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linkedin ads cost

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Linkedin advertising cost 2022. - Cost of Linkedin Ads in 2022

so we have another question from our,linkedin post the other day about the,youtube channel we're answering,questions about linkedin ads this one,comes from actually someone on our team,uh mr garcia here how should i determine,my ad spend level and what indicators,would look,would,typo would look at along the way to let,me know i'm going down the right path so,how do you set a budget and how do you,know if you have the right budget um so,when i think of advertising i'm pretty,much i'm thinking of data the more you,spend the more data you can collect the,faster you collect data the more,informed decisions and the faster pivots,you can make,and a lot of this is also you know,building retargeting audiences,um and it takes ad spend so at 500 a,month a thousand dollars a month you're,collecting data rather slowly you're,getting into retargeting,further down the road which,means you're getting into actual results,and meaningful data a little slower so,how do you set ad spend i would say you,need to look at your over,arching,strategy of marketing not just linkedin,but what's your over,you know overall marketing budget and,you should dedicate a decent chunk to,linkedin i would say for most businesses,google search is going to have,a,large portion,but google search is not scalable,there's only so many people out there,currently searching for exactly what you,do so you should tap into that you,should use google search but then,linkedin is probably the best cold,channel,to get on the radar of people who have,never heard of you who aren't searching,for you,expose them to your brand and sweep them,into a retargeting strategy so i would,say depending on your overall budget um,that's the big variable let's say your,overall budget is 20 grand i would say,seven eight thousand dollars of google,ads i would say about the same for,linkedin,and then i would reserve some budget for,retargeting on,facebook and,programmatik and display and the 8 000,that you have on linkedin,i would say 6 000 to cold and 2000 to,retargeting and the other thing to keep,in mind with linkedin is,it also depends on,your overall marketing spend and your,your other channels that you are,actually um using and how much traffic,your website is because,you can use linkedin ads not just to,drive traffic to your website and then,retarget that traffic that linkedin,specifically drove there but if you have,a healthy google search account or,really strong um high intent organic,traffic or if you have traffic to your,website you can use linkedin to retarget,so how much budget your linkedin,retargeting layers should have depends,on how much quality traffic is going to,your website that you want to retarget,and the nice thing about linkedin is,that you know you can put filters,on top of the retargeting so you can say,they visited my website,within 90 or 180 days,but they also,work for you know their company in these,industries or,this company's size and it's a decision,maker of this seniority level so i would,say those are the big variations is how,much traffic do you currently have going,to your website,do you have other you know quality,traffic sources and what's your overall,budget and i would say linkedin deserves,a decent chunk of your budget if you're,tapped out on google search,capturing the high intent that's already,looking for you and you're looking to,drive a new cold source or if you're,looking to harness and retarget the,quality traffic your website has,then,you need a decent little chunk for for,linkedin

Linkedin Ads Cost: Is It Worth It?

- So I'm regularly getting asked,,how much do LinkedIn ads cost?,And this is a question that I get asked frequently,,so I wanted to make a little video quickly about that,and just go over exactly what you should expect,,how much you should invest,,and what should be aiming for,in terms of your customer acquisition costs,,which is kind of what everyone really wants to know,,especially investors.,If you can work out your customer acquisition costs,from paid media, paid media can be pretty consistent,and scalable, especially LinkedIn ads,,we can scale LinkedIn ads,,and without losing too much efficiency.,So if we can work out your customer acquisition cost,,you can go to your investors and say,,"Look, we can acquire a customer for X amount,,and, you know, we'll lose some efficiency there,,we can make some forecasts,,but with a million bucks,,we can acquire X amount of customers,,we can be really accurate,with our forecast from paid media.",It's much harder to do that from different vertikals.,But with paid media,,you can generally forecast it quite well,,but only after you've kind of worked out,from a smaller scale what that is.,So let's just jump in from the first one,,which would be your cost per click.,In the UK or Europe, we're toking like £3.50, for Euro, 50,,up to like 9.10 euros or pounds, roughly that, okay?,And next one is cost per lead.,Cost per lead is... The cost per lead is a funny one.,And the cost per lead is 100% dependent,on what you're sending the traffic to,,and what a lead means to you.,So if your cost per lead is like -,if you consider cost per lead as a demo,,or as a scheduled phone call,,then that's different.,That's not the way I define it.,A cost per lead for me,,is someone - a little bit lower friction,,like a guide, or