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list of current youtube ads 2022

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

The 10 Popular Commercials of 2022 ( so far )

my fellow gods. the dark skies have spoken. it is time for susan i to retire. but where will you go, zeus? sorry, loose, i need a charge in this. oh, thanks. [Music]. i'm heading out. don't forget to take peggy for a walking. what yo, zeus? ah, a little juice. that's it. i'm done with this place. we'll see about that. everything okay out there, baby. yeah, oh, peggy, a little walk, i figure you could use a little picnia. all electric, all electric. the bmw ix: electricity in its ultimate form. bmw, the ultimate electric driving machine. [Music] nice ride, want to give it a spin. coffee's. enough excitement for me, come on. [Music]. very nice, catherine. what the hell? hey, all right, is that eugene levy? [Music]. well, cock-a-doodle-doo, watch the coffee. [Applause]. i'll drive shotgun. [Music]: ah, yes, oh, baby, baby, but baby, baby, baby, baby, but baby, baby, nope. [Applause]. [Music] mcdonald's, may i take your order? hi, can i get a? oh, can i get a? okay, get in the mcdonald's. can i get off? can i get a? yeah, [Music]. [Applause]. hey, can i get a 10 piece chicken mcnuggets? and what sauce would you like with that playoff time? baby games, snacks, drinks, i mean. what else can you ask for, bro, really? hey, pass me a pepsi. i mean, can you drink any louder? that's how i drink. loud like that, drink loud, i like to enjoy it. toss me some ways. did you eat any louder? it's normal to eat loud. drinking loud makes no sense. peyton, eli, road trip to a super bowl. hard pass playoffs are on. you're paying for that door. by the way, i got a bus. the bus has got a bus. let's go home. can we go see the bus? what up, eli? make your cruise. i miss you buddy. i miss you too. man, super bowl, baby, let's go. we're not going. i'm going to get more chips and drinks. do not leave this room. i got you, i got you. whoa, here we go. are you kidding me tiknically? i didn't leave the room. i'm polar mom. after i finish these chips, how much longer you drive weird. plus, are we there yet? no, hey, bus, we got to pull over for some more chips and drinks. oh, you got it. hey guys, look who i found bradshaw. hey guys, got room for one more. got doritos, got mountain dew. do we really want to bring him? it might start to feel crowded. i mean, maybe if you had a little. oh, please don't. i know you don't say it. i love me some salsa. all right, i got an idea. we got one seat left and it's special just for you. let's do it is like a convertible, itself a whole lot better. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. do you remember december 14th? when we try to be everything, they remember all of the things we promised to each other. [Music]. how can i trust my judgment when my heart's in the pavement screaming: please, please, love me, love [Music], me, please. [Music]. 300 million years ago there was no africa, asian americas or europe. [Music]. just one big super continent, pangaea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting, making far feel close, bringing bear to here turkish allies. barbie really wants this dream house. it's got stunning views and a slide. barbie's ready for fun. so cool. and barbie found out about this dream house with an alert from rocket homes. she did well. it's a super competitive market. everyone wants to buy the dream house. better off a betty. i'll go 10 over asking cash over carl street cash house. super skipper, let's you vultures. you're gonna start a bidding war. this is less than ideal. oh no, don't worry. barbie has a verified approval that shows her finances are backed by rocket mortgage. so barbie wins, but we need a house. oh, i found a fixer-upper castle on rocket homes. it has good bones but really bad neighbors. i like his vibe. get your dream house all in one place with rocket homes and rocket mortgage for a better way to find and finance rocket can. thanks for helping. no problem, it's good for my glutes. people are wondering. she's never been sharper. this basketball star married himself in 1996.. who is dennis roberts correct? she's sleeping better than ever, which the paparazzi aren't thrilled about. she's even more productive. trading duis for diy. the verdict is gorgeous. maybe it's not what's gotten into lens, it's what lindsay's gotten into. hey, william, planet fitness. get glowing and feel spectacular. [Music], [Music] oh. [Music]. [Music] no, no. [Music]. closing time. get out. please stop playing. please, let's go. folks, come on, let's go. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]: you.


