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List Leverage 3 Week Review / Results (Team Testimonials) List Leverage Review

Published on: December 7 2022 by Victor A. Paredes

List Leverage 3 Week Review / Results (Team Testimonials) List Leverage Review

List Leverage 3 Week Review / Results (Team Testimonials) List Leverage Review

Alright guys, I wanted to give you my
Three-week review on list leverage. Okay, and I'm going to
follow suit with my mentor who did his own review his
one-month review and he showed testimonials of other people I wanted to do the same thing so that my audience can see
other people's testimonials on their
Results using this incredible new program that just launched a little over a month ago and people are getting amazing results
Okay, so you're not just gonna hear from my results. You're gonna see other people's results as well. So I've been collecting
Testimonials and I wanted to share that with you right now. So if you look at this first testimonial Brian
List leverage. Okay. Brian says I just joined last week, but I'm pretty happy with the results
Look at this one week his results are twelve hundred and forty dollars, okay
now let's leverage in case you don't know what it is is a
lead generation program
that basically
Leverages the efforts and the work of other people to help you build your list because we all know the money's in the list
So what it's it's an ingenious program
Basically, it basically helps you build a huge list
So you can promote anything you want to the list. But while you're building your list you're also
Earning income from five different streams of income within the system itself
It's mind-blowing guys. But anyway, let's get back to testimony. Oh, so that was that was Brian. That was this first week
Okay, then we have Jonathan now Jonathan happens to be on my team
Some of these testimonials are people that are not on my team. Some of them are on my team, okay
Jonathan said I just hit the 1k mark with list leverage. Look at this, okay?
He's got eight people on his team
And he just he just crossed over a thousand dollars in commissions with with the list leverage program
so kudos Jonathan's an action taker
He is he I'm so glad he signed up under our team and he is really crushing it with this program
So let's go to the second one, Tom
Hey guys, made my first sale in less than a month. Just follow the system. It will work for you
Here's the big beautiful part of this program
Anybody can join this program, even if you're new, even if you've never made a sell before online ever
Okay, even if it's your first day of with affiliate marketing business, so you decided you want to jump in this thing
You can do this because it's fully automated
Okay, it's completely automated now
There is there is work
You have to do sending traffic doing some email follow-ups and things like that
But when you join our team, we actually provide you with all of the email follow-ups
My mentor creates these this guy's a 7 and 8-figure earner
This guy's crushing it
He knows what he's doing has been in a he's been an online marketer for over five years, and he's figured it out
So you'll see some of the social media posts that I post on my facebook group. You can check it out and
Guess what a lot of those posts he created for his team and I'm on his team and guess what you joined me
You're gonna get access to all of those assets and you're gonna be able to use them as your own. Okay?
So so Tom is kicking butt very first sale ever. That's awesome. Alright, let's go to the next the next post here
First sale ever once again. Okay first sale ever
Okay, I am buzzing. I want to let you all know. I've got my very first
Clickbank Sale thanks to the training bring it on game on now. Okay. So what does that mean?
so somebody took the training and what this person learned okay within the list leverage system itself and
Promoted. It's a Clickbank product and made its very first sale ever. He created a list
He started creating a list within the list with leverage program. And guess what?
he had his very first sale because of the
teachings and because of what he learned within the program itself, you're gonna get access to some incredible training its
In-depth stuff that you're gonna learn how to promote
Products how to how to promote not just a list leverage product but anything out there and here's a perfect example, so good job
John alright, let's move on to the next one
results and testimonials keep pouring in now
Look at this guy's boom. My first week two hundred thirty dollars two hundred thirty dollars. Very first week, Dan. Hey guys and gals
I just joined. Let's leverage today just and started promoting. It got three leads already. I think this program is going to rock
Okay, immediately the leads of capture pages that matthew neer
incredible guy incredible program the capture pages are tested and you have a selection of capture pages to use and
These they're converting. They get opt-ins guys. So
Furnace. Hi, everyone. I love this business and the platform he gives us to make great money. Praise God, okay
Gord he wallet look at it showing so in some of his transfers into his a wallet
Rush chica, I made my first sale today two hundred dollars again. Another first sale guys
Anybody can do this? Okay, incredible testimonials again. These are not people that are on my team
Okay, so I want to show you other people. Look at this now Traffic Authority is linked to list leverage
It is a traffic source that list leverage has within the system to start utilizing paid traffic
I've been using traffic Authority
I also get Commission's when my downline buys traffic from traffic Authority and you will - that's the beauty of it
I'm getting incredible traffic high quality traffic from traffic. You're gonna need it
Anyway, why not get paid commissions when somebody else buys traffic from the same source, that's the genius of the program
But look this ta traffic convert good quality traffic so important for your business
Even when I had to fly thousands of miles to get to India for some family emergency and not be able to work
This is what I received today
so she was on a plane anu was on a plane off back to India and
She got a notification that she just made his seven hundred and eighty five dollar commission just like that
Okay because of Traffic Authority
Incredible guys incredible. Alright, here's the next post top earners
Now I am gonna brag a little bit because we have the best team that list leverage has okay
So as you can see, that's me right there, Victor Pete
Richards on our team
Brandon's on our team and Jonathan's on our team
We have we had the four of the top five people in the car for that day or that week
Earnings, we had the best earnings for the company for that week on our team for the five people were on our team
So you want to join the best team that lists leverage has click on the link below guys. Okay, and here we go
Here's our team members here again the members that we've brought in under us at the time
Brandon at five Jonathan for Richard and John four and myself too. Okay for for that day so or if that week
