs,which we are all aware of I will try to,sell basic stuff I wouldn't try to sell,anything that looks like to fancies I'm,like I know somebody this is somebody's,brain right looks something familiar,like I seen it on Instagram before you,know so I don't try to sell basic stuff,but I did have someone comment on my,picture of my shop randomly Instagram,someone commented and said hey this is,from fashion Nova and they like,literally add them on my photo and I was,just like thank still people stuff too,but it was profession of if I was like a,random trash I don't regular colored,dress I don't know but but overall drop,shipping is another way to make extra,income like I said you wouldn't have a,monthly bill for Shopify but you do get,14 14 days free trial you can click down,below if you want to sign up with that,after 14 days you do got to pay,monthly also if you've seen others other,vendors like overload cc's hotel if they,have monthly fee - you're gonna have to,pay for that so all that adds like,monthly also I was running ads,constantly you know the business like,that you definitely select acts,constantly I kind of want to run some,ads for my business right now but can it,be simpler blackberries but um you know,running ads constantly just keeps,traffic coming so pretty much I will run,a ambassador ad like now looking for,ambassadors I will run that ad 24/7 I,definitely will be bringing back my,levity I just kind of want to do it,again but like in a different way,they'll correct right way definitely,would not be using I'll Express I will,not kind of want to either maybe get an,LA vendor like I'm here or have someone,make my clothes come to life because I,do sketch yogoro you sketch it and I,sketches work fire and I know I still,got it so it's like I couldn't sketch,but I can't so I tried to suggest when,it's painted

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can,be overwhelming with so many different,steps and strategies it's hard to even,know where to start so in this video i'm,going to share my exact strategy for,starting a new drop shipping store from,scratch and in the last couple months,i've built a new store with this,strategy and that store has already done,close to 900 000,in sales so if i had to start over today,this is exactly what i would do if,you're new here my name is jordan and,i'm currently documenting the entire,process of growing my online business,with as much transparency as possible so,that i can lead by example and help you,start your own online business this year,so if you're interested in starting your,own online store and you want to follow,my journey make sure to subscribe for,new videos every single friday all right,let's get started firstly i want to show,you some live results that i'm getting,with this exact strategy so it's around,halfway through the day and i've already,generated around 3 800 in sales on this,store the profit margin is pretty good,as well i've done almost fifteen hundred,dollars in profit which is almost a,forty percent profit margin and if we,take a look at yesterday's stats you can,see i sold around sixty seven hundred,dollars and made around eighteen hundred,dollars in profit i just wanted to prove,to you that this is working right now so,you know it's worth your time to watch,this whole video so there are four main,things that go into building a,successful drop shipping store the first,one is your product the second one is,your store the third is your marketing,and how you get customers and the fourth,is running your business and shipping,out your orders now i'm gonna break down,each of these one by one as simple as,possible so let's get started with,products so without a winning product,it's pretty much impossible to have,success with drop shipping thankfully,there are a ton of products out there,that you can sell every single week new,winning products pop up so the,opportunities are always fresh there's,really only three things that i look for,when determining if a product is a,winning product the first thing is if,the product has been recently trending,on facebook and instagram what i mean by,trending is that there is a ad that is,getting a ton of views shares comments,and likes and people are going crazy for,the product this is a great sign that,you can make money off of this product,because people are already interested in,it as long as you do something a little,bit better than the person that's,already selling it you can swoop right,in compete with them and make money,selling that same product this is,exactly what i've done for every single,one of my winning products and it's,worked time and time again the next,thing i look for is mass appeal my,favorite type of products are the ones,that can be sold to the masses i don't,love the extremely narrowed down,products that only apply to a small set,of people yes they will buy the product,but if we ever want to scale and build,something big we need something that we,can sell to almost everybody it's okay,if it's a little narrow like it's only,for women or it's only for men but the,broader the better the last thing i look,for is good profit margins what i,consider to be good profit margins is,being able to sell the product for three,times the cost it takes to ship it out,to the customer so if the product costs,you around 10 to send it to your,customer you want to be able to sell it,for at least 30 and that's pretty much,all i look for in a winning product let,me show you a live example of exactly,what i'm toking about okay so this,product is an absolute banger basically,it is a garden privacy fence that you,set up in your backyard as you can see,this product was launched on march 8th,of this year and they've already got,over 70 000 likes on this post if you,check out the comments people are going,crazy for this they love it they really,enjoy the product but the people that,are selling it aren't doing a good job,and if we look at their video it's not,really that good and then