a tool that you're giving,,and it's gated content, that's my cost per lead.,And it's the gated content, again,,even if you do a lower friction offer,,that gated content will be the number one factor,which is gonna define your cost per lead.,And that gated content, a lot of people,just throw out whatever, just the first thing,that comes to their head,,they just put it out there.,I would put a lot more effort into,what that gated content is,,is it some kind of really good guide,,is it a tool which is super useful for your demographic,,the better and more entiking that is,,the lower your cost per lead,,the more leads you can get with your money.,So you've gotta really think about that,,dig really deep into that.,And generally speaking, I always aim for £10 CPL.,But this could be up to £20,,it could be up to £100 I've seen, but it really depends.,If you're asking people to buy something,,or to schedule a demo, that will go up a lot.,If you ask someone to put their phone number,,that goes up a little bit more,,and it really depends what your CPL means.,But I'd say £10 is a really good place to go for that,,for LinkedIn. Facebook's way cheaper.,Then the next step is the cost per demo,,the cost per scheduled phone call,,and more cost per free trial. That's the next step right?,So that is more at the level of two to £350 per demo.,And that sounds like a lot of money.,But really, this is why LinkedIn's ads are not for everyone.,And this goes to the next thing I want to explain,,which is, LinkedIn ads are really only for the people,with a high lifetime value.,If you have a lifetime value of £15,000 or more,,then LinkedIn ads can be really powerful for you.,If it's less, it's gonna be quite hard,,I'd say a lot of the time.,There's always outliers with this,,and this is not a rule set in stone.,But I feel way more confident if you come to me,and you tell me, "my LTV is 20K or more, or 50K, or 100K.",And a lot of companies have a 50K contract deal size,or lifetime value, and at that point,,it starts making sense, because that takes me,to your customer acquisition cost.,If your customer acquisition cost is...,say if you're converting one in five demos.,So we're toking about five people sign up to a demo,,then we're gonna basically,,let's call it 250 costs per demo.,So, five of those are 1250. (laughs) Sorry, my maths.,So, 1250, it's gonna cost you to get five demos.,And if one of them convert,,your customer acquisition cost is 1250.,So, you gotta think, if your customer actually,,if you're acquiring customers from LinkedIn ads,at £1250, I'd say this goes up to £3000.,Like I see this often, it's somewhere from 1000 to £3500,for customer acquisition costs,,which, if your lifetime value's only £2000 of your customer,,that's just not gonna work.,So you need to have margin there to pay for the advertising,,and also margins to do all the other overheads you have.,So, generally speaking, 15K or more makes sense.,It can be... like, this is where people go wrong,cause they say "oh, you can never get the right ROI,,or the right return on ad spend, from LinkedIn, Google,",but that's not true at all, actually.,If often, cause you're getting such higher leads,,your conversion rate, your cost per click's,gonna be more expensive, I can guarantee you that.,Your cost per lead potentially,is gonna be more expensive, Google,,not 100... not always the case.,But as you go further down the line,,the cost per demo starts getting more equal,,because you have higher quality leads going through this.,Then your cost per converting those demos,,you'll have higher conversion rates,,cause you'll have higher quality leads going through that.,So suddenly, LinkedIn starts becoming way more affordable.,And if you start looking at the cost per demo from LinkedIn,,versus say, Facebook or Google,,LinkedIn starts becoming competitive,,and even goes further, your cost per opportunity,,or your cost per customer, or customer acquisition costs,,suddenly, once you go that far,,the conversion rates are increasing with LinkedIn,and becoming more efficient.,And I think, I can tell you a lot of the time,that if you want to compare two different platforms,,two different vertikals between say, Google, or Facebook,,or some other one with LinkedIn,,at the front end, it's gonna be more expensive.,At the back end, your return on investment,might actually be higher, cause another fact,to take into consideration is the lifetime value,,the types of people you can target on LinkedIn,are just much higher value people.,If you want to target the Fortune 500,,we can do that on LinkedIn.,If you want to target high value companies,,which have much bigger budgets, and at much bigger scale,,we can do that on LinkedIn.,With Google, scale can be a real problem,,because it depends on what your service is,,but there will be a cap on the amount of search,,the search volume on a monthly basis.,With LinkedIn, we can really...,basically you need to go to a social platform,,once you've maxed out LinkedIn.,And sometimes if you're in a new segment,which doesn't really exist,,and there's not that many people searching for what you do,on Google, which is often the case with B2B SaaS,,which is what I focus on specifically,,then you need to go to a social platform,,you need to educate people about your product, what it does,,what's the problems it solves, and you need to be on social.,So, I would always recommend go to Facebook,,I'm also Facebook media buyer by profession.,I'd always say, go to Facebook,,if you can get your clients,,if you can get your demographic on Facebook, go to Facebook.,If you can't, then go to LinkedIn.,LinkedIn will be more expensive,,but it will probably guarantee...,I can guarantee we will be able to hit your target on scale.,And if we can get your customer acquisition,or your return on investment to work in your business model,,then LinkedIn ads can be transformational for your business.,It can literally, once we crack the code round LinkedIn ads,in your business, we can scale that.,You can go to your investors and say,,"Look, we need extra cash.,We want to plow this into advertising.",If the numbers work out, and you're paying X amount,into LinkedIn advertising with say,,Fa

