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like some perfume ads crossword puzzle clue

Published on: January 9 2023 by pipiads

Writing the Perfect Crossword Puzzle Clue

- Puzzle making is a complex process that involves the constructor's personal style and preferences.

- Clues are the backbone of any crossword puzzle and require skill and creativity.

Constructor's Style:

- Constructors tend to use words they like and have associations with.

- Some words are used as anchors and built around to make the puzzle more interesting.

Categories of Clue Edits:

- Clues that only coders would know can be changed to something more accessible.

- Bad crossings should be avoided by making sure every letter in the puzzle is gettable.

- Word lists and slang are always changing, making it important to stay up-to-date.


- Easy clue for screen: It's often cracked on a cell phone.

- Hard clue for screen: Phone part that is case sensitive.

- Easy clue for app: Icon on your iPhone.

- Hard clue for app: It's passed at a party like an appetizer.

- Easy clue for lol: Respond to many an unfunny text message.

- Hard clue for lol: It means literally laughing out loud.

- Writing the perfect crossword puzzle clue requires creativity, skill, and attention to detail.

- Constructors must consider their personal style, the accessibility of the clue, and the changing nature of language.

Good Brain Food--How to Solve a Codewords Crossword Puzzle with Given Clues

In this article, I will be sharing some strategies on how to solve code words puzzles from the Penny Press Variety Puzzles Magazine. Code words puzzles are special crossword puzzles that use numbers to represent letters of the alphabet. The objective of the puzzle is to fill in the missing letters by using the numbers provided in the puzzle diagram.


1. Look for Clues: The first code word puzzle in the magazine will have clues provided, but for the rest, there are no clues. Look for letters that occur frequently, such as A, E, and S, and fill them in first.

2. Use a Code Key Chart: Use the chart provided above the puzzle diagram to keep track of the letters you have filled in. Cross off the numbers as you use them.

3. Find the Q: Look for the letter Q by scanning for a triangle pattern in the puzzle. Once you find the Q, you can usually find the U that goes with it.

4. Use Double Letters: Double letters such as E, T, and S occur frequently in the English language. If you see a double letter in the puzzle, fill it in first, as it can help you solve other words.

5. Guess and Check: Sometimes, you may have to take a guess at a letter and then check to see if it fits with the other letters in the puzzle. If it doesn't, try another letter.

Solving code words puzzles can be a fun and challenging way to exercise your brain. By using these strategies, you can improve your skills and become a better puzzle solver. Don't be afraid to take your time and enjoy the process. Happy puzzling!

Crossword Explains How to Solve Itself - 17 March 2022 New York Times Crossword

The article is a transcript of a New York Times crossword daily solve on March 17th, 2022, hosted by Chris Remo. He thanks benefactors who support the Daily Solve Patreon campaign and mentions that Jeff Chen and Daniel Bodily constructed the Thursday puzzle. The theme involves the word trick and a revealer which instructs solvers to take action before solving the starred clues. Solvers try to fill in clues such as icon on a computer desktop (answer: shortcut) and disco dancing enthusiast on The Simpsons (answer: Disco Stu). The puzzle also contains wordplay clues such as leave with no strings attached (answer: untie) and bitter feeling (answer: bile). The puzzle includes references to various topics such as Westerns, chemical products, and RNA. The article concludes without a final comment on the success of solving the puzzle.

Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle in Microsoft PowerPoint

In this tutorial, we will be recreating a crossword puzzle in PowerPoint. We will have a blank puzzle and a puzzle with the words as an answer key. We will be using a chosen topic related to sums and differences related to addition and subtraction. We will be inserting a table and formatting it to fit our word with the most letters. We will be adding our words and formatting each cell. We will be adding small details, such as numbers, and creating a blank puzzle. We will save both puzzles as images and insert them into blank pages. We will add in clues and a heading and manipulate the puzzle image to fit our page. We will finalize by adding an answer key.