if we go to,their website it's the same thing it's,really not that good this product has,great profit margins as well you can see,that it cost around four dollars on the,low end to ship to a customer and,they're selling it for anywhere from,1999 all the way up to almost a hundred,dollars per sale so if you came in and,made a slightly better video a slightly,better website you could clean up off of,this product and make a ton of money so,like i said that product is an absolute,banger and a perfect example of a,winning product now how do you find,these products the tried and true method,that i've been using for years is simply,just looking on your facebook and,instagram feed every single day you're,going to get targeted with ads for drop,shipping products eventually and every,time you get targeted with one of these,ads you need to show facebook that,you're interested so you want to go to,the ad you want to like you want to,comment you want to go to the website,you want to click add to cart and show,facebook that you're trying to buy stuff,like this so they will start,recommending you more products and your,feed is just going to become the best,product research tool that you have,that's my favorite method but i also,created a tool that automates this,process so if you want to check that out,click the link down below alright so,step number one is finding a product,that fits this criteria so once you've,got that product now you've got to build,a store now there are a couple different,types of stores that you could build you,could build a general store which is a,store that has a bunch of random,products all around it you could build a,one product store which is a store that,only focuses on selling one main product,or you can build a hybrid store which is,what i recommend building a hybrid store,combines the benefit of a one product,store and a general store with a general,store you have freedom to test a bunch,of products and with a one product store,you're limited but you're gonna have a,higher conversion rate and people are,gonna trust you much more than a general,store with a hybrid store you're,creating the same branded feel that a,one product store would have but with,the freedom to test a bunch of products,i think it's better if i just show you,an example so this is a sample store,that i created that would actually be,perfect for the product i just showed,you the store is called flora flow as,you can see it's pretty much focused,entirely on home and garden based,products it has a nice branded design it,has a good logo it's easy to browse and,shop around and overall it feels like a,trustworthy site i recently made a video,on exactly how i built this store so,after you watch this one feel free to,check that out the one tip i will give,in this video is to model your store off,of what's already working this is not,some brand new design i came up with i,just put my own little twist on what was,already working you don't have to,reinvent the wheel you just have to take,what's working and add a little bit of,your own sauce to it so i would advise,taking your product building a store,like this and filling it up with,products that are similar to the one,you're selling here's another really,good example of a hybrid store this one,is called arctik shirt and as you can,see they sell a bunch of home decor,products as well they have the moon lamp,this kitchen set they have bedding they,have all types of products but the store,is really nice branded and feels,extremely trustworthy in my opinion this,is the best approach for beginners so,give it a try next up you need to get,some traffic and customers to your,website personally my favorite method,for starting with a new store is,facebook ads it does cost a little bit,of money to run ads on facebook so i,recommend that you have at least a,couple hundred dollars

Master Dropshipping with Chelsea Guarriello

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey,finally i got connected let me um,[Music],it's so loud where i am,[Music],[Music],this is so bad like it's so loud where i,am it's so loud,huh it's so loud i know,i'm gonna see if i can find a quieter,corner it's too loud,um hold on yes tok to everybody in the,meantime i'm going to find someplace,quiet hold on,put my mask on,hey you guys,so i've been up every night um,all night on clubhouse so i need to use,this filter because your girl hasn't,gotten any sleep,okay um but it feels so good to be back,on,instagram i really missed you guys this,is so bad this is like the only way,of communicating these days because i,keep getting my account,shut down unfortunately but thank you,guys so much for being here on larelle's,live,and coming to meet me um i've been,extremely excited all month long to tok,to you guys,about dropshipping and how e-commerce,changed my life,so i think laurel's moving it's way,better it's way quieter,okay good good i am so sorry um,first of all you look gorgeous oh babe,congratulations,20 oh my god,right oh my god i'm so happy for your,congratulations,thank you thank you they have no,idea don't try to act on modern,can i give you a second,i haven't seen you since this happen i,know,i know we need to face time you know,okay,okay making you a little colder what are,the chances same monday,night no yours was what last month,okay whatever whatever but seriously i,got i'm like did you tok to anybody,he's like,no so listen they heard us that's all i,know,y fee y feet why,about me though okay i'm done,i'm done giving you your flowers your,virtual flower,i don't know i'm just my hand is just,like in the,extra heavy these days i think,extra heavy okay so cool let's get to it,i know you're busy,and whatever there's no i don't want to,keep you here all day you know,no no it's okay um i'm excited because,y'all know if you don't already that,chelsea um and i,like clicked instantly when we met and,now we're basically biffles,so um she's basically gonna take the,floor,over because one um