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LinkedIn Ads Cost: A Guide To Budgeting, Bidding, and Optimization Strategies

we all know linkedin ads is a very,expensive platform to use but it also,offers some of the best targeting,options out there for the b2b world,being able to target professionals by,job title and industry a lot of these,targeting options just don't exist,anywhere else so because it's such an,important platform to use and it is,expensive to use where one of the most,important things to tok about is how,you can stretch your advertising budget,as far as possible and get the absolute,best results out of your campaign so,today this is a guide to linkedin ads,costs we'll tok about benchmarks and,what we usually see on the platform and,then we'll tok about bidding budgeting,and some best practikes to make sure,you're optimizing and squeezing uh every,every possible bit out of that campaign,budget,so first thing to tok about are some,different benchmarks that uh we see on,the platform and these right here are,published by linkedin so you can see the,average,click-through rate it's about 0.48,average cpc is between 8 to 10 bucks and,that's i'd say that's for,middle range professionals in the us,when you go outside the us those numbers,uh are tend to be cheaper and then if,you target lower level people they tend,to be cheaper but also if you target,higher level people,such as like,vps cxos and owners that could be this,number could be even higher for cpcs so,it's around because it is an auction uh,the your average cpc is going to depend,on the,how competitive the audience that you're,bidding for is if a lot of people are,bidding for that same audience,you know often owners more people are,targeting owners owners tend to be more,expensive whereas if you have a less,competitive audience your average cpc,would be less because there's less,people bidding and they're bidding less,on those people so average cpc on,linkedin does tend to be between eight,to ten bucks uh within i'd say we are,seeing a little bit higher for middle,level people uh it might be eight to ten,or eight to twelve dollars in the u.s,also here are some conversion rates uh,lead forms which is that little form,that opens inside of linkedin when,somebody clicks on an ad the convert,average conversion rate for that is,about 10 and then for the conversion,rate for non-lead forms so when,someone's clicking through an ad to go,to a landing page to perform some action,there uh usually submit a form on that,page or register register for something,that conversion rate is about 3.4,so all these numbers are important to,know because these will calculate what,your cost per action is or cost per,acquisition and then these numbers can,help calculate your funnel,so kind of what this comes down to is,with an average cpc of about 8 to 10,bucks and then average lead form,completion rate of about ten percent um,you know linkedin's publishing here that,the average cost per lead form is about,80 to 100 bucks in the us and then,average cost per conversion uh usually a,form on a landing page is about 230 to,290 in the us,with our optimizations we can usually,get that significantly better than that,but it is interesting to see how much,better lead forms can be for lead,capture versus cost per conversion it,all depend on what your business needs,to do and what your campaign needs to do,but these are some good numbers to know,so first thing to tok about is ad,formats so this is kind of where uh cost,com starts coming into play sponsored,content ads in the news feed are the,most expensive so sponsored content and,ads in the news feed those can be single,image ads those can be carousel ads and,those could be video ads so the first,three that you see in this graphic here,those are all sponsored content ads,after that you see text ads and,spotlight ads spotlight is also called,dynamic,those two tend to be the cheapest so uh,most you know most advertisers most,people on linkedin they are using,sponsored content so it's partially,because it's the most competitive the,most people are bidding for that same,space so that's why those ad units are,the most expensive whereas text and,dynamic um less people are using those,and those clicks tend to be a lot,cheaper,so,if you're starting with sponsored,content it is a good place to start,because it's a very high quality ad unit,you can have an image a lot of text in,the headline text ads and dynamic ads,are much smaller ad units and they only,appear on desktop,so there's less information you can put,in there often we'll start with,sponsored content and then move on to,text and dynamic one sponsor content is,working well but it all depends on the,needs of the campaign,messaging conversation ads those those,can be even more expensive