1. Insert a new blank slide and insert a table.

2. Choose the amount of rows and columns to fit your word with the most letters.

3. Choose the table design and format the table to fit most of your page.

4. Format each cell by selecting the inside of the table and choosing the font, size, and alignment.

5. Insert your words, starting with the longest word, and build around it.

6. Get rid of the grid lines and thicken the outlines of each letter.

7. Zoom in on the example of the completed puzzle and create text boxes for each number.

8. Duplicate the text boxes to create all the numbers and place them in your puzzle.

9. Duplicate the slide to create a blank puzzle and delete the letters from the table.

10. Save both puzzles as images and insert them into blank pages.

11. Add text boxes for the down and across sections and add in your clues.

12. Duplicate the text boxes for the across section and fill in your clues.

13. Manipulate the puzzle image to fit your page and add in other page features.

14. Duplicate the page with the blank puzzle and fit it over the puzzle with the words.

15. Send the blank puzzle to the back of the page and delete the puzzle with words.

16. Finalize by adding an answer key in a red font.

By following these steps, you can easily recreate a crossword puzzle in PowerPoint. With a chosen topic and related words and clues, you can create a fun and educational activity for your students or audience. Remember to save both puzzles as images and insert them into blank pages, add in clues and a heading, and manipulate the puzzle image to fit your page. Finally, add in an answer key to complete the puzzle.

Incredible Synchronicity That Looks Like a Glitch in the Matrix

Have you ever been amazed by people or animals moving in perfect synchronization? It's a mesmerizing sight that captures our attention and leaves us in awe. In this article, we will take a closer look at various examples of synchronized movements that will leave you amazed.

Synchronized Dancing:

- Girls from the University of Panama dance in perfect sync, deserving a round of applause.

- Boys complete even more complex movements in sync, including backflips and more.

- People who do synchronized diving can perform somersaults at the same speed and height.

Synchronized Sports:

- Physical education routines include various tricks to stay in sync, even balancing on objects.

- Professional drivers perform precision driving stunts, risking their lives for the perfect performance.

- Chinese national ping pong team has no equal, training with a strange but effective technique.

Synchronized Animals:

- Cats, dogs, and even kittens can move in sync, displaying their perfect sense of timing.

- Starlings and fish are masters of synchronization in nature, forming pulsating figures in the sky and water.

- Fireflies create a magical synchronized illumination in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Synchronized movements are a wonder to behold, whether it's people, animals, or even drones. These examples show the incredible precision and skill required to perform in perfect sync, leaving us in amazement and admiration.

How to Solve Cryptic Crossword Puzzles | The New Yorker

Have you ever tried solving a cryptic crossword puzzle? They are popular in Britain and are known for their wordplay and language manipulation. American puzzles are generally more straightforward, but cryptics offer a unique challenge. So, what makes cryptics so puzzling?

What are cryptic crosswords?

- Two-part clues: descriptive and cryptic

- Wordplay and language manipulation

- British tradition

Why are cryptics more popular in Britain?

- Each clue is a puzzle within the puzzle

- Use of indicators and wordplay

- Language and grammar understanding required

Examples of cryptic clues:

- House of Pain debuts jump around = HOP (House of Pain debut) is a synonym for jump around

- British throne? = QUEEN (literal definition and wordplay)

- Head of England? = E (first letter of England)

American style clues:

- London: a place you go to get bronchitis, according to Fran Lebowitz

- British: contents of PBR, it is half aluminium

- Jane Austen author who Virginia Woolf called never a revolution: good grade for school in capital is half 10 or figure close to 10

Cryptic crosswords offer a unique challenge for puzzle solvers, using wordplay and language manipulation to create two-part clues. While they may be more popular in Britain, they can be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to understand their grammar and language use. So, are you up for the challenge?

Happy Valentine’s Day Crossword

Valentine's Day is a holiday that celebrates love and is often associated with gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and cards. In this article, we will explore a Valentine's Day themed crossword puzzle.

Crossword Puzzle:


1. Roman god of love - Cupid

2. Crimson - red

3. A door - ajar

4. Romantic lighting - candles

5. A common meal to celebrate Valentine's Day - dinner

6. Embraces - hugs

7. Valentine's Day purchases - gifts

8. Bling bling - jewelry

9. A Valentine's Day symbol - heart

10. Cupid's weapon - bow


1. Fragrant - perfume

2. Roses and tulips - flowers

3. Love - romance

4. Sweet gift often given on Valentine's Day - chocolate

5. Sweet treat - candy

6. Holiday mailings - cards

7. Quiver item - arrow

Valentine's Day is a special day to show love and appreciation to those we care about. Gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and cards are often given on this day. The Valentine's Day themed crossword puzzle is a fun way to celebrate this holiday and test your knowledge of Valentine's Day symbols and traditions.

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