hey everybody, welcome to sako's tik spot. in my last video, i showed you how you can take a raspberry pi and turn it into your own pie hole dns to block a majority of ads on your entire network. i had a few questions come up for how you can block more ads, specifically youtube ads, and in this video i'm going to show you how. this is not going to be a permanent solution, nor is it a guarantee that ads will be blocked, but there is really no 100 ad blocking for this, so you're going to need to update your block list every so often to try to fight against the youtube machine. assuming that you have already set up your raspberry pi as a pie hole and you have it up and running, this is going to show you how you can make your list a little better and try to target more ads so you can block them alright. so before you start adding every single thing to your blacklist, i should let you know that this has potential to break some web applications. there might be a domain on here that you inadvertently are using that's running on the back end now, because you're blocking that, there's a chance that the web application that relies on that domain will also be blocked, therefore making that web application useless to you. now, i've run into this and it is something that could happen to you as well. if that is the case, you can go into your query, log over here and you can see what the most recent uh domain that was blocked was, and you can kind of identify which one you want to allow. so if you do see something in here that shouldn't have been blocked, well, let me make this list longer. so, for scrolling down here. and we saw that we got something here that was blocked: appmeasurementcom. so let's say that our web application relies on this and we want to still be able to use that web application. well, we're going to have to white list this partikular domain. so you can go ahead and you can click this whitelist button and then it will start passing this domain through the dns. now that that's if something starts breaking. it doesn't necessarily have to completely break. it could start acting funny. it could be doing giving you some sort of error messages, point being, the more things you're blocking, the higher of a chance there is for something um to not work. so keep that in mind as you're adding domains to your blacklist. all right, so here i am, i'm in my pi hole dns and i'm going to go over here to my blacklist and, as you can see, i already have a number of things that are being blocked now. this is all stuff that i found online. what you're seeing here is what's called regex, which is regular expressions, which basically just looks for patterns- in our case a domain- and it's going to see which patterns match to the domains that we're hitting and it will block those domains. so it's very complex. it's not really worth learning fully unless you want to create your own regex for any partikular reason, and you can find a bunch of tutorials online and guides for that. but if you can look into kind of an overview, we can see a couple of keywords, namely we have add over here, ads, e, telemetry, admin, and it goes on. as you can see, this is trying to target as much of these domains as possible, because they do vary and they come in different combinations. so that's what's going on here and what we're going to do is we're going to keep adding to this block list until we have a good coverage for blocking the ads. so i'm going to have a list in the description as well as a couple of urls with more regex that you can add to this. but i'm going to show you really quick how you can add more to your blacklist. now, like i said, this is not going to be a guaranteed solution, but we're going to definitely try to make it happen now. these lists can get really long and there is a way to run a script to populate the blacklist, but that's a little more complex. you're going to have to install something on the raspberry pi via the command line and we're going to avoid that. we're going to do it the tedious way by just going up here, going to the regex filter. so make sure you're in the regex filter and then we're going to start adding regex here and you you can leave a comment if you want to specify what we're blocking, but there really is no need for that. we're just going to add regex. i'm just going to go ahead and copy and paste. and here's one, namely we're directing yahoo or directing towards yahoo ads. so we're gonna add that to our block list and you can see i got a success message right there. so we know that is successfully added. and if we look down here we see it is now on the list. so yahoo ads are now being blocked. and then i'm just going to go ahead and do the next one. and then now we have that one. we got a success message and there it is: securefootprintnet. and here's another one. this one's from matchcom. there it goes, and we're just going to keep going down the list, copy pasting as we go, make sure there's no spaces, um, in the front. you know you want to make sure you got a nice clean red x being added. you do not want to remove any characters, you don't want to add any characters unless you really know what you're doing. but i just have a list here that i am running through, just gonna copy and paste and add to the blacklist. so how do you know if this works? well, you go to a youtube video. you go to your popular youtuber that you like to watch- i don't know, maybe sako's tik spot- and an ad starts playing, and before the video even starts. well, then you know you missed something. so what you're gonna do is you're gonna come back and go to the query log and you're gonna try to recreate that. so you're gonna refresh the video or go to a different video or just try to trigger another advertisement to play, and you're going to keep an eye on your query log. as soon as the video plays or the ad plays, hit the refresh button and then see what was blocked in that point of time. and that's when you're gonna know what to blacklist. so you're just gonna come over here and hit the blacklist button and you're gonna automatikally blacklist that domain and that's pretty much it. you're gonna notike that as you add more things to your blacklist. if we go back to our dashboard, you're going to see the percent blocked start going up as it sees more things that it needs to block. over time, you're going to start recognizing what you want to block, what you want to white list, and you're just going to have to maintain this. now, youtube and all these other big ad services, they're going to continue buying domains and with new domain names, and the cycle is going to continue on. what works now might not work in a month, might not even work tomorrow, but the point being is you want to constantly maintain a block list and i'm going to leave some links in the description and you can follow those links, and those people are pretty avid about updating their regex, so that way you have the most up-to-date regex up-to-date lists and that way you have less of a chance to see an ad in the future. i hope this video was helpful. if you have not watched my previous video on how you can make your own raspberry pi whole dns, then go ahead and check that out. i'll have a link somewhere here and make sure to check me out at these other spots. make sure to subscribe so you catch my future videos that can make you more tik literate and help you take control of your own tiknology. give me a thumbs up if this was helpful. leave a comment if you want more info. i'll do my best to help you and much love guys. see you in the next one.