because,you're paying for every send so it just,depends on how,how much your message resonates with the,target audience we often find that,special invites or job recruiting ads,can work very well as messaging,conversation ads,but if your audience isn't clicking it,isn't opting in,you can have a very high the highest,cost using those ads,next is campaign objectives so depending,on the cam the objective that you choose,for your campaign,that will also determine costs of how,much you're paying per click and per,impression,so it depends on the objective that you,choose,what's really interesting to see is that,when you have a website visit or a,website conversions campaign,any objective that sends people to a,landing page and off the linkedin,platform those are the most expensive,objectives and when you think about it,if linkedin's losing traffic you know,people are clicking off their platform,they have less of an opportunity to,serve that person ads so it kind of,makes sense that uh those are going to,be more expensive you have to pay more,to get that because linkedin notes are,losing some traffic whereas with lead,forms they actually tend to be cheaper,because people are clicking on the ad,submitting that lead form on linkedin,so in linkedin's eyes that person's,staying on the platform they have an,opportunity to see more ads use the,platform more,so it's more valuable to linkedin so,they give you a discount for using that,and what's really interesting is if you,pop in some numbers and go to the,bidding section i have two,identikal audiences here and i'm looking,at the manual bidding ranges that,they're suggesting,for the top one here this is website,conversions so when this would be when,someone's clicking on an ad to go off,the platform and linkedin's telling us,the average bid is 23 bucks and the,average range is 17 to 35 but if i,switch that to lead generation and use,the exact same audience and exact same,ad type linkedin's telling me the,average is 17 bucks or between 13 to 27,so that's significantly cheaper 20 to 30,percent cheaper,so that's interesting to know if lead,forms work for you that could be a good,way to improve your costs,and then lastly engagement and brand,awareness objectives are even cheaper,than these two objectives here that i've,mentioned um but they don't optimize for,conversions so if you have a campaign,that's just blown it out of the water,has an extremely high click-through rate,has,extremely high conversion rate then you,might want to consider testing out and,experimenting with engagement and brand,awareness,next here is around bidding,so by default,the campaign manager will set will,automatikally select automated here the,first option but we don't see most,people usually want to start with that,usually you want to start with manual,bidding because when you do automate it,you kind of just turn it over to,linkedin and say here's my here's my,budget go ahead and spend as much as,possible you can see it's also called,maximum delivery so you're telling,linkedin,maximize my spend spend all my budget um,and linkedin does have a lot of very,expensive people out there so it's going,to kind of go out there and advertise,everybody including the very expensive,people who you might not necessarily,want or need to target,because there's cheap

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How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads [Guide]

- LinkedIn is the number one B2B social media platform,for content distribution, making it invaluable,as a B2B ad platform.,We know that social media ads are the most effective,when a business specifically targets,where their buyers are already at online.,For over 600 million professionals, that's LinkedIn.,Whether you've dabbled in LinkedIn ads before or not,it's easy to see the value of boosting your own content,and creating targeted promotions to reach,a specific audience of LinkedIn members.,In this video we're going to give you some tips and tricks,to help you prepare to run successful LinkedIn ads,including, optimizing your business page,,how to think about your buyer persona,,how to you use LinkedIn's audience targeting,,how to you use your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account,,how to build a campaign,and how to develop a targeting strategy.,You'll also hear tips from Ty Heath from,LinkedIn's B2B Institute on how to reach the right members,at the right time with the right content.,Before we get started make sure you like and subscribe,so you can be one of the first,to get the latest HubSpot Academy lessons here on YouTube.,Ready to dive in?,Okay.,Before you start creating ads,,you need to establish your brand presence on LinkedIn.,- One of the most important steps to get started,as a small business on LinkedIn is to invest in yourself,by making sure you have a strong LinkedIn profile.,When people are looking for you after they've met you,or they're looking for your products and services,,oftentimes your name is the first thing,that will show up in the search results.,So you wanna make sure that it's fully optimized,and you're telling them about yourself,and the business services that you offer.,And I call that the conversation before the conversation,and it's an opportunity for them,to get to know more about you.,- Big businesses need to make sure,they have a well optimized business page too.,Because Google ranks LinkedIn pages in search engines,optimizing your LinkedIn page should be a key piece,of your marketing