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linking shopify to etsy

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

How to Transfer Your Shopify Product Listings to Etsy with One Click Using ShopUps Inventory

In this video, Hannah Gardner shows how to transfer all of your Shopify product listings to Etsy with just one click of a button using ShopUps Inventory. This application not only saves time and energy, but it also syncs inventory in real-time, preventing overselling and headaches.

Main Points:

- ShopUps Inventory is an application that can transfer Shopify product listings to Etsy with one click

- It can sync inventory in real-time to prevent overselling and keep all data in one place

- With the orders option, you can even fulfill Etsy orders from Shopify

- ShopUps Inventory also shows your best selling products, sales data, and cost of goods sold

- Before downloading the application, make sure all SKUs and quantities match between platforms

- You can only export new listings onto Etsy

- Use a fixed Etsy shipping profile for the application to work properly

ShopUps Inventory is a game-changer for anyone trying to sync their Shopify store to Etsy. It saves time, prevents overselling, and keeps all data in one place. Try it out today and save yourself the headache!

SIMPLE Etsy Shopify Integration | Cedcommerce TUTORIAL

In this video, Sam Day from databsecalm explains how to integrate Shopify with Etsy using the said commerce app. This integration allows entrepreneurs to seamlessly manage their products on both platforms.

Steps to integrate Shopify with Etsy using said commerce:

1. Install said commerce app from Shopify app store.

2. Connect said commerce app with Etsy account.

3. Import all or selected products from Etsy to Shopify.

4. Utilize the profiling feature to categorize products.

5. Manage Etsy account within said commerce Shopify app.

Additional features:

Said commerce offers a 7-day trial and an importer app to import products from Shopify to Etsy. The app is priced at $30/month.

Integrating Shopify with Etsy using said commerce can help entrepreneurs manage their products on both platforms effortlessly. The app offers additional features like profiling and product importers, making it a valuable tool for serious entrepreneurs.

How to upload your products from Shopify to Etsy using Shopify App? | Tutorial video.

Hello everyone, this is Jasper from Export Feed. Today, I'm going to show you how to upload your Shopify listings to your Etsy account.

Important Notes:

- Before we start, please note that since Shopify and Etsy are completely different, there may be some things that you can do in Shopify that you can't do on Etsy.

- I highly recommend visiting this URL or www.exportfeed.com/etsy-requirements-and-restrictions to read about what you can do and what you need to have before starting the process.

- There are also a couple of common things to note when uploading your items to Etsy.

Common Errors:

- The Oh dear, you cannot sell this item on Etsy error occurs because Etsy only accepts handmade items. It will not allow you to upload branded items like Nike.

- The Attributes error occurs because Etsy only allows you to upload a maximum of two variations. If you have more than two variations, it will prevent you from doing so.

- Another common error occurs when some items or variations don't have any stock in them. It will only allow you to upload listings that are in stock. Make sure that the quantity is not less than one, as Etsy charges 20 cents for every listing that you put up.


- To start the process of uploading your products to Etsy, make sure that all of the products you want to upload are already added to a collection.

- Go to Collections and create a collection for all the items you want to upload to Etsy.

- Go to the back end of Shopify and select the Etsy and Shopify Integration app.

- Click on Sell on Etsy and select the collection that you want to upload.

- Select the category that you wish to add it to.

- Enter a file name that you will be able to recognize.

- Hit Create Product Listings to upload the products to Etsy.

- Once the application is done verifying the products, you can check the listings in your Etsy account to verify that they have been uploaded successfully.

Uploading your items from your Shopify account to your Etsy store should be quick and easy, as long as you follow the guidelines and avoid common errors. Thank you for watching this tutorial.

Etsy Shopify Integration - Etsy Shopify Inventory Sync - shopUpz Inventory Tutorial

Hey there! Today's video is sponsored by Shopups and in this Etsy series, I am going to show you how to easily sync your Shopify and Etsy inventory. I'll also show you how to create one listing that will show up in both shops which will save you tons of time.

Benefits of using Shopups:

- Export your Shopify listings to Etsy

- Keep your inventory synced in real-time

- Sync your Etsy orders to Shopify

Why you should use Shopify:

- Set up your own e-commerce store easily

- Manage both your Etsy and Shopify store efficiently

Steps to set up Shopups:

1. Find the app in the Shopify app store

2. Connect your Etsy shop

3. Sync your inventory

4. Export listings from Shopify to Etsy

Managing inventory:

- Skus must be the same on both platforms

- Export only listings that their sku doesn't exist on Etsy

In conclusion, using Shopups is a great way to manage your inventory and save time while running both your Etsy and Shopify stores. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! Don't forget to hit that like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more helpful tutorials.