Incredible guys incredible first sell after two weeks today. Thank you Jesus list leverage
Okay Thank You, Edie and let's move on to the next one
Woohoo! Now officially on board first, Commission's and ninety leads. So Carla's crushing it with Lissa leverage and traffic authority some math
So basically she said boom so you guys said hi Karl if you don't mind sharing, how did you generate those sales?
Matthew neer the owner of the company wants to know
Carla says Matthew all via traffic authority
The traffic authority is what I just mentioned earlier about the traffic source is built into the program. It converts guys
I mean it's built into the system already. It does it's a no-brainer
Not only are people getting opt-ins with traffic authority, but they're getting sales right off with paid traffic
It's incredible guys. Incredible. Alright, let's move on to the next one
Okay, you got paid even when nobody buys? Okay, so this is called Click Cash. I call it free money
Okay, that's because that's what it is. So even if nobody buys anything from your offer
The system's bind clicks back from you and their pain you call something called Click Cash
Even when not not nothing when nothing is sold. You're still making money
That's one of the traffic sources that you can actually get endless leverage and I'll show you mine here in a second. Okay?
Here's the next one. Another first sale ever happened Maurice. Boom
Just want to thank Brandon Frye for putting me on the system
And boom there it is
$200. Hey Maurice Congrats
Thanks. Brandon ex. What what where did the track where did the sail come from? Excellent traffic authority has proven to be very good quality
Another traffic authority sale. I've been waiting for it. My first sale it says direct sale. What does that mean?
This is Sony. This was such a new program to all of us. We weren't even sure what that meant. Well, guess what?
I mean somebody signed up under his link directly and he made a 200 dollar Commission just like that for Hakeem
It's a great job of Keane. Okay?
Todd just cross over the $100 clicks cash mark, imagine six months or a year from now boom
Yeah pile in the leads. Look at this
Okay, Todd's made quite a bit of money leads up there and click cash
He's made over $100 in clip cash because just because nobody bought anything. I mean go figure
Okay, so huge commissions you can see
And that's not even counting the traffic authority to commit Commission's that he's made
with promoting the traffic Authority and using traffic authority as in as his traffic source guys as you can see
there are so many opportunities to make money, but the power of the system is
growing your list because when you find people
big-time affiliate marketers guys that have that make you seem to make
$1,000 $2,000 as soon as they join a program is because they have big lists. Well, that's the whole genius of the program
it's helping you grow your list and
Other people are also helping you grow your list because remember you're getting every fifth lead that your downline
You're also getting every fifth sale that your downline creates
so imagine I have one person under me and every time he generates every fit maybe
20% of his leads and sales are gonna come to me
Imagine if you have five people under you and you're doing the same thing with all five or ten or 15 or 20
So do the math, I mean, it's incredible. That's how you grow your list so much bigger so much quicker and
Also get paid doing it, okay
So as you can see guys, I'm gonna show you my list leverage account right now. So here are my personal results
It's been three little over three weeks. Okay, so over three weeks, so I've currently made
$860 in commissions, but look at this
548 leads a hundred and forty of those leads are pass ups in other words the people underneath me are
basically generating these leads remember I get every fifth lead that they generate so I've
140 of my 548 leads I didn't work for I didn't create them. I didn't market for them
They were passed up to me. Okay, and I've gotten two sales. Ok. I've gotten eight sales total
Okay, and two of them have come from my downline because every fifth sale comes up to me as well
You see how powerful the system is
Okay, and but look here's clique cash. I got five dollars and fifty five cents in clique cash today. I've made 25 cents
It's free money guys
It's not that much but eventually it'll grow into much more the more your list grows
The more you get people in your downline the more leads you generate
It's gonna grow just like my Commission's are gonna grow and just like my list is gonna grow
Okay, and that's just with list leverage. So let's look at traffic authority. Let's log in to that account
so here's my traffic authority account as you can see I've made
With traffic authority because I'm using the traffic
to grow my list
And I'm getting commissions from the people that are underneath me who are also using the traffic to grow with their list
Anyway guys I wanted to do this
three week
review with other people's testimony
members testimonials as well as other people who are in the program who are not on our team with their
Testimonials to show you the power of the program if you're interested in learning more or getting involved right away
because this thing just launched not that long ago and this thing is starting to explode click on that link down below right now and
When you join our team, the number one team that lists leverage has when you join our team
We are going to share with you all of the assets in the private Facebook group
that means everything that our mentor and our coach Brandon is creating for social media for
email swipes
so he's allowing us to use those as our own so that we can post on our social media accounts and
And I'm gonna be honest with you. These are hot hot
Social media posts they have got a lot of engagement they get lots of engagement and I've gotten sales from these posts
So guys we're gonna share all that. We have video training in the Pro India Facebook group as well on how to link certain things
You're gonna have a we're gonna take you by the hand
Basically, I'm gonna walk you through the program in the system, even though it's kind of an automated system
but we take it a step above and another we take it to a whole different level so that you have
Every opportunity you have an edge
On when it comes to social media getting engagement
Videos all of those things are available in our Facebook group
So click on that link right now
watch the 20 or 30 minute video and it will answer a lot of the questions that you might have and then
Hit me up on facebook. My facebook link is down in the description below
Message me if you have any questions or you know, we can get on a Skype call whatever whatever you'd like to do
Whatever you're comfortable with I am available to answer the questions and to help you along. Let's get let's get this thing launched guys
I'm looking forward to toking to every one of you and I'll see you on the next one

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