strategy,,both for developing a paid strategy,and for your overall marketing efforts.,According to LinkedIn pages with complete information,receive 30% more views than those that are incomplete.,Additionally, having a LinkedIn page is required,if you want to set up ad campaigns.,Make sure yours is well optimized,before you create your first ad.,Meaning your page has the right logo and company overview,and that you've filled out your organization information.,For check list on optimizing your LinkedIn page,check the comment section for the link.,Before we move on to ads, let's tok content.,- So as you're building your presence on LinkedIn,off of the foundation of your company page,,there are a couple of different types of content,that you can share to inspire your audience.,One of them is corporate content.,So people wanna know what you're doing behind the scenes.,This is where you have an opportunity to share the wins,,to share what's going on with your employees.,So make sure you make the connection,and feature some of them.,The other thing is thought leadership.,So you wanna think about what is the vision of your company,and how are you helping your customers navigate,those complex challenges.,Then have experts within your business including you,,sharing about those solutions.,And then finally, the last piece you wanna share,are having other people tok about you.,So it's not just you say how amazing you are,it's also about having your customers,,having people that have worked with you,,say how awesome it was to work with you.,So those are three things,that you can share to start to build your presence,on your company page.,- The other thing is thought leadership.,So you want to think about,what is the vision of your company,and how are you helping your customers,navigate those complex challenges.,Then have experts within your business including you,sharing about those solutions.,And finally, the last piece you want to share,is having other people tok about you.,So it's not just you saying how amazing you are,,it's also about having your customers,,having people that worked with you,,say how awesome it was to work with you.,Those are three things that you can share,to start to build your presence on your company page.,Ty's definitely onto something.,The LinkedIn and Edelman 2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact,Study showed that 88% of decision makers believe,that thought leadership improves,their perception of a company,and 86% feel that leadership affects,how much they trust an organization.,Okay next, let's learn how to create a target audience,and build your organic following.,When it comes to generating leads from your LinkedIn ads,and developing a LinkedIn strategy Overall,it helps to have an idea who your target audience is.,The first step is figuring out who your buyer persona is.,A fictionalized, generalized representation,of your ideal customer.,If you haven't created a buyer persona before,,check out the links in the video description,for resources including the HubSpot,buyer persona creation tool, which is free.,Honing in on your target audience,will help you tailor your content strategy,towards the right people,using LinkedIn's targeting features,,which we'll tok more about later.,In order to build a following,and effectively get users to engage and be interested,in your content on LinkedIn,,you have to provide users,with new, relevant, helpful content,and change up the format,,which means adding variety,to the content that's being promoted.,But building a following doesn't happen overnight.,If you're just starting out on LinkedIn,,consider holding off on ads like sponsored content,until you're completed and satisfied with your company page.,Once your posts resonate with your audience,,you can leverage your best,performing organic content for paid ads.,If your LinkedIn page or showcase page,doesn't have as much content or followers,and a member visits your page after seeing one of your ads,,they're less likely to trust your brand.,- So sometimes businesses are looking,for a magic bullet on LinkedIn.,But when it comes down, let me keep it real with you folks,,there are some really basic things,that I think business owners could be doing,that we're not doing enough.,One of those things is just posting.,Just posting on LinkedIn more often.,Sharing a little bit more about what's going on,,your thought leadership,,what's happening within your company,,making sure that you're using hashtags,to amplify those things,,making sure you're tagging people appropriately.,It's not just about getting likes on that content,it's about driving a conversation.,The other place to invest is to write an artikle.,So many people don't know this but there is a blog engine,inside of LinkedIn that you can leverage.,So that conference you spoke at,,that book that you're planning to write,,that paper you already wrote,,that is a great place for you,to start to express your expertise.,When people again search for your name,they can then dive into that artikle,and learn more deeply about your credibility,and about your expertise and know confidently,that you can solve their problems,but they can't get that unless you're in conversation,with them and sharing that information.,- If you're just starting out and need some tips,on how to build your organic LinkedIn following,,check out the checklist provided,in this video's description.,It's also important preparation to think carefully,about who you're advertising to,and how you can maximize the budget that you have.,When you do create your first ad,,you'll have to set up your target audience a bed.,So it's a good thing to have a handle on what those are,and what to choose.,The first step is to create,or log into your Campaign Manager account.,When creating LinkedIn ads,you'll use the LinkedIn marketing solutions platform,,which is separate from the LinkedIn account,you use day to day.,If it's your first time