i'm [ __ ] tired,number two i want to hear hey guys i,want to hear,everything all over again about um just,how amazing your program is but we'll,tok about that at the end,and i'm gonna ask you a bunch of,questions about drop shipping i just,want everybody to know because,a lot of people still don't know what,drop shipping is or why it's so,lucrative,so let's get to it can you do me a favor,um obviously i don't have a presence on,here anymore you guys i'm so sad about,it,um can you pin either my clubhouse name,on your um live yeah what is it again,honey gold right,yep same og everybody she is,no joke literally hacked at 50k,followers,came back with the vengeance came back,up to like what 3 000 followers and then,they were hating again,so yeah we are not here for it we're,just going to move on over to clubhouse,because clearly um,yeah facebook is playing instagram for,all of you who haven't,gotten onto clubhouse yet don't worry um,it is invite only but if you download,the app,someone will realize that you're trying,to get in and they'll share an,invitation with you so,don't feel like you're gonna miss out,forever just download the app like right,now,like right now right now so that you can,get invited sooner than later because,it's the new wave you guys,like everybody's going on club no it's,so good,so yeah so much free value,yeah you're dropping so many gems over,there too like the few times that i have,been in there,chelsea's just giving so many good tips,i mean,stuff that i'm like girl this is like in,your course what are you doing so right,exactly um so real quick let's just give,them a little intro to who you are again,okay so you guys my name is chelsea i go,by honey gold on most of my social media,handles,and i am known for helping women fire,their bosses,leave their nine to fives and learn how,to make,money online using drop shipping as the,business model,um for those of you who don't know what,drop shipping is drop shipping,is a form of e-commerce where you don't,actually have to,touch any products whatsoever so when i,first got in this industry,i'm not gonna lie to you i was pretty,much broke um yeah i had,a good job but my boyfriend had just,come home from prison,um our funds were just very very tight,at the time,and we didn't have much space in our,little studio apartment in koreatown,california,so i knew i needed to get in on this,wi-fi money wave i knew i wanted to,start making money online,but i didn't have space for inventory i,didn't have the money for inventory,all i really had was my laptop and a,wi-fi connection,and so thank god for drop shipping,because,them coins came in um and,you know less than six months later i,had made my first hundred thousand,dollars,which for someone who you know like me,that was amazing for someone who had,only worked corporate before,or only as a freelance makeup artist i,had never seen a hundred thousand,dollars and i've,been working since i was 15 years old i,had never had more than i think fourth,grand in my bank account i know it's,kind of embarrassing now but,i didn't have much money at all so for,me to make a hundred thousand dollars,um despite all the odds against us with,my you know fiance coming home with this,new stigma of felony,attached to him unable to find work,anywhere that for us,opened up so many doors and i'm just so,grateful and that's why i'm just so,dedicated to kind of sharing the words,spreading the word,because nobody toks about drop shipping,i don't know it's like this like,hush hush thing because they know what,because those that know,know about the money and that's why some,people i think,are still to this day so surprised that,you're so giving with the value in the,gems and you do webinars about it,because,any webinars that i've seen outside of,yours have been so stupid honestly,they're just glass,like they don't give you the right stuff,to do it's always,like it's just yes you know it's,[ __ ] and,i don't know what it is but i think it's,they're just holding out that's really,what i do definitely,i feel like when i decided i wanted to,teach the,main thing the main reason i wanted to,teach and come out with my own program,was,mainly to help women of course i work,with men as well,but the one thing that really stood out,to me when i was trying to learn drop,shipping three years ago is that there,were no women teaching it,like these days if you go on youtube,there might be like one or two,um successful drop shippers if that but,nobody was teaching this stuff and that,stood out to me because i like to work,with people that i can relate to,that i can be myself with that,understand my history and why i need,this to work so damn bad,yes so i just know when i was coming up,there were no people that made me feel,comfortable to learn from,and i was like man i wanna you know if,this really works for me and if i'm able,to make money in this,and make a living off of this i want to,help other women know,that it's like it's real like this is a,real way of making money,putting people on like really any way,that there is to make money that chelsea,knows about she always shares it she's,always so generous with it but like,p2g is is something else so um,and just the fact that as soon as you,did see your,your gold right i say pennies to go so,gold it's,like you shared it right away you didn't,wait you didn't keep it to yourself so,that's,that's one thing that i love about you,yeah like one i was so excited like i,didn't even want to,really think i would get into teaching,but i'm just so big on,sharing my experience and being,transparent and i think that,even though i was brand new i wasn't,really making much money back then,i was making maybe like 100 a day 50 a,day,i was so geeked and like inspired by the,possibilities of this business,that i was just toking about it all the,time on my social media i'm like look,guys like today i made,10 today i made fifty dollars and people,j

Easy product research hack for dropshipping 2021!