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Increase Sales with Youtube Ads [Google Ads Video Campaign Set-up Guide]

welcome back to my YouTube teaching series called get Google ready in 2023, and in today's video, I'm going to be taking you through the step-by-step process and how you can set up your video campaigns in Google ads, which most people will refer to as YouTube ads. but before I get to the step-by-step process and showing you how I set up my video ads campaigns in Google ads and the strategies that I use for small campaigns and also large campaigns for large companies like Suzuki, is that for success with video ads or YouTube ads, you need to make sure that your ads have these top five core principles, and the reason for that is you. you do need to remember that with video ads, if you're going to see any level success, you need to have high quality video ads. and when I mean high quality video ads, I'm not saying that you need to have super ridiculous High budgets, although you do need to make sure that you have that Baseline video and audio quality. but even if you've got got the highest video quality and the highest audio quality, if your ads don't have these five core principles, you're never going to see success with your video ads, even if you're using the most advanced and the correct structure for your campaigns. and the first of these five core principles is that your video ad needs to have a strong hook, and what I mean by that is that you need to give the person a reason to actually watch your ad. think about the user Journey that someone is having when they're going to be seeing one of your video ads. they're currently watching another video and they're just waiting for that six seconds to finish so that they can skip your ad. So within that first six seconds, you need to give the user a reason for them to watch your ad. and that brings us to a second point is that within that hook, you need to either build desire or highlight a problem that the user is currently facing. and then, once you've highlighted that problem or built some desire, this is where it comes to 0.3, in that you need to introduce your product as the solution. so your product needs to be the solution that will quench that desire or will be the solution to the problem that they are currently facing. and then that brings us to the last two principles that you need to have in your ad is that, after you've got their attention, you've created the desire or built up the problem, and then you've also introduced your product as the solution. you need to finally also be able to communicate trust and also your brand Authority, and then finally give them a really strong call to action, in that you're making it very clear of not only what you want them to do, but how they can go through any of that, complete that purchase or fill out your forms so that they can inquire about your service. so, very quickly, that's the top five core principles that you need to include in all of your video ads, just so you can make sure that you're going to be start seeing some success. and now that you know those top five things that you need in each and every one of your video ads, I want to now take you through the structure that you need to be using for your YouTube campaigns. now, I do want to stress that in this video, I'm going to be going through a very basic structured campaign setup. I do use some more complicated structures where you're taking users on a journey or a flow of a different number of videos, which will introduce all of those Concepts I spoke about in Greater detail, but for this one, I'm very much aiming at people who are looking at starting their first video campaign. but, having said that, I will also stress that this very simple structure which I'm going to be showing you, I've used on large campaigns like Suzuki, where they are spending up to 30 to 50 000 a month. so, while it is a simple structure, it is also a highly effective structure that International brands are using, and let me show you what that looks like right now. for success with your YouTube campaigns, you need to make sure that you're separating out your different audiences. so in here we have our campaign, so our Google ads video or YouTube campaign, and then from there I break it out into at least two different ad groups, and what I'm looking at these ad groups is that this first one, I'm targeting some different audiences, and this could be collections of YouTube channels for your remarketing or your interest in Affinity lists. so what this one is, this is looking at targeting larger amounts of YouTube channels based on their core audiences or their interests. and then this second ad group is more specific and this can be the one that you're targeting specific channels. and- and what I like about this strategy is that, especially if you're dealing with Niche, where there might be some really strong Market influences, what you can do is you can specifically Target those channels so that you're reaching out to those users who you know are going to be your core buying markets for your product or your service. and it can be a much more cost effective way of rather than reaching out to that influencer and doing a brand deal, is that you can go through and specifically Target their users with core messages. the only thing that I would say about this structure is that there has been other times where I've run this as two separate campaigns. so I have one campaign which is more just a general campaign and where we're targeting those audiences and channels by interest, and then I have a second Campaign which is targeting those specific channels, and one of the core benefits for that is is that you're able to better control the budgets and the spending between these two ad groups. so now that we've gone through the overview of the five core elements that you need in your ads so that you can see success with your video ads, and then I've also taken you through a very simple campaign structure that you can copy and use in your own video campaigns, it now comes to the time where I'm going to take you through that