LinkedIn Ads Tutorial (2022) - Everything You Need Step-By-Step

hey guys yvonne here and in this video i,want to show you how to create linkedin,ads in 2022 linkedin is an amazing place,for you guys to advertise on often,neglected and forgotten about because,everybody's so focused on facebook,nowadays but as you can see here,linkedin has over,722 million members and 310 million,monthly active users that is a lot of,people you guys can reach in addition,the targeting options on linkedin are,very very specific very detailed and you,can definitely use that to your,advantage to run your ads to the right,people and i'm gonna show you how to do,everything here in this video as you,watch behind my shoulder that said let's,get straight into it so i'm gonna close,out of this page so the first thing you,guys have to do if you want to run,linkedin ads is create a linkedin,profile so you do need a linkedin,account so just head over to,linkedin.com as you can see this is my,page and so you can use a similar,profile just get something set up the,main thing you have to do here is see,this little option here on the top right,so once you see advertise you should be,good to go you don't need to go into,crazy detail into filling in your,profile as long as you see this,advertise button here on the top right,that is all you need so just click on,advertise and that bar is gone and so,once you are here what you'll have to do,is create a new account so these are,accounts i created in the past so you,probably won't see them so what you're,going to do is click on create click on,create account and then you can name an,account you would enter the currency,that you're working with and then you,would enter a business page that you,have so you do have to create a business,page similar to how facebook works if,you watched my facebook ads tutorial,where you do have to create a business,page in order to promote so if you don't,have a page as i'm assuming you don't,yet all you're going to do is click on,right over here create new linkedin page,you can select what it is that you are,promoting most of the time you'll,probably select this option,and then just fill in the blanks pretty,straightforward nothing really here for,me to explain uh you're just going to,enter the name you're going to enter the,url what you want it to look like so,company slash what do you want it to say,you're going to enter your website,industry company size company type,obviously and then your logo and your,tagline and that should be it you'll,click on create page your page is going,to be active if you want what you could,also do is you could add in additional,information to that page so you can add,in a picture you know a background,things like that whatever you want to do,but that's basically the process really,really simple all right and then once,you do that you should be able to find,your page once you type it in here so,let's pick up one of the pages here,let's say youtube example marketing,company inc that i created,youtube example,marketing company let's type that in and,here it is all right so here's our,company now i have another one which is,yvonne mana,so right here and then what you're gonna,do is you're just gonna select it and,you're gonna hit save and once you do,that you're gonna have an account show,up just right over here that you will be,able to use for marketing so we can use,any of these accounts let's say i want,to use this one so what i'm going to do,is just click on right there and then we,can go in and we can create ads so,disregard this campaign here we're going,to create a new one completely from,scratch and i'm going to guide you,through absolutely everything all right,so you're going to click on create here,and we're gonna start off by creating a,campaign group so the layers here the,way it works on linkedin is similar to,any other ad network like facebook or,google or microsoft you know whatever it,is so you have the outermost layer here,which is the campaign group where you're,just gonna set the name and the time,when you want the campaign to start then,you have this campaign layer this is,where you will set up all the targeting,so who you want to target where people,work you know their industries location,things like that and then you have the,ads where you will actually create the,ads create the image you're gonna add,the text you know just the way a,standard ad will look like so let's go,back into campaign group,and what we're gonna do is click on,create we'll say campaign group so let's,suppose we want to promote some guitar,product let's say learn how to play,guitar,and let's pick up one of these offers,here let's say learn how to play guitar,for beginners so let's say we want to,promote chord body here in this video as,an example all right,so we're going to come back here so,let's say,this is going to be,chord buddy,learn guitar we want the status to be,active and we want it to start right now,what you could also say is you can say,we want to set a start and end date and,you can also say we want to set a