How to Link and Connect Shopify to Etsy

How to Export and Sync Your Shopify Products to Etsy in Just a Few Easy Steps

In this article, we will explain how to export and sync your Shopify products to Etsy in just a few easy steps. With our simple setup, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to expand, export, and sync all your products from Shopify onto any marketplace.


1. We will be using our Shopify store as our product source. Updates will come from our Shopify store, and any changes to Shopify will be reflected in the target channel.

2. We will be using Etsy as our target channel. I choose Shopify as my source, and this is where I put my Shopify URL in the nickname.

3. Click Connect, and a Shopify pop-up will appear, prompting you to install our export your store app.

4. Shopify is now connected, and we can move to the next step.

5. We need to tell Etsy that we are going to authorize the Export Your Store app. Etsy may ask you to log in first before you can authorize the app.

6. Etsy is now connected, and we can choose our sync settings.

Sync Settings:

1. Auto Fix SKUs: This is required if you don't have SKUs on your product or if you want Export Your Store to automatically assign SKUs to all your products.

2. Hover the cursor over the info button to learn more about the other options.

Product Mapping:

1. Before exporting our products to Etsy, we want our Shopify categories to be the same as our Etsy categories. We'll need to map them before exporting, and you only need to do this once.

2. Find the Etsy category that's closest to your Shopify category, and remap it at any time.

Exporting Products:

1. Click Export, and a pop-up opens. We need to configure our shipping profile at Etsy. A shipping profile is required to list products on Etsy.

2. If you don't have a shipping profile configured on Etsy, you'll have to create one.

3. Open Export Your Store and hit the Refresh for Etsy button.

4. The product is now listed on Etsy, and you can configure how the products appear on Etsy by selecting the Rules section.

In under five minutes and with only a few simple steps, you can export and sync all your products from Shopify onto any marketplace. Subscribe for more, and don't forget to visit us at Export Your Store. Thanks for watching!

Etsy vs Shopify 2022 | How to Import Etsy Store to Shopify (EASY Step by Step Tutorial)

- Discussing the benefits of importing an entire Etsy store into Shopify

Why You Need Your Own Website:

- Dependence on external platforms

- Etsy suspensions

- Legally registering your business

- Marketing purposes

Benefits of Using Shopify:

- Leading e-commerce platform

- Suitable for non-coders

- Scalable for large businesses

- Large range of apps and integrations

- Strong security and less technical glitches

- Optimized for commerce

- Lower fees compared to Etsy

Step-by-Step Checklist for Importing Etsy Store into Shopify:

1. Setting up basic information, currency, payments, and shipping

2. Importing existing listings, customer details, order history, and current orders using the Import Store app

3. Connecting Shopify to Etsy store using the Etsy Integration and Sync app

4. Launching your Shopify store by selecting a plan, removing password, and setting up domain and pages

5. Customizing appearance by changing colors and themes

6. Editing titles and tags for better SEO

7. Driving traffic to Shopify by adding shop domain to social media, paid traffic, and incentivizing customers to buy on Shopify

- Shopify offers more control and lower fees compared to Etsy

- Importing an entire Etsy store into Shopify can save time and increase profits

- Driving traffic to Shopify requires effort, but can ultimately benefit your business.


In this article, we will learn how to create a new product in Printify and list it in your shop.


1. Sign in to your Printify account and select the new item you want to list from the Printify catalog.

2. Choose the bag you want to add and start designing.

3. Upload your artwork into the Printify designer and adjust the size to fit.

4. Drag the artwork into place and check it with the all views.

5. Edit your listing details, give it a name, select your cover image, add your hashtags, and list your pricing.

6. Calculate the shipping costs and figure out who pays for it.

7. Select the collection and publish your listing to your site.


- Check the size of your artwork before uploading it to the designer.

- Use searchable keywords in your tags to make your product more discoverable.

- Consider the shipping costs when pricing your product.

- Preview your design before publishing it to your site.

With these simple steps, you can create a new product in Printify and list it in your shop. By following these tips, you can ensure that your product is optimized for search and priced correctly. Happy selling!

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