step-by-step process and how you go about and set up a video campaign. now I do want to mention that I will be going through these steps in quite a fast process, but never fear if you do miss any of these steps. all you need to do is to follow that link in the description section below and you can get a free copy of my video campaign setup guide, and this has got all the screenshots of the step-by-step process so that you can easily follow it along as you go through and set up your very own video campaign. so right now, let's jump into that screen share. so when you're in Google ads, you want to go into your new campaign selection and then from here you have to choose what is your campaign objective. now I see time and time again that people will go through and create a campaign without a goals guidance and- and I have to stress that is the worst thing that you can do- you want to be making a selection for either sales or leads, and the reason for this is that a core understanding in Google ads is that your conversion data is held at the account level, not your campaign level. so what I mean by that is that by selecting either sales or leads, you're letting Google know that you're wanting to attract either new sales or leads, and it will build into your campaign some of the conversion data which is already at your account. so what you're doing is you're feeding into your campaign the Baseline learnings that Google already has about the type of people who not only interact with your ads, but that they're more likely to go through and complete a sale, so buy your product or inquire about your service. so if you're an e-commerce brand, you would use sales. if you're a service based industry, you would lose leads, and in this case, I'm going to go through and choose leads and then, once you've selected your campaign objective, it'll bring you down to the next option, where you want to go through and choose the conversion goals. now you can go through and remove any of these that you like, so I'm going to remove this phone call le.

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Complete YouTube Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2022 ( How I Spent $106,352 On Ads )

welcome back party people. my name is daryl wilson and today, in this video, i'm going to teach you how to use youtube ads, step by step. so i've been using youtube ads for years and i've spent around a hundred thousand dollars on youtube ads. entering this video, i'll give you my personal recommendations on marketing strategies for your youtube ads. i'll show you how to create ads. i'll show you how you can properly market your ads. i'll then show you how you can market your ads based off of time, off of location or even country. so first, what happens if you don't have any youtube videos? that does not matter. you can advertise your website or any service you want here on youtube. now what if you want a video ad but you just don't have any? don't worry, i got you covered. now you can use your youtube videos to advertise. plus, i'll show you how you can get a professionally detailed youtube ad for as little as 25. so you can be a complete beginner who knows nothing about youtube ads, and by the end of this video, you will have enough information and resources to just create some really professional looking youtube ads. so let's get started. so step one: we will create a google adwords account. you will need this in order to advertise on youtube. step two: i'll show you how to create a custom campaign. now we will go through all the options. i'll show you how to create a text ad and also a video ad here on youtube. and step three, i'll show you how to update your campaigns and observe the data to see how your ads are performing here on youtube. okay, so step one: let's create a google ads account now. google ads is what you use to advertise on youtube, so there's a link to google ads in the description or you can just go to google, type in google ads and it should bring you to something like this page. so you will go to start now. now you will need to make a new gmail account now. this is required for everyone trying to advertise on google's platforms, because they want you to create a specific gmail account. so just go ahead and create an account. all right, so i'm logging in with my account. okay, so once you actually make an account, you go to the process. you will be brought to this page. so this is your overview. so you'll see, we have these different tabs and also we have this black area tab right here. if you want to close this. you can just click on this little arrow and that will close that section. so this is your current overview. so this is your clicks and your impressions. now, remember, impressions are how many times the people actually saw the ad, and then they just give you some other general info, like ready to serve and locations where i'm currently advertising. now i find this to be a little inaccurate when you are using youtube ads- and i'll go through my account and i'll show you everything. also, on the left side, the next tab, we have recommendations. now, personally, i don't recommend following google's recommendations, because all they tell you to do is just increase your budget. every time you go to google the recommendations, they just say, uh, put more money in, and i don't want to. so i don't recommend following the recommendations from google, because they just tell you to spend more money. and then we have ad groups where you'll find some of your ads, and then you have your current ads. now we have these other tabs here, but these do not apply to youtube ads, so i will not be covering a lot of these other tabs, like landing pages or products. there are keywords, and i'll tok more about keywords a little bit later. and then we do also have audiences, which we will tok about as we create the ad. essentially, it's the type of people that are watching your ad, so you can kind of select a niche of people who are currently watching your ad or you want to watch your ad. so, before we make our first campaign, i just want to show you all how to update your billing