you know people are always asking me,like how do you find winning products,and they think that there's like this,secret science to it and don't get me,wrong there are quite a few hacks that i,teach my students,but a lot of times i tell them like look,i've been dropshipping for five years i,don't need all the extra software i,don't need all the tools i don't need,all the,analytiks and all that i can tell a,winning product based off of how other,marketers,are,marketing their products right so this,is what i do on a daily basis when i'm,looking for new products i'm on,instagram reels okay we all have,instagram we all search and watch reels,right and i just scroll up and down,right,and you'll be surprised like what comes,up on your timeline like all different,types of things but check out this ad,right here,you understand,oops hold on i just want y'all to watch,this no,no i don't think you understand,i'm not,[Music],[Music],so what this is is a glass tea infuser,right and this is a highly,sought after item because it's cool as,hell okay there's a major wow factor one,of the things that i'm always telling my,students is that,the items that you're selling cannot be,items that are easily accessible items,that we've seen a million and one times,there's that's not impressive like,nobody cares about,another waist trainer like we've seen it,a million times right but something like,this especially,demonstrated in a video a real like this,has major major wow factors so much so,that me as a consumer,i saw it and immediately i was like hold,on what website is this like i want this,this is hella cool i'm not even into,stuff like this really but because of,this video i want to be into this so,being the drop shipper that i am though,i'm about to put y'all awesome okay so,not trying to expose anybody but i'm,curious to see how much,this item cost okay i'm just i'm curious,so,on my store let's see if i can find it,on,their store really quick okay well they,don't,they've kind of messed up okay sorry,they don't have their website but what,what i have okay,what i have,is,let me show you guys something,i went to aliexpress.com okay guys,secret gem in the e-commerce space if,you're trying to make money online and,you don't want inventory you don't want,to have a ton of products online,this is all you need to do go to,aliexpress.com i typed in glass tea,infuser how did i get that name that's,what she called it so i used those,keywords typed it into aliexpress.com,and lo and mother and behold i'm gonna,sort this pin is dead i'm gonna sort by,orders,and,this,one product you guys why is this not,stiky hold on bear with me okay this,one item this glass diffuser,has sold,2300 orders okay,five star rating,same exact product and now how much is,it this is,not ready for this okay y'all ready for,this,you guys it's,one penny,one one penny,so hmm,let's add some shipping okay we know we,need shipping,let's add it to the cart view shopping,cart with shipping,okay with shipping,sorry what shipping a dollar 46 added to,a penny you guys are able to get this,item for a dollar and 47 cents,at this point it's like do you are y'all,picking up what i'm putting down now you,can sell items just like this not only,can you sell them but you could drop,ship them which means that i can order,just one of these items right now to my,house,get it and when it comes i can make a,real just like that store owner did and,then start instead of charging a penny,for this product i can charge 19 i'm,very curious to know what they're,selling this product for and it's not,illegal it's not wrong i'm not mad at,her for charging 20 bucks 30 bucks even,i'm not mad because that's how,business works you buy things for cheap,and you sell them for high when you go,to your local walmart target that's the,same blueprint everybody follows so,don't feel bad about this this is just,basic economics of life so the fact that,aliexpress makes it possible for you to,sell products just like these without,owning them up front is amazing so you,can order this product make your own ad,with it have a solid call to action and,you will make sales guarantee that if,that person has a working website,they would be able to not only generate,traffic that was a viral ad that we just,saw that was a viral reel we just saw,and whether they're actually using it,properly whether they're actually making,money from it i don't know i hope they,are if they're not they need to be a,student of mine because you have to have,call to actions we teach that we stress,the importance of having a call to,action your customers don't know what,you want them to do so if you don't tell,them to buy the product from you they're,not going to buy it from you so um you,know just another learning opportunity,but i just wanted to share this with you,guys because this is a winning product,this is a fantastik idea has major wow,factor i love it i'm not even a huge tea,drinker i would buy it and definitely i,would buy several of these for gifts and,now that i saw that reel i'm actually,going to purchase this as a christmas,gift as a cute little stoking stuffer,some for some clients and friends um and,this is just another way that you guys,can start making money you guys as a,drop shipper all it takes is ordering,one of these samples making your own,video,promoting this product charging whatever,you want for this product and then,whenever a sale is made,you don't have the inventory right so,whenever a sale is made you're just,going to come on here contact your,supplier let them know somebody,purchased this item off of your website,and now guess what they are going to,deliver the product straight to your,customers front door on your behalf you,never touched anything