start,and end date and we want to set a,maximum of 100,for this campaign you can do that as,well what i'm gonna do is select this,option and then i'm going to pause the,campaign myself so i'm going to look at,the campaign i'm going to see how well,it's doing i'm going to monitor it and,then i'm going to pause it whenever i,want to so that should be good enough,for me so i'm going to go in and click,create,and it's been created successfully and,so this is that campaign that we created,chord body learn guitar so now what,we're gonna do is we're gonna click on,this campaign right here and we have,nothing here under campaigns or sorry,we're gonna click on the campaign group,not campaign,and from here we're gonna click create,and now we're gonna click create,campaign and now under this campaign,right we're gonna this is the one that,we've selected you can choose a,different one if you want or you can,create a new campaign group but this is,the one that we created so that's the,one we'll be using just make sure this,is the one under selected campaign group,right here and we're gonna click next,and now we're just gonna go from top to,bottom in filling in all these details,to set up our campaign so the first,option here is the objective and this is,basically what is your goal do you want,people to go to your website do you want,people to just hear about your product,do you want video views if you have a,video do you want conversions so take a,look at this you can hover over each,option to see what it means for the,purpose of this video we're gonna go,with website visits because we want,people to go to this website that's the,main purpose if you select brand,awareness for example,the way linkedin will show your ads is,not to people that are more likely to,click but it's just going to show your,ads to as many human beings as possible,so that as many people as possible,become aware of your business right so,that's basically how this works,depending on the objective that you pick,linkedin is gonna show your ads to,people most likely to do that certain,action in this case most likely to click,on your ads if you want more lead,generation website conversions job,applicants obviously these are the,preferred options because that's your,end goal is to make sales but you do,have to install conversion tracking for,these to work so i will cover that in a,later video just let me know in the,comments down below if you would like me,to make a video on this on how to set up,conversion tracking for the purpose of,this video it is not necessary to make,sales so if you click on website visits,you can of course still make sales so,once we've done that we're going to,scroll down we're going to go now to,this audience section right here so the,first option here is we're going to,select the location so i'm going to,click here and i'm going to type in i do,want canada but i also want united,states so i'm going to select that,and you can type in whatever other,countr

Are CHEAP leads possible with LinkedIn ads - yes, here’s how.

is it possible to get really affordable,leads from linkedin ads and we're,toking about reaching out to billion,dollar companies sales directors vps of,marketing founders,from startups these kind of high profile,really awesome people from really,amazing companies well this video is,going to show you exactly how to get the,most affordable leads from linkedin and,there are three specific things you need,to be doing so check it out the first,thing we really need to understand is,bidding strategy how do we get the best,cost per lead we can with the bidding,strategy so let's jump in really quickly,and look at that so the first thing we,need to know is what bidding strategy,are we choosing we have a budget here,and we have a bidding strategy and what,i'd recommend is never give linkedin any,control and fully ignore this we,recommend,malarkey it's not true just ignore it,completely you're going to be given up,an amount when you set up your ads and,what i want you to do first is go to,manual bidding unclick enable bid,adjustment because this is good if you,have bigger budgets and you're trying to,get more but if if you don't have a,massive budget i would recommend taking,full control and make sure every click,counts so the first thing you're going,to do is put it like a simple one or a,low number in there and it's going to,come back with you with what the floor,is so linkedin has a floor they're going,to allow for this campaign so 205 is the,floor and what i recommend is bidding,the floor to start with and how this,works is when you set your campaign keep,monitoring your campaign for the next 24,hours and see how many clicks you're,buying with this floor bid if it's not,matching the budget you have on a,24-hour period then you have to raise it,so bidding um the amount you bid it,directly correlated to your budget if,you have larger budgets you have to be,more aggressive with your bidding but as,we're toking about a lot of people have,small budgets when they're trying to do,this say your budget is 30 bucks a day,right and you're bidding 205. if over,the next 24 hours you've only spent 20,bucks pounds dollars euros whatever it,is,then you know you're bidding too little,because you're not buying enough so,although this is related to point number,two the other thing you can do which is,the click free range we'll go into this,in a sec the first thing you're trying,to do is this bidding um strategy so,you're going okay we spent 20 pounds,over the