info so you'll see that we have this notike at the top saying our ads cannot display. so what we can do is go to tools and settings, and this is where you can always update your building information. so you can go to billing and go to settings, and this is where you can add your credit card where you can start advertising on youtube. so you'll enter in your building country and all your info and then, once you're done, you'll click on submit. so to create a campaign, what you'll do is you'll go click on campaigns and these are the current lists of all the ads running, so you'll see the budgets, you'll see the current status, so it'll say active, pending or ended, and then you'll just see other stats like the clicks, impressions and also click-through rates, and we'll tok more about all of this as we go. but if you want to create a new campaign, just click on this plus button and click on new campaign. so now we're going to create our first youtube ad, okay, so first we're going to run a display ad and then i'll show you all how to do video ads. so first let's do display ads. so there's different options that we have here. but personally, guys, i've just discovered over the years that google wants you to spend your money at really unnecessary places. so i recommend doing a campaign without a goals guidance. they're just going to put your ads on a bunch of spammy websites and they're going to charge you for it and personally, those are very low quality websites they put your ads on. next, we have a bunch of different campaign types. so we have video. we'll do video next, but we'll first do a display ad. so a display ad will run your ad on youtube or other various uh networks, etc. and then we also have discovery ads. so discovery ads will put your ads on youtube along with gmail and other places. but i find display ads are probably one of the more effective type of ads. so i will click on display and then we have their campaign types. now, whenever google recommends something, personally never do it because they're just going to want you to spend as much money as possible. go ahead and select a standard display campaign- so i want to actively pick where my ads are going to be shown- and then below that you'll put your websites. so i'm just imagining that i'm just some sort of web design agency right now. so, uh, yeah, that's it. and then, once you put your website in, you'll click on continue. okay, so we have our display ad campaign name, so i'm gonna put web design company. so next we have locations. now, for example, if your website operates everywhere in the united states, no matter where you are, you can leave it as united states. however, if you are a local business or you want to get local clients around you, what you can do is select, enter another location. now i'm imagining that i am a web design business in las vegas, nevada. so i will type in las vegas, so you can go ahead and select any specific part of the world or any specific part of the united states. so, for example, i will say las vegas, nevada and i will target that. now, maybe i don't want customers in reno, reno, nevada. that's a little bit too far. you know, it's like a, it's like a six-hour drive or something like that. so i don't want customers in reno. so what i'm going to do is say: look nothing personal, but i don't want you guys, reno, nevada, i don't want that, so i'm going to exclude that. so if i click on the advanced search, you will see that i only want customers in las vegas, but reno is just a little bit too far for me, so i'm going to exclude them all, right? so, so sad, so sad. and then we also have location options. so here you just have some additional options: people who are interested in your target locations, people who are regularly in your target locations. you know, for las vegas, in partikular, i'd probably want to select that one, because i don't want tourists, you know. and then we have people- exclude people, and your excluded locations, of course. and then, yeah, so always make sure you check every single option and every, every campaign is different for every person. so that's just something to consider. so next we have languages. so let's say, for example, you are, i don't know. let

Promote Your YouTube Video With Google Ads (2022 UPDATED) | Get Unlimited Views & Subscribers 🔥

If you have Rs.500 or more, it can be anything more than that. if you have it, you can get subscribers, views and likes on your YouTube videos. You can get all these things. You can grow your YouTube channel with the help of this video, because in this video, I am going to tell you how you can promote your YouTube video with the help of Google Ads. Google Ads is Google's platform that you can use to promote your YouTube videos. If you want to know what Google Ads is and how does it work, then you can watch the video that I will add to the 'i' button. And if you like this video, after watching it, then hit the like button and subscribe to the channel. Let's move on to the video. Last time, we created a Google Ads account, in which we have to now add money and then set up a campaign. We have to create a new campaign in which we will promote the YouTube video. If you don't have a Google Ads account, you can watch that video. I will add it to the 'i' button and the description. Now let's move forward and add some money. You will have to add at least Rs.500, then only you can proceed. So let me add money. We can do it using Paytm wallet, credit card, debit card, money transfer or net banking. I will use net banking. I have added the name and the address. Now the next thing is how much amount I want to pay. I am adding only Rs.500.. I am selecting the account type as an individual, Individual account And I have selected net banking as the payment method. The next thing: After entering my address, I have entered the amount that I want to add. i e Rs.500.. Now I will tik here and submit: I have added Rs.500.. It may reflect a little late, but it gets added. Let me refresh the page once Our Rs.500 have been added. Now we have to create a campaign in which we will promote our YouTube video. To