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Link Retargeting - How To Retarget People from Any Link You Share Using PixelMe

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

- Retargeting is a powerful tool for digital marketers, but it typically requires access to a website or landing page.

- PixelMe offers a solution called link retargeting that allows you to retarget people from any link you share.

- In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of link retargeting and how to use PixelMe to get started.

Benefits of Link Retargeting:

- Reach people who have already shown interest in your brand or product

- Improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by targeting a specific audience

- Increase conversions and sales by reminding people to complete a purchase or take action

- Expand your reach beyond your website or landing page

How to Use PixelMe for Link Retargeting:

1. Sign up for PixelMe and create a retargeting pixel

2. Shorten your link using PixelMe's link shortener and add your retargeting pixel to the link

3. Share the link on social media, in email campaigns, or anywhere else you'd like to reach your audience

4. Track your results and adjust your campaigns as needed

Tips for Successful Link Retargeting:

- Use compelling ad copy and images to grab people's attention and encourage clicks

- Test different audiences and messaging to see what works best for your brand

- Don't overdo it - be mindful of how often you're retargeting people and make sure you're providing value with each ad

- Link retargeting with PixelMe is a simple and effective way to reach your audience and improve your advertising campaigns.

- By using link retargeting, you can expand your reach beyond your website and reach people who have already shown interest in your brand or product.

- With a little creativity and experimentation, link retargeting can help you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business.

Link Retargeting - How To Retarget People from Any Link You Share Using PixelMe

In this article, we will discuss the importance of URL link shorteners and retargeting ads for your online business. We will also provide a demo of how to use the recommended URL link shortener, Pixelme, and how to create custom audiences and retargeting ads on Facebook.

Why Use URL Link Shorteners?

- Aesthetic appeal: Shorter links are more visually appealing and professional-looking.

- Easier to type: Long links are difficult to manually type into a browser, which can discourage potential customers from visiting your website.

- Branding: URL link shorteners allow you to customize your links with your own domain name, which helps with branding.

- Click-through rate: Shorter links improve your click-through rate, as they are more likely to be clicked on than long links.

Why Use Retargeting Ads?

- Multiple exposures: Prospective customers need to see your product multiple times (at least seven) before making a purchase.

- Overcome advertising blindness: We are exposed to so many ads that we often ignore them. Retargeting ads help overcome this by showing your product to potential customers multiple times.

- Capturing lost sales: Even if someone doesn't make a purchase after clicking on your link, you can retarget them with ads to capture the potential sale.

- Custom audiences: URL link shorteners like Pixelme allow you to create custom audiences for retargeting ads based on who clicks on your links.

Pixelme: The Recommended URL Link Shortener

- Offers everything that Bitly does and more.

- Embeds a pixel in each link, which allows for retargeting ads.

- Helps improve your branding and click-through rate.

- Tracks every link click for evaluation and measurement.

- Allows you to create custom audiences for retargeting ads.

- Offers a free trial and a 20% discount for the first six months with the coupon code tatianajames2020_monthly.

Demo: How to Use Pixelme

- Creating a link: Simply enter your destination URL, select ad platforms, and create the link.

- Creating a custom audience on Facebook: Select website as the source, use the Pixelme pixel, and select how many days you want to pixel people.

- Creating a retargeting ad on Facebook: Create a campaign, select traffic as the objective, create an audience using the custom audience you created, and specify your target location, age, and gender.

Using URL link shorteners and retargeting ads are essential for any online business. By using a recommended URL link shortener like Pixelme, you can improve your branding, click-through rate, and create custom audiences for retargeting ads. Don't forget the importance of multiple exposures and retargeting ads in capturing potential sales.

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