past uh 24 hours that's not,quite the amount i want to be spending,so now i'm gonna go to let's put this up,to 2 30. let's see what happens with,230. if at this point you're close to,the 30 pound budget even if it's a,little bit over or a little bit less,it's not going to be exact it's going to,be changing and fluctuating on,day-to-day basis but if it's roughly,around the 30-pound mark or whatever,your specific budget is on a daily basis,then you know you're spending them,you're getting them,like the best bid for the amount you,want to spend in regards to bidding,alone i just want to pause really,quickly and tell you about this um,linkedin ads masterclass i've had for,quite some time but i want you to sign,up to it and do it it's like 35 minutes,of me going into a full linkedin ad,system that i use with my clients to,generate a huge amount of demand it's,totally free just click on that and,you'll get signed up to it now the,second thing we really need to be,looking into is the click-through rate,and this does relate to the bidding if,you don't want to bid any more you don't,want to spend any more the number one,thing you should be doing is working on,your click through rate and basically,the average click-through rate on,linkedin is something like point four,five percent point four five percent and,that sounds really low for facebook,advertisers i know which is more like,one percent plus on links in an average,is point four five percent so that's,average but we should be doing a lot,better than average we should be trying,to aim for the one percent and if we get,a high click-through rate,basically it's going to reduce the,amount of we have to spend per click,we're getting more people clicking and,it's going to actually reduce you know,reduce the cost per um lead,significantly if you have high click,rates so we need to be working on click,rates so the two main things which are,going to affect your click-through rate,are basically your creative and your,copy so you gotta imagine when people,are scrolling on their feed say it's a,sponsored content ad,you need an image to stop them from,scrolling so that's the objective of the,image and then you need the copy to sell,them the click so you're trying to sell,them whatever the click is download this,or check out my website,do a demo whatever that is that's the,selling the click but the image is,stopping them from scrolling so we have,an objective of the image which stop,them from scrolling and the copies to,sell the click but we need to be a be,testing a bunch of different creators,and copy and i put loads more effort on,the click through rate than anything,else really and so basically we need to,be what i would normally do is i would,set up one campaign then i'll come over,here and click duplicate and that will,create the exact same campaign and then,just change one,thing and then do it again and just,change one thing and what i'd recommend,is actually having something like this,copy one so the first copy the first,thing you've written and creative one,then copy two and the same creative so,you have two the same creative but two,different copies so this is going to,tell you okay which copy version is,doing better is it this short version is,it this more direct version what is it,that's doing better so you can test that,and the third one i would actually have,copy one again and create a two so here,you're testing two different copies and,here and this one you're testing two,different creatives and from that you,can itray and get rid of the ones that,are working uh are not working and keep,the ones that are and then iterate on,top so you're constantly iterating and,trying to you know get back your click,freight higher and higher and higher so,this is the second thing that's going to,largely affect the cost per lead you're,going to get so now the third thing you,need to really take into consideration,is what is your offer the offer is,really really important because if,you're sending traffic to,download this,gated content piece or you're sending,traffic to,um so for example i have this one this,is like i could send traffic to this and,i can get um you know a cost per lead,which is much lower than say if you send,traffic directly to you know schedule a,call so if your ads like schedule call,with me and we're gonna you know go over,to a free consultation x y and z,then that's gonna cost you a lot more if,you consider that a lead then that's,gonna cost you a lot more well i,consider this is an action cpa whereas,this is a cpl cost per lead you're going,to get your cost per lead here and this,is an action,so i would normally send traffic to a,lead and then convert it with,remarketing,or and sorry and not all,follow up email sequences and these,follow-up email sequences need to be,sales led and also,um marketing led i have a whole video,base where i researched that so check it,out i'll put a link in description below,but basically you need to have you need,to know what your offer is and i highly,recommend sending traffic from linkedin,ads to get the lead and then convert,them into an action because a lot of,people doing linkedin ads are sales led,businesses they're not marketing or,product businesses so you need to get,the lead,and then you need to convert the lead,into an action which is the scheduled,phone call or demo so make sure you know,what your offer is because if you're,going straight in for the action so this,is another gated content piece i have,which is learn the exact col