create the campaign, come to the main page 'Overview'. We have not created any campaign till now. This is a new account, so we don't have any stats. I will click on 'New campaign'. After clicking on 'New campaign', you will see so many goals and, as I have told you earlier in this course, that you don't have to select any of them. You have to select 'Create a campaign without a goal's audience'. I clicked on it. Then select the type of campaign you want. If you want any other campaign. if you want your ad on Google, we don't want that. we will run a video campaign. If you want to run a video campaign on YouTube too, then select this. Choose this. Then it will ask you to select more things about the campaign from here. But don't do it, We will continue with a custom video campaign. Then it will ask for a campaign name. Let me enter 'Test'. Now it will ask you whether you want it according to the maximum cost per view or target CPM. What's the difference between the two Here? maximum cost per view means that you want to bid according to the cost per view. In this, you have to bid for a high position. If there are 10 people, they will bid, and the one who will pay the most will be in the 1st position. Then there will be 2nd, 3rd and so on. So you can choose whether you want to bid according to cost per view or cost per thousand impressions. Will you pay for it to appear in front of a thousand people Or will you pay for one person to watch it? I will select the maximum cost per view. The next is the budget and dates. What's our budget and on what date do we want to run it? I can also select the campaign total, which is the total overall amount for this campaign. You can also set it on a daily basis. I mostly set it as daily, So let me enter Rs.500.. I want to spend Rs 500 in a single day. If you want to set a start date and an end date, you can do that. The next thing is networks. What's in it? First, YouTube search results, The second, YouTube videos and the third thing is YouTube's display network partners. The first is whether you want your ad to show up in the search results or not. The second is whether you want your ad in YouTube videos or not. If you want, tik it, if you don't untik it, Untik the third one, because if you check it, your video will be promoted on other websites as well, which is not beneficial. You will get more benefits if you promote it on YouTube only, You will gain subscribers. The next thing is the location. You can also target a specific location, like a country or city. If you are running the ad for your business, like a digital marketing institute which is in Delhi, then run the ads in Delhi for more benefits. You may get a higher cost per view, you may have to pay more, but you will get the right audience. I am selecting India. You can also select multiple countries. The next is the language. You can choose the language of the audience. If my video is in Marathi, I will push my video to only Marathi speakers, So you can choose. this way. I chose Marathi. You can do it according to you like this. If you don't want this, you can select 'All languages'. Since we have selected India as the location, our ad will be shown to everyone in India, Or you can also select English or Hindi. The next thing is the inventory type. In inventory type, you get three options. The first is limited inventory. Limited inventory prevents your ad from playing on videos having sexual content. It is for the big brands. The big brands that have brand value do not want to run ads on roast videos and the videos with cuss words, So they select limited inventory. Standard is somewhere between them and in expanded your ad will play anywhere, irrespective of the content of the video. It's your choice to select among them, but if you choose expanded, your cost per view will be lower. It depends upon you. I am selecting expanded for now. The next thing is Excluded types and labels. I clicked on it. After clicking on it. many options have come up. We will only consider the relevant ones. The first thing is which places you want to exclude for your ads. We don't want to show it on live streams and embedded YouTube videos, which means on websites. When a video is embedded in a website, we will not show our ad on that. The next is Content not yet labeled. Let's uncheck this too. You can add up to five related videos here. If you want to add another video of your channel, you can also add it. Because of this, your other videos might be suggested below the ad video. Click here. You can see here that you can add 2-5 videos related to the topic. Like. this video is 'How to promote YouTube videos'. I will choose the previous video I chose, 'What is Google Ads'. Here is 'What is Google Ads' The next video I will choose is 'How to create Google ads'. One is this: 'How to set up a Google ads account'. I have selected these two videos. Now I will click on DONE. Now what will happen? As you can see, here will be the main video and the related videos will appear below that. Let's click on DONE. The next thing is Additional settings. You can use track conversion on websites. YouTube already tracks it. Here you can select the devices that you want to show your ads on. You will get multiple options in 'Set specific targeting for devices'. You can choose to show your ad to computer users, mobile users, tablet users and TV screen users. It is not much important. if you just want views and subscribers, You can choose them. It cost less to run ads on mobile phones in comparison to other devices. There is also an option for operating systems. You can also select a device model. from here. You can choose to show your ads to Apple users, Android users, OnePlus users and so on. For now, we will select all. The next important thing that comes here is frequency capping. Many people may not know about frequency capping, But this is very important, as it may increase or decrease your bid Frequency. What will happen if you cap impressions? Your ad will be shown to the viewer only a set number of times. Let me enter '2' here. I want them to see my ad just twice a day, Not more than that, otherwise they wi.

