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linkedin ads review

Published on: June 28 2023 by pipiads

As a LinkedIn Ads professional, I work with a wide range of clients from massive corporations to smaller B2B startups, managing budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars a day to larger ones. In this article, I will tackle the question of whether LinkedIn Ads work and if they are suitable for specific types of companies.

Client Success Story:

I am currently working with a B2B recruiting company that is achieving incredible results with their LinkedIn Ads campaign. Their click-through rates are reaching an average of 1-4%, with some even going as high as 3.9%. In terms of results, we are getting 44 scheduled phone calls per day, and the cost per sign-up is just $44, which is even better than Facebook prices.

Who Are LinkedIn Ads For?

LinkedIn Ads are suitable for B2B SaaS companies, recruiting firms, consulting companies, and service-based companies that have a high lifetime value of around $10,000 or more. These companies can thrive on the platform and achieve excellent results.

Why Choose LinkedIn Ads Over Other Platforms?

LinkedIn Ads offer unparalleled targeting options, allowing companies to reach their ideal audience with laser-sharp precision. The platform has up-to-date information on each user's job position, how long they have worked for a company, and other relevant data. This allows for better ad targeting, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Cost vs. Return on Ad Spend:

The downside of LinkedIn Ads is that they can be more expensive than other platforms. However, when looking at the cost per conversion, which is the metric that really matters, LinkedIn Ads can outperform other platforms. Additionally, the return on ad spend should be the primary focus, as this determines the profitability of the ad campaign.

LinkedIn Ads can be an incredibly effective advertising tool for B2B companies with a high lifetime value. The platform's targeting options and the quality of its users make it an attractive option for companies looking to achieve higher conversion rates. While LinkedIn Ads may be more expensive than other platforms, the return on ad spend should be the focus, as this is the metric that determines profitability.

Are CHEAP leads possible with LinkedIn ads - yes, here’s how.

In this article, we will discuss how to get affordable leads from LinkedIn ads. We will cover three specific things you need to do to achieve this.

Bidding Strategy:

The first thing to understand is the bidding strategy. Never give LinkedIn any control and fully ignore their recommended bidding strategy. Instead, opt for manual bidding. Bid the floor amount initially and monitor your campaign for the next 24 hours. If the clicks do not match your budget, increase the bid.

Click Through Rate:

The second thing to focus on is the click-through rate. The average click-through rate on LinkedIn is 0.45%. We should aim to achieve a click-through rate of 1% or higher. The two main factors affecting the click-through rate are the creative and copy. Test a variety of creatives and copies to determine which performs best.


The third and final thing to consider is your offer. Ensure that you have a strong offer that is appropriate for LinkedIn ads. Sending traffic to a gated content piece will result in a lower cost per lead than sending traffic directly to a scheduling call. Convert the leads into an action with follow-up email sequences that are sales and marketing led.

By implementing these three strategies, you can achieve affordable leads from LinkedIn ads. Remember to monitor your campaign and adjust your bidding strategy accordingly. Test various creatives and copies to improve your click-through rate, and ensure that you have a strong offer that is suitable for LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn Ads Tutorial (2022) - Everything You Need Step-By-Step

Hey guys, Yvonne here and in this video, I want to show you how to create LinkedIn ads in 2022. LinkedIn is an amazing place for you guys to advertise on, often neglected and forgotten about because everybody's so focused on Facebook nowadays. But as you can see here, LinkedIn has over 722 million members and 310 million monthly active users. That is a lot of people you guys can reach. In addition, the targeting options on LinkedIn are very specific and detailed, and you can definitely use that to your advantage to run your ads to the right people.

- LinkedIn is a great platform for advertising, with over 722 million members and specific targeting options.

How to create a LinkedIn account:

- Head over to LinkedIn.com and create a profile.

- Click on Advertise to access the advertising dashboard.

- Create a business page if you haven't already.

How to create a LinkedIn ad campaign:

1. Create a campaign group.

- Set the name and start date for your campaign.

2. Create a campaign.

- Select your objective (e.g. website visits).

3. Narrow down your audience.

- Select locations, demographics, job experience, education, company, and interests.

4. Name your campaign to reflect your targeting choices.

- LinkedIn is a powerful advertising platform with specific targeting options.

- Follow these steps to create a successful ad campaign on LinkedIn.

How long does it take to get results with Linkedin ads?

How Long Does it Take to See Results from LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads can be a powerful tool for B2B businesses, but how long does it take to see results? Let's explore different scenarios to get a better understanding of what to expect.