Family things part 53

foreign. no, I'm in my pajamas. why is he here? oh my gosh, it looks super man. [Laughter]. this is Raleigh Noah. why was that necessary? to what is right, you get surgery, but Janet is your mom. goodbye, Victorious. that's how it would happen. this is what you say to her. she's gonna pop a stik. we're not allowed in this room. thank you bye. Victoria's nose scream: I got camera. not cool man, don't do that. [Laughter]. [Music] I love you, you love me. she's like ourselves. [Music]. yay. [Music]. oh, I want you, you love me. [Music]. dude, I feel like my mom's Santa. why? because a lot of like boxes from like Amazon and UPS have come, and then she's like his partner. we're getting all of our cousins stuff. when the Box looked like of my machine I ordered: oh, my God, my mom is excited to join white culture. so cute, okay. so this time, guys. okay, these are girls safety Bots. okay, this is from all those grandkids to you. okay, y'all put your pictures in here. I hope I don't know what's in there. [Music]. I can't read it. oh wait. it says: Mama, we know how much you love spending time with your grandkids, so this year we're giving you the gift of time and memories each of your grandkids chose a month to spend the day with you. keep this calendar and check it each month to see which one of us you'll be will be coming to see you. we hope this gives you something to look forward to all year long. thank you for being the Rock in our family. you are the best male in the entire world and we love you more than we could ever explain. oh God, I just thank you for my whole family, Lord, I thank you for the life that they have lived before their children and, Lord, I just thank you that if I die today, they all come to heaven to be with us. we thank you for everything you've done and if Troy was here, he would be hugging every one of them. I thank you, Lord. thank you kids. now you need to look at all the pictures. what are you doing for watching chili eat and cuddling with him, can I just not? you're videotaping. what are you doing? I'm cuddling of my cow. he was cold and it's super cold. so yeah, in a minute ago, Hercules kept trying to eat my hat. oh no, he's funny. they tricked me really nasty. they buy me all these ices. that's it. that's what. could you order my candy, please. no, can we do anything? you're right down. I said: can you order again? he said: no, right, I know life sucks. hey, guess what? guess what, what happened? guess what happened yesterday? my friend, my friend, he was. well, he wasn't there, but he told me that his friend um found a rock, and The Rock was in the creek, but the, not the creek, the river. but he, uh, he found a rock that had a happy face on it. and then he said that, uh, he found, uh, the, the, the, the rock, happy face. he said that it was, it was blue. watch Dad get ready to give Mom her new, upgraded diamond s? [Music]. [Music]. thank you. [Laughter]. [Music]. [Laughter]. I love you, man. you deserve it. be a big brother again. what? what does your sister say? what's your sister? I want to be a big sister. what does that mean? you're pregnant. you're pregnant, mom's pregnant, do that? oh my God, you're actually pregnant. oh my God. [Music]. oh my God, oh my gosh. [Music]. [Applause]. he's going for it. oh there, are you gonna that off like there's a murderer? oh, oh, oh, all right, he's good. oh, it's not all right. what's wrong? Maybe laughs, I'm not seeing anything. what's wrong? tell me instead of laughing. okay? [Applause]. Maybe around you're on the back, maybe for that, over flip it over. flip one over. flip the phone over laughs. [Laughter]. [Music] thank you, who are you going to warn them about when you bring someone to meet the family? Uncle Daniel, Uncle Daniel, go down here, come on. oh my God, don't lie to me everybody. no, why are you mad at me? [Music]. no, you're a bug. no, you're the bug. [Music] oh,