1. LinkedIn Ads in a Silo:

- Initial budget of $500-$1,000 a month

- First 30 days: putting cold ads in front of target audience, looking for signals of intent (clicking on ad, visiting website, watching video)

- Building up a target audience of at least 300 for retargeting phase

- Retargeting is where 80% of leads and conversions come from

- Expect slow start and momentum building over 6 months or more

2. Adding LinkedIn as a Second Channel:

- Already running Google Ads and/or strong SEO game

- Can piggyback off website traffic to get into retargeting faster

- Can use data from other channels to inform LinkedIn Ads strategy

- Estimate traction on conversions happening between 2-3 months

3. Strong Established Presence on Google and Facebook:

- Healthy spend on Google Ads, email, organic SEO, etc.

- LinkedIn Ads can enhance other channels and vice versa

- Expect to see results within 3 months of starting LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads can take time to build momentum, but they can be a valuable addition to a B2B marketing strategy. It's important to have the right mindset, stick with it, and use data to inform strategy. Don't expect quick results, but expect to see results within a few months to six months or more.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Ads Guide 2022 - [🚀DOUBLE Your Results!🔥]

LinkedIn is an effective method for B2B companies to acquire new clients through paid advertising. In this video, we will cover everything you need to know to explode your growth with LinkedIn ads in 2022.

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Ads:

Pros: LinkedIn's targeting is unparalleled, making it an excellent platform for B2B companies. The platform has access to specific information about users' job titles, companies, and experiences. This results in high-quality leads, particularly from larger companies, with more intent behind buying.

Cons: LinkedIn is expensive, making it one of the most expensive advertising platforms. Additionally, ads need to be well-crafted and strategic, making it more challenging to succeed with ads.

Common Mistakes:

Some common mistakes companies make with LinkedIn ads include treating LinkedIn ads like Google PPC ads, making ads too narcissistic, and not using efficient funnels. Additionally, some companies focus on increasing visibility rather than having a tangible goal.

Determining If LinkedIn Ads Are Right for You:

Companies should have a proven track record of selling their service outside of LinkedIn, high average order values, and a follow-up process in place to nurture leads. Additionally, companies need to take advantage of LinkedIn's targeting, have a specific industry in mind, and consider if Facebook is a better option for their needs.

Typical LinkedIn Ads Funnel:

A typical LinkedIn ads funnel should focus on creating a strategic approach that matches where the audience is at on the platform. This includes creating efficient funnels that focus on solutions rather than the company and utilizing the targeting capabilities of LinkedIn.

Are LinkedIn Ads Worth It? Are LinkedIn Ads Effective?

Sam Frost discusses whether LinkedIn ads are worth it and effective for businesses. He shares his observations and experiences with running campaigns on the platform and gives his opinion on whether LinkedIn ads are suitable for certain types of businesses.

Main Points:

- LinkedIn ads are worth it and effective for business-to-business organizations.

- LinkedIn ads tend to be expensive and more specialized in targeting.

- LinkedIn advertising is not suitable for consumer-focused businesses like cafes, retail stores, and e-commerce sites.

- LinkedIn advertising is effective for longer sales cycle industries or niches where businesses need to get in front of business decision-makers.

- LinkedIn ads can be used for brand awareness, lead generation, and remarketing.

- LinkedIn ads are more effective than other platforms in targeting people based on their job titles, professional status, and industries.

- LinkedIn ads can be challenging for businesses that need to generate sales-qualified leads.

- LinkedIn ads can be frustrating for some people, but Sam Frost loves the platform and prefers working with it over Facebook advertising.

Overall, LinkedIn ads are worth it and effective for certain types of businesses. The success of LinkedIn advertising depends on the business objectives, strategy, and targeting. Businesses need to consider their target audience, industry, and sales cycle before investing in LinkedIn advertising. Sam Frost is available to answer specific questions and provide help with LinkedIn advertising.

How Alberto Closed $1,000,000 From LinkedIn Without Paid Ads — Executive Advantage Review

In this video, Mitch Gonzalez interviews Alberto Real, who helps life insurance agents grow their business predictably using technology and automation. Alberto generates between 40 to 50 appointments every single day and has generated over a million dollars off of LinkedIn in the last 12 months without spending a single dime on paid advertising. They discuss how he got started with LinkedIn, the results he initially got, and how he scaled it up to generate 40 to 50 appointments every day. Alberto emphasizes the importance of diversifying lead channels and not relying solely on one platform. He also talks about how LinkedIn helped him become more profitable and how he was able to generate over a million dollars in revenue without spending any money on ads. He credits the success to taking massive action and utilizing the systems taught in Mitch's program. The video ends with Mitch inviting viewers to book a live demo to learn how to scale their business to seven figures without paid advertising.

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